Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Leftwingers and their "democracy".....OH, my GOD

You simply will not believe this video....Honestly, it made me laugh so if you need some levity today, this is the video for you!.... This is quintessential leftwing dopiness; make sure you catch what they're doing to John Lewis ....it's grueling leftwing stupidity....You WILL laugh (except for the insult to John Lewis), I promise!

Isn't that a scream?  By the way, John Lewis couldn't speak because people might think he's better than anybody else, but the leader of the group could speak? hmmmm
Thanks, Imp and Pris.........


beamish said...

I (I!) posted this video (posted this video!) on my blog (on my blog!) earlier (earlier!)

If consensus must be unanimous, leftists better not dare presume to be intellectual ever again.

Ducky's here said...

No,z, the issue here is the failed political system.

Representatives of that system, whether they are John Lewis or Darryl Issa (R - Car thief) are not being permitted to speak.


Bd said...

Check out this stupid commie Wall Street Protester Fox News interviewed!


Fox News never aired it.

Anonymous said...

John Lewis. Wasn't he the guy who claaimed he was called the "N" word and spit upon as he trekked through a crowd of TPartiers awhile back? Hoping...hoping to force a confrontation to bolster his phony credentials and keep "racism" alive?
Yet out of the thousands of audio / video bytes available...there wasn't a scintilla of evidence that had happened?

Lewis....like the rest of the loons who have latched onto the fleabaggers and have said they are: "exercising free speech, it's real American democracy at work, represent the "people", it's healthy, it's an organic movement, an expression of democracy, we applaud their activism...this is healthy, God bless them, we understand their frustration this is a message to the establishment everywhere and from Zero...these protesters are giving voice to a more broad based frustration... this is freedom It's young, it's refreshing, it's healthy..."

Phew. You'd think the damn Pilgrims landed in America again....rather than realize that this is straight out of the Commie Party handbook.

The terrorists are unleashing their mobs onto America. Kill the rich....up with the working class. And does anyone else find that this is October...when the Red's launched their revolution...a coincidence?

Maybe to the clueless fleabaggers....but not to those they've been co-opted by an will be betrayed by...Soros and their minions.

And Lewis...they threw him the BIRD...they don''t want a big mouthed old racist pissing in their pond. They have no time for that Old man minstrel crap. After all...they are already the party of freedom, right?

And what did they say about the T Party rallies? Sons of bitches, terrorists, jim crow, lynch mobs, arrest them, terrorists, anti American, and they can Go to Hell.

Nice eh? We are being divided ever more. Wait till this go's nuclear and violent.

I'm waiting for the brown shirts, jackboots and salutes.

Z said...

Beamish, can you BELIEVE that (can you BELIEVE that!?)
Good you posted it, too.......it shows a LOT, doesn't it.

SO, instead of realizing how dumb the leftwing sounds and staying away from GeeeZ out of sheer embarrassment, Ducky and Bd say.....what?

Bd seems to be suggesting something about why FOX never aired it? But, who cares? It's obviously very rough cut and any good editor'd edit the interviewer's hesitation out when he tried to form his question......They've had plenty of interviews from the dopes on Wall St.

Ducky...I love your "No, Z" as if that's gospel ..that always makes me smile for your hubris.

By the way, Ducky...where are representatives not allowed to speak other than at ridiculous leftwing rallies where the leaders think if they LET someone speak, that means (gasp!) he's BETTER than someone else!? :-)
You despise Issa and have called him stupid names but suddenly you're fighting for his rights because the left looks so bad and you need to deflect, is that it? wow

When are you guys and the guy on the video going to wake up and realize 99% of Americans do NOT feel like he does and VOTING IS THE PROCESS in this country, not going to private homes and trying to tie up businesses and city streets? gad.

Meanwhile, you'd better shut your corporate-built computers and turn your corporate-built cell phones off, okay?

Ducky.....not ALL MUSLIMS are bad because you feel you're SO FAIR and OPEN MINDED, but let a corporation screw up and ALL of them are bad, right?

Z said...

I think this IS going to go bad, Imp........did you see that Craig's List apparently has ads for people to go and protest and get PAID FOR IT?
Did Tea Party people get paid (no) or is just the flea baggers now?

Think what you will about John Lewis, he didn't deserve this treatment. I'd have had to say "THIS is your stupid LEFTWING, Mr. Lewis......how do you like it now that they shut YOU down?"

Anonymous said...

"You despise Issa"...

