Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Child Consent? REALLY? Another terrific PRISCILLA'S POST

There is another assault against parental rights in California. Gov. Jerry Brown signed  into law a mandate which allows minors 12 years old and up the choice to get a vaccination without parental consent or knowledge. It sure was kept quiet, wasn't it? The bill is AB499. The vaccine is called Gardisil which is hailed as a  preventative against cervical cancer (sometimes said to be caused by multiple partners), and was developed to prevent genital warts.
“Children who can not bring a Pamprin to school for cramps, can now agree to a vaccination.”

The schools introduce sex to 5 year olds, and continue to become more explicit in their teaching as they get older, and
we wonder why children younger and younger are participating in sexual activity which can greatly raise their chances of disease? Now, parents have no right in California to be told their 12 year old girl is having, or had, a vaccination. She can consent to a vaccination without parents’ knowledge. But, she can't go to a tanning salon between the ages of 14 to 18 without parental consent!?

This is different than the law Texas Governor Perry signed. That informs parents they can opt out. Personally, I believe in people being able to opt in if they wish, but at least in this case the parents make the decision. However, the damn fools here in California, voted Gov. Moonbeam in, didn't they! Meanwhile, Meg Whitman has just been made CEO of Hewlitt Packard!!!!  We sure could have used her business acumen here in California....and now we see that more and more.

Little by little parental authority is being undermined  by the state, all states, and still the outrage is minimal at best. Parents are told what their children can eat at some schools, even if they bring their own lunch. Now this. Where does this all end? It won’t until parents take a stand that can’t be ignored;  until then, I’m afraid there is no stopping any state which has little respect for parental authority over their own children.

Thanks so much, Pris....I'm eager to hear comments from my readers.....What do you all think?


Speedy G said...

Hey, since the government now thinks it pays for ALL medical care under Obamacare, it will soon be criminal to REFUSE the vaccination.

Impertinent said...

It's all a part of the grand plans of the Alinsky, Soros, Moveon movement.

Soon the kids will be reporting their parents for forcing them to do homework, say the pledge, say "God Bless America", flying the flag on national holidays, celebrating Christmas, Easter, reciting the Lords Prayer and giving Grace before a Thanksgiving Dinner. Get the children and you'll have a lock on the future of America.

The kids will be in the streets waving their little manifestos ala Mao.

The 60's radical and scum...now implanted in the White House and running the country into the GD ground know this well.

Look at the OWS sheet for brains crowd if you want a glimpse into the so called future of this country.

We're losing the kids...the country...our independence...our language...our culture...our borders to criminals...illegals and welfare cheats.

Once they eat the wealthy...once the source of revenue has finally gone underground or off shore....what will be left for the insatiable, ignorant, dependent asses to exist off of?

I have a pretty good hunch...do you?

Personally...I'd like to see them feast on the remnants of every member of Congress first...then the criminal Enron,. Chase, Goldman - Sacks, AIG types.

Z said...

Speedy, it's like our CIVIC DUTY to get the vaccination, right?

And, I suppose that, some day, young girls will have to prove on a form that they've been promiscuous enough to warrant the vaccine? !! Gad

Z said...

Imp, you are SO right on, sadly.

I often tell my friends that we've gone through this kind of craziness in America before BUT OUR KIDS WERE TAUGHT ABOUT THE GREATNESS OF THIS COUNTRY and now they're taught we just plain can't do ANYTHING right.

It's like we're failing as an economy and as patriots and that 'net' below us, that knowledge that our kids will grow up like we did and hold America up and improve her, isn't there anymore.

That scares me more than anything.

Impertinent said...

"That scares me more than anything."

And this is anything but the beginning. It's been festering since the late 60's. Yet we were oblivious, naive and ignorant of the consequences. The country is on a definite downward spiral.

Anti war...anti wealth...anti everything.

Unfortunately....most unfortunately...there's only one...ONE recourse left.

Impertinent said...

Not only is the entire country split between...the so called haves and have nots...the country is disgusted with their government. Their elite, pathetic, grandiose, distance from the people they have been elected to represent.

I think....that we are heading towards a conflict that cannot be resolved by the electoral process.

An "approval" rating of Congress of 10%...is hardly an "approval" rating.

90% of this country....lib or right....is disgusted with the Reids, the Pelosi's. the Kerry's, the Kennedys, the Liebermans, the McCains, the fat rich pukes like Romney, Perry and the Bohners.

Congress...has Fucked over every American's dream....fooked over every Americans idea of freedom and independence. Fooked over all our plans for retirement....all our plans of enjoying our "Golden Years". All we have worked for...all the promises...that we were promised....is gone.
One look at California and it's refusal to abide by the votes and the vox populi...one look at the black robed Supremes...the insanity of the 9th district....ought to be enough for every serious American...to take the words of Thomas Jefferson...literally.

Impertinent said...
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Impertinent said...

I guess...you're all.....stunned? Lest you be branded? Something or other?

Face it...if you're a TPartier...you're already a racist.

Chuck said...

