Friday, October 14, 2011

GORING the Tea Party and American Civility

WARNING:  You will not be able to watch this whole thing;  I get that.  I couldn't.  But, I had to post it for only the first half if nothing else.

Did you hear how Gore thinks the Tea Parties aren't valid because rich Republicans support them? :-)  If they are getting money in, what's it for?  The Tea Party is people coming out of their homes to parks which are free with placards they make themselves, leaving everything cleaner than they found it, so.......I suppose there's some organizational money needed but...?     And, of course, positions for organizing protesters at Wall Street are paying $350-600 according to Craig's List.   The group offering that money shares an address with SEIU and what "was" ACORN. 
Olbermann (I know, I made you sit through two of the worst of the worst on this video, sorry about that) opens the interview saying that those with his and Gore's beliefs have to "exercise every vote one has available to one," which I found a really odd way of describing our votes, don't you?  "every vote available?"   
What do you think of all of this?   An Ex VP dissing a Conservative movement but approving one which emulates a 'nonviolent' Arab Spring?  REALLY?



Thersites said...

Please. Nobody can listen to Al Gore for 6 minutes... at least and not come away from the experience w/o suffering from some vaguely severe political neurosis.

Ducky's here said...

I'm more interested in the right busting on the demonstrators and claiming they are completely disorganized.

Just look at the Tea Bag movement. They get bussed in and listen to Sarah Palin yap for twenty minutes and go home.

Contrast that with the New York occupation that just stared down Bloomberg when he tried to use the phony sanitation issue. The sanitation committee of the organization not only has the park in excellent shape after a three week organization but the got several New York city councilors to back them and demand that Bloomberg worry about cleaning up parks in low income districts.

Movement should be sreading to Canada in a few days.

The cops tried to roust the Denver occupation. Ain't working.

And on top of that bad news, z, we have the revelation that The Pizza Man got his 9-9-9 plan from Sim City 3.

Bumper day, absolutely Jackson.

Elmers Brother said...

Actually duhkkky the police backed off when the protestors promised violence. Spin anyway you want the Tea Party effected real change by getting people elected. These OWS people can't change their underwear. You did hear the DC rally garnered a whopping 53 people. LOL! The only thing the Adbuster sponsored protestors are gonna accomplish is to turn more people against the Dems and the liberal agenda. Read em and weep duhkkky.

Ducky's here said...

Give this a try, Elmo

Jan said...

Gore is enough to gag a maggot, so I can't stay far enough away from him or anything he has to say.

It was some of that capitalist money that paid for his massages administered by the woman who accused him of trying to force himself on her. Gore is nothing but a rich hypocrite, who never worked a day in his life.

Speaking of gagging, I'm surprised that he didn't, when he talked about values, of which he has, none. He, and others of his ilk, including Olbermann, are actually encouraging the vile actions of those so called 'victims' of the bad old Conservatives who actually have values.

And matter how much I try to like you, and just consider the source, you always manage to make me change my mind. I can't believe that you, a fellow Alabamian, can take so much delight in seeing such ugliness, and lawlessness taking place.

I know, got out of that backward (to you) place as soon as possible, and only consider yourself to be an enlightened intellect,, I guess I still have to consider the source, don't I?

I doubt that you have ever had anything just handed to you, Ducky, so why do you think that it should be that way for others, who feel that they are entitled to it, for whatever reason?

And you seem to be taking great delight in seeing the protests spread.

I just don't get it.

Elmers Brother said...

Somebody writes a point paper and you think that's gonna accomplish something?

You should become more familiar with the anti semitic rants of Ad Busters. That is more your style.

Elmers Brother said...

I thought you would do better Then some commentary from a left wing rag

Lisa said...

OK after getting people registered and to the polls was enough for me.
Ducky not that I need to explain this to you but I will try. No Tea Party people got bussed in. As a matter of fact the DC Protest was organized in my area by a single mom and the bus tickets were paid for by each person if they wanted to take the bus for 80.00 round trip.
It was ACORN and the SEIU who got bussed in and who also got bussed to protest at a private home and scared the kid half to death.

I wouldn't be surprised if our tax dollars paid for it being it was orchestrated by the White House:

Jan said...

