Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs dies

HERE is information on Steve Jobs, who died today.  There were things I did not admire about him, but it's very sad to see anybody die at 56 years old.  
May he rest in peace.  And, I hope there's something in his Buddhism which can comfort his family.  I really do.


net observer said...

An American legend; culturally, technologically and economically.

Z said...

no doubt about it, net. CNN and MSNBC have covered nothing else since the breaking news.
I hope he was a happy man; he sure had it 'all' by society's standards.

net observer said...

I have to believe he died with intensely mixed emotions. He was a multi-billionaire. Respected by millions, if not billions, of people.

Full of ambition, an extreme work ethic, apparently, a very high IQ, etc. He rocked the tech world as well as Hollywood.

But at the age of 50, he's diagnosed with cancer, and begins to deteriorate before our eyes.

A scant six years pass and he's gone -- just like that.

None of his personal attributes -- not his wealth, not his intellect, not his work ethic -- could stop that disease from doing what it so often does. It's a sad ending.

I did notice how FoxNews didn't seem too compelled to report the tragedy. While I'm not exactly surprised, it still kinda p!sses me off. Steve Jobs deserves a few hours of memorial in my view. He's a veritable American and human icon.

Bob said...

Steve Jobs was one of those few people who had a large effect on the entire world. He was part of the PC revolution, and he was THE prime mover on forcing the music industry into the digital age, which they still don't understand.

I am sorry the man had cancer and died so young. He didn't deserve pancreatic cancer, and probably had more to give the world.

Jobs was a competitive man, and made his Billions in capitalistic endeavors. All this by having a good idea, and hanging out with others with the same vision. Garage start-ups like Apple are not uncommon in this country.

Bob said...

net observer: You said, "I did notice how FoxNews didn't seem too compelled to report the tragedy."

I don't want to be argumentative, but I thought Fox was all over the news. I got home late, and maybe their reaction was not as immediate as it should have been. I thought they did a good job.


Kelsi said...

Whatever someone's personal opinion of Steve Jobs as a man may be, no one can argue the vital part he played in making our world...our world. Everything we do from work to socializing to entertainment--everything is centered in technology the way it is because of Steve Jobs and people like him, whether they worked with or competed against him.

I don't grieve him as a friend. I do grieve a loss of salvation. Overall, though, it's less about grief for me, and more about respecting the innovation of a man who helped to shape so much of our "normalcy."

Mark said...

It is always a tragedy when anyone dies without Christ, regardless the size of his bankbook.

All that money. All that fame. All those possessions. All that potential. Gone forever.


Z said...

net, FOX did cover it. At first, they seemed to wait to confirm, plus the news at all the stations hit at the time FOX has in-studio (I almost said "Live guests" but that's probably bad taste on this topic!) guests on, but then they made more than casual mention on it quite a few times.
But, I doubt they'd cover it to the detail Anderson Cooper did, asking Jobs friends who'd called in things like 'did he like to doodle?'...

Bob, he was certainly a genius, wasn't he...and did have impact all over the world.
He was very very lucky his pancreatic cancer was an unusual one which doesn't kill within weeks....he got seven years which is highly unusual.
And yes, I thought FOX covered it quite a lot, too.......and started late because of their editorial shows already scheduled.

Kelsi, welcome to geeez and I agree with everything you said...well put.

Mark, exactly.

Z said...

I see that, for 12 hours now, Yahoo's homepage has a headline of STEVE JOBS IN PICTURES...on top of all the articles illustrated with his image.
That struck me as odd last night and does today.


sue hanes said...

Mark - Who are you to say that he died without Christ.

I mean - really, Mark.

Who are you to say.

Only Christ knows who dies with or without Christ.

Ducky's here said...

Not that long ago Apple had been left for dead.

Recently its capitalization was more than Microsoft,Dell,HP and Cisco combined. Pretty remarkable.

I'll miss him for the way he fuse art with technology.

cube said...

I was saddened to hear of Jobs' passing. I wonder what new marvels he could've accomplished had he had a longer life.

Z said...

Ducky and Cube, I agree with you both.
Sue, nobody can ever say who died with Christ or not...we can only know he was a Buddhist, as he was, and can hope for his eternal life.

K LA said...

So sad to hear of Steve's passing. His impact will be felt by generations. We've got a nice convo going on over here Remembering Steve and all his contributions to the world.

net observer said...


Sometimes, to test my various theories about media bias, I flip back and forth between CNN, Fox and MSNBC; specifically when a huge story happens; just to see if I can detect any real difference.

As you said, CNN and MSNBC were all over it, nonstop, in every way.

On Fox, pre-taped O'Reilly was on, followed by Hannity (which may have been pre-taped, I don't know).

But Hannity's "breaking news" is Sarah Palin's totally expected non-announcement to not run for president.

For like 30 minutes, at least, I saw nothing on Jobs on Fox. Not even a crawl at the bottom. That's so pathetic, it's almost comical. Pre-taped programming or not.

Maybe Fox was waiting for confirmation, although I'm not sure what that would look like, since CNN, MSNBC, and every online tech news source was reporting it without skipping a beat.

I can't imagine Rush Limbaugh dying -- confirmed or not -- without Fox cutting into their regular programming asap. They certainly wouldn't have let MSNBC beat them to the punch.

But hey, maybe it was pure coincidence. I can't discount the possibility.

One last thing: There appears to be a fair amount of ambivalence around here regarding Jobs' religion at the time of his passing.

