Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dan Wheldon........Rest in Peace

Dan Wheldon, the 33 year old Indy Champion, was killed today in a race in Las Vegas. Wheldon leaves behind a young wife and two beautiful little boys......please keep them in prayer.  How awful


Anonymous said...

What a way to end a fabulous career, eh?

Two time 500 winner....all of them know the dangers of 225 mph and see a bit of themselves in Dan.

It's a simple lesson in physics and kinetic energy. Speed...weight...mass. Survival? Not very likely... yet these men choose to defy, challenge and take enormous risks. They can't build a "car" that'll survive what we saw today.

Scotty said...

I was watching that race, it was a horrendous crash, thirteen cars in all. Something nobody likes to see!

Z said...'s so horrid. Are other drivers badly injured? I haven't heard anything but having seen the video, I can't imagine some were not.

Imp, those cars are particularly sexy go-carts. Every sport has its dangers but this poor guy was so young and had such a beautiful young family.

Scotty said...

Just a couple of minor back injuries, Z.

Those cars are flimsy by design. There are built in crumple zones and the pieces and parts that fly off those cars, that make them to appear flimsy, is all done intentionally to absorb as much of the impact of collisions just as it worked in this race.

Given even a mere 5 or six years ago, even more of the drivers in this wreck would have been injured much more seriously than there were.

Always On Watch said...

So sad.

Bob said...

I only saw the news clips this morning on television news. It is hard to believe that more people were not killed. I think Scotty nailed it with his explanation of the updated designs. Modern vehicles are designed to crash and keep the occupants safe. Sometimes it doesn't work.

My heart goes out to Wheldon's family.

Z said...

I just read that Wheldon's British parents watched the crash on television at their home.

And that Wheldon and his wife had had tattoos put on with each others' initials on their wrists the night before the accident.

My heart bleeds for that poor woman and his GOD.