Monday, October 10, 2011

Mr Z's 2 year anniversary

Obviously, my Mr. Z wasn't as famous as Steve Jobs.  And he wasn't an actor like Patrick Swayze, who died two weeks before Mr. Z did and whose wife got to go on television and tell the country what a wonderful guy her husband had been.  I felt that way about MY husband, too, and was almost envious that Mrs. Swayze got that opportunity because of Patrick's fame.   Mrs. Jobs may also choose to discuss the wonders of her husband with the world.  So I finally decided that I'd like to share a little about my husband here at GeeeZ........If you continue to read this whole post, please allow me to thank you for allowing my sheer indulgence in celebrating my husband today. (Click on underlined words and you'll see geeeZ articles which support that subject, I think you'll have fun with that if you have the time)

In the field of Defense, Mr. Z was quite well known.  Yes, he had quite a career and reached some acclaim, but mostly, he was an amazing guy and he deserves to have been better known, too. :-)

Mr. Z played amazing classical piano.  He played the accordion, too, and I made it a rule to clip any accordion jokes out and save them.  I'm not the biggest accordion fan and the jokes are never very flattering to the instrument (like my fave "Welcome to heaven, here's your harp;  welcome to hell, here's your accordion!"), but Mr Z was good natured enough to laugh at them!   Mr. Z knew American basketball (especially THE LAKERS!) almost as well as my Dad, which was quite something considering my Dad watched it all of his life and Mr Z only picked it up about 10 years before he died.  Mr. Z probably got the last fantastic education in the world in Germany in the Sixties and could grasp complicated concepts faster than anyone I'd ever met.  Mr. Z tried out for the Munich production of HAIR while he was in college and got a call back but found out he had to be naked on stage if he joined the cast so he decided against it!   Mr. Z liked Beethoven much more than the Beatles in college (yes, as big a Beethoven fan as I am, that kind of bugged me because that was the harbinger of a guy who never DID get rock'n roll!, but you adjust :-).    Mr. Z detested any brand of Socialism.  Mr. Z could eat the hottest peppers around, to the point that the waiters at the Oriental in Bangkok recognized him after six months between our trips and brought a dish of those peppers to him when we sat down.  Mr. Z loved my cooking and I loved cooking for him, especially the special German plum tart he loved SO much.. When Mr. Z came to meet me somewhere and he'd find me in a crowd, or he came in the car to pick me up and saw me standing on a curb waiting for him, his face would light up like "that's MY WIFE!"   He was faithful and good and always honest and kind. And very funny.  And he loved my humor, too.
Mr. Z adored his children, was proud of them both, and loved it when they were here visiting from Munich.  Mr. Z was adored by my family and he adored all of them.  Mr. Z loved America and came to life at the only Tea Party event he attended, as sick as he was, and insisting we go.
Mr. Z wrote many articles for GeeeZ (scroll down the link past the posts I did after he passed away and you'll find his writings) and was proud of me for doing this blog, but then, he was proud of me for everything I did and that's hard to lose, trust me..  HERE is a short piece which was his last writing, maybe his best ever.  
 Mr. Z had an amazing eye for photography (his daughter got that from him and she happened to take the above picture while he took pictures). This is one of his:

Mr. Z loved the ocean and was a sailor with many certifications.  Mr. Z would go way out of his way to help any friend who needed him.  He had become a man of strong faith during the last ten years of his life but the seeds for that faith had been planted when he'd taken himself to church as a boy to sing in the choir. Mr. Z could help me put troubles in perspective.  Mr. Z called himself "the President of  Z's fan club" and never missed a singing performance of mine no matter how many times he'd heard it.  It was Mr. Z who made sure we always had fresh flowers in the living room.  Mr. Z had fascinating, loving relatives.  Mr. Z is missed by many people.   Especially me.  To say the very least. 

So, on the 2nd Anniversary of his untimely death,  I thought I'd do a kind of FOX or CNN report here like the famous wives can do when their famous husbands die.....Thanks for hanging in there with me......I think my husband deserved it, too. :-)  And this felt good to's been a rough few days because our wedding anniversary was Thursday.

And, while we're at it, thank you so MUCH, again, to all of you who left me such amazingly kind and understanding, encouraging  messages after he died.  I'll never forget that, ever. Ever.
One thing I'd like to add here is that the only reason I am even remotely 'glad' he's not here anymore is how painful he'd find what's happened to America even only since he's been gone.  OH, and the fact that he was facing such physical suffering had he not so completely unexpectedly died in his sleep the morning of October 10, 2009.   I like to say "God came for him in the night while he slept because if he'd tried during the day, Mr. Z would have fought him harder!"  Thanks for a quick prayer for me and his children today.



Elmers Brother said...