Sorry, Ducky, for saying that you considered yourself to be an 'enlightened intellect'....really meant to say, 'enlightened intellectual.' :)

Leticia said...

I don't know how many times I have spoken to people. The Tea Party is funded by all who participate, we don't get donations, we don't get government hand-outs, etc.

We are your average American worker who is fed up with an fiscally irresponsible government. And tired of paying and paying more and more taxes.

I wish liberals would get the message and shut the bloody hell up!

Anonymous said...

"We are your average American worker who is fed up with an fiscally irresponsible government. And tired of paying and paying more and more taxes."

Leticia...."people" like ducky view you / me as the lowest form of bourgeois trash. We're in their way of creating a more "enlightened, better" society. One where the snots, radicals, anarchists, criminals, drop outs, trust funders, red diaper doper excrement, abortionists, LBG, homos, transgenders, trans fattys and domestic terrorists call the shots.

Although it's been tried and failed over the past 100 years...these failures that still devote themselves to Engels, Marx, Mao, Che, Fidel, Hugo do not mask their hate for America the way it is.

What they fail to realize is....there's millions upon millions that are willing and able to reap hell upon them if they try to bring about their brand of socialism / fascism. I think they're itching for it.

Z said...

Lisa, you don't get that Ducky would take great delight in seeing the protests spread? This is HIS TYPE OF PROTEST. This is BRING DOWN CAPITALISM...this is his life blood.

There are a lot of people who don't feel America deserves to be the exceptional country, they don't feel it deserves to be the best, the one that helps the most, the one which brought so many immigrants in who wanted to share the dream.........
so, they started this ridiculous anti American purge and have seized on ANY slightest indiscretion of AMerica and (they should pardon the term) Capitalize on it......

sickening, but true.

Frankly? I think we're not going to survive.
I'm not a big Buchanan fan but I just read a synopsis of his brand new book and I TOTALLY agree with him. (Yikes)..Yikes for agreeing with Buchanan and A REAL YIKES that the children in my family won't know the America as it was intended, the great America people used to support, which prospered under that love and patriotism, the one where flags would NEVER be forbidden, where Christianity was NEVER insulted......

they'll be sorry when they're not living the cushy life they won't even know existed until it's DEAD and GONE.

Ducky's here said...

I can't believe that you, a fellow Alabamian, can take so much delight in seeing such ugliness, and lawlessness taking place.


Only by birth Jan, and I'm not sure Huntsville isn't really Tennessee.

First off, the demonstrations have been orderly with very little violence. It was the Boston cops that went psycho and started arresting a veterans group for no particular reason. Menino is trying to play that one down. Screw him and screw Bloomberg.

Second, how do you suggest we speak truth to power or don't you feel it's necessary?

The struggle is eternal. Read your Bible.

Pris said...

Weren't you calling for civility during the TP rallies Ducky?

You know, the citizens who were disciplined, well informed and a gathering of individuals who left each rally area cleaner than they found them. None of whom were paid to be there btw.

Now you're bragging about the trespassing, business interfering, traffic stopping, out of control uncivil robots, who can echo a speaker, but don't know why.

Most are there because other kids are there, and many are getting paid as well. It's party time for the indoctrinated. However, it's initially organized and planned.

A leader in this plan is called Stephen Lerner of SEIU, who I might add, gave a talk to a left wing gathering earlier this year.

There's a video showing his remarks and plans for these "occupy demonstrations".
But whaddayaknow, that video has been scrubbed from youtube!

Here's a little background on Mr. Lerner, as if you didn't know about him already. Oh, and he's visited the White House too, imagine that.

Pris said...

Darn, sorry the link didn't print in it's entirety.

Pris said...

Ducky, funny, I didn't know that Arthur Laffer and Rich Lowry were in Sim City 3!

Pris said...

One more thing Ducky,
Lisa and Leticia are exactly right. In fact we TP folks contribute to some Tea Parties who put up political ads to aid conservative candidates.

Oh, and I hope Al Gore is right about one thing, and that is, that we do have rich Republicans contributing to the TP movement.

After all, you all have George Soros, the Tides Foundation, and we can't forget Move-On, can we.

