Tuesday, October 4, 2011


What's with the TATTOOS lately?    There seems to be a growing amount of people whose entire bodies are virtually covered with tattoos.  I've seen so many people with tattoos up their neck, down both arms, between their fingers........who knows (who cares) where else?   I kind of liked the tiny tattoo here and there I used to see from time to time, but we're talking about really large, body-covering, dark-colored stuff now.

Sure, tattoos are personal and, really, what do I care?  But, it feels emblematic of something, or is it just a craze?  And, when the craze is over, then what do the people covered with them do?   There are many tattoo-removal shops in L.A....but the ones I see now are so large I wonder if it's even possible to remove them all?

The one to the left isn't too bad......to me, it's about the limit.  What do you think?   Doesn't it seem like a sudden explosion in really body-covering "art"?  "To each his own," of course......but.....what do you think?



beamish said...

Hepatitis farmers everywhere

Anonymous said...

Still don't like them on women. Most of the ones I see are terrible, slutty and demeaning. When I was younger...tats were for sailors, bikers and...well sluts.

Tramp stamps are everywhere. When their skin begins to sag as well as everything else it'll be horrid to look at.

It's regressive too. Back to the days of the cave man.

Jan said...

Z..my husband and I were just laughing about some of the stuff that we see...up and down legs, arms, necks, and, of course, the oh-so-popular "tramp stamp."

We were thinking about what they will do when they age, and the law of gravity takes over.

What started out at the top will make its way on down to..who knows where? :)

More power to 'em, if that's what they like, but personally, too many of them look repulsive to me.

Rita said...

Jan is thinking along my lines. Just imagine that woman's body "art" at age 60 after a hysterectomy. It'll look like her grandkid was allowed to draw on her tummy.

Bob said...

Z said: "The one to the left isn't too bad"

I agree. That tat ain't bad. I would like to see more like it.

OTH, I better not see this stuff on my daughter. I am still not over the bikini thing, which she still wears at the beach.

Scotty said...

I have to say, I don't "get" tattoos! Never got drunk enough when in the Army to get one.

I've got three older brothers that were in the Navy. They all got tattooed. All three STILL don't remember gettin' 'em!

Rita said...

Scotty: I reserve my tattoo judgment on servicemen. I remember too many of my uncles who served in WWII or Korea that had them on their arms. Of course, that's not what we're talking about here, but I'll always reserve THOSE tattoos to be stamps of heroes, not the tramp stamps on those that wear them today.

Z said...

Oh, sure, I think a serviceman with a tattoo's nothing creepy.

But, I'll tell you what; on those Food Channel shows where chefs are cooking and they reach for a food product and you see their arms are covered with dark and colored tattoos it appears to ME like they're dirty while handling food. I know they're NOT dirty but it's a real turn off about the food to me....odd, I suppose!!!

Lisa said...

Never had one and never wanted one. My husband has a couple on his arms when he was younger and he regrets getting them.
I really hate them on the face and the piercings too are ridiculous now. I see them on cheeks and those stupid rings in the ears like natives wear,yuck!
And what is up with Kat Von Dee? Just because your a tatoo artist do you have to have all the choices to pick from on your body?

Anonymous said...

My ex-son has one.

Pris said...

"It's regressive too. Back to the days of the cave man."

Exactly Imp. It seems so primitive. I can't understand why anyone would defile his/her body this way. Especially women. It's so unfeminine. At least to me it is.

There's something tribal about it too. I just don't "get" it!

net observer said...

Well, I don't have any. But I'm sure the fact that I'm turning 46 next month has a lot to do with why I don't.

Now, if I were turning 26, I'd probably feel pressure to get a third one.

The Generation Gap. Plain and simple.

I'm okay with tatoos, although I wasn't at the beginning. At some point, we gotta accept what the next generation brings us; times change.

Z said...

net, I'm okay with some of them, I just wonder at the new wave of almost total body tattoos.....there used to be people who did this really extreme coverage and it was VERY rare, but now it's getting so common and I'm sorry for those who'll grow up and ask "Why the heck did I do THAT?"!

Pris, a friend was at the beach in Long Beach recently and, from a distance, could see many women in bathing suits with tattoos she could see from far enough away that she knew they were BIG and DARK ones......that's something new.

Beamish, I'd have sworn you had a tattoo somewhere....

Lisa, I can't take too much metal on the face, either. The TINY little something isn't TOO weird, but some of the stuff is Frankenstinian to me!!

Elmers Brother said...