How can a 12 year old even form a rational thought on this? This is not for the 12 year-old, it's for the do-gooder far left loon that knows best for the kid and can take them in for the vaccination.

I actually believe girls should get this vaccination but a 12 year old has no business even knowing what it's for, let alone getting it.

Trestin said...

The war on parental rights becomes more clear when you understand that Marxist are striving to destory three things:
1. Religion
2. Nations
3. Families

Z said...

Trestin, you're exactly right.
So, now what?

Chuck, why do you believe girls should get it? Somehow, I have grown up as a girl :-) and I can't tell you how few women I know have had cervical cancer; I'm not even sure the stats are in about how protective this vaccine really might be

sue hanes said...

Z - I don't believe a twelve year old girl should be able to get the vaccination without parental consent.

Z said...

me, either, Sue. NO way.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - 'I actually believe girls should get this vaccination but a twelve year old has no business knowing what it's for...'

I think if a twelve year old girl is going to get this vaccination she should definitely know what it is for.

sue hanes said...

Z - I googled it and the American Cancer Society said that there
have been 12,710 cases of cervical cancer in the U.S. in 2011, and 4,290 deaths.

Google also listed a source that says CC is rare in the U.S because of the PAP test - which most women get.


turning in now - more boxes to pack in the am

no rest for the wicked :-)

sue hanes said...

Imp - Does f*ucked and fooked mean the same thing?

just wonderin'

MK said...

Someone should ask these people what their end game is, at the very least they need to state for record that they're not eventually going to push for legalizing sex with children if they consent.

Scotty said...

Someone should ask these people what their end game is,

Like many have said before, follow the money trail. It wouldn't be because of some BIG donation by the manufacturer of that drug would it?

I'm not saying that's fact, but, it would interesting to know. More times than not, that is reason for a lot of legislation and nothing else.

Chuck said...

Chuck, why do you believe girls should get it?

Z, I have actually written on this. There is strong science behind the vaccination and the connection between the Papillomavirus and cervical cancer.

I am not promoting promiscuity but I also do not think that if a woman sleeps with more than the man she marries or he has slept with another woman it should be a death sentence for her.

The vaccination can prevent cancer, I think we need to use it.

Chuck said...


Chuck - 'I actually believe girls should get this vaccination but a twelve year old has no business knowing what it's for...'

I did not mean we should be vaccinating girls with something they do not know about. My point is, we need to spend more time keeping 12 year old girls from being sexually active.

My daughter will get it and she will know what it is for. Right now she is 11 years old and has no interest in sex. Obviously this will change eventually but I am quite certain it will not in the next year.

A child at 12 years old that has been raised in a healthy environment is not ready, or interested, in sexual activity yet.

In my professional practice if I were to encounter a child of 12 interested in sexual activity I would involve social work and then very possibly child protective services. This is a red flag for sexual abuse in the home.

Pris said...

"In my professional practice if I were to encounter a child of 12 interested in sexual activity I would involve social work and then very possibly child protective services. This is a red flag for sexual abuse in the home."

With all due respect for your professional standing Chuck, I think first you should check out the curricula of your public schools, and then consider the fact that sex education is now out of parents' hands.

I wouldn't leap to the conclusion that the problem originates with sex abuse from the home, or consider calling child protective services, and in doing so, indicting parents right off the bat.

Sex education these days is taught in schools, beginning at a young age. It's a provocative subject for young minds, and raises curiosity where it may not have existed before this education began.

Do you really think a twelve year old would tell her parents or a doctor she's interested in sexual activity when she's encouraged not to?

Isn't it obvious to you, that the schools are making it more likely they don't want the parents to know?

If they did, why are the parents left out of the decision to supply the vaccine without the parents knowledge or permission? This is the point of my post.

Hopefully, if a doctor surmised a twelve year old girl may be sexually active, he'd talk to the parents to see if they're aware of it, before he assumed there was sex abuse in the home.

Times have changed Chuck, and so has education. It's not what it once was when there was continuity between the school and the students' home environment and respect for parental authority and values.

soapster said...

What do I think?

I think if you don't like it then do the obvious thing and quit sending your children to state run institutions.

Unfortunately, you will have to contend with continuing to fund the beast until you can get some political will to change that.

We have set up a number of homeschooling groups in our MN 4 Liberty network. It is just one of many ways in which we have expanded liberty in our state.

Chuck said...

Pris, I have been dealing with child abuse for almost 15 years - the last 8 years I have been dealing directly with it in the ER.

While I am not a fan of sex education in schools, it does not cause promiscuity in 12 year olds.

It does give them an unhealthy and twisted view of sex and teaches them that anything goes. It is clearly designed to teach them that homosexuality, abortion, and multiple partners is the "norm".

This manifests itself in their later teen and early adulthood.

I can tell you from experience that if a child is in their pre-teen or early teen years and are sexually active, there is abuse somewhere and it is usually a family member.

Sex at this early age is a learned behavior and they are learning it at home or the home of a family member/family friend, not school.