I'll bet the "occupiers" are ok with them though, huh?

Heck, come to think of it, they probably don't even know who they are!

Anonymous said...

"It was the Boston cops that went psycho..."

Well duckshit...I'd definitely remove the BPD from your speed dial. You won't need them ...psycho pigs that they are. When you need help or "protection" the ACLU or the SEIU instead. Maybe the local chapter of the NBPP might want to help out a pasty ass, vitamin D deprived cellar jockey, whos never seen the sun or daylight...white devil that they think you are. You pansies are all the same.

Talk smack about the cops....despise and mock them...and when a POS shows up twisting your door nob in the middle of the go all jelly and dial 911.

Help the cops lots of chalk so they can mark you....present and accounted for. I'm sure they'll write..."Film critic" around you.

Ducky's here said...

Pris, I wasn't calling for allowing the fringe right to define the context.

The demonstrations have been peaceful and every attempt has been made to keep them nonviolent.

Now are you going to compare a month at the Wall Street site or a couple weeks in Boston to some Tea Bag event where you bus in for twenty minutes to listen to Sarah Palin yap?

These demonstrations are well organized. I've been helping out the meals committee in Boston and we've got things moving pretty efficiently.

The sanitation committee in New York has that park in very good condition and groups have been dodging every excuse to throw them out.

No, don't give me this line that these are equivalent to your little Tea Bag day outings.

They are equivalent in one sense. There is commonality in the core complaint, TARP and the way the Wall Street casino has been given carte blanche. So you failed to notice you may have an ally in a serious problem in America.

Nope, you'd rather get all jiggly over The Pizza Man's insane 9-9-9 plan which he cribbed from a computer game.

Impertinent, I've lived my life without needing the cops. I'm in a scruffy neighborhood but we keep an eye on things for each other and haven't had a problem, Unlike the fringe right we believe in personal responsibility.

Z said...

"Second, how do you suggest we speak truth to power or don't you feel it's necessary?"

Who the HELL says you have the TRUTH, Ducky? And, suddenly, YOU of all people, pull out Scripture? that's hilarious.

"every attempt has been made to keep them nonviolent."

The Tea Partiers need nobody attempting to keep them nonviolent and you'll not hear them touting violence, either...

"Unlike the fringe right we believe in personal responsibility."

DUCKY! YOU talking about personal responsibility? As if Conservatives don't? Shall I link you to every SELF RELIANCE comment we've had here at geeez? Are you KIDDING?
YOU the SOCIALIST Nanny State, cradle-to-grave nut are talking about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? If I'd been drinking coffee, my computer screen would be wearing it, DUcky!

That's the first time I've ever heard you ever say anything like that! LOL!

Jan said...

Wow, Ducky, I don't even know where to begin!

I don't think it matters whether or not Huntsville is really Tennessee.

We are all Americans, and citizens of this great country, and should act accordingly.

Besides, Tennessee is where Gore is from, so I guess it just goes to show that misguided people are from all parts of the country.

"Second, how do you suggest we speak truth to power or don't you feel it's necessary?"

Well, it isn't accomplished by defecating on police cars, and living, and acting, like feral animals.

"Second, how do you suggest we speak truth to power or don't you feel it's necessary?"

I used this link, because there are many more photos than what the media here care to publish. After all, it does show a lot of what the hypocritical lefties want to keep hidden, doesn't it?

Do you even know what real truth is, Ducky?

"The struggle is eternal. Read your Bible."

You're absolutely right about that.

The struggle has been eternal, because there have always been those with the sense that they are deserving of something they haven't worked for, and earned the right to, and blame everyone else in the world for their problems.

Haven't you noticed that the new mantras now, are "It's not your fault" and "You deserve it, because you are worth it?"

I have read my Bible...have you? It doesn't sound like it, if you believe that what is going on now is moral, and justified.

Show me one scripture that justifies it.

Yes, the struggle is eternal, and the struggle spoken of in the Bible, which you, obviously, claim to read, is that of good, and evil, and guess what? In the ultimate, grand scheme of things, good always triumphs over evil.