I'm curious. Do you guys feel this way anytime a non-Christian dies? This kind of "Too bad he didn't follow Jesus" feeling?

Perhaps it's normal for Christians. As an atheist, I don't have a dog in the hunt, but still, it sounds a little peculiar to me.

Mark said...

Sue, It's true there is no way to know whether Steve Jobs died without Christ or not. It's also true that is between Jobs and his Maker.

But, if, as Zee says, that Jobs was a Buddhist, I feel comfortable in my assumption that he died without Christ. Can you offer any evidence that I am wrong?

"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other."

Matthew 6:23-25

Z said...

net...I'm pretty sure that if Ted Turner dies, CNN or MSNBC will make a bigger deal of it, too.

Mea Culpa for FOX to not run nonstop coverage. Who knows why they didn't immediately stop everything?
Think they hated the guy? :-)

Who knows why Huffington Post crashed under the weight of insults to Tony Snow when he died so young?

Why do leftwing bloggers go into paroxysms of joy each time Cheney's sick "We hope he dies" etc etc..I"ve seen tons of that.
While, when Ted Kennedy did die, the Conservative bloggers (all the ones I saw) said they didn't agree with him on a lot but they were sorry for his loss and keep his family in prayer. WHY? You answer me.

Re Christianity; if you get the amount of comfort we get from our faith (doubtful as most of us are because that seems to grow faith in amazing ways when you grapple with it and learn more and more), and if you believe that faith in Christ is the only way to eternity with God, why wouldn't we wish that for everyone?
Just wishing that he'd had that solace in his life and ...hoping his eternity is a good one.

Z said...

I'll add one thing here...because it's so pertinent to me now.
TOday is my wedding anniversary and I certainly don't wish Mrs Jobs the kind of pain I'm in today. It was easier last year, the first without Mr. Z.....
I wish comfort for her and her family members.

net observer said...

Well, first things first, Z. My condolences. I can only imagine. But we all know your strength and goodness. Just keep being yourself; you'll be allright (hug)

Now, my awkwardly timed tirade:

Z, I hate to say it, but this is the kind of stuff I so often talk about.

I didn't criticize Fox for not covering Jobs nonstop. I criticized them for covering pathetic nonsense like Sarah Palin instead of something far more newsworthy -- like the death of a man who literally changed the modern world.

Jobs WAS a modern-day Thomas Edison. That transcends politics. At least, it should.

And you're right. I don't really know what happened. I admitted that earlier. But I can certainly hazard a guess based on Fox's past performance.

I guarantee you, the moment Rush Limbaugh dies, CNN and MSNBC will not waste time. They will hop on it just as fast. The reason is simple. They understand that Rush -- no matter what they think about him -- transcends politics, even though his world was all about politics.

Another point: Of course Ted Turner's death would be covered more by CNN. After all, that's his baby. But more than that, Turner was also THE pioneer of 24-hour cable news itself. I would HOPE Fox would cover Turner's death at the same level as the other cable news networks.

"Who knows why Huffington Post crashed under the weight of insults to Tony Snow when he died so young?"

I presume it's because many of their readers acted like immatuure scum just like I'm sure a lot of anonymous conservatives have behaved less-than-honorably in other ways and other situations. Who's worse? I honestly don't know.

But more importantly, Z, I think you're seriously mixing apples and oranges here. We're talking about leading entrenched worldwide news networks -- not bloggers and commenters.

Bloggers and anonymous opinion-makers, are, in my view, free to say and do things that could never pass muster on a major news network.

Z said...

OH, net...if Rush died, I think the coverage would be VERY different and I think you know that.
It would be less on CNN and far less admiring than FOX would be. And there would be terrible derision from Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, etc., even as they posited that he had been a kind of icon to the Right...and someone to detest for the Left.

Yes, I was mixing apples/oranges on the other thing but it does show the kind of coverage differences on the sides, believe me.

Yes, JObs was a! I never was that interested in technical ANYTHINGS and don't even text much ...and can never keep straight the differences between iPods and iPads (although I finally think I got it!) so he's not really someone I've followed, but I KNOW HE WAS FANTASTIC!! I GET IT!

Interesting is the article on Yahoo today that he was adopted and his bio father was a Syrian Muslim. He must have adored his adoptive folks because he said he didn't like the word 'adoptive'..

He also said Bill Gates wouldn't have been so 'narrow' with Microsoft if he'd gone to an Ashram or dropped some Acid.

Ya, there are things I admire of Jobs, I guess...some things, not so much. But, if people had less dignity and restraint back then, there'd probably been things I didn't admire about Thomas Edison, too, right? :-)

Z said...

and before you say "what do you care that his bio dad was a Muslim?"'re right; there aren't many things I could care LESS about, it's just a point of interest. Yahoo found it so, too, I guess, before anybody takes off on me :-)

Ducky's here said...

Good article on Jobs

Z said...

well, every other 'good article' on Jobs remembers to mention that he dissed the baby he had out of wedlock until his parentage was proven then helped her out years later.
And that he felt Bill Gates wouldn't have been so 'narrow' had he joined an Ashram and dropped Acid, but ...thanks..
it got its swipes in at Conservatives, as if that's part of JObs' life? :-)

sue hanes said...

Mark - It's just that if it is between a man and his Maker whether his soul finds Eternal Rest, then why even bring the subject up?

It doesn't sound like real concern - but rather smug satisfaction that he may not make it.

Like - yep, I was right.