Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mr. Z ; a German's American Patriotism...

You don't have to be American to be true blue American. Some of you probably don't know that Mr. Z wasn't an American citizen. He loved his native Germany, but he loved this country more than many Americans I know. There are reasons he didn't change citizenship....But, here's why I'm writing about him today:

First, a little history: Mr. Z had Amyloidosis, some of you might remember, and died very unexpectedly, last October, not long after diagnosis. I thank God every day that his symptoms hadn't become terribly difficult yet before he died. He was 6'3" and very strong but this disease made him tire easily and he'd started feeling unusually winded when he walked any distance......

When the walking was getting harder for him, our friend and yours, Heidianne from Big Girl Pants blog (on my sidebar), told us she'd be at the West Los Angeles tea party on Wilshire Boulevard at the Federal Building. Mr. Z said "We're going!" I asked him how he could because there'd be a lot of walking involved from the car to the site, but he insisted. And, we went.

We didn't have to walk as far as I'd feared but he did tire after about 40 feet... and stopped. He said "You go ahead, honey, I'll catch up with you." (that's the kind of guy he was) I told him I wasn't moving without him and we'd walk when he felt up to it, of course. Soon, we started to walk again and we were finally in the crowd, surrounded by people carrying flags and signs, people getting petition signatures (as Heidianne was), celebs talking to the crowd, other leaders of the movement talking to us.........lots of red, white and blue, lots of strangers talking to each other, patting each other on the shoulder in agreement, a great feeling of unity.

Mr. Z came to life. At one point, during someone's pep speech about this great nation and our founding fathers and how what's happening now has NOTHING to do with our founder's hopes and dreams, I thought I saw Mr. Z's eyes well up. He was very touched by this crowd. He walked around as if nothing was wrong with him, commenting on how many young people were there, reveling in how many car horns were honking, people inside the cars giving us all the thumbs up...........on WILSHIRE BLVD, the main drag in VERY liberal Los Angeles??? (that, I couldn't believe!) I remember being SO PROUD and thinking "Man, he's not even American and he's loving this event so much!" It was CONTAGIOUS, this great feeling of being with other Americans who shared our feelings of patriotism and anger at this government.

I wish all Americans were as American as my Mr. Z was. America might not have gained a vote from my dear husband, but she sure did gain someone who talked her up every chance he got, comparing her favorably to European and Asian countries he knew so much about, wondering how Americans could fall for the coming socialism Eastern Europeans leave their countries to come to America FOR. Most of you saw his articles here.......how America-loving does it get?

He saw the dwindling opportunities people used to come here for, he saw our selling ourselves to China, he saw entitlements becoming so popular, he saw the great American work ethic which had impressed him so much slipping away in his employees the last few years of his career...I used to chide him for comparing us to the Roman Empire when we discussed the horrid downturn in morality here in this country, but I'd finally stopped that because he was right again.

He's gone now, and you and I've lived through this last Sunday and the passing of the health care bill....I can see from comments here and other blog posts and their comments that most of us are outraged.........but I'm sensing a feeling of deep, deep sadness, too. Even worse, I'm sensing a defeatist attitude, a 'giving in' to what we could be facing because of the Obama administration. But, we're AMERICANS and, if Mr. Z could get excited and happy and encouraged about patriotism and healing this country when HE was so sick, so can WE.

Onward and upward, Americans..........we will show this country what REAL PATRIOTISM is about and we'll fight this bill and fight to get good Conservatives elected in November and in 2012. Stop the pipe dream of waiting for "real conservatives" through a third party...we can't AFFORD THE LUXURY....(yet)..........just vote out the Democrats. Dig deep and send money to the Nevada Senatorial race..........Dig deep and send to the Californians running against BARBARA BOXER.. Dig deep and help any senator or representative you feel should be elected.
Let's save America and try to educate our children to believe in the America Mr. Z loved...heck, he'd be happy if they just KNEW about the America he loved. TEACH them they live in the greatest country in the world.

