Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mexico says THIS is OUR FAULT?! :-)

THIS made me literally laugh out loud. 

Mexican president: US dumping criminals at border

Mexican President Felipe Calderon accused the United States on Thursday of dumping criminals at the border because it is cheaper than prosecuting them, and said the practice has fueled violence in Mexico's border areas.
U.S. officials earlier this week reported a record number of deportations in fiscal year 2011, and said the number of deportees with criminal convictions had nearly doubled since 2008.
"There are many factors in the violence that is being experienced in some Mexican border cities, but one of those is that the American authorities have gotten into the habit of simply deporting 60 (thousand) or 70,000 migrants per year to cities like Ciudad Juarez or Tijuana," Calderon told an immigration conference.
Among these deportees "there are many who really are criminals, who have committed some crime and it is simply cheaper to leave them on the Mexican side of the border than to prosecute them, as they should do, to see whether they are guilty or not," Calderon said. "And obviously, they quickly link up with criminal networks on the border."

Wait...that's AMERICA'S PROBLEM?   It's OUR FAULT?   :-)


Anonymous said...

Mexico is an enemy.....and has always been in a state of war with the US since about 1832, I think.

Of course we're justified in dumping their offal, effluence, trash, scum and diseased turds back over the border.

But....if you have an illegal nanny "landscaper", weed blower,'re forgiven. We know that a nanny from Western Europe costs twice as much as a non taxpaying, scofflaw, illegal alien...than you'll want to pay.

I mean....Kelsey Grammers wife has to count pennies, doesn't she? A gift of a 15,000 sq.ft palace for being a blonde, vacuous, dim bimbo should have it's

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The United States of America is nothing more than the WELFARE and PRISON system for MEXICO.


christian soldier said...

Z- you and I have personal (our CA tax $$$ and et al) experience on the corruption of mexico and our US and CA politicians...using illegals to get them elected....

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm....I wonder why calderon doens't have his name on a cute predator?

Come on O'Bummer. His country and his hordes of illegal terrorists is more threatening to the US than some nomadic asshole in Libya...right?

Come on O'Bummer....we're not being invaded by Libyan revolutionaries...are we?

Come dickhead fraud....justify not using drones on our borders?

Do you really think these border terrorists are your friends? Nope...they are the end of America. They mean to put a culture of latino corruption in your face.

sue hanes said...
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Chuck said...

Just taking out the trash.

Quite frankly I'm with Impertinent, Mexico is more of a national security threat than Libya (or central Africa)

Z said...

Mexico is getting to be more and more a national security threat. This morning I heard discussion about how many Arabs are sneaking through the borders.

I think the 'bad guys' are very emboldened that America's so much on the defensive now; and broke, and so divided and hateful. It's scary times, isn't it.
and the leftwing media plays into the BAD GUYS thing so much and then they wonder why "THEY" hate us? :-)

cube said...

Mexico is a cesspool that I wish the Mexican authorities would clean up, but they're too busy being corrupt to do right by their residents.

Ticker said...

Maybe Cain's plan said in jest is not such a bad idea after all.

Bachmann said she wanted a double fence with an open space between the fences.
Last time I saw a fence like that the empty space was refereed to as a "killing field".

I like Cain's plan better, you don't have to waste bullets, just fry em and let the buzzards clean up the mess.
The buzzards might appreciate a "home cooked" meal.

MK said...

No worries Felipe, you send your trash to us, we'll send ours to you. lol