Though I only met him a few brief times, one could tell how much he adored you. He was always kind to me on the phone, never seemed to bother him that another man was phoning you. My one regret is that I didn't get to know him better. Though it was fun finding him some hot sauce.

Hoping that the LORD brings you comfort. Love from all of our family. We'll be wrapping you in prayer today. We like you a lot.

Always On Watch said...

Anniversaries such as this one are so difficult. I'm blue every time such an anniversary rolls around for one of my beloved family members gone to the Lord.

The dreams that Mr. AOW and I had died with his stroke on September 15, 2009. But Mr. AOW is still with me! And sharp mentally, too.

I can't imagine how difficult it is for you, Z, with your beloved not by your side.

I will pray for you today.

sue hanes said...

Z - Thanks you for sharing such a loving - and touching - post on the second anniversary of Mr. Z's death.

Espcially for those of us who did not know him personally - it helps us to have insight into how much you obviously adored him, and how hard it must have been give him up.

And now your descriptive remarks allows us to remember him better.

Thanks, Z

RightKlik said...

Mrs Z,

I'm glad to see that you've gotten through the past two years okay. It's hard to believe so much time has gone by already.

Silverfiddle said...

What a beautiful tribute. You really brought Mr Z alive for those of us who never knew him. What a great man he was.

Brooke said...

I never got to meet or talk to Mr. Z, but I sure wish I could've. He sounds wonderful, and you clearly will always love him very, very much.

Dave and I will be thinking of you today.

beakerkin said...

Sorry for your loss. We were supposed to have gotten together when I was in training in LA. You probably could have pointed something out better than the dreadful fish tacos that were in at the moment.

People forget my first in person work was in LA not NYC.

In this day of disposable everything you are fortunate to have had a relationship that lasted
as long as it did. I am off to spend some time with my daughter.
All of us seldom spend enough time with the loved ones.

Ducky's here said...

Accordion gets a bad rap. Basque and Malagasy players especially can really light it up.

Glad Mr. Z got to enjoy a fine instrument.

-FJ said...

...yes, the piano. ;)

Hang in there, Z. Your fan club misses it president, too. But so long as you're here to keep his memory alive, we'll always have the joy that comes from knowing the both of you through the rich tapestry of your stories of life with Mr. Z.

Ticker said...

You have been and are blessed beyond many. What wonderful memories and as long as those live, so does Mr.Z.

Even more exciting is that someday you will be re-united. What a celebration!

beamish said...

((Hugs Z))

Anonymous said... is forever. It's proven here with this wonderful tribute to your husband.

"Mr. Z called himself "the President of Z's fan club"

And I know he's proud to see that he still is and your fans adore you.

Z said...

THanks, Elbro...I'm glad you got to meet each other, and thanks for that terrific photo you took of us which I cherish...on the bluffs, remember?

AOW, thanks....the blues do come, almost subconsciously; it's like our body knows the date's coming before our minds do, I swear.

Sue, thanks very much. If this helped people to know him better, I'm extra glad I did it. His writings under that link show a lot about him, too.

RK..good to see you here. THanks so much for coming by and for your kind words.

SF...he was definitely one of the best in my opinion! thanks.

Brooke...thank Dave for me, too. xx
Hug him a little tighter today :-)

Beak, I'd forgotten! Yes, I wish we'd got to meet you, too.

Ducky...the French are quite good with an accordion.. I wish you many, many hours of listening to a German who's only 'pretty good' at it. I think you deserve that 'pleasure'.

FJ....what a beautiful comment; it means a LOT to me, thanks.

Beamish...thanks, I miss those the most...the simple HUG from one's husband. xxx

Ticker...someone frequently reminds me "He wouldn't come back if he COULD" and like to tease "MY husband would TRY!" :-) But, no...and we will be together!
And I was beyond blessed to have a husband like him.

Z said...

Impertinent, thanks!
That expression is sweet, isn't it...:-)

Pris said...

Z, how wonderful you've honored your Mr.Z with this loving post.

Mr. Pris and I miss him, and would like to say, we were so fortunate to have been in his company if for only a short time.

His legacy lives on though. His decency, thoughtfulness, and his devotion to you, and to America. All of these were so obvious when we met.

Rereading Mr. Z's article on socialism, demonstrates his prescience regarding his warning of our vulnerability to it, coming here to America, his adopted country which he loved.

So Z, once more I say, we miss Mr Z, and all he stood for, and Mr. Pris and I send you our love, on this memorial day for Mr. Z.

Beverly said...

Wha a wonderful post and tribute to your husband, Z. I read on a card once that God gives us memories so that we can remmeber roses in December. Thanks for sharing him with us.

phranp said...

Thank you Z, for writing such beautiful words about "My Friend 'W'". He was such a gem and I remember him fondly, and much more often than you might think. Both you and "My Friend" come to mind when I am reading certain articles about politics. LOL

God bless you for keeping his memory alive, and God bless you for enduring. I know that "My Friend" is looking down from Heaven smiling at you.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic post, Z. It made me tear up.

