Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The NUTS are at it again.............

ACORN seems to be involved in OCCUPY WALL STREET............yes, the 'disbanded' group, ACORN.
Of course, this is information from FOX News, so we'll get a lot of comments shooting the messenger :-)   Tough when the truth hurts and ignoring the truth is hurting our country.

Why can't these people control themselves?  Let me know when you hear that 'urine, vomit and excrement' were found at Tea Party events.  I guess that's just another one of those similarities Obama was talking about?  oh, sure, my link's clear he doesn't mean that, but what a great ploy on his part to link these things together...most Americans don't ask "how so?"  :-) 



Ducky's here said...

Don't matter.

We've still got Cantor and Ryan and a few other of the usual suspects whining about call warfare but nobody's listening.

Despite having limited access to the media the conversation is switching to the condition of the working and middle class and that is an achievement.

Oakland pigs put a non violent two year Iraqi vet into intensive care with a brain injury. Nice job.

Again, I will ask when the Tea Party ever held an occupation for over a month. We haven't heard from them for some time but all I remember is the buses rolling in to listen to the now invisible Michelle Bachmann or the long gone Sarah Palin for a couple hours. Not really equivalent. The comparison is absurd.

Ducky's here said...

... oh, and Obummer, that useless twit, is just cribbing of Matt Taibbi's great article in the most recent Rolling Stone.

Z said...

It's CLASS warfare and they're not whining, they're warning. Very legitimately so, of course. This is class warfare of the worst kind and Obama and people like you are fanning the fire. Be careful what you wish for.

The Oakland police, if you read the whole article, had evicted people unlawfully gathering and had to resort to shooting nonlethal pellets; think they did that for fun? I don't think his being an Iraqi vet has a thing to do with it, but as I read it, I knew I'd hear this from you. Nice job, Ducky. You're so predictable.

No, the Tea Party people don't meet for a month...THEY WORK.
There's plenty being done in the Tea Party organizations....
and Sarah Palin's suddenly turning a little nasty, did you notice?
Michelle Bachmann is a candidate for the US Presidency, hardly 'long gone'....but I will say the Right is allowing the leftwing media to select their candidates for them and they've decided she's not the one.

And oh, yes.......Matt Taibbi, that bastion of sound, even handed reporting :-) You quote from leftwingers, I quote from the Right........but, somehow, you seem to think you win.
Not by a LONG shot!

brianduffy said...
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Thersites said...

NYU and Boston College students camping out in the park on the weekends is HARDLY an "occupation", Ducky. It's called "hooking up" with easy liberal chicks.

Ducky's here said...
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Anonymous said...

"Oakland pigs"

Nice duckturd...nice. Seems to me you ought to be with your unwashed, crud covered, feces producing, urine soaked dipshits. You won't need the dope that fried your "brain" in the 60's either. You'll be right at home in your tie dye T, your Che posters, and your greying stupid pony tail.

Maybe you can pop a coed or two with your tales of "Up with the Pigs" back in '68 Chicago?

And BTW..."two year Iraqi vet" never gave a shit about a Vietnam what's your concern now? You scum have always hated the your croc tears are total BS.

Elmers Brother said...

If you call raping 14 year holds, public defacation, heroin selling, racist signs and rock throwing an occupation ...good for you duhkkky.

Most law abiding people call it criminal behavior.

BTW I'll repeat that the local Tea Party has meetings at least once a week. They actually clean up after themselves and no police are necessary.

As for results....I suggest you review the 2010 Congressional elections.

Elmers Brother said...

And no one is paid to be there.

Z said...

For the left....
you're overstaying your welcome to come here and spout your agenda with hate and name calling; use a leftwing'll like them and they'll like you. It's not happening here anymore.

I'm going to be deleting again.....and I'll take a lot of pleasure in (I'll add this here so I can preempt the typical charge of) CENSORING :-)

Scotty said...

BTW I'll repeat that the local Tea Party has meetings at least once a week. They actually clean up after themselves and no police are necessary.

If ducky doesn't see it, it doesn't happen, EB.

The tea party is VERY active in my neck of the woods, central Florida.

Scotty said...

Oh, yeah.....I agree with Imp, ducky. Spare us veterans your crocodile tears!

Z said...