Like all art they reveal values. I have 3. My wife's name across my heart. Isaiah 53 with crown of thorns and my life's motto ; Paratus ad Vitam (prepared for life ) and Paratus ad Morris (Prepared for death) with an ICTHYS on my left forearm

net observer said...

I guess the "full" body art can look odd to me. But I wonder how I'll feel in another 20 years?

I have always been fascinated by the way fashions can look so ugly twenty years later and so dead-on at the time.

I won't even get into baggy clothing and pants that sag off your butt =)

When I occasionally visit a bar or a lounge, it tickles me how I can never find one guy with a tie.

Of course, I USED to be that one guy, but it's such a dead-giveaway for "older", so I had to retire my famous collection of ties =)

I remember when a bald head made people think you were part of a religious cult, or some other fringe element, like a skin-head.

I remember when an earring on a man was an automatic indication you were gay.

I could go on and on, obviously.

I guess younger generations remain hell-bent on NOT being like their elders. So they keep pushing that envelope.

But who knows? The look of the 1920's might be putative youthful look of the 2040's, just to spite their parents =)

Always On Watch said...

Ever seen a very old man with a tattoo? Location, location, location.

The Absolute Marxist said...

Everyone is dying trying to prove themselves to be "authentic", just like everybody else. ;)

The Absolute Marxist said...

I've got three tattoo's. I got them so that the tech's knew how to line be up for my radiation treatments, for when the lasers hit all three tattoo's, I was in the right spot.

The Absolute Marxist said...

My FIL has a tattoo. It read, "Death before Dishonor".

What should you expect from a jarhead. ;)

Z said...

Absolute Marxist (so to speak:-), you make a good point about radiation tattoos...I'm sorry you have to have those but I'm guessing they saved your life.

Elbro...those are values you'll always have, aren't they!
I wish you'd consider writing a quick piece on last night; I hope it went well!

net...things that sound like great ideas (particularly while soused!) don't seem to good later, do they! I know one can remove small tattoos but the stuff I see lately would be quite a job.

AOW....I don't remember seeing any!

Brooke said...

Beamish: Weird Al is my childhood hero. Some of those 'tats' in the video is hilarious, if you pause it.

I like the 'Love they neighbor' at 1:09. :)

Some tats really can be considered art... But there are a LOT of really, really bad ones out there.

"But, it feels emblematic of something, or is it just a craze?"

Look at me, I'm different just like everyone else!

Z, check this out, but don't be surprised if it's a bit NSFW.

Mark said...

I think they're gross. Especially large tats on women depicting bloody knives through skulls and things like that. Yuck!

I don't mind a little rose tat on a shoulder or something like that but the others are just disgusting.

We used to be able to identify someone who had been in prison by their tattoos, because only men in prison had them, but you can't tell anymore.

I know when these women (and men) get to be 70 and 80 years old, they will look at themselves in the mirror and say to themselves, "My God! What did I do to myself?"

I may be old fashioned, but the presence of tattoos on someone's body automatically lowers my personal opinion of their character. But that's just me.

cube said...

I'm not big on tattoos myself, but I can't stop people from getting them including my own niece. It's all about trying to look cool with your peers and a shocking horror to the older crowd.

I say, you reap what you sow. I wish I'd gone into the tattoo removal business ;-)

beamish said...

Beamish, I'd have sworn you had a tattoo somewhere....

Not me. I'm afeered of needles.

beamish said...

I have thought about getting my family's heraldry / coat of arms on my right bicep though ;)

Mark said...

The only tattoo I would ever even consider getting would be a UPC bar code on my arm. I would insist the tattoo artist exactly duplicate the bar code of the most expensive item I could find at WalMart, so I could pass my arm beneath the price scanner and show everyone how much I'm worth.

Ticker said...

I have none. After going around the world a couple of times and not having one I could see no reason to have one later.

My regret is allowing my daughter to have one tiny little porpoise tattoo on her hip, just at the bikini line.

At some point she lost all sanity( of course at the time she was married to a complete idiot) and had tattoo's in places where it is impossible to hide them. The "monkey on her back" is the most distasteful of all and will haunt her as she gets older. She is now 33. She calls them art, I call them BS. We strongly disagree on that one subject and will until she grows up. She threatened another one shortly after the birth of her last child (14mo's ago) and I sent her a revised will. No tattoo has been forthcoming. Hopefully she will grow up and get some common sense by the time she is 35.

beamish said...


Have you considered the possibility that perhaps your daughter WANTS to look like someone put silly putty on the Sunday comics and stretched it out when she gets older? ;)

Pris said...

