Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Right to Work Committee....

From the Right to Work Committee;

I hope you have time to watch the whole thing and tell us your thoughts.



Silverfiddle said...

Hayek explained this well. Any collectivist enterprise must eventually resort to violence when it can no longer cajole its members into conformity.

The problem here is state authorities allowing these criminal gangs to run rampant.

No wonder California and Michigan are bleeding out jobs and people. They are two of the biggest states that allow this to go on.

sue hanes said...

Z - I've decided to talk to our family 'IT man' and find out why I'm not getting your white boxes.

I'm settling this once and for all.


Brooke said...

It's pretty clear which gang is in charge.

Lisa said...

When Verizon was on strike recently in our area there was 90 call boxes destroyed. Now who would know where to find all of them other than the people who work for them?

In our county alone in NY we have 95 Municipalities and it
is all political. The Unions have taken over and we have companies relocating out of the state thanks to the unions and their destruction of the NY economy.
We have public employee pensions at 100,000 for many while those making under that are struggling are taxed to pay for it.
Now Obama wants to forgive student loans? We can't afford 4 more years of this 'would-be king'

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mark said...

Wow! I had no idea Union officials had carte blanche to wreak violence! This is something President Obama needs to address.

Oh. Wait.

Ticker said...

Obama's Brown Shirts. Better trained, better funded(by your tax dollars) and better armed than the military.
Just one more step to achieving his goals by the wannabe dictator in the WH.

Z said...

Brooke, very well put.

SF, I've never heard of union violence in California; not like Detroit, etc. But we certainly have union groups protesting in Sacramento, etc.
Hispanic laborers here are more threatening, at least to construction projects, than unions are... I myself had a general contractor friend who had Latinos come to his house with guns and threaten him to only hire Latinos. My friend was so plagued he ended up with bad heart problems and had to go on disability.

My Dad was a General COntractor who told me YEARS ago how ridiculous it was when he'd stop by a job site and a hammer was in someone's way on the ground and the plumber would tell Dad that he couldn't move the hammer because it was an electrician's hammer. I swear.

Lisa, Can you IMAGINE? At a time we need to be tightening our belts, we're paying for college? And allowing hispanic kids to pay less money than out of state AMERICANS?

Mark: WELL SAID :-) 'Oh wait'..yaaaa!

Ticker; they are an army and they're ruthless as the Taliban

brianduffy said...
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Anonymous said...

So sad that average Americans who have benefited greatly from unions, even they don't belong to one, have been told to hate them by the uber-rich who'd love to put us all in sweat shops again to increase their profit margins.

The Unions created the middle class, the GOP is out to destroy it. It's as simple as that.

So go ahead and believe this bombastic rhetoric. One day you'll learn from your mistakes.

Z said...

right, liberaldude. don't read the comments, forget how damaging the unions have become and EVEN suggest we've always been against unions; as if they didn't free children from labor, etc.
SO typical.
We'll learn from OUR mistakes? When America's not America anymore...? You haven't noticed what Obama's done to us in appeasement, creating an enormous debt, and lowering the standard for all presidents to insult, pander and LIE?

Anonymous said...

I think most agree that individuals should have a right to negotiate “in good faith” with their employer. The law requires that corporations negotiate “in good faith” with their employees. It isn’t the negotiation that causes conservatives heartburn with unions and corporations. It is “lack of” good faith. Hell, we cannot even trust our government to behave toward us in good faith. Now we learn Holder, Inc. has instructed government agencies to “deny records exist” when anyone requests information under the Freedom of Information Act. This is hardly a model of good faith … and of course, Obama and Company scratch their heads to pretend they don’t understand.

They understand.

For the intellectually dishonest, like “liberal dude,” don’t bemoan how most Americans feel about unions. If anything, you should lament the fact that progressives (communists) have hijacked unions for their own purposes, and nothing to do with making the lives of workers better.

Ticker said...

Liberaldude, my late former(died about 10 years ago) father in law was a member of the United Mine Workers from the time he was 17 until he retired at 63. He told me that the Unions did a lot of good back in the early days but today were only after money. He said they outlived their purpose more than 20 years earlier. That would have been in the early 60's to late 60's.
I take his word for it. I watched Federal employees , members of unions who were useless as tits on a boar hog. There for a paycheck and no damn work. Try to fire one and you were apt to lose your job.
Unions need to go the way of the dinosaur, they are useless as anyone can plainly see.

Z said...

Mustang, thanks for that. Yes, nobody thinks workers shouldn't be able to negotiate with their bosses but when anything like the info in this video happens, why are we conservatives supposed to remain silent when people are being HURT by union THUGS acting on instructions of their leaders?
And what about the fact that conservative union members don't WANT their dues to go to far left causes and they do?

Ticker, thanks...nothing like first hand experience shared here; and STILL the lefties don't get it.

Lisa said...

I wonder why there is no outrage that that Union Bosses are just rich corpoarate whoers.
The problem mostly is with the public unions. It's not a "left" or a "right" thing,it's a "math" thing.
And here I thought te left was all about math and science.