The truth, Ducky, is that those people involved in, and organizing the protests are nothing more than anarchists, whether they realize it, or not...many of them are merely misguided, but there is motive behind this madness, believe me.

And it's not about jobs.

Anonymous said...

"Nope, you'd rather get all jiggly over The Pizza Man's insane 9-9-9 plan which he cribbed from a computer game."

Tell the truth just want to use the "N" word" don't you? Liar.....sure you do. Cause he's not your kind of Negro, right?

I know who you are. A 60+ grey haired has been who missed his Kent State / Woodstock moment. And it'll happen...cause you want it to happen. You need a martyr to advance your cause. You need to scapegoat the need blood to further your "revolution". You want want to push these immature children who're only there for the most obscure of reasons.

Besides getting the freebies, the dope and a regular piece of ass from a freshman at Sarah Lawrence. I see the smirk and the grin on your shriveled lips. I see the cynicism and narcissism that drives you has beens. You children of privilege, trust funds...your children that have never worked a day in their lives. Those children who have had it made because their idiotic "parents" ( non guidance counsellors ) have neglected their duties of parenting to the tenured anarchists, commies and god less socialists of secular degenerates that have been chose to raise your off spring.

IN NYC...these useless idiots have been there a MONTH...a MONTH...meaning that they are as useless as they blame others for. They have the luxury of NOT having to work even those they hate...have to step over them to get to their real jobs!

People who have accepted their lot in life....their debts...their commitment to their families, their children. Meanwhile they have to look at these low life moochers, parasites who expect it be given to them on the backs of those who chose to work.

You make me sick make me want to puke. They make me want to puke just as they did in 1968. Nothings changed.....except that they are the spawn of idiots like you.

But...don't worry...cause you think you have the likes of the botoxed loons like Pelosi and President Zero ( of course he couldn't resist the commonality as a POS organizer that he's an expert in..a disgruntled black reparationist / tribalist racialist taught by the best haters of whites...Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers ) as his friends.

Ducky....FU. And your scourge of fanatical useless garbage. They will hose down that park....and the demrats that you think are in your camp....will retreat to the WALL STREET money that keeps them in power.

Z said...

Bravo, Jan and Imp.....
very well said.

God bless you both.

Pris said...

"Pris, I wasn't calling for allowing the fringe right to define the context."

First of all I'm not the fringe anything. I'm a true American.

Secondly, I'll define what the hell I choose to define regardless of what you call or don't call for!
Got that?

"Now are you going to compare a month at the Wall Street site or a couple weeks in Boston to some Tea Bag event where you bus in for twenty minutes to listen to Sarah Palin yap?"

Yes I am. There were thousands of TPers who had rallies and meetings all over the country. But, it doesn't end there and that's the important thing.

It's not how loud and noisy you are, it's the result that counts. You saw it in 2010, and you'll see it again in 2012.

So, you go ahead and tear things up, vandalize urban centers, and turn everyone off. Be my guest, and see what that get's you!

Anonymous said...

"Bravo, Jan and Imp.....
very well said."

I don't brag. I don't cry. I'm not a wimp. And I'm NOT a hero either. Yet, I have a dog in this hunt. I ask duckshit to think about this this though. ( Where were you duck when your country needed you? Passing out donuts again? )

I served my country when it called me. I'm an Air Force veteran. I was 17 years old when I went in ( AF 117*****) I enlisted. I volunteered. I flew...I was above the worst of it as a junior crew chief.

My brother enlisted....ENLISTED...not drafted into the Marine Corp. A better man than I as he had no qualms about joining the toughest, meanest, most difficult, challenging branch of service to our country. And who saw two of the shittiest combat that any young man had ever been involved in before the Gulf War. He...earned his 3 Purple Hearts. He earned his Bronze Star.
He...was and is...a hero. I joined so I could stay out of most of the shit. So I thought at the time. Truth is...I was scared to death of being a victim of a sniper or a land mine. So I chose airplanes. And spent the rest of my working life in, around and flying them.

My brother never had to fake his combat wounds. Unlike ducky's Boston treasonous Winter Soldier "hero"....John F'in Kerry.

My Dad, who passed last November 9, 2010 was another hero. A man who saw combat for 4 years in the Pacific theater.

