Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadhafi's dead

WOW....this is big news.


Ducky's here said...

Nothing much will change. Libya will continue as an authoritarian government with our support.

The job of building democratic institutions is just too daunting. Few will even try.

We will continue to play the Great Game and make sure nothing happens to steam off Israel or Saudi Arabia and people be damned.

We'll back the Egyptian military to the hilt.

President Peace Prize just got caught trying to ship 3/4 of a billion in military "aid"(LMFAO) to Bahrain. He'll do it through the back door.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Anonymous said...

Duck you must be sad. Gaddafi loved socialist ideas.

BB-Idaho said...

..seems to be a historical fate of

Dave Miller said...

It may be BB, but this was taken out with our help, support, no loss of American life, and the Arab world, at least today, is not pissed off that we helped.

Ducky is probably correct though in that we will soon have "our" dictator in place, much as we have always done in this region.

Just think about the Shah and Saddam, both men put in place by the US government over the objections of their own people because they were more favorable to the US.

It just goes on...

Z said...

Ducky, please remind us when Bush tried to slip money to any country through any back door.

And you're probably right about Libya and nothing changing....except I think its people are a little more enlightened than, say, the masses in Iraq (whose more educated people, tho a small bunch, are VERY enlightened)...let's hope they choose peace.

Also, "nothing happens to steam off Israel" like another Arab bombing a bus of innocent children and grandfathers in Haifa, or.... ?

Don't you hate it when they get steamed over the least little thing? (Yes, plenty of sarcasm in that sentence)

Dave, talk to Iranians and how they feel that the Shah was deposed; the ones I know would do anything to have him back, but we don't hear much about that in this media. Tehran was heaven, a beautiful city of well educated, Western-type of people.......
Sort of like Beirut, once called "the Paris of Lebanon" before the Muslims took over...

Actually, there is as much 'evidence' that WE put the Bath-ist party in charge (NOT particularly Saddam, of course) as we definitely did not. But, I know...some Americans read anything the CIA says and think the opposite must be true; particularly if it disagrees with their "America's horrid" philosophy.

Ducky's here said...

z, I do not understand why you think I have any tolerance for either Chucklenuts or Obummer.

Obummer betrays the Arab Spring and support dictators just as Chucklenuts would do.

Mark said...

He will undoubtedly be replaced by an equally tyrannical dictator because that's all the beleaguered people of Libya know. They know no other existence. They cannot function as a Democracy or a Constitutional Republic.


Z said...

Ducky, I asked you for a link or proof that Bush did that; I'm not implying you're an Obama fan.

By the way, most Americans understand that Arab Spring might not work quite as well for us, or those Arab countries, as some think.

Mark, you're probably right, and for the Western world not to want someone in there representing our interests, too, when we've got nukes and nuts going hand in hand, is naive and uninformed, don't you think?
This sudden attitude from so many on the left who infer "America doesn't count and who are WE to demand they do what WE want" is a little scary.

Nobody cares how these countries run themselves; let them run each other down to the Stone Age in antiquated Muslim theology, but do NOT think they're taking US OUT through their misguided theology of "Muslim or DIE"

Leticia said...

Another dictator bites the dust, my concern is, who is going to take his place?

Did one evil die just to be replaced by someone much worse?

Anonymous said...

I would have hoped that Gadafi would have received a fair trial after his capture. Rather than being wounded, then executed by his captors.

If anything he never wavered in his stand against the radicals that toppled his regime. And as such he should have been accorded at least an honorable POW status. I also find it amazing that we can come out cheering and high fiving over a head of a states murder.He fought as hard as they did and should have been respected for it. Whether he was right or should have been up to a court to decide his fate.

Code Stink and all the radicals at home here would have wanted it if it had been under Bush's watch. And I find the hypocrisy of the left breathtaking on top of it.

We'll now watch an Islamic takeover of another vital asset in the ME and Africa.

Anonymous said...

"Another dictator bites the dust, my concern is, who is going to take his place?"

Sorry...but I have to laugh at that a bit. No disrespect intended but we here in America think that the word "dictator" is either a 4 letter word or worse that a conservative.

We don't understand that a republic like ours with a three branch government doesn't work in most parts of the world.

Nomadic tribes, ethnic rivalries, and machismo, superstition usually defines the 3rd world governments.