Teach them for my Mr. Z. And don't any of you give up! You're still kickin'...you've still got what it takes!! DO IT...................for my Mr. Z. But, he'd say "No, not for ME, for America."
God Bless America


Beth said...

I did not feel defeated, even before the vote on Sunday I got energized to work on a campaign to oust one of the congressmen who sold his vote. Just be sure that who we are supporting and voting for to replace the corrupt Democrats are actual Conservatives.

The Mad Jewess said...

The liberals want to control speech, health care, banks, income...they ant to cradle people from birth to Earth

FairWitness said...

Good morning, Z. This is absolutely the best post you've ever written. You are the bravest and most patriotic woman I know. What courage you are demonstrating here, pouring out your heart and soul, sharing the amazing strength Mr. Z had and the courage of his conviction, even as his life was being taken from him by a cruel disease.

We will fight, Z. We will for you, for Mr. Z and for America. Thank you for this incredibly inspiring clarion call to arms!

It Just Doesn't Make Any Sense said...

Meet me at the polls in November. Vote each and every one of these sob's out, including the wafflers on both sides. Install a filibuster proof majority in both houses, defend and dismantle this crap and begin impeachment preceding the day after the election. That is what we do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Z, this is great, and the timing is perfect. This is no time to feel sorry for ourselves, there's too much work to do.

I know we'll all rise to the occasion, and each of us in our own way, will contribute whatever we can.

And, thanks too to Mr. Z who would have been right with us for this fight, all the way! He is an inspiration. In fact, I think he is with us.


FrogBurger said...

Thanks Z.

People who believe the left are either happy with socialistic policies because they'll be able to sit on their ass, or foolish.

I don't want to hear one of them complain about steady 10% unemployement, taxes and deficits or I'll punch them in the face.

Like Mr Z, I love America. To the point of irritating people I know when I claim how much the principles that founded it were the greatest and the most unique ideas on this planet.


The Right Way said...

I Just can't stand to see or Hear Obama any longer.

Ducky's here said...

Frog, "most unique" is redundant.

And this simple extension of the enlightenment and Locke's slavish cult of individualism aren't unique.

Z said...

Very telling when you and other leftwingers have to correct grammar, Ducky.....
Must bug you that FB sees the horrible things happening here are echoing the problems they have already in France.
Can't you see that?
He came HERE for opportunity...he can speak for himself, but man, good people come here to turn from what you want here..
go figure.

Z said...

Thank you, everyone, for your comments...it feels good to mention Mr. Z here from time to time ....and painful, too, but his story needed to be told today, I think....HE believed in America...we have to get over the left's constant "who do we think we are?" and TELL them who we KNOW we are.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky has no argument. His intellect and facts are weak. So he can only fix grammar and provide general statements such as individuality not being unique. Thanks Ducky for enlightening me.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky, why do you think some people like collectivist ideas? Ask yourself the question honestly? Do you think they do it for the good of society? If so, don't you think they'd realize that with steady 10% unemployment in France, 40% for people under 25, deficits bankrupting Greece, etc. it is not working?

They like those ideas because it makes them cozy and they feel safe.

It's an individual, selfish (as relating to self) thought process.

It's micro-thinking vs. macro thinking.

So people like you are individualistic in nature. But you're not honest about it. You're just protecting yourself at the detriment of others because you don't accept the ups and downs of life, its challenges, and you certainly don't accept what freedom requires: COURAGE, STRENGTH and RESPECT of the freedom of others.

Ducky's here said...

Frogburger for decades the G.O.P. has been the party of fear, ignorance and divisiveness. All you have to do is look around to see what it has done to the country. The greatest economic inequality since the Gilded Age was followed by a near-total collapse of the overall economy. As a country, we have a monumental mess on our hands and still the Republicans have nothing to offer in the way of a remedy except more tax cuts for the rich.

