Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three and a Half that long enough?

I'm not sure.....maybe some wouldn't last a day.  I'm not sure I'd last very long.
He makes some excellent points.   Bill Whittle's one of my heroes.  Common sense is a good thing.


Chuck said...

I think it was a very good perspective and quite frankly speaks directly to what I have been saying about these lazy, whiny little bastards all along. His best line was the last - they need to grow up.

I think the plan will fail though. These people are conditioned to be this way by a life-time of coddling and "fair-play". His discussion on taking competition out of the playground hit the mark dead on. This helps explain the left's insistence that America is not exceptional, no one is. We are the same. No one is unique. No one is better, faster, or stronger. We all win.

Notice the mantra of the left has become fairness. They don't understand what the word means but they sure as hell want it.

As an easy example, fairness in taxes means that anyone making more money than them should have to pay a higher rate of taxes.

Of course fairness in this instance would dictate that everyone pay the same rate but not in the far-left world.

Bottom line, there is no educating the left. To make my point, your resident leftist loonies will be by any time now to share their wisdom with us.

Always On Watch said...

He's speaking of the reason that I finally left the public school system and an elite private school. The sense of entitlement the students had stemmed from the drumbeat of "Don't hurt my child's self-esteem."

Self-esteem has its place -- I don't dispute that. We cannot love our neighbor unless we love ourselves. However, when we tip over into narcissism, we are unable to love our neighbor.

Brooke said...

Excellent video; I'll bet that not one of the dirtbag occupiers would take time away from vomiting, craping and raping to take him up on the offer.

nicrap said...

Reproach incarnate thou didst stand
Erect before thy Fatherland,
O, liberal idealist!


Z said...

AOW, "Loving ourselves", as you know, isn't what normal society understand it to mean.....and yes, we've raised kids with an entitlement mentality that's off the charts and our country is beginning to suffer and will continue to. We can't re-raise American children.

Chuck, competition out of the school yard AND in school work, too, has really really hurt us. We don't have that great spirit of wanting to do BETTER for ourselves because "gee.....someone might not do so well, that's not very nice!" How does a society thrive with that attitude?
My sis's son won an award about 10 years ago, I asked her who was at the ceremony...I'll never forget, she said "Only the winners; the school didn't want the other kids to feel like they hadn't achieved."

But they HADN'T ACHIEVED and so there's no "Wow, I wish I'D done that well, maybe next time, I can" (God forbid we encourage a little competition and envy that compels future success, right?) ;-)

Brooke...heard about any rapes at the Tea Party events? Oh, I forgot; the lefties here would insist it's ONLY because they don't meet for months at a time :-)

nicrap; everything old is new again, huh?

Anonymous said...

He's brilliant.

I'd love to survey the OWS protesters and see the ratio of:
- people living in cities vs country
- people who had student jobs very early on
- occupation of parents

Anonymous said...

You know what's the worse?

Things like the self esteem movement, trophy at school for participating and all that feel good stuff is actually worse in the US than Europe where, despite the strong left, people are more real.

Example, you don't hear people complain about a team piling up a lot of goals in soccer on another weak team. Unlike in football where players would have to go backward not to offend the loser.

But in the US, paradoxically, you do.

I keep saying the US left may be worse than the French left b/c unlike France where people have seen tough things happen to the country (wars), things have good fairly smoothly *within* the United States. Comfort has been there and the left ideology is intertwined with this idea of feeling comfortable in life even more. In this way, it is even more materialistic. The French left may want people to not work too much to enjoy life. The American left would like people to be able to have more stuff, buy a house, a big car. I think the latter is a lot more dangerous.

Z said...

FB, having lived in France for four years, and Germany for at least one year, I completely agree with you.

The "American Left" I KNOW is into the BIG CAR, THE BIG HOUSE, the LIMO, etc., but I live in L.A. (as do you!) and those are the traps.....and it's not confined to the Left.
But, recently, the Left's starting to demean success and (Gasp!) if we BUY something, that could help out a ghastly, greedy, horrid CORPORATION :-) (Sarcasm here)

I was recently in a luxury car dealership ...not to buy a car but for something else....and I thought "what will happen when these lovely places are shut down because nobody can afford them anymore, when people are so taxed that it'll be difficult to keep places like this open?" That place has been there since it carried Packards, and the insides are gorgeous Spanish/Moroccan architecture which has been preserved'll be such a shame.

