Thursday, October 20, 2011

Herman Cain and the Koch Brothers

I'm not sure I understand this and maybe you can help.......The leftwingers ignore Soros's connections to so many leftwing causes but let the Koch Brothers back Herman Cain and  it needs the examination and misleading conjecture in the link?    Nobody's researched who paid for Obama's college educations,  how he got to be the editor of the Law Review,  how he ever got two books published when he had done absolutely nothing remarkable in his life to that point;  nobody pays attention to the ties  between him and Soros, we're supposed to believe that the Malik Shabazz who visited the White House "isn't THAT Malik Shabazz" and SO much more, but Herman Cain's connection with Conservative backers is a problem?

It's almost comical to hear even my own leftwingers here at geeeZ bring up the KOCH BROTHERS whenever there's the slightest negative thing about Obama that they can't deny...... as if the Koch Bros are some kind of disgusting evil people.   Soros is pretty disgusting and destructive to a lot of us, too, but while the Right connects the dots to him and Obama and so many very leftwing groups, the Leftist media's busy with the scissors cutting the connections.   Where's an article in the mainstream media linking him to Obama? :-)

Does Herman Cain deserve to be maligned because Rightwing Millionaires are helping him?  Obama had huge funding from Wall St millionaires......If that's such a terrible thing, why didn't he turn it down?

I have no horse in the Koch Brothers race...I don't care who they are but I'm glad that they're rich and help like-minded people...when was that a crime?
Meanwhile, Cain was excellent on Piers Morgan last night...anybody see it?


Anonymous said...

I entirely agree with your point; the Supreme Court thinks that the ability to contribute to political campaigns is a protected first-amendment activity. It just galls me that the presidency is for sale at a not-so-bargain price. Everyone doing it doesn’t make me feel better about American democracy.

Z said...

Right, Mustang, and it galls ME that the Republicans get slammed for getting financial help, constant questions about who gave it, their character, etc etc........ and the Left gets a pass.

Silverfiddle said...

If Soros were a man of the right, the OWS monkeys and the leftwing media would be demonizing him continually.

They are unhinged loons. The Koch brothers actually own businesses, unionized business! that employ people.

Soros does not. He creates economic misery, collapses currencies and makes millions from it.

Mr. AOW said...

I'm just stopping by to thank you for commenting at my blog.

I don't know much about blogging yet, but Mrs. AOW is teaching me the ropes.

Brooke said...

Mustang and Silverfiddle are spot-on.

Every single candidate on the right gets a nit picking from the MSM while we can't even request a copy of Obama's transcripts, who he meets with, ect.

Ducky's here said...

Not so much is made Soros because he is fairly transparent. He's active through Moveon which has been active in co-opting a number of populist movements.

The Koch Brothers have much more money and unlike Soros they are inherited wealth.

If you look at the 9-9-9 plan and the virtual elimination of taxes on the ultra wealthy even the right wing suckers should be able to figure out what's going on.

soapster said...

Perhaps I have misunderstood you but it is as if you are suggesting that it's cool that Cain is backed by this special interest group because..well...that guy [Obama] is backed by this special interest group.

If I've misinterpreted you forgive me.

People on the left often resort to this sort argument wherein they seek to rectify an injustice with an injustice (eg. Wall Street got bailed out now I want MY bailout).

The moral and just position would be to be equally critical of both (eg. neither should get a bailout and both Obama and Cain deserve scrutiny with respect to the source(s) of their fundraising).

As for the Koch brothers, I have never begrudged anyone for their success nor their wealth. However, if said individuals or entities have and are using government as a means to stifle their competitors (as the Koch brothers have done) through lobbying which subsequently results in regulations that are favorable to the lobbyist's intersts while unfavorable to their competitors, I take great umbrage with that.

Anyone who truly believes in free-markets ought to as well.

Mark said...