This is the party of tinckle down and weapons of mass destruction, the party of birthers and death-panel lunatics. This is the party that genuflects at the altar of rabid right-wing talk radio, with its insane, nauseating, nonstop commitment to hatred and bigotry.

If you think the right wing vision of America has anything to do with a rational vision of greatness then you need to take your nose out of "Atlas Shrugged" and take a deep breath.

Anonymous said...

YOu know something? These titles attributed to certain concepts and ideas like collectivism, etc..who cares about that stuff???

Really, we know we have been robbed and not only have we been robbed but the theives want to come back and take the curtains and the cereal in the boxes in the kitchen.

Very good story about Mr.Z. and what I take most from this is that Mr.Z, kept pressing on with pride, pushing himself even when his physical strength was not at peak levels.

See, they call that COURAGE and they call these things CHARACTER.

The early patriots in this country had to face enormous challenges, they had loyal subjects to the crown who sat on their fat butts cavorting and plotting with the enslavers.

Well, nothing has changed much.
New faces and players but the fight is the same.

There is always a gang who come in and want to take what's yours.

We get back up and we go on. It might takes years and years to undo the damage but we have to commit to getting our country back and or improving it.
It takes whatever it takes as long as it may take.

Nothing is easy.

Too many people sat back and let the ruling class of D.C. loose to wreck havoc on us.

And oh, the U.S. government is going to make direct lending availabe to students.

My gosh, what a world.

Just be born and shazzam, you are so worthy to get money.

I guess all those veterans out there were just chumps for putting out blood for the same privilege.

So I guess in future the motto will be : American Patriots need not apply??


Ducky's here said...

It was amusing to see the Republican party inveigh against health insurance reform as if they were protecting the nation for a takeover by the spawn of hell.
The Republican Party is the same clown car, by the way, that championed the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003, then regarded as the most reckless giveaway of public funds in human history.

Ducky's here said...

Unnoticed in the health insurance bill, I believe, is a rider to change student loan funding.

Currently, Kapital makes loans at a profit and has default guaranteed by the government. This was a gift from Chucklenuts Bush when he was strengthening the "free market".
The switch may have been under Clinton as part of Gingrich's "Contract on America" I'm not sure.

But anyway, it was one of those "Kapital takes the profit, workers take the risk" kind of deals. Look for Republican screaming about that witch Pelosi tampering with the free market.

Z said...

Ducky, you really are making me laugh.
Do you even KNOW the history of the civil rights law? do you know that Republicans are not responsible for all the ills of this country and, as a matter of fact, I'd wager a good guess that most soldiers are Republican..those who understand and love this country?...those guys fighting overseas whose votes frequently don't get counted?

YOU said "Frogburger for decades the G.O.P. has been the party of fear, ignorance and divisiveness."

Fear of WHAT? Terrorism? Maybe trying to protect this country against it? 9/11 ring a bell? Can you make a list of attempts Bush foiled here? No, we can't either...but you believe they never tried, right?:-) Oh, to live in Lefty Ignorance!
I just saw, again, the bumper sticker "WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER"...what a DOPE. Do you people ever ask "What's the question?" Such naivite only has got us in trouble. But, you keep believing, Ducky!! Nobody's out to get YOU!!

IGNORANCE of WHAT, Ducky? Or do you mean in the sense of IGNORING? The fact that Republicans have IGNORED that the left's ruined our kids with rotten politically correct busing and low expectations and not giving scores for games lest they feel BADLY, Ducky? They've IGNORED that our kids aren't taught history so now we ARE probably condemned to repeat it? Nice, Ducky....

Maybe YOU want to live in a country of immoral, decadent, entitlement, uneducated, lazy nothings, but I don't...but, yes, Republicans have ignored long enough the things the left's PC has got us.