Cause he's getting closer to putting Holder in jail and that Zero is pissing his pants over it cause he leads straight to him too?

So now....the tail wags the dog again with a phony accusation about Iran to take the headlines and the heat of off Holder? Just in time for him to avoid Issa's Subpoena duces tecum?

Anonymous said...

"deo de de day o....deo de de day o"

Says the ignoramus spokesman for all blacks in the country. An uneducated, one time wonder of 60 years ago....and the View giggles with his "insight and racism".

Aren't liberals the least bit embarrassed by this phony? Aren't they the least bit embarrassed by the Waters, Twana Brawley - Sharpton Hymie Town Jackson, Malik kill the white man Shabazz, Danny love Hugo Chavez Glover, Shawn Penn, Sarandon and every other idiotic empty headed loon that opens their mouths to espouse "freedom" while demanding it be withheld from the rest of us?

Ducky's here said...

Well you should post on food or the arts more often, z. We tend to agree there.

Bob said...

As one citizen who was once in John Lewis's District, I can tell you that even though I respect him, and even though he was the ONLY Congressional Representative who did not use the Congressional Bank, he is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. He was AWOL when the brains were passed out.

Even so, he is a courageous individual, but ignorantly follows the Democrat play book to his own detriment. Poor John Lewis. He has the only job he can hold. He is a US Congressional Representative.

Anonymous said...

All those people are the new black or red shirts of the 30s.

So they'll shut up everyone that doesn't agree before sending them to the guillotine.

And then they lecture about democracy, human rights.

The biggest phonies. The most despicable human beings on the face of the earth.

Those people make me want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

"you should post on food or the arts more often'

Of course ...obfuscate, deflect and defer...anything to keep off the topic...of dopiness, ignorance and the complete emptiness of liberal, vapid "thought" and mob rule.

Anonymous said...

"he is a courageous individual"

If he was truly courageous and has learned anything in the last 50 years...it would be to follow MLK's dream...his real dream and get off of the racist dem plantation and link arms with a man like Herman Cain. Who has succeeded in being more than a dem donkey's ass for the last 50 years.

But there's no money in that hunt. It only pays to keep ancient wounds open and to guarantee that the hate will be passed from generation to generation.

Some accomplishment from the "Old guard" dogs of the civil rights movement.

Anonymous said...

"those with silver spoons in their mouths will ram them up your butts.."

Yep...silly twit...Pelosi, Kerry, Waters, any Kennedy, Feinstein, Boxer...to name those with golden spoons made by our generosity? How about Comrade Zero? Isn't he one with a silver spoon...hasn't he become one of them and rich too? Wasn't he elected by those Wall Street benefactors, corporations like GE, Amex, Xerox...it sure as hell wasn't conservative money that put him in his position.

Z said...

Bd, had to delete; too disgusting a metaphor for geeeZ.
Also, you have to admit I DO save you from embarrassment :-)

Ducky, I taught a film class yesterday afternoon...sub'd for a friend. They were to watch the second half of GOLDRUSH.....and the DVD froze forever and there I was left with 60 minutes more class time and 12 15 yr olds... It was an Arid Extra Dry feeeling for me for two minutes and then we had a great time. Talked about some technical stuff and I had a couple of the guys illustrate on the board some of the things they're studying (direction continuity, etc.), and we ended up talking about the MPPC and how filmmakers came to HOllywood, Chaplin's humor, etc...had a great time.

Bob...I felt badly for how they treated him at that 'rally'...but all he did was look perplexed more than angry. Well, who wouldn't be kind of stunned after that "He can't speak because then it would be like he's BETTER than us" stuff? It makes me laugh every time I think of it.

FrogBurger....sad, isn't it.

Imp; real courage is linking up with Herman Cain as a black man......boy, is the media pulling the Palin Treatment on Cain these days, huh?

Z said...

WELL, Imp.....at least you didn't include the second part of Bd's indelicate, debauched comment :-)

Anonymous said...

What does Bd mean?
- Big Dope
- Big Dummy
- Big Denial
- Big Desillusion
- Big Drama (Queen)

Or is it another Ducky (Big Ducky) avatar due to his personality disorder?

I like them all I must say.

Anonymous said...

"It was an Arid Extra Dry feeeling for me for two minutes and then we had a great time."

LOL...really LOL. I feel for you Z....those terrifying moments when technology gets the best of us...lets us down. Blue Screens for PC's....spinning wheels for Macs....frozen CD's and not enough bandwidth!