These...are the men I respect and idolize. These are the true American the true American tradition of Valley Forge...Bunker Hill...Gettysburg...Pork Chop Hill....Tan Son Nhat...Normandy....the beaches of, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword beach heads.

And you think that OWS....a village park of degenerate lazy pieces of privilege and shit can ever be the equivalent of those battles and beach heads?

Sick selfish assholes who have no idea of those whose sacrifices made their easy, miserable, hedonistic, narcissistic lives possible.


Elmers Brother said...

Apparently duhkkky missed the leader of the LA OWS call for violence.

Elmers Brother said...

you're a liar duhkky

Elmers Brother said...

I suppose ducky heard that a coast guardsmen was assaulted in boston today by the protesters?

Or There is this

Anonymous said...

Elmers Brother

EB...I hope you understand that this is what the want? This is their goal....a martyr... a poster....a rallying cry.

I just wonder what little asshole is going to be their consummate sacrificial "lamb".

They're trying....they need it and they will...succeed in it. Some dopey little shrew who gets run over by a pair of skates.

Go..NYPD...kick their assess out of private property.

Jan said...

I was wondering, too, if Ducky was there to spit on those men as they came home, the way my husband was?

I, sincerely, hope not.

My uncles, and my father-in-law served, too, and he, and one of my uncles, received Purple Hearts.

I'm proud of them, and I know that you aren't looking for a pat on the back, but I'm proud of you, too, Imp, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your service.

May God bless you, always.

Elmers Brother said...

By the way ducky Are local tea party meet every week. They actually discuss The constitution. It's the only point paper Or white paper We need.

Elmers Brother said...

Our local.... darn voice to text

Ticker said...

Laughing my ass off at DUCKASS. He turns more stupid with each passing post.
Enlightened? The duckass doesn't even know the meaning of the word. Majoring in underwater basket weaving and finger painting doesn't make one educated nor do they make one intelligent enough to claim to be an artist or critic or what ever the hell duckass claims today or the next.
An educated idiot perhaps , filled with liberal BS that passes for education. Now that would better describe duckass's claim to education.
Keep it up duckass, you are funnier than the quotes from the idiots from the left posted Friday comedy time. Duckass joins them as being one of the most stupid. Lord , you can't even make up these things, only the left can be so stupid. HAHAHHAHAHA.

Lisa said...

IMP you just said what needed saying to that "quackhead".
I bet he is at a loss for words now.

Lisa said...

By the way I wonder if Ducky has an answer as to where all the black people are at the Wall Street Protest.

Elmers Brother said...


I'm not worried. The left is going to abort themselves out of plitical relevance In the nextfew years anyway.

They need the mob, we don't. Remember Marx...religion is the opiate of the masses etc....besides if duhkkky were right...and these cats are non-violent...

the worse they can do is stink up the place

Elmers Brother said...

and now a word from (about) our sponsor:

Adbusters makes caviar socialists like Dominique Strauss-Kahn look like the salt of the earth, saviors of the working class. They basically prey on college students and twenty-somethings unsure of themselves but with distrust in authority, selling their massive and expensive glossy magazine. The pages reek of anarchist navel-gazing and wankery and self-important "down with corporations/big business/capitalism" screeds that really say little if anything at all.

But worst is Adbusters' method of "protesting," called "culture jamming."

It's a cross between an elaborate prank and choosing not to do something voluntarily. "Buy Nothing Day," a protest to Black Friday by buying...nothing? "Digital Detox Week," a protest to technology by not using it for a week? To anyone else, these "culture jams" look really silly. But Adbusters sincerely believes that performing these acts of "protest," rather than confronting and attacking the institutions that harm culture directly, is the best way of changing the culture. Really. And when you ask how the culture should change, they blather without outlining a specific agenda. Hell, Adbusters' whole existence seems bent on the hopes that nobody will notice that when challenged, they are incapable of making a coherent and compelling argument defending their beliefs and politics, or seeing that their actions may not have an impact. They live in a detached fantasy world similar to Sarah Palin's, only much bigger.