Scotty; naaaaaaaaaa, they just can't be still going strong because the left doesn't like it and isn't seeing it. You must be delusional!!
RIGHT? :-)

Anonymous said...

Acorn: a Soviet styled apparatchik; this explains why community organizers make Ducky giddy.

Scotty said...

You must be delusional!!

Yep, that's me!! I'm getting that effect for free!! I used to pay BIG money for that effect at one time....

Anonymous said...

Scotty....I took your lead. And I ask Mustang to do the same. I'm using my AF unit patch from my AF time to replace my old avatar.

Assigned squadrons of the 26th TRW at Ramstein were:

38th Tactical Reconnaissance (RF-4C, Tail Code: RR)
526th Fighter Interceptor/Tactical Fighter (F-102/F-4E (1968–1973) Tail Code: RS)
7th Special Operation (C-130, C-47, UH-1)

I worked / crewed the F4's. With time in T33's, T39's ( limos for the fat asses who wanted to get flight time pay.) And some transient 104's....the 102's were the bastard killers that George Bush flew. Seriously, serious aircraft.

Thanks Scotty.

Rita said...

I have two police officers in my family. Their best friend was killed when some crazed guy took an AK-47 to the Indianapolis streets and shot FIVE police officers. Officer Jake Laird was killed that night.

ANYONE that calls our fine police officers pigs do not deserve to live under their protection.

Ducky, do our officers a favor, when a rapist is breaking down your door, DO NOT CALL 911. Do do not deserve their protection.


Z said...

Rita, as you saw, I am going to have to start deleting again.
Nobody builds a blog like this and has to welcome guests with that kind of thinking...

Imp and Scotty, I am PROUD to have you avatars here.....thanks so much for that. I really do appreciate it.

Scotty, I cracked up about how you used to pay for that :-)

Mustang.."giddy"...great way to explain it.

Ticker said...

Acorn, just when you think you have eliminated them they show up under a different name, but the same game.
The only way to kill a snake is to cut off it's head and we know where the head of the bunch is-- the WH. Time to hand him his head in 2012 and make sure he closes the door behind him.

Bob said...

You guys need to take it easy on
Ducky. If ya'll attack him too much, he just might go somewhere else for his abuse.

Elmers Brother said...

Bob duhkkky never leaves. He usually drops a grenade and leaaves.

Pris said...

The OWS, is not leaderless, the plans for this are on video, which has been scrubbed from youtube.

It featured Stephen Lerner who spoke to a gathering about "Occupy Wall Street" and bringing down the banks, mainly going after Chase. This event took place in March of this year.

It seems Mr. Lerner has been a visitor to the WH. Well, whaddayaknow big surprise!

Ducky when you have to pay people to show up, these protests are not what they seem.

It's a phony spontaneity, planned and paid for by yesteryear radicals, Soros through Move-On, Acorn and funding through criminal misrepresentation door to door fundraising.

Then of course there are the spoiled brats who are rebelling against their parents, and being used by haters.

Don't get me wrong. I do think it's serious when you spread hate like anti-semitism, hate for police, the rich, and embrace the CPUSA, and the Nazi Party, why I saw a video today of David Duke and his anti-semitic rant, while supporting the OWS.

Not to mention the President making excuses for your hate filled display. You must be thrilled. How disgusting, not to mention dangerous.

I think you should buzz off Ducky, take a hike! Go and play your hatefilled games. We here are decent people. You do not deserve to be in our company!

Scotty said...

Scotty....I took your lead.

Cool! It took many years of therapy to finally feel some sense of pride for what I did and start to actually tell people where I had been and what I did there.

As my avatar shows, I was with the Americal Division
11th Light Infantry Brigade
C Co. 3/1
"The Jungle Warriors"
Quang Ngai Provence

I was a grunt, imp.

Z said...

Pris, Steven Lerner visited the WH, huh?
The WH will probably just say "It wasn't THAT Steven Lerner" (like they did for Malik Shabazz? :-))!!!!

ya, I've seen our lefties, here and at other blogs, spewing such close-mindedness and nastiness that I've decided I won't have it here anymore.
Let's see how it goes.

Lisa said...