I was at my cell phone place the other day...thinking...thinking mind you of upgrading my 6 year old Nokia ( that has never failed ). When he pulled out THE CREM DE LE CREME...Jobs pride and joy...IPhone 4s!!!!!

It wouldn't connect!!! LMAO...I said..."Sorry Charlie ( his real name ) see you next year when they figure it out. I truly felt bad for the guy.

And bd....sucks. Sorry...it's a pitiful, deranged, ignorant sucker that continually falls for the party line...the Bolshevik revolution of the times...he wants to be one of the Pretorians...really...he wants to see 1/2 of America enslaved...dead or under the boots of fascism...or the dem party....same boot same ugly people.

"but all he did was look perplexed more than angry"

Of course he did. The old man hasn't a clue as to how his beloved party has morphed into the thugs and jackboots of 1939! He has no idea that they are repressing him...in the name of freedom and equality and ignominy. He tried to rein in that bunch of commies and tried to give him a soapbox by his "standing"... that didn't sit well with the new red shirts. Actually...this is the best thing that could have happened to TPartiers. The fence sitters will want no part of this commie infested, dope infested, LSD influenced remake of ...Woodstock.

Neither did real democrats in 1968!!! Mayor Daley beat the ever loving snot out of them. Will BloomTurd grow a pair? Or will he be seen as an incompetent, compromising wuss to the swine.... and having NO control over his city?

Poor man.

Anonymous said...

O"Reilly is getting his ass kicked by Tavis, and the other race hustlers in his quest to salvage Cain's honor!! Amazing...simply amazing. They keep calling O'reilly.."brother", denigrating Cain as a sellout. So..let me get this straight...

If a Black man gets an education, works hard, and is successful then he is not an example of today’s Black experience. So Travis would rather only NFL, NBA, and Gangsta Rap Artist be role models for today’s Black Youth.

Black unemployment is higher than white unemployment but the percentage difference has not changed much over the last few years.

If the Black Leaders will only accept successful Blacks that came from broken homes, the Ghetto, and was a gang member then they will not have many role models for them to look up to.

To suggest that the White Man blinked and Herman Cain slipped in the door is Racist, hateful, and demeaning.

The attitude seems to be that if the Government did nothing to help you get where you are then you are not “pure”.

Cain had two parents and both worked. In High School Herman Cain concentrated on school instead of marching and demonstrating, he attended College and worked hard to get where he is.

So...Travis and the other black racist hustlers that would rather shuck & jive about Black's...still....still tragic conditions after 50 years...than praise a man like Cain?

Makes me sick....and should make all blacks that want to be free of the "man"...sick & disgusted with the plan that the demrats have them chained to for all these years.

Ducky's here said...

Chaplin's humor, etc...had a great time.

Chaplin or Keaton. Always a goo discussion.

Criterion is slowly releasing high quality blu-ray prints of his films. They should announce City Lights this week.

I'm waiting for "The Circus". The Little Tramp's exit in that one still chokes me up.

Z said...

Imp, I was stunned to hear Cornell West say that Blacks are NOT voting 'monolithically'.......
and then I Googled "Black voters and Democrats" and fpund they vote Democrat 90% of the time.

I'm thinking that's as monolithic as it can get, don't you?

Cain's right.....brainwashed. BUT, I think it's almost a cultural thing and a lot of Black Americans ARE starting to rethink; I have a wonderful, smart Black girlfriend who told me once "you know, I agree with all you just said, but Z, I just can't vote Republican, it would be going against my people"....wow.

Blacks have got into a 'groove' and I think some won't think otherwise; but I do believe they're starting to. I think Jews are in a similar quagmire.

I admire Cain for his forthrightness when he talks about this subject; it's a tough one.
Nobody wants to slam Blacks (or Jews, of course) and suggest they're not using their brains! But, it's important for him to say what he's saying.
It's like Dennis Prager's show brings so many of my lib friends to the center........they HEAR something new and actually think "Hey, I didn't KNOW that...that makes sense, I'm going to listen.."

Sadly, the media likes to keep leftists in the dark, so that's another hurdle; but we can hope.

Z said...

Ducky, what we only got to see 15 minutes of yesterday was a 1942 release where Chaplin makes comments over the silent film.......marvelous.
"Now the little tramp's heart is breaking for Georgia, but he's not quite sure what to do........" ..that kind of thing.