"Divisiveness?" REALLY? Maybe OUR idea of bipartisanship is when both sides TRUTHFULLY were invited to be UNDIVIDED, to work together....this WH has done worst at that than ANY.
Divisiveness? YOU are the guys who started the crap custom of hyphenating Black HYPHEN American, Japanese HYPHEN American...
YOU are the dopes who imposed affirmative action, thereby convincing black Americans they couldn't do it on their own. YOU are the ones lowering bars and making entitlement people...the Jacksons and Sharptons of this world who you probably admire ...

Ya, Ducky....you keep thinking that and you keep hanging here..maybe you'll finally get some integrity, some love of this country. As it is, you seem drawn like a moth to a flame.

As for education? Where have you BEEN? I've written about this EARMARK (Pelosi, remember..No EARMARKS...DRAIN THE SWAMP....how can a swamp monster drain a swamp?)...

Now, students can ONLY go to THE GOVERNMENT (BIG GOV"T AGAIN, DUCKY, you smiling) and then they can get student loans..NO MORE BANK LOANS...maybe they even forbid parents to loan money for school to their kids...why not? they're ruling over all of us in so much already!

You lefties had to ruin all of OUR health care and can still, with a straight face?, say "You can keep what you've got!" As if we all know that won't be available in a few years. And yet you call Republicans names, Ducky? WOW.
There was THE GREAT ONE raving over the two things the Republicans instituted in the bill....co ops and tax credits...as if it was his idea.

You should be SO PROUD, Ducky...

FrogBurger said...

Ducky you're a MORON.

Did I talk about the GOP? Nope.

I destroyed your point about individualism.

So address the issue. Don't go on tangents to prove your point.

It makes you look like an intellectually dishonest idiot.

But we all knew it.

Like most of the left, when you can't bring substance to the debate, you either go on tangents, blame somebody else or make a funny comment.

Then your kind of intellect want to tell me how to live my life and run my business. Well you can go SCREW yourself.

Sorry but I had to say it.

shoprat said...

I am fortunate to have a good congressman but the Donks are targeting him for defeat. Not only do we have to get the Donks out but we have to protect the many good congressmen who fought against this.

Ducky's here said...

Frog, you are a bit of a soft target. You really haven't "destroyed" anything.

You often go into "Free Republic" mode:

1. You don't have the facts

2. You don't know history

3. You don't know the Constitution.

Oh well, cheer up. I'm waiting for my spot to do a little chat on Haiti's role in the American Revolution and how we couldn't have won it without Haiti's labor. Then the "greatest nation on earth" treated them like crap. It's coming.
I eat Libertarians with my breakfast toast.

Ducky's here said...

as a matter of fact, I'd wager a good guess that most soldiers are Republican..those who understand and love this country?


Coming up for the far right (the people with limited history) a little bit about our so called wars.

1. We would never have even started, let alone won, the revolution without the French.

2. We have never won a war which we undertook alone.

3. In WW II we absorbed the lowest level of casualties per capita of any major participant. Be thankful for the Red army.

Once again, z, you demonstrate this strange pathology of assuming the rest of the world wants to invade and take all our stuff. In fact we have been pretty much isolationist through our history and profited greatly from delaying our entry into WW II.
We came out of it as the only economy standing and promptly peed that away in a matter of about three decades.
I do wish the right would read a little history now and again.

Greatest nation on earth? No, just one of many being consumed by Kapital.

Anonymous said...

"for decades the G.O.P. has been the party of fear, ignorance and divisiveness. All you have to do is look around to see what it has done to the country. The greatest economic inequality since the Gilded Age was followed by a near-total collapse of the overall economy."

Ducky, let's get this straight. Economic inequality has less to do with conservatives, and everything to do with liberals and the left.

Let's talk about Johnson's War on Poverty. Let's talk about treating people like they are helpless and need handouts from the enlightened, feel good fools who created a nanny state that feels like a plantation with a master who only asks for one thing. Votes!

Let's talk about giving these people just enough to get by, so they'll stay on your plantation,
because those that can leave will become independent and no longer beholden to the "enlightened" liberal machine.


