Wednesday, April 13, 2011

God is good!!!

I just had to post this;  I just got back from an appointment and, while driving home, I got the "I don't look like I used to" blues, I have to admit.   You know, the checkout guys at the grocery store stop checking you out :-)
The valets just bring you your car with no little chat lines as he opens your door?  I just started to notice that that kind of thing happens when you're no longer thirty!   So, today, I was thinking about that and....

Suddenly, at that very moment, I came to a stop where a freeway offramp leads drivers to turn directly in front of my car to the left of me in the opposite-direction traffic, and some guy turning left in front of me, maybe 10 feet away, blows me an AIR KISS!     :-)   Cracked me UP!  and put a big smile on my face!

Sometimes, you think "Man, was that a little encouragement from God?  I haven't ever really had those thoughts and suddenly I do and this happens at that moment?"   Then I laughed to think "he was probably a PERV"    (I figured it was good either way!!)

Ya, this might be the weirdest post I've blogged but who could resist THAT?



Pris said...

Z, yes God is good, but did it occur to you, the man who threw you a kiss liked what he saw? Why wouldn't he?

Really, don't be so hard on yourself. And for heaven's sake, don't discount the man as a perv.

Methinks you should enjoy those moments and feel good about it, smile at the guy, and let that moment make your day!!

My motto is, accept the good things, don't question them, and just be happy they happened.

Z said...

Pris! That's exactly how I felt...
I didn't think he blew it because he thought I was ugly!
I smiled back, it made my day...I hoped that came across in my post.

Linda said...

I agree with Pris! Sometimes, encouragement comes from the strangest places!

Z said...

Linda, that's what I thought, too!

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, happened to me a year ago on the cross-Bronx.

A car with a Yankees logo flipped me the digit. I've still got it.

Z said...

Ducky, you've got the digit? :-)

Ducky's here said...

No, I've still got the karma.

Anonymous said...

Z, you gave me the much needed laugh I really needed today. I have been down lately.

You are right, after 30 those "booty calls" become less and less.

Though I must admit last summer I actually had to convince this guy who hit on me that I was old enough to be at least his older sister and that I was not interested, and married. None of that detered him. I did not think he was a perv, but I did say to myself,"what a 'dawg'!"

It still cracks me up too! :) I guess Demi Moore started a trend with robbing the craddle so some nuts guys think women over 30 go for that.

If I was ever in the dating pool again, and these days I hope I will never be with the creeps out there, but if I was, I would never go beyond six years older or six years younger - that was always my rule after my first marriage. He was 13 years older than me and it caused so many issues, cultural, generational so when I rid myself of him, thank God, my new hubby ended up to be a delightful year and a half older than me and we love and share the same things including our lovely twelve year old son. It is truly awesome!!!

On another note...nowadays when I do not get noticed (not that I ever cared) but if it bothers me that I do not look like I used to, I figure it is just my perception not others and besides---who the heck needs all those donkey calls! LOL! :)

Gotta love yah Z!!!!!

beamish said...

Must be the Buck Ofama sticker on your bumper ;)

Nah, it was all you :D

Anonymous said...

What's funny is in the freeze frame for this video is a picture of Bill Gate who himself said we should tax the wealthy.

Anonymous said...

I love that this happened to you on this day, Z.

I firmly believe that we should tell each other more often (friends and strangers alike) that we are beautiful.

Nobody hears it enough.

Z said...

deaconbleu, that really IS funnY! I never heard of the guy, just thought the picture was a good illustration of my post.. WHO KNEW? :-)

JEN...imagine it happens Five SECONDS after I had that "Man,I could be losing my touch!" thought?! :-)

beamish...I actually DID have that bumper sticker in my kitchen for a while and finally tossed it :-)

Layla, Mr. Z was almost 9 yrs older than worked pretty well for us the end notsomuch, of course ;-(
Glad I gave you a needed laugh!

Ducky...karma? that gave me the creeps, I have to say.

Elmers Brother said...

Air XXXXXXXXOOOOOO's as many as you'd like

Z said...

thanks, elbro xxx

Anonymous said...

I know Z and my heart goes out to you. Life is so short and transient and we must embrace everyday and hug our loved ones and tell them we love them when they are here. We cannot go back...we just go on. I feel you honey. :(

Z said...

thanks, Layla, you hit on a part of the scenario; when you had a husband who thought you were IT in every way, it's hard to lose that, BIG TIME :-)