Net, when I was young, if I didn't like a fashion trend I didn't wear it. However clothes are one thing, but a tattoo is permanent. No way would I have gotten one.

My grandson is 23, and he never went for the "baggy" look. He said, "why would I want to spend my day holding my pants up"? He doesn't have tattoos, or piercings either.

Elmers Brother said...

I know they're not for everyone and I understand the disdain some have for them. I get a lot of questions about mine and it gives me an opportunity to share the LORD with others. Its a conversation starter. At the same time if someone doesn't like them I completely understand, it doesn't hurt my feelings.

Z said...

Beamish "Have you considered the possibility that perhaps your daughter WANTS to look like someone put silly putty on the Sunday comics and stretched it out when she gets older? ;)"
When you turn into a woman who's aging, come back and we'lll talk!! :-)

Not that some of you care, but I believe it kind of warns against marking your body in Scripture, doesn't it? Something about tattoos not being a good thing?
I looked it up and found it: here it is:

"Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.
Leviticus 19:28"

that's kind of interesting.

Brooke said...

They're not my thing. I'm too afraid I would get one and a few days later I would hate it... And then there's the risk of a tattoo 'artist' that sucks giving you an UGLY one, too.

I will say, having worked in the ER, OB and some med/surg I have seen some good tats, and some... interesting ones, shall we say.

(Z, I KID YOU NOT the word verification is TRAMP. LOL! )

Elmers Brother said...

This may help Z


Z said...

Elbro, thanks; interesting context and compelling, and I still think our Temple is better off pure and unmarked.
Personally, I think a tat here and there is fine, I just thought I'd throw the Scripture out there. x

net observer said...


I can certainly respect your opinion, mainly because we are in agreement. I personally HATE the baggy clothes look and I can't imagine even wanting a tattoo for myself.

But as for younger people, your grandson is clearly the exception that proves the rule. There are many others like him, I am sure. But they ain't typical. Which, as you know, is laudable from my perspective =)

Pris said...

Thanks Net. I respect your opinion as well, and of course I'd never deny that there is peer pressure among the young.
However regarding my grandson and his friends as well, none of them seem to have the need to fall prey to it.

Just a bunch of nice young men with big plans for their future.

What I've noticed is, I don't sense that generation gap attitude of yesteryear.

I come in contact with young people in my bowling league, and they're fun and share laughs with us older folks. I don't feel that sense of separation that was so obvious years ago.

Z said...

I think that, aside from the type of tattoos Elmer's Brother has (I've seen them and they're not big enough for ME to dislike, for example. i honestly forgot he had any), many young people do the tattoos as an identity thing; and Pris makes a good point. Her grandson and his friends are studying, working, they have good self images and are fulfilled in what they're doing.

I think society's robbed kids of that and there's a desperation for individuality which they're not feeling anymore and that, SOMETIMES, tattoos answer that individuality thing for them.

Elmers Brother said...

I appreciate your point of view Z.

Some could use that Scripture to suggest piercing yours ears is wrong. I'm not trying to justify my tattoos, I understand why some cringe.

cube said...

Speaking of tattoos, a top pathologist tells a story of the strangest one he ever encountered: a man with "your name" tattooed on his penis.

Turns out the man used to hang out in bars and approached others saying, "I bet you $50 that I have your name tattooed on my penis."
Many patrons took his bet and lost. :-)

Z said...

Cube, that's hysterical!

Elbro, very good point about pierced ears. I even hesitate to wear big gold hoops at church; it talks about not regaling oneself like that.

Z said...

but I DO wear them :-)

Joe Conservative said...

Mine had my name tattooed on it.... but then I had so much space left over, I sold it out for advertising. It now reads...

"Joe's Bar and Grill, Chattanooga, Tennessee."


net observer said...

Wow, Pris. I can hardly find any young people without tattoos or piercings, esp. 25 and under, in my part of the world.

And I can hardly relate to these people either lol

I don't mean to suggest that we're living on different planets. It's just obvious that our perspectives are different, and not in an antagonistic way -- just different.

Tattoos are one example. Taste in music is another.

Even their views on race are SO much different than their elders -- thankfully. As much as "we" -- i.e., 40-plus -- talk about race, people UNDER 40 seem confused when the topic comes up. They're like, "Huh?"

They all have friends of all different hues, and they all listen to hip-hop, so they just don't get it =)

They only sound like "us" when they're trying to imitate "us".

Z said...

"Even their views on race are SO much different than their elders -- thankfully. As much as "we" -- i.e., 40-plus -- talk about race, people UNDER 40 seem confused when the topic comes up. They're like, "Huh?"


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