Let's talk about exploiting these people and creating a polarized, needy, victocrat mentality. Let's talk about playing the class card, or the race card. That's divisiveness. Hatred helps the leftist cause. You bought it, you own it. Yeah Ducky, that's your folks not mine.

After spending billions over the years, we are now told we're selfish. We have to redistribute the wealth.

Well Ducky, what the hell have we been doing for decades, but redistributing the wealth? Has it worked? No.

Except your people have the victocrats right where you want them. It's worked for you, and you patronize and use your drones whenever election time rolls around.

So get off your high horse Ducky. And save the sob story for other folks.

You've been recycling this crap for years. How about just taking care of your business, and respecting others enough to let them take care of theirs. But, you won't. Poverty Pimps like their job, don't they!


Z said...

Ducky, I didn't know you were this far gone.
God bless you. And God bless this country for harboring people like you.

David Wyatt said...


I feel like I know you & dear Mr. Z, now! Also, in a real way, we didn't lose on Sunday. I like what the League of American Voters said, we woke a sleeping giant!

I also like to say that Elephants never forget, & we must certainly never forget 3/21/10, especially at the polls! God Bless!

Ducky's here said...

Well Ducky, what the hell have we been doing for decades, but redistributing the wealth? Has it worked? No.


Pris, you are going to have to move in pretty mysterious ways to demonstrate that since the days of Saint Ronnie Raygun the transfer hasn't been from the bottom up.

Oh, you've been transferring wealth alright.

Z said...

Ducky. "Bottom up"? What the hell would those people DO on the "Bottom" as you call it, if people on the TOP weren't hiring them?
Why can't the lefties understand that SOME have and some DO NOT HAVE and that's just the way life is laid out........? And, (I hope I don't offend you here), people who educate themselves and work hard usually get to the top. But now you've got people who agree with you about tearing those at the top DOWN for having (gasp) succeeded. And hired. And bought and kept the economy moving. (the greatest sin, if the gov't's not coming first)

WHY do you all insist on metaphorical Mao jackets on everyone?....same health care, same mediocre home, same mediocre car...can't eat salt, can't smoke, must wear helmet, can't pass gas because of CO2, got to watch the carbon footprint and toss those great light bulbs for those one needs a HaZMat suit on to dispose of, must give census information so we all can get "our fair share" as the lefty census people put it.......
No more gentility, no more beauty, no more aspiring to be BETTER, GET AHEAD..just BLAH. SOCIALIST IDIOCY
Just dark grey Mao jackets.
A sycophantic media, an egomaniacal 'leader', an intense misunderstanding of history and the INSISTENCE that anything but PERFECTION is BAD and MUST BE SQUELCHED...or a law made to MAKE it perfect!!!

man, Ducky..how pathetic you all are.

David...I like that "sleeping giant" thing...How about "Sleeping ELEPHANT!" Anything but the braying dumb donkey!
Good to see you here...God bless xx

Anonymous said...

Ok Ducky, the next time a poor person hires you, let us know.

Things can't trickle up, Ducky, didn't you know that?

People have to work their way up.

Every time we pay our taxes, we're transferring wealth.

How unfortunate you didn't know such a basic concept.


Ducky's here said...

Labor always precedes Kapital, Pris.

Anonymous said...

There are some thoughts expressed here that are downright laughable, if only they did not reflect the strange minds of those who think them.

Yes, PEOPLE DO want to come here and take our stuff.

Don't believe that? Then go take a look at some of these groups marching around who are not citizens of this country demanding RIGHTS to our resources, demanding RIGHTS to make you observe their religions and ideas from their countries.

They want me to pay for their educations, health care,signs translated into their language, no matter what that might be, do not want to assimulate into our culture.

Now, a casual observation makes me think they want to steal from me.

Then there are those who come here, obey rules and laws and actually study and become citizens, who work here and pay taxes and learn the language.

