Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And you thought you didn't like RAP MUSIC? HEH

You'll like THIS one, I assure you :-)

thanks, M...


Anonymous said...

My goodness, Imagine that! Who'da thunk it?


The Born Again American said...

I never in all my days would have predicted what I'm about to say... "I love RAP"... (well this one anyway) The true beauty is that these people are relatively young (well in my standards) now there's "HOPE" for ya...

beamish said...

I love the DJ, the chick with the Betty Page haircut. She is hawt! I want to have her baby.


Chuck said...

Humor is pretty good. Talent, not so much

Ducky's here said...

I still think I don't like rap.

It has the distinction of having a melodic structure even more primitive than metal.

"In the end, all that remains is melody."

--- Sonny Rollins

beamish said...

I'm fairly certain rap and metal don't like you either, Ducky.

They're too complex, diverse, and creatively fertile of genres for artistically illiterate and bland people like yourself to digest and will likely remain inaccessible to intellectually dull Godard worshipping potatoes who think art is limited to sentimental paeons about bowel movements or grafitti on a urinal.

Anonymous said...

Is rap's lack of complex melodic structure a testimony to the beats? Doesn't the beat have to be that much better to cover for the simple melody? Or are the beats not that much better than other forms of music and as a result the final product is sub-par? I suppose each is entitled to his own opinion. I do admit to listening to more rap/hip-hop the last couple of years. But I blame my gym for that.


beamish said...

Nah, it's not that nuanced, Tio. Ducky can't go a day without demonstrating illiteracy of his subject matter, therefore to himself he's somehow more refined and cultured than the people laughing at his base imbecility on display.

beamish said...

When we're talking about Ducky, we're talking about a moron that thinks Robert Capa invented combat photography 75 years after Mathew Brady did because Capa was a leftist, and other gems of imbecility Ducky has graced the internet with.

For all his dissembling about art and music criticism, Ducky quickly and decidedly reveals himself to be a dunce at every given opportunity. Why he puts on this act is anyone's guess, but my theory is that it has to do with the leftist incapacity for rational thought pointing to itself.

Anonymous said...

so should i consider rap a guilty pleasure or not?

musical guilty pleasues--that could be an interesting thread.


Z said...

tio, that might be a good post, yes..

I'd NEVER admit that I love to hear the song "I love you more today than yesterday"! NEVER EVER :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with that one, but the problem with listing guilty pleasures is I wouldn't know when to stop.

For a while, I had four CDs sitting on my desk at work. From time to time, curiosity would prompt people to look through them. More often then not, they'd make some kind of comment after seeing Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits, Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell, ABBA Gold, and Bach's lute suites.


Anonymous said...

I never considered rap to be music. If one want's to listen to music which has a story line, I prefer calypso. And those folks make it up on the spot.

Heck, even Reggae has a more listenable (is that a word?) sound.

But, what can you expect from someone who's Mom was born in Trinidad?

However, being ever biased to a conservative outcome, I love this one, and they're young people who've seen the light. That's good enough for me.