I was raised in the Koch brother's hometown of Wichita, Kansas. They have put thousands of people to work there and elsewhere. They built the world's largest grain elevator, which was located directly south of the Wichita City limits. I could see it from my school bus on the way to school in Derby, Kansas.

Before the Libs and the Dems began to demonize the Koch brothers for doing nothing more than supporting the political candidates they like, we Wichitans knew Koch as a large industry employing hundreds of locals. And, the owner of the yacht that won the America's Cup one year, which I always considered quite an accomplishment for someone from a land-locked state. He built an entire building just to house an exact replica of the famous cup, called the Wichita Boat house (now defunct), which also provided jobs. I used to do pick-ups and deliveries at one of their office buildings, and often envied the people who were fortunate enough to get a job there. They seemed so happy and content.

BTW, If any of your readers were wondering, the correct pronunciation of their name is "Coke". Koch industries is an important part of Wichita, Kansas industry.

Also, to Ducky:

The Koch brothers indeed inherited much of their wealth, but if they didn't work hard to maintain and increase their wealth, they would be broke today, just as anybody who carelessly fitters away their money. They deserve the credit and the respect and the money that all hard working honest Americans receive. Unlike the Liberal Democrats, I respect them, and yes, I'm envious, too, but I don't hate them just because they are rich and I'm not. That's called selfishness.

Bob said...

Obama and the Harvard Law Review.

Barack Obama was not the editor of the HLR, he was President of the Law Review. According to the New York Times , Barack Obama was ELECTED to that position.

The article explained that in that particular year, the faculty changed the requirements so that minorities would have a chance at the prestigious position. Since it was not based on achievement any longer, they made it a popular election.

Barack Obama was the first minority person to hold that position. Some cynics even say that that Harvard changed the requirements just for Barack Obama. Who would believe such a thing?

There are no records of any of his scintillating articles, or legal analysis in the HLR. The rumor is that he rarely attended any of the requisite editorial sessions, thereby establishing his reputation for his physical and intellectual absenteeism.

You can't make this stuff up. Go to the NYT, and research Obama and Harvard Law Review. I did this prior to the 2008 elections. It's not news.

-FJ said...

Ah-oh... Ted Turner won the America's Cup also...

Bob said...

Mark is right about the Koch brothers. I have done business with Koch Industries, and they run a very tight ship, hire the brightest engineers and scientists, and pay them more to keep them. The Koch family does a lot for their communities in which they do business, unlike George Soros who made is money not by producing economic activity, but by astute gambling with other people's money.

Z said...

SF, you are so right about SOros and every leftwinger understands that..i think!

the demonization of the Koch Brothers is just more fodder to fuel the OWT flames Obama started months ago.

Mr. AOW! I welcome you and am so VERY glad to see you here! Good luck with the ropes; Mrs. AOW's good at them and I know you'll get it soon! Just so glad to have you at geeeZ :-)

Brooke...and a media which is uncurious? that's dangerous.

Ducky, 999 won't fly and you know that almost as well as any of us. It's a PLAN, it's a workable plan, it's got potential, but don't worry...your media's already killing it. You know "Republicans never have plans" :-)

As for Soros: transparent? are you kidding? Think he's backing moveon and that's it!! right !!

soapster...go fix the laws and THEN complain.
My POINT is that the Koch Bros are NO MORE SPECIAL INTEREST than SOROS; and at least THEIR special interest demands America keeps standing; I'll go for that over the destroyer anytime.

MARK! I love personal input like that! And it's good to see a smart man who's known them better than all of us and who's seen the good they have done tell us the truth.
THANKS, Mark. SOunds like the American dream to me; no wonder socialists hate them

Bob...who the HECK annointed him before the election?
I'm a writer, I know publishers; who the heck would publish a man's books who's done NOTHING in his that young age, AUTObiographies.
And our media's not curious!? WOW thanks for the Law Review correction and information. He was like a ghost of a student at all the schools he attended ; nobody remembers him, et...creepy



The LEFT has set this agenda of HATE THE KOCH'S like they've set IT'S BETWEEN PERRY AND ROVE...we're marching to their unchosen drummer and that has to stop. But Americans are sheep these days.

