Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smart Meters..............

Do you think this guy's overdoing it?  Do you know anything about the new Smart Meters?  A friend of mine in Las Vegas had one put on his home while he was on vacation last month with no warning.

Can this Meter do all that the man suggests?  If not, does it establish a bad trend, anyway?

What's with the SMART METER?   I hadn't heard of one till my Vegas friend emailed me this on Monday.

Gad, I always felt so free and safe in this country.......what the heck happened?   Is this a SMART idea or a threatening IDEA?  



beamish said...

They can't develop this faster than hackers can build a way to subvert it with Radio Shack parts and send the power company false readings. ;)

I can see it now. "For just $99, you can never pay a power bill again!"

beamish said...

But to answer your question, yes, he's overdoing it.

Notice his key concerns - "they catch pot growers with this!"

Ease up on the hydro, buddy.

Speedy G said...

Somebody ate the cookies on my web browser.

Always On Watch said...

For all I know, there is already some kind of smart meter installed at my house.

In any case, there is a new water meter here.

I wouldn't be surprised if smart meters were to become the rule. As for the information going directly to the government, I can't say.

But I WILL say that smart meters will likely take away certain jobs such as meter readers and the like.

Always On Watch said...

Hell, in the DC area, there are security and traffic cameras everywhere. We get "robot tickets" now.

Bob said...

As a former power company engineer, I can tell you that the power companies are perfectly legal collecting usage data. They have every right to monitor your power consumption. After all, that's what keeps the cash register ringing for them. It's their business.

There were prototypes of remote metering systems such as this over 30 years ago. You would not be surprised with these remote metering systems when you think of the old days when to read you meter, somebody had to get into your back yard, pepper spray your dogs, and put up with grungy women/men cursing them. The old method costs a lot of money.

As for the ability to know when your electric toothbrush is running, that is a little exaggerated. Yes, they can distinguish small loads like the tooth brush, and they can guess whether you are running a hair dryer or a toothbrush. If someone were actually looking at your continuous power consumption, they could do a fairly good job of guessing what you are doing at any point in time.

Although I had not heard of the ability of the power company to see patterns in our use history, the telephone companies have been doing this for decades. There are patterns in your telephone usage, and there apparently patterns in your electric power usage. Telephone companies have been selling this data for a long time.

As a matter of fact, your power company bill or telephone company bill and the data behind these bills are not your property. This data is the property of the utility companies gathered in the legitimate process of doing business.

So, if you want to grow pot, do it like the pros and plant your weed in a national forest. Or, just go down to any high school and get it retail.

Silverfiddle said...

They do provide a pattern and profile of usage, but they automatically can't tell if it was your electric toothbrush or your razor. Smart people could figure much of you activity out with some analysis.

So it's a little overdramatized, but he has a point that people can study this and figure out if you are doing illegal activity or worse, socially unacceptable things like using the dreaded incandescent bulb.

The ostensible reason for this is to eliminate paying a meter reader to go around reading the manual meters, thereby saving money.

Opus #6 said...

They put a smart meter on my house with no warning this week. I am still fuming about it. SCE.

Ducky's here said...

Who published the video, Lyndon LaRouche ?

Paranoia at its best. Big brother knows you have the DVD player on !

Z said...

the POT GROWING mention was ridiculous; much of this is, obviously. And, when people have good information and then throw something like that into the mix, most of the information, though probably valid, gets negated by the overreach..sad.

I think the guy's point is the direction we're heading in and how that's not what most of us want...Big Brother doesn't go over well with those of us who love this country and remember what freedom was like.

I think the JOBS part of this is a valid one, 2 of you brought that up; Another plan to do AWAY with jobs by the Obama chumps? Hmmmmmm

I thought the whole thing sounded weird but I do feel badly for those I know have smart meters now and weren't at least notified about the change.

What worries me the most is how people will just take them and we don't know how much they'll be used for other things.

Anonymous said...

I agree power companies have a need to know usage information, but I also agree that this gentleman is taking the issue to an extreme level. If he is concerned about smart meters, is he also concerned about government tracking through cell phones? Is he concerned about the increase in the number of closed circuit television cameras? More interesting to me is how distrustful most Americans are of their government —a healthy concern, but this in turn begs the question why America overwhelmingly elected a corrupt lying snake to the presidency, who in turn hired more corrupt lying snakes to head important departments and agencies of the people’s government.

Z said...

Right on all counts, Mustang......we need tracking of usage for the power companies and he took this way too far...I THINK. if you know what I mean. I HOPE might be a better way to put it!?

And yes on the snakes.......this guy just makes them more snakes IN THE GRASS :-)

Bd said...

I notice on the YouTube page the author threatens to remove any post with the word paranoia. Looks like it has struck deep here, lol!

Z said...

good for him. He knows it's not paranoia...he did the work; he can demand any restrictions he wants, I guess.

Letta Mego said...

Smart meters promoters use the same kind of sales pitch that big pharmacy uses to sell their bad drugs. They create a problem to solve where none existed. Then they make a ton of money from their solution...that causes more problems than they started with. And they make the public pay for it. They try to make smart meter look safe by leaving out all the thousands of studies that show this kind of technology cause alterations in cell function. They use ghost writers to twist statistics and findings. And besides killing off the very young and very old, it going to cost productive people (people working to pay taxes) a lot of money. Forcing smart meters on a world population that are resisting smart meters is, as far I know, the worst move in history for the world population...but the best thing ever for government control. The government seems like a malignancy that is metastasizing into our homes.