Buster Keaton was a wonder.
Richard Lewis got to know Keaton's wife EVelyn (I think her name is) and said the loveliest thing after LIMELIGHT the other night on TMC: he said he felt he got to know Keaton because of knowing his wife and that it thrilled him that she liked his work......
Keaton could do more with his eyes than any actor ever.

I'll mention the Blu-ray thing to my actor/teacher friend..he probably knows, but it can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

"Chaplin's humor, etc...had a great time."

As I said...deflect much? Disengenous enough? Apparently you cannot...defend your loonie "brothers" in NYC. So...go ahead.....talk about Chaplin....moron.

Z said...

Imp...let's be fair; I brought up the Chaplin thing because I know Ducky studies film.

Anonymous said...

"Cain's right.....brainwashed. BUT, I think it's almost a cultural thing and a lot of Black Americans ARE starting to rethink; I have a wonderful, smart Black girlfriend who told me once "you know, I agree with all you just said, but Z, I just can't vote Republican, it would be going against my people"....wow."

There is NO excuse for being racist...no matter what color you hide behind. And there certainly is no excuse for being closed minded. NO excuse for being ignorant. NO excuse for being...tribal, racist and against progress.

Blacks...are close minded...too many tribal...even though...EVEN though in their hearts they are in total disagreement of Liberal "values". As a basically conservative people they don't realize that the ass of the donkey that they hitched their futures too.

Closed minded.....racist and believing that after 50 years of slavery to the demons that have used and abused them....they look for redemption with their slave masters.

Z said...

WOW, Imp "they look for redemption with their slave masters."

is that YOUR LINE? Pretty darned good!

Anonymous said...

Yes Z...it is my line. I get a small credit for all the "bloviating" that I do?

News update.....swarms of stinky, fleabaggers descend on the private homes of the "capitalist pigs" and threaten their families...their children and their 401K's.

The stinking mobs have been unleashed against the successful capitalists.....and their chants are..."Death to success....death to Capitalists.....Death to progress...Death to Money.!! Death to retirement funds. Death to Social Security...Death to Medicare. Death...to Poor people.

Anonymous said...

The Commie Party USA has given their support of OWS....as well as the SEIU and other scum sucking unions and anarchists looking for a gig after Wisconsin.

"Photos confirm what I suspected: that most of the protesters are kids looking for their Sixties rush. Naked girls are painted in psychedelic colours. Handsome boys lounge around in cable-knit sweaters.

Angry, doomed youth wave signs in the faces of frustrated policemen. Numbers are exchanged; kisses are snatched behind the barricades; disease is spread. This is what every generation of liberal has tried to recreate since 1968, be it the Watergate protests, the Battle of Seattle or the Stop the War Movement.

“Protest is exciting when you are young, and everyone deserves their chance to burn something down. But the political reality is that voters don’t actually want the wheels of Capitalism to stop turning. They don’t want free love or a rainbow nation of stoners. They want a job. That’s why Barack Obama, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have made a big mistake in expressing sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement. They’ve endorsed a happening that is moral in principle but politically toxic. Ordinary voters – the boring, unpretty folks who get up every day and go to work and never once complain – will reject it at the polls. The silent majority will be heard eventually, just like it was back in 1968.”

A...freakin' Amen. The bd's,duckies, bidens and all the douchbag smelly underworld of tatoo'd freaks that they have aligned themselves with...ain't gonna fly....anywhere. We're a country that hasn't lost all it's values ...as much as you POS think we'd follow a no nothing philosophy over a brooklyn bridge. You're all assholes.....and will always be...assholes.

You have no plan...you have no future. You've had...an MTV moment. So....STFU.

Anonymous said...

"I just can't vote Republican, it would be going against my people"....wow."

Guess she fooled you eh?

Guess she's not that smart..is she?

Tribalism...racism trumps all? Was this your first time facing black racism Z?

beamish said...

"I just can't vote Republican, it would be going against my people"

Which people? The commies or the slave masters?

Elmers Brother said...

Hey the DC rally managed a whopping 53 people..somebody tell Dianne Sawyer

Z said...

Imp, it very well COULD be.
But I don't call what my friend felt racism. It was nothing to do with race.

Elbro, that is funnY!

Z said...

Imp; having thought about this a second, yes, it does have to do with race but I felt it was more to do with CULTURE for her.

She also goes into a tizzy when people call gay rights 'civil rights'....comparing it to the black fight for rights in the Sixties.

You'd love that girl, I swear :-)