Lisa said...

I'd rather the Koch brother's money give us someone like Herman Cain rather than the imposter we got from Soros' funny money.
I guess that makes me a racist.

Anonymous said...

The Koch Brothers have much more money and unlike Soros they are inherited wealth.

And so? Are you envious and jealous?

As far as I'm concerned the Koch bros haven't spent their time destroying currencies and speculating.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked the Koch brothers. They always treated me good and the company I flew for. Used to fly them to Lake Charles, La lots of times and then up to vacation spots in the NE.

On time, polite, quiet, never demanding either. And always relaxed....dockers, sport jacket and boat shoes!!

Just liked to read lot's of newspapers on the trips!

Ticker said...

I have not found any sources where Koch brothers have given directely to Cain's campaign. They do give and have for many years to groups who support Cain.
Unlike Soros who spent %5.1 million to elect Obama and a whopping $27 million in an attempt to defeat George Bush.
Koch brothers do have a hand in funding the American's For Prosperity.Cain, a public speaker spoke at AFP gatherings for a number of years and there he met Mark Block who headed the Wisc chapter of AFP. Block is Cain's campaign manager. The AFP lobbies for lower taxes and less government regulation and spending. Nothing wrong with that unless you are a LEFTIST.

So this is nothing more than an UH DUH moment for the Left who always want to point the finger at anyone who has money... well unless it is themselves.

net observer said...

I've never understood anybody's obsession with how a rich person spends his/her money.

Every movement is funded by somebody or something, at some point, in some form or fashion. Right? Whether it be individuals like the Kochs or Soros, or millions of normal-income people -- I honestly couldn't care less.

It's the movement itself that interests me, not who funds it.

In the end, rich people, I think, are free to spend their resources as they see fit, like the rest of us. Sometimes, that means a few of them will be conspicuously political.

But for some reason it seems dastardly if a rich person becomes "too" involved politically. Weird.

btw, I saw the Cain interview with Piers. I thought it was good overall.

I'd still give anything to see Cain v Obama. That would be more historic than the last election.

It would truly confirm where America stands politically. I don't honestly know at the moment. But my gut tells me America is not as solidly conservative as a Herman Cain.

Z said...

Lisa, yes, it makes you a racist (smile!'re terrific! You know I AM KIDDING...great comment :-)

net observer, batten down the hatches; I think I agree with everything you said :-) Oh, HAPPY DAY ... !!
I loved the Morgan interview...except when he actually leaned forward to Cain and said how the "tea party is overtly racist"....where do these guys GET this stuff?!! :-)

FrogBurger,'re so right about the difference of the Koch Bros and SOROS.

Imp...great information there! of COURSE they read lots of newspapers; they're conservatives and want to keep up with both sides of everything :-)

Ticker; you have a LOT of excellent information there; thanks for that insight. Imagine what our media suggests?

RICH IS BAD SO ANYBODY THE RICH HELP IS BAD, TOO....apparently, that's the new idiot mantra!! ??

Pris said...

Soros made his money destroying countries economically, he's a plunderer, and rakes in billions, not millions.

He worked with the Nazis during WWII as a very young man, and renounced his Jewish roots. He has bought tons of gold, and contributes to dozens of leftwing organizations.

Now he's after the biggest prize of all, the USA. I'm sure he would consider that his finest achievement.

So, if the Koch Bros. contribute to conservatives, to my way of thinking, they're trying to help in saving America.

Sorry Ducky, you just can't have it all no matter how hard you and your cohorts try.

You can lie, cheat, and steal, but the truth can't be denied. Sooner or later, the truth will out!

MK said...

liberal racists just can't get over Cain eh, i guess to them a black man actually achieving something and making something of himself is just too much.

Perhaps if Cain had just been a coffee boy or weeding their gardens they'd be a bit less hostile and vicious to him.