Saturday, October 8, 2011

Herman Cain/Lawrence O'Donnell........I have NEVER seen a Conservative fight back so eloquently and strongly...

I PROMISE you will want to see these videos .... they're a bit long, but please take the time when you can.  Cain gets stronger and stronger as the videos progress.  AMAZING stuff.  My friend and commenter Net Observer sent me this information and I am STUNNEDYou WILL enjoy this.  Get past the first 2 minutes or so as the interview actually starts a few minutes into the video........:
Part 1

Part 2/3



Brooke said...

The more I see of Cain the more impressed I am. I believe he may be the only actual conservative running.

beamish said...

"Why didn't you go get killed in the civil rights marches or in Vietnam?"

"Because I can't do interviews with idiots when I'm dead?"

Anonymous said...

To O'Donnell and the party of "tolerance and opportunity", it's not good enough that this country can put forward another Black man for the highest office....he has to be their kind of Black man. He has to be totally chained to the dem plantation or he / she just isn't authentic enough for them.

This creep can barely contain his hate for Cain...his can see it in his beedy, shifty insulting face and tone.

I'll even bet he was thinking of calling him the "N" word too.

These people really hate conservative blacks. They see them as traitors, Unka Toms, Oreo's house negros ad nauseam.

They are so far up Zero's ass ( and the jury is still out on his authenticity too ) cause they made him what he is. They own Zero...they control him. And they can't do that with Cain or an Alan West.

Always On Watch said...

O'Donnell comes across as totally stupid in the interview. Sheesh.

Joe said...

O'Donald comes across as stupid because he IS stupid.

Cain can out think, out lead and out accomplish any person running or serving, with the possible exception of Marco Rubio.

But Cain is more eloquent than Rubio.

Ducky's here said...

Cain is typical of a group. Many paid the price while he parlayed their effort into a prosperous mediocrity.

Another Clarence Thomas.

Speedy G said...

Another Clarence Thomas

We should be so fortunate!

nicrap said...

...whatever you might say, Speedy G, 'parlay' was good. A nice turn of phrase there. ;)

nicrap said...

P.S. I wonder if 'brothers' see in his name, Cain, any significance. :)

Anonymous said...

Says Ducky... coming from the same dump that gave us O'Donnell ( same shanty Irish the kennedy's come from ) Kerry and large lumps in the rump.

They don't like their Negroes loose, educated and off the kennedy plantation up there in Beantown.

Z said...

Did most of you have the time to listen? the second video's even better than the first. This isn't just a good interview I wanted you to hear; this is a man showing his beliefs are so strong and well developed that nobody's going to throw him.

Brooke, me, too.....

Beamish, could you believe the nastiness of those questions? Just picture ANY liberal getting interviewed by O'Donnell like that :-) Then you go to FOX and Chris Wallace and others and they'll be tough on the Conservatives.

Imp; it seemed like O'Donnell got nastier and nastier because nothing he'd said was working to get Cain unnerved. O'DOnnell just kept looking more and more like Ariana Huffington with the pursed lips and nasty eyes... sad.
Ya, the first avowed SOCIALIST in American journalism and msnbc gives him his first show just after he announced that on Scarborough.
And you're right; just as Cain suggests in the videos, blacks are brainwashed and must follow the left or be insulted and demeaned. think he's more eloquent than Rubio? I haven't heard enough Rubio to know.

Ducky, we can only HOPE he's another Clarence Thomas.
But, have no fears; you lefties in Congress are after Thomas again for the work his wife does, did you hear? I find the accusations of conflict of interest demeaning to Congress' intellect and honesty. (of course, that's becoming an oxymoron, anyway)
Kagen will get away with murder and they'll force THomas to recuse himself on healthcare so they can get the vote their way. Sort of like election fraud.

Silverfiddle said...

That Cain looked so exceptionally competent and together is even more remarkable given this was a pre-taped interview and therefor edited to make Odonnell look as good as possible and Cain as stupid as possible.

Fail on MSNBC's part, and another positive data point for Mr. Cain

Ticker said...