Were Occupy Wall Street an organic creation, then I'd be slightly more sympathetic to the cause. But this is Adbusters' wet dream: Twisting and diluting the positive and overwhelming force of the Arab Spring (even name-checking Tahrir in their announcement of Occupy Wall Street), even going as far as warping the definition of civil disobedience, to create a slightly more advanced form of culture jamming that might give them the attention they so crave. Of course the people in Occupy Wall Street don't have clear reasons or goals. Adbusters made it that way. And that alone fills me with rage.

Hopefully, this event will expose Adbusters for the overwrought attention-whoring joke it is.

Elmers Brother said...

and we have this promise of violence:

"We know you can arrest us as you please. But you better expect us to fight back with all we have. And we have nothing to lose. You do" read one of the tweets. "With every day that passes, you will need to shut up hundreds of people. Soon thousands. Eventually all. Who you think will win?"

My guess is the violence started when the unions arrived and...

with Ahmadenijad and Chavez supporting can they lose?


Z said...

Blogger Lisa said...

By the way I wonder if Ducky has an answer as to where all the black people are at the Wall Street Protest."

Lisa...that is utterly fascinating......I have seen nary a one.

Ducky's here said...

Well imp, sounds like I drew blood. Nothing like frosting your jve cracker ass.

Z said...

Ducky, don't look now, but it looks to me like Imp and Pris and others drew some blood.......
Spin it all you want, but....:-)

Joe said...

As any thinking person can plainly see, rich people spending money on the Tea Party is much different than rich people spending money on OWS.


Z said...

Joe, so simple is that to understand?
hypocrisy reigns

Elmers Brother said...

Draw blood duhkkky? I thought you were non violent

Anonymous said...

"Nothing like frosting your jve cracker ass."

That's the best you can do you fleabagging Olive Garden eating douchebag?

Choke on it. Down my way...crackers are respected and have jobs...even if the insult is generally a racial slur. What would I expect from a dope that's dying to call Herman Cain a "nigger"?

Down there in your dark hole....I know you're sputtering and frothing at the mouth muttering those epitaphs that define you.

MK said...

Perhaps it's better to deny fat al any oxygen, i mean it's not like leftards will listen to any reason. And it's not like there's any logic to their arguments, so i think best to deny them any air time.

Bd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bd said...

You guys are dense not to see these protestors are not that dissimilar in their intent as the tea party with regard to government involvement, but in the financial industry's looting of the middle class. But minus the racist signs and firearms. Go ahead, disparage and demonize them. And then bend over.

Elmers Brother said...

Really. BD? I guess you missed the fact that the American Nazi Party and the CPUSA have thrown their full weight behind the protestors? Have you also not heard of the anti Semitic nature of the sponsors Adbusters? I believe dense would be a compliment if I were describing you.

Z said...

Elbro, was it you who sent me that video of the woman from the Fleabaggers group screaming that the trouble in America is THE JEWS and THEY NEED TO LEAVE THIS COUNTRY?
Ya, nice group of jackasses, huh?
I'd be REAL proud to stand with proud as I'd be standing with Hitler.

Elmers Brother said...

I don't think that was me.

Yeah be proud BD you've thrown your lot in with Communists, Nazis, Jew haters, morons, Chavez and Ahmedenijad

Wait I think I just insulted the morons.

Bd said...

Elmer, just like the KKK supported the Tea Party? Lol!

Z said...

Bd said...

Elmer, just like the KKK supported the Tea Party? Lol!"

Bd...could you please link that?
It's actually Rachel Maddow and other nutty leftwingers who've said that......the TP has nothing to do with the Klan ...
There are nuts who think the Tea Partiers are against Catholics, too :-)

Keep slingin', lefties...and the bigger the movement grows, the more you'll sling. WE KNOW :-)

Meanwhile the Fleabaggers on Wall St are defecating on cop cars and the grass, drugs are rampant and most of them can't form two sentences in a row.;_ylt=ApbZyKMOpBk4V29cdhv6BM.bvZx4?p=drugs+at+wall+st+protest&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701

enjoy, Bd....

Elmers Brother said...

So glad you asked BD.

Nope BD we chase nazis away

Z said...

Elbro, thanks....too bad people like Bd won't open their minds to the truth