I wish I could have spent more time with Mr. Z. I think we would have been good buddies.

As I believe more and more about another world once one passes away, I'm sure he's very happy where he's at and that we'll all get to hang out again.

Big hugs and 'bisous' to you today!

Anonymous said...

Hi agree with Ducky about accordion. It can be a wonderful instrument. Listen to Astor Piazzolla and you'll appreciate the instrument.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I can't believe it's been two years already. The both of you are in my thoughts today.

Z said...

FB...thanks. He liked you too, very much.

Re the accordion...just listened to a few bits of Piazzola at YouTube...yes, he makes it not sound like an accordion, I have to admit. ANd I'm still not nuts about it :-)
I do like SOME French romantic accordion played on a bateau mouches on the Seine floating down the moonlit Seine......but not much.!!

Phranp...thanks SO much, honey! Good to see you here. I love how you always called him "My friend W!" :-) He sure did like you, too, and I sure do love that box you made for me after he passed away....remember the amazing coincidence that I LOVE Leon Russell and you had written "I love you in a place where there's no space and time" written on the box, not knowing? WOW!

Pris, you and Mr. Pris will always be special to me. Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad we had those times together.

Mr. Z got to meet you, FrogBurger, phranp, and Elbro...considering how private I am, I'd say that's pretty meet people from the BLOGOSPHERE! And it sure was WORTH IT! He know Heidianne, too, and had spoken to Mustang on the phone, too.

Steve, I can't believe it, either. thanks for coming by

Bob said...

Mr Z sounds like quite a man. I know how you must miss him. My prayers are with you and your family.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a blessing for the love you share with this special man...he is surely smiling down from Heaven dear Z..:)

Lisa said...

What a fine tribute to a wonderful man your husband was Z.
He was truly a remarkable person.
I am sorry that you and Mr Z went through this. Life is so unfair sometimes especially to one who loved it so much. Even though he is no longer here,it is nice to be able to honor him with fondness.
My heart goes out to you and your family on this sad anniversary.
Mr Z's life was a life well lived.
What an great post.
Thank you for sharing his amazing life with us.

Chuck said...

It's funny how the truly good people are often ones we never hear about.

They plaster the lives of celebrities all over the media. Celebrate their lives, mourn their deaths.

The real heroes are the ones that just quietly go about their lives day to day, their only real "claim to fame" is being a good person to their family and friends.

Jan said...

Z..what a loving tribute to your beloved Mr. Z..thank you.

He was, obviously, brilliant, and creative, and talented..and loved you so much.

I wish everyone could read what he has written.

I feel so sad for your great loss, but I know that Mr. Z will live on, in some way, through your words, and his.

Beth said...

Very beautiful, my heart goes out to you still.

Karen Howes said...

Z, what a beautiful tribute to Mr. Z... he certainly seems like an interesting and wonderful man! You must miss him terribly.

But he's still with you, and one day you'll see him again.

Z said...

thanks so much, everybody.
It makes me feel good that you got to "know" Mr. Z a little through this.

Chuck, that's so true and why I so badly wanted to share this with you all though I'm pretty private in general.
I expect you're one of those 'real heroes' and you're raising sons to be the same; we need more like you and Mr. Z !!

Honestly, I think our corner of the conservative blogosphere has some of THE best people ever......and they all came to help me out today with such loving comments.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rita said...

What a beautiful tribute.

Z said...

Mr. Z's kids have read your comments and I want to thank you from them. They're very happy that their dad left such an impression through his writing here ...

thanks, everyone. xx

MK said...

A lovely post Z, he sounds like a wonderful man.

Z said...

Thanks, MK..he certainly was.

I forgot to add that I didn't pump gas for the 9 years we'd been back from living in Paris! A wife likes that :-)
He was very giving so it was really easy to give to him.

christian soldier said...

" Mr. Z called himself "the President of Z's fan club" and never missed a singing performance of mine no matter how many times he'd heard it"

that statement alone - is reason why I respect Mr Z- I will be honored to meet him in heaven --He loved you- his wife--while on this earth..

Z said...

thank you, Carol......what a very sweet, kind thing to say.
You'd have liked my Lutheran VERY VERY much :-)

Bob said...

Look what I got when I searched Bing for "Armenian People".

Martha said...

Dear Z, Have been thinking about you and Mr Z all week long. Mr Z was a great friend, I enjoyed working with him. He had so much knowledge, loved sharing it with others. He helped us on all our projects, no matter how difficult they were, we could always count on him. I always think of him, miss him greatly and pray for you every day.
Lots of love, Me!

Z said...

Wow, Bob... a lot of Armenian WOMEN, anyway :-)

Thanks, Martha! He adored you guys,