Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama's staying in America.........darn

What do you KNOW~!! Associated Press writes a pretty fair account of the motivation behind Obama's sudden interest in EDUCATION this week. They're saying that his doing this shows he's not JUST intent on staying home from his international trip because of HEALTH CARE. (By the way, imagine any president staying home just for a new bill on education, or ANY bill like the health care bill that's been worked on for a year, when the countries he'd planned to visit had all their protocol in gear, ready to receive an American president and he wrote them a "sorry, I'll be there a couple of days late" memo? You know what that causes in diplomatic circles? How's THAT look to other countries when they've been planning meetings, dinners, etc.?) But, I digress again. Here's what the article says about his sudden change in plans and why:

The announcement's timing suggests Obama is looking beyond the health care debate in Congress, which caused him to delay a trip to Asia next week and threatens his party's electoral prospects in November.

Education is a kitchen-table issue certain to resonate with voters as Republicans seek to retake control of Congress in the fall vote.

Oh, sure...Republicans are FINE with his ruining our country's economy AND our health care opportunities as long as he's pouring MORE money into education....GREAT IDEA, BARRY! (not) Then it says:

Although Obama's address was short on specifics, the president has made clear he wants big changes. He has used federal money as leverage to push schools to raise standards and prepare more children for college or work.

Question: What HASN'T he used FEDERAL MONEY on this year to leverage....? ACORN, buying votes for his health care bill, trips to NYC for Michelle, etc..etc......

And, a MORE IMPORTANT ISSUE: "...prepare more children for college or work?" For what, to have their money redistributed to the kids who didn't prepare? To help them make enough money to pay the debt on the stimulus money debt?
Go on your trip, Mr. Obama...seems like we're better off when you're somewhere else.


Beth said...

He wants control over schools so they in turn will be obligated to indoctrinate on his behalf (if they aren't already)!

GM Roper said...

Barry has the same volume of brains as a tadpole, but isn't anywhere near as bright.

Always On Watch said...

LOL to GM's comment! I can't think of anything better to say.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Beth. That's on his list of power grabs. Watch for it.

With this president, I believe the local school is going to be a dying breed. And, I have to say, President Bush didn't help with the "No child left behind" act.

In fact, I would put money on the fact that plans for a public school takeover by the federal government are already written to be unleashed.

Oh, I'm sure it will have all the nice sounding words and goals people will fall for, never thinking they will have less and less to say about their children's education.

How long before homeschooling will be demonized and discredited, and go the way of the auto companies, banks, the healthcare industry, Insurance industry, energy industry, obesity, you name it.

Welcome to Big Brother folks. No stone will be left unturned.

"Go on your trip, Mr. Obama...seems like we're better off when you're somewhere else."

Right Z, I would only add, AND STAY THERE!!


Opus #6 said...

Obama simply needs to stay out of politics. Can he take up a new sport, perhaps?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

WHAT is funding for student aid DOING in the ObamaKare bill??

Pandering for young voters wanting their very OWN Free Cheese, anyone? Bueller?


Anonymous said...

"WHAT is funding for student aid DOING in the ObamaKare bill??"

BZ, probably for the same reason medical rationing boards were in the first stimulus bill. Because they could. Sounds good huh? Well..........

It's already a done deal that the Goverment has taken control of all student loans. My understanding is, that graduates will have to work off their loans with govt. jobs, if they don't have the means to pay them off.

Well, if they had the means they wouldnt need student loans would they? Sounds like indentured servitude to me.

They can call it student aid if they want, but it has strings attached. But, as we all know, the government is here to help, right?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Here's what we are facing in a nutshell:

One of my liberal friends said, "Obama is only trying desperately to HELP people. HOW can you be against him?"

When it's put that way, it automatically makes anyone who opposes Obama in ANY way look guilty of heartlessness, cruelty and extreme selfishness.

As Ann Coulter indicated a few years ago, you CAN'T argue with a LIBERAL.

It's true they are impervious to reason.

A friend I've known for SIXTY years called me "a selfish monster" the other day, because I made the terrible mistake of asking him to give me his reasons for supporting Obamacare.

I don't think we can FIGHT it. Very sadly in order for Liberty to survive we may have to KILL it.

CIVIL WAR! Brother against Brother -- Friend against Friend -- Principle against Fraud.

~ FreeThinke