Friday, October 14, 2011

Sensible Climate Conversation...........for a change

A super find from MK
You'll be glad you watched!



Bd said...

YOu can always tell the credibility of a video is suspect when the comments have been disbaled on YouTube.

Silverfiddle said...

I usually judge the credibility by spelling errors and inability to articulate a cogent rebuttal...

Speedy G said...

What next? Disbaled hay on YouTube?

The best way to judge the credibility of a video on YouTube is to see how many libtard's it hacks off... if they're REALLY ranting, you know someone's FINALLY had the audacity to "speak truth to idiots."

Z said...

Bd, then watch it; maybe you'll learn and, let's face it, you COULD do with some learning on this.

Silverfiddle, good one :-)
I hope you have time to watch the video; it rocks....all experts, all extremely centrist. Very believable.

SpeedyG; kill the messenger, right?

A super video and I get three comments aimed at Bd's the video, guys! it's GOOD!

Bob said...

I watched the video over at MK's blog. There are at least three Australian blogs I follow, and I read about a lot of the same sentiment on each.

Jo Nova's blog, MK's blog, Down Under On The Right Side , and Jennifer Marohasy's blog.

Ever since the Labor Party got elected in Australia, it has been one nightmare after another. I thought the carbon tax was the worst thing to happen there, but MK reports another really gob-smacking, brain-dead, money spending free-lunch policy their government is forcing on the people.

Andrew Bolt does a decent job in bringing the facts to light. He is one of the few media figures intelligent enough to understand the climate change scam.

Good luck to our friends down under. They deserve it.

Pris said...

Very interesting Z,
I believe that this global warming or climate change scam, is being used as a vehicle to lower the living standards of the Western world.

If the goal of a "new world order" or international central governance is what's afoot, what better way is there than to create a global so-called crisis, such as the survival of the planet?

The end goal IMO, is to level the playing field across the world. If that is so, the way to do it, is to redistribute the wealth of successful countries, bring us down and take control on a global basis.

To make people accept it, a crisis of world wide proportions had to be devised, and this is it.

Along with it, is a socialist agenda which purports to be "fair" to everyone, when in reality, it keeps the masses in their place and under the control of a central govt. all in the name of "saving the planet"

Of course this is a pipe dream which won't work, there will still be the ruling class(international power brokers), wars, cultural differences, chaos, and more poverty, not less.

Bottom line, if this agenda is successful, we lose.

MK said...

Thanks for the link back Z, spread the word folks, please. The more people who see the tripe being peddled by the eco-fascists, the better.

Bd said...

I'm betting this guy is in the pockets of big oil or coal. There are really idiots out there who still disbelieve? Hell, even Bush did!

Tell ya what. If you believe climate change is a scam, write a litter indicating as much and put it in a safe place for future generations to find. I'm betting you will be regarded as the idiot of the family! Lol!