Also there are those who want America's wealth placed all over the world for those who refuse to help themselves.
Yes, I sure do think there are those who want to do me harm, my country and fellow countrymen harm.

These are facts, that means they are real. I did not make it up.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Z.

Patriotism is alive and well.

My grandfather instilled it in me, and I'll instill it into my children.

I do believe in American exceptionalism, despite what the left preaches.

Z said...

WVDOTTR, wouldn't you just THINK anybody could see that? But, apparently not...........

Jen, thanks...I sure do believe in it, too...!!

FrogBurger said...

Ducky, France has tried bottom up since 1976.

My brother loves it: bunch of degrees and making 1200 euros a month.

"Labor precedes Kapital"

You're officially an idiot. Without capital, how can you create labor? How can you pay people?

So people decide to work and all of a suddent capital shows up?

People work for goods, even in a bartering system. You work to get an item in exchange. The item is capital or an asset.

Your biggest asset Ducky: idiocy. But it can't trade very well.

cube said...

You make me wish I had known Mr. Z better than I do. There never is enough time, is there?

Anonymous said...

"Labor always precedes Kapital, Pris."

My God Ducky, REEAALLLYYY??? You just figured that out? What a good boy.

Well, I guess the entrepreneur, after getting an education, saving his money to start a business, and working 70 hours a week or more, should do what, give away his savings and go home?

Or should he hire employees, otherwise called labor, and pay them what they're worth, according to their talents and their merits.

Or should he do nothing, be a leftist slug and dream about going on blogs and making a fool of himself.


Anonymous said...

This "ducky" is not a moron. He's just a sarcastic little shit who comes here to yank everyone's chain to get his jollies.

Whenever he gets an angry response, he has another duckasm.

FrogBurger said...

Duckasm is a wonderful word. Very nice.

I'll tell my lefty friends to stop being duckastic.

JINGOIST said...

He was clearly your Beshert. The Lord G-d arranges these things in his own way and time Z.

I always loved reading W's opinions here at Geeeez and could tell he was indeed a great American Patriot.

Great post Z.

Anonymous said...

Anon.- we know what Ducky is. But, since things can get pretty heavy, he provides some comic relief. Something we all need.

Besides, if this is what he needs for a Duckasm, he's even more pathetic than we thought.


Z said...

Pris, GOOD ONE!!!

Jingo, thanks SO much, that makes me feel so good... he was a very good guy.

Cube, I wish you had known him better..

Janie Lynn said...

Oh, I wasn't going to give up, I'm MAD! But you got me a bit teary eyed here and if I need another reason - I'll remember your post. Sounds like Mr. Z was inspiring!

Z said...

Janie Lynn, now I'VE got tears in my eyes after reading your comment.
Thank you. If you find some time, click on HIS ARTICLES 3/4 way thru the post or on my sidebar under MR Z'S OPINIONS and scroll down a bit, I think you'll like his writings......there are 41 of his posts there, I believe.
Thanks so much......he was QUITE a guy, he really was.

Ducky's here said...

I'm still trying to figure out Pris's concept of Kapital.

Let's see, I think it goes like this:

1. Move lots of money to the wealthiest.

2. Lower demand for consumer goods by concentrating the Kapital.

3. Employers, seeing that demand is down, will immediately add more workers to meet the reduced demand.

Something like that Pris. If you had a fiduciary responsibility and pulled that stunt (the hiring) you'd be fired or sued.

I'd suggest Schumpeter for some insight on job creation and methods to avoid the natural stagnation of a capitalist economy. Hint: It ain't tinkle down economics.

Faith said...

How right Mr. Z was that we need to teach the younger generations about the real America. It isn't being done in the schools any more so that leaves it up to us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Z, this is so true and I admire your courage, your love for Mr Z and for America! we're right here with you, ready to fight the fight and rise to the ocasion.

Mark said...