The calm and poised manner in which Cain made O'Donnell look like a complete ass is definitely the mark of a great POTUS.
The man just keeps piling up points with Independents and conservatives as well.
I have found a large number of Blacks who are liking him more each day.
I was sitting in a doctors office the other day with my wife and many of the people in the small room were Black. When I mentioned Cain's name I got a lot of very positive feed back from all but one lady who was still wearing an 08 Obama Tee shirt. The rest sort of looked at here like she had something growing out her ear.
Cain vs UnAble in 2012.

Elmers Brother said...

Geez duhkky when did you serve?

Mark said...

My opinion of Herman Cain is strengthened by this video, and my opinion of Lawrence O'Donnell remains unchanged.

Do you know what I like best about Cain?

He answers all questions put to him directly. No beating around the bush, no dodging, no obfuscation, no doubt what he is trying to say.

That's the kind of leader we need. No more career politicians.

Elmers Brother said...

Where in Vietnam did O'Donnell serve? Obama? How many marches did O'Donnell March in?

Anonymous said...

"Where in Vietnam did O'Donnell serve? Obama? How many marches did O'Donnell March in?"

Like the rest of the shanty Irish that have populated Boston...O'Donnell thinks his descendants drafted into the Civil War as part of their citizenship would excuse his elite crowd of ever having to serve in the military again. ( And if they did...make sure they make poisonous, treasonous false accusations against the soldiers who did fight honorably...and along the way make sure you can pick up a couple phony PH's and a cluster along the way! And then make a GD career out of your lies and become filthy rich as a gigolo to the tune of 165,000,000! )

Larry got busy getting his college deferments and then going to work for his crooked Irish patrons as soon as he could. Then onto the Hollywood scene writing scripts for that vile, libbie, pretentious "Worst Wing" with Martin the I hate America Sheeen.

It wouldn't matter to this socialist excrement if Cain had the battle scores, medals and scars of an Alan West ( whom I'd love to see smack his puss into reality ) either. O'D would have to bring up Wets use of weapons while in combat and somehow accuse him of of violating the ROE's. It's the fact that Cain is the wrong kind of black man. Period. Racism against a conservative black is OK. Racism against a plantation black is a national tragedy.

Here's a black man that grew up independent of the scraps the dems hand out to them. And they hate him for it.

I'd vote for Cain just to see every one of these LSM loons choke to death now that they've lost their mojo over the ignorant and uniformed.

Jesus...and we thought Oberfurher was bad?

Pris said...

I've seen many interviewers use a gotcha question here or there, but O'Donnell wins the prize for every question being a "gotcha".

Fortunately Cain was ready for him. He's a straight shooter, and is comfortable in his own skin, which is a winning combination.

There's nothing better than earning respect, and Mr. Cain does that with flying colors.

When one is speaking the truth, and is not intimidated by idiots like O'Donnell, it's not difficult to respond. There is no need for a teleprompter or smoke and mirrors.

Herman Cain is a winner whether he becomes President or not. I think he has what it takes to be President if he surrounds himself with experienced people re foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

Is is just me...or is there one Dem Prez that has served? After Kennedy... that is so long ago.

Clinton was our first true draft dodger POTUS....Obama the second to avoid military service. Yep....Jimmah Carter who was a huge wimp as we learned with Iran.

Nixon served....Both Bush's served...Reagan served the troops in some capacity during WW2.

J Fin' Kerry "served" dishonorably.

Pris said...

"Cain is typical of a group. Many paid the price while he parlayed their effort into a prosperous mediocrity.

Another Clarence Thomas."

Be careful Ducky, your racism is showing. Cain doesn't need your paternalism, and condescension. People like Herman Cain, Allen West, or Clarence Thomas make you uncomfortable because you have to accept them as equals.

They don't buy into the victocrat crap you've sold for years. If you regarded black people as equals, your leftwing plantation would have died long ago.

The left has used and abused black people for years implying they just can't make it without your help. Well, they can, and do, and you don't like it.