Bob said...

Whittle didn't really fill out his 3 1/2 day model. At the end of that time, one or two people will own all the cabins, collecting rent from the rest of the crowd. Others will be running the food collecting part, others, yet, will be running the water detail, and on, and on.

The rest of the slobs will be paying these entrepreneurs for everything.

Through needs and wants, people are self-organizing, and our social science majors would discover that they are at the bottom of the food chain, again.

This natural, and profitable, exercise will find people coalescing into market driven specialties. There will be winners and losers.

nicrap said...

@Mrs Z

it's a tedious pose, ma'am, what the poem describes. And yet, if you would allow me to say so, i am not sure if Mr. "perspective" is not just as tedious... :)

nicrap said...

P.S. ...meaning no disrespect to him, of course.

Anonymous said...

Some people on the left demean success b/c they want it for themselves and can't have it, or don't want others to have it.

I think that's more of a psychological issue. And it's fairly pathetic.

sue hanes said...

Z - This is very offtopic :) but I've been waiting to post my to die for pumpkin soup recipe on your food blog.

I think I may have actually saved it out so I can have it ready if you do post something like that.

thanks z :-)

Z said...

Bob, you say "There will be winners and losers."
Ah, yes...someone in the crowd will always bring up HUMAN NATURE which can't really be changed...and you did it. Boy, you're like rain at a leftist picnic, aren't you :-)

I'll be mostly out today....
Sue, I'll try to get to it, thank, but not today.

Anonymous said...

A lot of this comes from people spending their whole lives in cities. They just have no idea how the world actually works

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Too bad college taught these spoiled brats to focus on the wrong thing instead of focusing on what life is like in the real world.

-FJ said...

The Richmond Tea Party is suing the city of Richmond to get their money (over $10k) back. Evidently, it costs a LOT of money to stage a Tea Party demonstration for a day in a Richmond Park, but it costs NOTHING to "occupy" one. Why the difference? Can you say, "the Tea Party aren't Democrats?"

-FJ said...

It's time OWS started PAYING for demonstration permits, port-a-potties AND their own security... as well as clean-up fees!

Governments who FAIL to collect these fee's are FAILING taxpayers and should be thrown O-U-T in November!

-FJ said...

...or doesn't "Fairness" REALLY have anything to do with it?

-FJ said...

Occupy Seattle protestors are forcing the city of Seattle to return thousands in fees charged to legitimate groups to use parks/facilities while the SQUATTERS pay nothing. Is THAT "fair"? Occupy Seattle needs to PAY their FAIR SHARE!

-FJ said...

Occupy Seattle doesn't even HAVE a permit.


Brooke said...

FJ, if the OWS'ers had to pay for permits and sanitation the entire thing would collapse! The Mr. Bigs who are really organizing these 'occupations' don't want their dollars traced.

That is, if we could get a MSM that would do that work.

Scotty said...

I found this tidbit HERE.

"The Occupy Wall Street volunteer kitchen staff launched a “counter” revolution yesterday -- because they’re angry about working 18-hour days to provide food for “professional homeless” people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters.

For three days beginning tomorrow, the cooks will serve only brown rice and other spartan grub instead of the usual menu of organic chicken and vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, and roasted beet and sheep’s-milk-cheese salad.

They will also provide directions to local soup kitchens for the vagrants, criminals and other freeloaders who have been descending on Zuccotti Park in increasing numbers every day."

A wee bit ironic, eh?

Z said...

Seems like it would be very hard to get any group of people to all behave when spending a lot of time together and out in the open, but this is getting rougher and rougher. I was reminded that the Tea Party only meets for day we can't know how they'd behave after spending a month (Geraldo the dope announced the other night, at 3 minutes past midnight that "these people are into their SECOND MONTH"! cracked me up..yes, 3 minutes INTO their second month, to boot!
My response regarding the TP events being only one day was brief:
Most Tea Party members have to WORK.