I've looked at all the major Republican possible candidates for the next presidency, and I am disappointed, to say the least. I don't see any of them who I think could lead this country back from the brink of Socialism, except perhaps for one:

Duncan Hunter.

Perhaps it's time to call upon Duncan Hunter to take the lead in leading America back to Reagan Conservatism. What say you?

Mark said...

When Ducky at last gets his wish, and Obama finishes taking over all the industries in the country, and then, when Ducky finds himself out of a job and on the Socialist's teat, perhaps then he will see the folly of Obama's ways.

Z said...

Mark, I'm wishing PAUL RYAN would run.

Duncan Hunter's good, no doubt about it, but I need to know more about him.

I think Pence is VERY good, and why not MICHELLE BACHMANN!!?

beamish said...

Coming up for the far right (the people with limited history) a little bit about our so called wars.

1. We would never have even started, let alone won, the revolution without the French.

The political animosities that led to the American Revolution began to coalesce in 1770. Active military army organization and armament by colonial Americans and British authorities began in 1774 and 1775, with war breaking out in 1776. French assistance to the American Revolution didn't really come into effect (or effectiveness) until 1778 with the Treaty of Alliance against Britain.

The revolution most certainly did start without the French, and was won on American soil without the French.

2. We have never won a war which we undertook alone.


Who was America's ally in the Franco-American Naval War of 1798-1800, the "Quasi-War" which America won?

Who was America's ally in the Barbary Wars against the Tripolitan States 1801-1805 and in 1815, which America won?

Who was America's ally in the war against Britain in 1812, which America won?

Who was America's ally in the Creek Indian War of 1813-1814, that America won?

Who was America's ally in the Mexican-American War, 1846-1848, which America won?

Who was America's ally in Spanish-American War of 1898, which America won?

Answer: The number of American allies in those wars is the same number of times Ducky has displayed an understanding of history. Zero.

3. In WW II we absorbed the lowest level of casualties per capita of any major participant. Be thankful for the Red army.

Why be thankful for a bunch of militarily incompetent Russian losers that couldn't even hold on to their main food supply farmland in the Ukraine with 15 years notice from Hitler's Mein Kampf than the Nazis were coming for it?

Dying en masse doesn't seem like an effective path to victory.

Russia should be thankful the United States and Britain airdropped food to them flying through Nazi dominated skies while helping the Chinese keep Japan from sieging Stalingrad from the East.

Russia should be thankful America and Britain bombed them a path to walk to Berlin through Eastern Europe at the same time they drove the Nazis out of North Africa, the Middle East, Southern Europe, France, and Scandinavia and confined Japan to their home islands.

As for giving the right some history lessons, you're as illiterate on the topic as you are on art and economics, Ducky.

Is there a subject you know anything about that doesn't involve gay sex?

ExPreacherMan said...

Bravo Z, I think of you and Mr. Z often.. Praying for you.

In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

Z said...

Bravo, Beamish...you are so smart.

Jack, thank you...prayers going to you, too, dear friend.

beamish said...

I don't think I'm all that smart, Z. Except when compared to Ducky, of course.

Not much to revel in there. Ducky would lose a contest of intellectual prowess against most people's dirty socks.

Z said...

get over it, Beamish.
You have QUITE a brain and QUITE a way of looking and talking about things..amazing.
I STILL with you were a sidekick for some conservative talkshow host...like Imus' McGuirk, whom I LOVE..ALMOST as much as YOU, cuz you're smart AND my bud!! HEH!

beamish said...

Let's start a radio show, Z. I'll be your sidekick.


I have a crush on local radio talk show host Dana Loesch here in St. Louis, so I'd probably gum up and be silent if I were her sidekick. I tend to do that when I'm awestruck.

Z said...

CALL HER, Beamish!
I saw her when you advised we give her a watch the other night...
go for it!

beamish said...

She's definitely weapons grade hot. Beautiful, intelligent, libertarian-conservative.

I'd just be tongue-tied. :)