Wednesday, April 13, 2011

School lunches......they know better than the parents in Chicago schools?

THIS STORY is absolutely amazing.........A Chicago school is now banning lunches brought from home because the school doesn't think they're healthy.

Oh, and by the way, because Conservatives think that is UTTERLY INSANE does not mean we don't think children should eat healthily...just wanted to beat my lefties to the idiotic punch. :-)

Continuing on..........the following paragraph caught my eye:  "During a recent visit to the school, dozens of students took the lunch (provided by the school) but threw most of it in the garbage uneaten."   Z:  Our tax dollars at work.

What I wouldn't necessarily mind is guidelines given to the parents at the beginning of the school year..maybe encouraging certain foods like fruit and vegetables and discouraging too many sweets, who can argue that?  But, banning lunches from home??  Mandatory eating of what the school thinks is right, really?

What do you think?   Would you even agree with guidelines?   Do you agree that parents should send what they feel is right, or do you think the school's right?

My favorite thing at my high school cafeteria was a little plastic bowl with a lump of mashed potatoes and gravy! (I'm practically drooling look at the image to the left!)  I have to admit it isn't the most healthy thing I could have chosen but it sure tasted good.  And, we siblings used to tell Dad, who grilled big, fat, juicy beef burgers, that we preferred the half oatmeal/half beef , very thin little patties they served at school, poor guy!   How about you?  What was your favorite thing to eat at school and what do you think of this Chicago's school's rules?



Always On Watch said...

I attended private school, and the school didn't have a cafeteria. We brought out own lunches every day.

I don't recall the school offering any guidelines.

Years later, when I taught in a private school, we did encourage parents to pack healthy lunches. But we didn't use any "enforcement" other that to have only one birthday party every month for that month's student birthdays. Our method worked just fine. Whatever fattening foods came inside those student lunches got burned off as the students had quite a bit of "free play" time on the playground. The students were very physically active.

The Born Again American said...

Does this mean that the people working on Obummer's reelection can't brown bag it? Just a thought...

Chuck said...

I agree (as you know), I think you make a good point on the education bit. Educate parents about feeding kids, don't dictate.

For one thing, it will help them feed the kids better all of the time not just at lunch.

And, we siblings used to tell Dad, who grilled big, fat, juicy beef burgers, that we preferred the half oatmeal/half beef , very thin little patties they served at school, poor guy!

Our kids like that nasty pizza they serve

Elmers Brother said...

Is Daleys brother in law in the school catering business? I think its a way to artificially justify the numbers using Federal aid etc. but that's the cynic in me.

beamish said...

Public schools couldn't get into the business of dictating what (if any) food can kids bring to school to eat if...

...there were no public schools.

This is the same tactic leftists employ in their relentless efforts to convince rational people that all leftists are idiots that sees all off-shore drilling shut down because of an accident at one platform, or has children being frisked at the airport so actual potential terrorists don't feel singled out.

God help us when Obama shocks himself dipping his electric shaver in water. The entire power grid will be shut down.

beamish said...

What was your favorite thing to eat at school

I saved my lunch money for video games and comic books :P

Leticia said...

That school has absolutely no right to usurp the parents authority over their children.

I am sure this won't last.

We pay the school for our boys' lunches, by calculating home lunches and school lunches it pretty much came out to the same amount. And I don't have to worry about milk or something spoiling in their backpacks.

But it is at least my choice to choose.

I grew up in New Mexico and my favorite dish was the homemade red enchiladas and homemade rolls! Oh...I would do anything to taste those again. Back then, all of our food was made from scratch.

Miss the good ole days.

Mark said...

Chili, and those enormous homemade cinnamon rolls. When they served those things, I would race the rest of the class to be first in line.

Also i remember some kind of dish consisting mostly of gravy with ground beef, and creamed new potatoes. Other days, I spent in our little student union room, and bought lunch from the vending machines.

You know...whether healthy or not, students will eat only what they want, so if the school wants them to be healthy, they should just let their parents decide what their children can eat for lunch.

Z said...

Leticia...sounds DELICIOSO!!

Mark...I swear we had that same ground meat thing....I'd forgotten it and I LOVED IT!

Pris said...

I never bought lunch at school. I always took my lunch from home. It was usually a sandwich and fruit. I had enough money to buy a carton of milk. That was it.

I remember the time we were told at school we had to wear saddle shoes. My Mom said, "you're wearing the shoes we bought you, we can't afford to buy you another pair, and you'll wear what I say you'll wear".

And if my children were in school today, I'd have exactly the same kind of response my Mom had.

The difference is, I'd be down at the school telling them I'll feed my own children. You're here to teach them. I'll take care of the rest!

How dare a school ban parents from sending their children's lunch to school. Who's children are they? The state's? Who provides their home, their clothes, all their needs, their love? Who's ultimately responsible for them, the school? I don't think so!

Btw, a friend of mine was lunch monitor. Her responsibilty was to keep order. She was appalled at the number of school lunches that the children dumped into the garbage can.

Mark said...

Anytime any government entity tells us how to live our own lives and how to raise our children, it's just wrong, and violates every freedom that embodies this great land in which we are living.

Z said...

Pris, you said "she was appalled at the number of school lunches that the children dumped into the garbage can."

This is almost a perfect metaphor for the left v the right......we know that one must be sensible and only spend money where it'll do some good; the left just keeps throwing money in the trash in ways like this...

Mark...the freedoms are shrinking...

Anonymous said...

This REALLY makes me mad.
I don't know what I'd do if I lived in this district. Write letters, attend meetings, make noise!?


I saw that Jamie Oliver made a trip to L.A. recently to expose the public school system lunches, and he was banned from all campuses.

What does that tell ya?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Totally. Flipping. Asinine.

Anonymous said...

"That school has absolutely no right to usurp the parents authority over their children...">

Yup your world I would agree.

But in the real world....the SCHOOLS are the PARENTS!

Why the hell do you think they feed these kids? Cause the GD "parents" aren't...and aren't parents.

Schools today are nothing but barnyard dropoff points. A holding cell...until the state penal system gets a hold of them.