The Left reminds us that police in one of the cities had hit an "Iraq war vet", which is how Huffington and others presented it, too...for all I know, FOX also labeled it that way, I don't know.
My feeling is it's getting to where you wonder why someone would say that at all; is it inferring the cops did it on purpose? Not sure. If so, you can imagine what most thinking Americans would think of who'd actually suggest that.

Scotty, I think they're still eating better than a lot of people!
I wonder what they were serving before!? ANd I wonder if they just served oatmeal or bread and cheese how many'd still be there "protesting?"

The news I hear is that cops "clash" with protesters here and there; it's always been this way, hasn't it? The Left hears that and seems to think the innocent protesters were just standing around minding their own business and the cops came along.....the Right hears that and seems to think the cops wouldn't get involved if the protesters had been asked to leave and aren't or have done something illegal....

the story never changes.

Z said...

Also, I heard today on the radio that nine year olds from PS 20 in New York were taken to the protest by their teachers.

What's that about the Left denying indoctrination? OH, but this isn't indoctrination, right? It's EDUCATING them (to behave like swine in public, to call capitalism into question, to try to kill the rich and hate Jews)....but, no indoctrination (sarcasm)

Elmers Brother said...

And the hits keep on coming...David Duke endorses OWS today. I heard also that in London all the tents were empty at night cuz it was too much for all day and night

Z said...

Elbro: DAVID DUKE?!!! HAA!!

Well, I suppose a lot of conservatives go along with SOME of the complaints: We do need to close loopholes and stop bailing out, etc., but to ENDORSE THIS BUNCH means endorsing THEIR PLATFORM and that's INSANE!

By the way, I heard Obama the other night talking about how the Republicans just won't DO anything about jobs or taxes and then I heard Paul Ryan last night telling the truth about everything they've been doing! He was asked if the White House ever has called him to discuss this stuff and he said "NO"......
They want to close loopholes, lower some business taxes, etc etc..........but, I guess it's better copy for Obama to "prevaricate" to build himself up.; kind of scary for a president.

I'll be gone for a few hours!

See y'all later.

Bob said...

I have not been paying much attention to the OWS crowd, but am still surprised that the press is so gullible. Guess I will never learn.

Thanks to Geeez, I know that the OWS crowd has been increased substantially by winos and urban campers. They are probably giving these latter day hippies lessons in pooping and peeing in public places. It's a left-wing art form, you know.

The Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said he was tired of spending money to clean up after the OWS protesters in Woodruff Park. So,he was going to have the cops clear the rats out.

Now, I read this, “There has been no such order,” Reed spokeswoman Sonji Dade told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “That is not true.”

Maybe Reed got the word from the Great Presenter that the demonstrators were Democrats, and they all had to stick together inspite of the $30,000 already spent on porta-potties and police security.

Of course, the City of Atlanta can make up those expenses the next time a local Tea Party chapter wants to hold a rally. They can just charge the honest, and responsible Tea Party folks double.

Now, that's a neat way to redistribute wealth.

Joe Conservative said...

Tea Party to OWS..."Pay Up!"

Anonymous said...

I heard also that in London all the tents were empty at night cuz it was too much for all day and night

This is too funny. I'm sure they're gone enjoying the heater provided by corporation and those evil energy companies.

sue hanes said...

Z - No problem.

I'll be staying in a hotel for the next four or five days and I'll be hand carrying the pumpkin soup recipe just in case. :)

Z said...

Sue, I've made a note and will do a soup post at my food blog soon....
It must be a delicious recipe and I'm eager to hear about it...

Leticia said...

Very valid points and I wonder when these people will decide to pack up their crap, and get on with life get a job.

MK said...

I like the idea of living in the woods to teach some of these retards some perspective. There are a lot of leftist idiots who need a few days in the woods to wake up to themselves.

sue hanes said...

Z - Next time I comment here I will be literaly be in a different state - but not of mind.


Elmers Brother said...

non occupado

Z said...

Elbro, did you see the comments? Absolutely unreal.
I swear, you could be standing in the rain and a leftist, if he didn't like rain, would say "wanna have a picnic?'

Speedy G said...

non occupado

I guess all the students went back to their dorm rooms to actually sleep. Maybe some day soon their mommies will make them take down their play tents from the living room.