I think Ducky and his has been lefty's are just jealous that the Tea Party was focused and actually accomplished things and all the occupiers are doing is costing the cities money and just annoying the rest of us.
We have 2 local Tea Parities in my are. They hold meeting ll the time that candidates even come to for "meet the candidates".
They have legislative meetings ,fund raisers,phone blitzes,greeting home veterans at the airports being we have many members who are veterans.
Yes real patriots unlike the spoiled brats who think they are deserving of a silver spoon just for the privilege of breathing.

Anonymous said...

"I was a grunt, imp."

We all were Scotty. What years in the jungle? Maybe you bumped into my brother. A Marine though...2 tours. 67-69.

That outfit of your had one hell of a history. Welcome back.

Scotty said...

We all were Scotty. What years in the jungle? Maybe you bumped into my brother. A Marine though...2 tours. 67-69.

I was there in 1970, imp. I came home via medivac.

I didn't see any Marines where I was, not saying they weren't there, we just never crossed paths. I spent the bulk of my time in the hills and mountains of Vietnam.

When not huffing it in the highlands, the rest of the time was spent on a fire support base. FSB 411. Never got the pleasure to frequent any of the bars or pubs that may have been in the surrounding area....we weren't given much down time.

Welcome home....right back at cha!

Z said...

Scotty, in my humble opinion, NO soldier is EVER "a grunt"...just hearing what you had to do, away from family, cold or hot, hungry, scared, etc......that's no "grunt" to me, trust me.

Big hugs, kisses, and WELCOME HOME TO YOU BOTH.

Scotty said...

Scotty, in my humble opinion, NO soldier is EVER "a grunt"..

It's just slang for infantry, Z. Most soldiers would be proud to be called a grunt.

It's not said to downplay or diminish what an infantryman did.

Bob said...

The libs had to resurrect ACORN. Training ACORN protesters and organizers was Obama's first, and probably only job prior to politics.

Barack Obama likely personally trained these storm troopers in protesting. That should explain their bad manners.

All their training cannot go to waste, and BHO must feel a closeness with his protest-for-hire brethren.

This is machine politics at its best. Future generations of historians will marvel that the press never had a clue how these protests were staged.

Gus said...

Urinating and defecating in public?
Only animals do that.

Anonymous said...

Aw look, the wingnuts need their ACORN binky and still believe the lies. Including this one. Way to let Fox News do your thinking. Again.

Z said...

Liberaldude...PLEASE read the posts! You are sounding just a little..(Sorry!) DUMB :-)

Average American said...

OWS will be out of business soon enough. Here in northern New Hampshire, it started snowing an hour or so ago, and when that hits the cities, the snow and the cold will chase them inside. As if that wasn't bad enough, the OWS cooks are on strike! You heard that right. The cooks that claim to be "working" 18 hours a day preparing food for the idiot masses are pissed off because the "professional homeless" are inviting themselves to the vittles, so they are going on a 3-day strike from cooking. The only thing being prepared for the hungry masses now are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! You can't make this shit up!!!

MK said...

These fleabags are nothing like the Tea Party Patriots. The fleabags are nothing but life-sized vermin, stinking, filthy, irritable and thieving. Boot them out i say.

Anonymous said...

"Welcome home....right back at cha!...."

Shit, Scotty...Shit. I'm humbled bud. Humbled. My service was bullshit...complete bullshit ( pay attention Ms.Z..) compared to men like Scotty...who are the real men...who knocked out every...every mission that was handed to them. Ms. Z...these were the men that made my BS tour almost....inconsequential.

Scotty....and men like him...are the bravest, most honorable of our heros. I cannot describe in much I honor, revere and respect them. Men...who gave all...and didn't question...who ( and I know this cause I was there ) were the guys whom...we counted on.

I'm lost for words Scotty. It's my everlasting, respect....honor of men like you...who really carried the water.

Me.....I have nothing compared to what you did...and sacrificed.

Ms. Z....thanks for welcoming true who have sacrificed all....for their country...for their families...and for the honor of their units.

Anonymous said...

"it started snowing an hour or so ago,.."

How I love it...yellow snow...and the loonies on the be counted upon to get their message a unique and pissy way!

Z said...

'grunt'...thanks...I thought you were saying you were just taking orders kind of thing...a 'grunt'!

You have my utmost admiration, particularly after what Imp's said about you because HE KNOWS.

Hats off to all our soldiers, particularly those I know and you guys! xx