So, you can stop patting yourself on the back for being tolerant. Even that is racist. Who has to tolerate a group unless he looks down his nose at that group?

net observer said...

I liked how Cain handled O'Donnell. Z, I think you're correct about O'Donnell's frustration with Cain NOT imploding while under fire.

But I'll tell you this. That proved to me that the heat from the left will be hot as you-know-what if Cain actually gets the GOP nomination.

I'd give ANYTHING to see Cain win the nomination and pick Alan West as a running mate, just to observe white liberals attempt to destroy the first all-black presidential ticket ever lol

while the Tea Party champions Cain/

Now, THAT's a scenario for a political junkie.

Elmers Brother said...

Carter was Navy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"just to observe white liberals attempt to destroy the first all-black presidential ticket ever lol"

So you know what their game is then Net?

Then how will liberal blacks react to the incessant mocking, deriding, snarling Maddows, Matthews and O'Donnells of two authentic, American born ( in the South ) black men running for POTUS.

Will they accept the insults?

Bd said...

Cain was exposed as another GOP hypocrite. He waspwned!

Elmers Brother said...

The only punk was O'Donnell. He had to apologize before for his idiocy. My guess is its just a matter of time before he has to do it again.

Anonymous said...
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net observer said...

Proof that different people are capable of looking at the same thing with very divergent interpretion.

Last night, I got into a heated conservation with my best friend, a strong Obama supporter, about the Cain/O'D exchange.

He thought it was all fair questioning and didn't see any reason to criticize O'Donnell whatsoever.

Let's just say I couldn't relate to his "deduction" as Herman Cain might say =)

Now, I see Bd claiming that O'Donnell, basically, ate Cain's lunch.

In all fairness, I don't think Cain was flawless that night, but I don't know how anybody can seriously see O'D as the undisputed victor in that case.

Even if you wanted to call it a draw, I could force myself to swallow that.

But to say he "pwned Cain"?

We're obviously all entitled to our opinions.

Pris said...

Net, I'm sure whoever get's the nomination will be vilified beyond belief by the left. Right now, since Cain has risen in the polls it's his turn.

A Cain/West ticket though, would drive the left to distraction. I think you're right about that.

Both of these men could deal with it though. Sadly, I think they're used to it and have had a lot of practice against the Saul Alinsky "bible" of the left.

Z said...

"pwned?" What the H does THAT mean? Am I missing something?

Net, No...Cain wasn't 100% but I know for sure that I can't imagine ONE OTHER PERSON who could have handled those questions as well as he did.
And the clarity with which he remembered all parts of every question and addressed them.. like the fact that there was no "What was your third question?" really stunned me and showed me a LOT.

His resolve is obvious and I think you ALL touched on that and I'm so proud of my conservative buddies here; thanks for your comments and thank you for seeing real goodness and dignity and brains when you see them :-) (in Cain, of course)

net...Yes, they'll be going after him but there's not too much they can go after.

As I said somewhere above, I think, however....the media will suddenly have articles on liver and colon cancer and how most people with Stage 4s don't survive...wait for it. It should start just before the Republican primaries IF Cain is still up in the polls.
I'd make BET on that. He had STage 4 cancer of colon AND liver and they WILL not insult him because he was ill, but they'll "help" Americans to be fearful of electing him "just in case"...msnbc will lead that charge.

Imp: !! EXCELLENT POINT. How much military service did Clinton do? (zip) Because HE WAS STUDYING. Which is apparently FINE for a liberal white boy, according to the left, but don't let a black kid study too hard and 'avoid' military duty (which is the term that bastard O'Donnell used...and I won't apologize for that term; there's none other 'good' enough for him)

Cain is one hell of a fine man.

Anonymous said...

What I love the most about him is his phenomenal logic and ways of breaking down questions and problems. The mathematical and computer mind helps. He will destroy many illogical and unfounded leftist argument with his Southern gentleman style.

Z said...

FB..excellent point...and SO good to see you here! You've been missed xx

net observer said...