They've always had a one man, strongman rule. It's what they respect and understand. Force...brute force over illiterate, ignorant, uneducated savages has worked for the last 1000 years for them.

And if you think they're going to adopt western, political parties, wear Armani suits and adopt a Parliament, Congress or a're mistaken.

There will be another...."dictator".

Anonymous said...

Obummer betrays the Arab Spring

Wow. Can you elaborate what you mean by that? Or is it just one of those sentence of yours where you had to use Obummer, betray, Arab and spring all at once?

Z said...

Imp, I agree with you totally.
It also almost seems surreal that a mad man, with all his supporters, could have found himself alone in a drain pipe.....??

Opus #6 said...

Gaddafi finally met his karma. Or what went around finally came around. Or some such thing.

Z said...

Imp, Leticia's one of the smartest around and she didn't infer that it wouldn't be a dictator...

But, most Americans do not understand that Dictators can keep people in check, too bad there aren't too many BENEVOLENT DICTATORS around! :-); Mr. Z saw that and wrote about it, and he was right.
It's not even popular for you or me to say this because we're led to believe here that dictator always means bad (yes, almost as bad as CONSERVATIVE).

The people over there hate AMerica and say they don't want democracy, then they're ousting/killing dictators as fast as they can this backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, do you think?

Anonymous said...

"is this backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, do you think?"

Indeed I do Z. They're riding high. They see the Caliphate and Islamic dominance around the corner. They see America as weak and it's time to strike back at us.

Everywhere you turn you'll see Islam in your face. They're emboldened. And even if we hated guys like Saddam, Gadafi and Muburak ( the Egyptian ) they kept the Islamist savages at bay. The worst of them are coming to power now.

All Christians will be eliminated and gone from these hell holes in record time.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I almost forgot. Obummer got the "Nobel Peace Prize"?

Using predator drones, air power, NATO to kill Muslims?

beamish said...

Is it too soon after the death of Gadhafi to praise al-Qaeda in Iraq for going home to Libya and going nuts?

Anonymous said...

"Hillary on Qaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died”

This...from a dyed in the wool, anti war...anti US, anti Bush, anti Military, anti war....anti America, anti troops, POS....( Piece of shit ) like Clinton. Whose husband....was a draft dodger. And she...a Saul Alinsky, overt commie, ....scumbag and hypocrite.

Mark said...

Sic semper tyrannis.

Anonymous said...

Since she...her majesty...her eminence...with her inscrutable intelligence.....must feel that eliminating a head of state....a government apparatchik like now justified?

Watch what you high five and applaud for your majesty.

Just proves to me that liberals are as...or more bloodthirsty that they let on.

Matter of fact....more bloodthirsty than they admit.

Anonymous said...

Matter of fact....more bloodthirsty than they admit.

So right!

LaFayette would have never used the guillotine. Neither would have Danton but Robespierre did. And he committed genocide in the west of France. And then Laval, our French "radical de gauche", former member of the French socialist party who sent jewish kids to the camps.

Ticker said...

The leader of the Rebel group is AlQuida connected through and through. The Muslim Brotherhood, just as in Egypt will be looking for a piece of the pie.
Democracy--- it's a joke and will never happen in countries like Libya. People ask how can Israel be a democratic society. History shows that Israel was made of 12 Tribes, each elected/ appointed representatives to determine actions. Yep , they had a King but that was not really in God's plan for them. They cried, Let us have a King so that we can be like other countries. Within a few years they were in captivity, a fallen nation.
No other country in the ME had that type of system from day one. So why do we expect Libya, Egypt Syria etc to become democracies or even close to such. They have always had a strong handed leader. ONe who kept control and that is all the know and all the will ever exist peacefully under. How peacefully is questionable but they managed to do ok for a few centuries except when they were fight tribe against tribe,

For Gadhafi-- as they say in the country-- Some folks jus need akillin.

Court trial by who, INternational Court, under what authority? INternation court is just a tool of the OWO bunch. Let the Libyians put him on trial and carry out the sentence and it looks as if they did just that. I would not have expected any other outcome.

cube said...

I'm hoping the death of Qaddafi doesn't become one of those cases of out of the frying pan and into the fire.

beamish said...

Anyone ready to praise al-Qaeda in Iraq for going home to Libya and taking out Gadhafi?

Z said...

cube, I think that's a good way of describing exactly what will happen :-(