Monday, April 25, 2011

"Garden Variety Thieves"?

I am quite sure I've never posted on Lindsay Lohan before and hope not to again;  her miserable life can't  interest me or you, but I saw in a headline that a judge has reduced her charges and that interested me enough to read  THIS ARTICLE which contains the following sentence which caught my eye;

While Lohan's attorney said the star didn't intend to steal the necklace, Meyers disagreed, saying: "This is garden-variety theft."

Are there "garden-variety thefts" now?  And do we reduce charges based on a judge's feelings of what's garden-variety and what's legitimately punishment-worthy?  And if YOU stole an expensive necklace, or ANYthing, do you think you'd be looked upon only as a 'garden-variety thief' and have your charges reduced?

What do you think?


cube said...

What exactly is a "garden variety theft"? I don't think that's a legal term.

To answer your question, if one of us walked off with an expensive necklace, probably we would get the proverbial book thrown at us... and not a garden variety book either ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think the term “garden variety” refers to people who steal for the excitement of it. Lohan may have intended to see how far she could go “getting over” on the system; she set a world record. I understand prison populations are overflowing with violent criminals, but I can think of no lesson better learned than tossing her insolent ass into the center of them.

Z said...

I'm with you, Mustang. I read that she's getting community hours in the MORGUE!

Cube, no garden variety book, for sure!

beamish said...

Good thing she wasn't just standing on the sidewalk minding her own business, or suspected of exercising her 2nd Amendment right to keep a weapon in her waistband.

The cops might have executed her on the spot.