Z, "pwned" is video-game-o-holic speak for "owned", meaning, "whipped", i.e., "his @ss"

Speedy G said...

It's a Leet Speak term... mostly used by computer geeks, but usurped by "gamers".

Bob said...

How did O'Donnell miss comparing Cain's military record with Bill Clinton's? Or, There's plenty of crap to go arounmd.

Learning about Cain's early career makes me envious. How many young men do you know worked in the analysis of weaponry? That was absolutely cool.

beakerkin said...

I am on the Cain bandwagon for now.
There are some questions about what his views on foreign and energy policies are. However, they can't be worse than Obama's

Z said...

thanks, net and speedy......i'm behind the times on that stuff; happy to be so :-) But I am glad to know that.

Bob, that IS cool, isn't it? I had no idea he'd been in weapons analysis and while so young, too.

Beak, me, too.....

beamish said...

Cain has some patently offensive views on the freedoms of speech, religion, and assembly that make him untouchable to me besides his affiliations with far left communist groups like the Tea Party.

He needs to know a lot more about foreign policy than he can glean from a weekend, and he needs to drop his gold standard nonsense.

But most of all, I'd take him more seriously if his philosophy wasn't based on the theme song of the Pokemon movie and if he was actually running for President instead of trying to sell a book.

I will not vote for Romney, but I will not vote for a Teabagger candidate either.

Leticia said...

I have been a supporter of Herman Cain even before he was running for office and he continues to impress me.

May God bless him.

Z said...

beamish...your vote will be missed, I'm sure.

Leticia, I think he's good, too, and am eager to hear more from him. These videos showed a lot; I'm not sure I can think of another person with political aspirations who could have handled O'Donnell like Cain did.

MK said...

Now that was a hostile interview, where did that leftist scumbag get off asking such nasty questions, is he some sort of racist?

Using his vicious and nasty logic, numbnuts hussein didn't serve in the military, so how dare he become the commander in chief.

Does anyone think Cain would have received such vitriol if he was a democrat, nope. He handled himself well, but he'll need to get used to it, this is what's in store for him if he keeps going, the nasty and racist left will not approve of Conservative blacks reaching beyond the ghetto.

Z said...

Hi, MK...Lawrence O'Donnell came out as an avowed Socialist on the Joe Scarborough msnbc show and then got his own show soon after (sounds right for msnbc!)

And yes, the interview was so nasty. If any Conservative had done that to anybody, the media'd have been ALL OVER him with condemnation about how he slammed a black man, tried to insult him, etc...

But, the media here didn't cover it.
Not only did Obama not serve his country but neither did Clinton.......but, they get a pass; a conservative does not.

beamish said...

beamish...your vote will be missed, I'm sure.

Cool. Now that the Teabaggers have seen to it that no conservative candidate wins the GOP Presidential primaries and caucuses, can we at least keep them from messing up the cakewalk of 23 Democrat Senator seats up for grabs?

Z said...

why not?

Anonymous said...

Beamish, you now sound like Ducky. You guys should hang out.

beamish said...


When did Ducky become a conservative critic of populist nonsense?

Anonymous said...

In that regard no. But you both are contrarians. Now you use the term "teabaggers" or say "left communist groups like the Tea Party."

To me that sounds as insane as a Ducky comment.

Lisa said...

I bet most of these white liberals don't give a darn about African Americans. They just used it to drive a wedge between the parties. They don't like black people to have success because it doesn't fit their agenda.

Why is it all liberal commentators are like robots?

beamish said...

In that regard no. But you both are contrarians. Now you use the term "teabaggers" or say "left communist groups like the Tea Party."

If the Tea Party "movement" was ever conservative or even right-wing, it lost that mantle long enough ago for me to notice.

If that makes me "contrarian," what does that make the Teabaggers for keeping Social Security and Medicare Ponzi schemes alive? What does that make the Teabaggers for retreat from the war on terror, or the Teabaggers for eviscerating the military?

Or in the present Republican primaries, the Teabaggers for leaving Mitt Romney unscathed in debates?