Friday, October 28, 2011 a favorite recipe?

Please go to my food blog, Mac 'n GeeeZ,  and tell us your favorite SOUP.....and, if you have one, a recipe?  Maybe we'll all get some good new ones!


cube said...

My favorite soup is really a chowder... a good clam chowder is hard to beat. I tried my hand at it once and the clams I used had a black dot on them and it made me think of eyes. I couldn't even finish a spoonful although it tasted good. Canned chowder is OK by me.

I think the eye thing springs from
when I was little, my mom would make stews with all kinds of vegetables including plantains. Well, the little black dots from the middle of the plantains would be all over the broth and I always complained that I didn't to eat banana eye soup! I can be very finicky when it comes to eating eyes :-)

I make a very good chorizo and kale soup. I use Rachael Ray's recipe with a few modifications such as more broth. Ray's version is too chunky for our tastes. But the good thing is nothing in it looks like beady-little eyes!

cube said...

Wow, what a mouthful...

Leticia said...

There is a soup I absolutely LOVE, not my recipe though, but San Francisco bread company makes it, it's the Mushroom Bisque soup, it's to die for.

Don't know if Menudo is considered a soup, but my mom's recipe rocks. I can't share it, because she just throws stuff in to make it so tasty.

Sorry, Z, I really don't have a recipe to share.