Thursday, March 18, 2010

"In a clearing stands a Boxer and a fighter by her trade.."

After reading THIS article, it struck me how things work. But, first, a musical interlude...

I am just a poor boy, though my story's seldom told.
I have squandered my resistance,
For a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises.
All lies and jest........
Lie-la-lie ...

Obama is coming to Los Angeles soon to help Boxer win. I thought "have him come, he's not too popular here anymore even among liberals I know. And they can't stand Boxer, how will that help?" Then I read this:

".....Obama is expected to help Boxer raise hundreds of thousands of dollars as she seeks re-election to a fourth term."

Ah, yes...Now I get it. The liberals I know won't be attending, most of them can't afford it, but the place will probably be sold out with corporate types and Hollywood celebs. The rich Democrats will be the only ones who can come hear him speak and they'll pay through the nose for that privilege. They will raise money so Boxer can use it to campaign more effectively with. The smaller the event, like at Streisand's house or something as has been done in the past, the more money raised because our Hollywood crowd's the most eager to show their silly sycophancy for anyone brave enough to ruin America so quickly and so completely.

They'll raise money alright, but there's a primary and we've got good people running against her. Boxer's not doing well in the polls and the primary will be exciting! People here are ready for change even more than most other Americans are, believe me....we are way OUT of CHANGE $$$ and need a responsible Senator to stop spending. Boxer's all about spending that change and making highly suspect that hope Obama talked about during his campaign.
Still, those extremely rich liberals aren't out of change and they'll be supporting her financially because they know very well Americans aren't buying this big spending stuff anymore.
Personally, I couldn't vote for Boxer for one million and one reasons, that one last reason being having watched her about five years ago give a presentation to a senate hearing on CSPAN. She held up chart after chart with misspellings on them. Way to make your fellow Californians proud, Babs.

The Obama money raised at the upcoming function can raise a LOT of money, but I'm not so sure it'll raise any interest in having her around again... Not by anybody but that happy little entitled bedazzled Obama dinner crowd. How much do you think big money helps when even the media's not bragging on their liberal candidate anymore?

In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade,
And he carries the reminders of every glove that laid him down,
Or cut him 'til he cried out in his anger and his shame,
"I am leaving, I am leaving."
.............we can only hope.

Lie-la-lie ...
that's the truth.
(my thanks to Simon and Garfunkel and, would whoever borrowed my album in college, please bring it BACK?)


Anonymous said...

I lost respect for Babs years ago sad to say, but true. Worse yet is that I could not figure out what James Brolin sees in her. I think he lost his mind personally.

As for Obama, the liberals, and the rest of hollyweird - they should have all stayed out of politics. Too bad we have 3 more years of this nonsense.

On the bright side a source said last month on of all news networks - MSNBC - that Obama would be a one term prez. Heh!

We could have told them that!

Leticia said...

I have never been a fan of Streisand, and glad that she didn't disppoint me. Her actions just reflect the ignorant biased opinions of her other politically clueless comrades.

cube said...

Never been a fan of either Steisand or Boxer.

I don't know how helpful BO is with raising money with his dropping poll numbers, but I think you're right about the rich liberals. They will will prop BO up no matter what.

Layla Elizabeth Gonzales: I read what you wrote about James Brolin and it made me laugh. I thought the same thing about him. Liberalism is a form of mental illness.

Anonymous said...

I think our ONLY hope is to do less talking and writing among ourselves about how awful it all is, and spend more time WRITING to CONGRESS and CALLING their offices both in Washington, DC and locally to tell them how you feel on ALL the issues that concern you.

They need to be OVERWHELMED with evidence that "The People" are ONTO them, and fully aware that congress is NOT representing its constituents, but pressure groups and the schemes of manipulators like Soros, instead.

If WE don't literally CALL them on it, we DESERVE every bit of the punishment we seem destined to get.

This and many other conservative website and blogs are GREAT at playing the role of "Paul Revere," but if you REALLY care, you must ACT. Let these dirty dogs in DC HEAR from YOU.

I DO practice what I preach. Since September I've written to all 100 senators THREE times. My own have heard from me countless times. And, I have spent HOURS calling house members on the phone.

You CANNOT email any member of the house of representatives, except your own, but you certainly can CALL their offices (there's a hot list of congressional phone numbers down under the great Nose Thumbing Cartoon, please copy it and USE it.)

Passion and prayer are NOT enough. We must ACT.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

On Brolin? SHE'S RICH.tsk tsk, what a cynic, huh?

As a jazz singer, I do like Streisand's a matter of fact the only good voice lesson she ever got was from MY teacher's teachers...their method's the Sweetland Method that most Broadway singers are now turning to after having RUINED their voices with "Head voice" CRAP. NO HEAD VOICE, don't SING in your HEAD :0)

During the filming of FUNNY GIRL, Babs got in some vocal trouble for having listened to HEAD VOICE advocates (very pricey teachers ruining singers these last many years, dontcha know)...and someone told her SEE THE SWEETLANDS IF YOUR THROAT'S SUDDENLY GETTING TIRED...She did, she went ONCE. Lee listened to her and said "Ms Streisand, just go back to what you were doing....don't listen to those folks" She did and she thrived. She sings on her body, BELTING (you don't have to sound like MERMAN to BELT!!!) I belt, too...even when I'm singing VERY VERY SOFTLY, we're belting...believe it or not. It's where you sing from not EVERYTHING'S COMING UP ROSES screaming!
But, I digress...just thought you might enjoy that story,..why, I don't know :-)

By the way Beverly Sills wouldn't have had to retire so young because of that HUGE 'wobble' she got in her vibrato if she's sung correctly. Sure, she sang beautifully, but look at Lena Horne... she's STILL SINGING because SHE BELTED, NO HEAD VOICE, that puts it ALL in your throat!
God, I'm doing it again..sorry!

All that to say I do admire her singing (tho it's a bit nasal for me...that's not her method, that's her physiology) but I sure don't admire her politics.

Z said...

FT..shh. I'm trying to keep a blog open here :-)
I'm the one who's constantly bemoaning the fact that, as I"ve said 100 times "we're just typing our indignant fingers to the bone and we have to do MORE"..But we are, I doubt you're the only person contacting people right now!
But, I sure do admire your zeal...keep it up. We need thousands MORE like YOU! :-)
( did you get my email ?)

lovelyprism said...

I'm not sure all the Hollywood money and razzle dazzle is going to help them now. People used to respect movie stars and their opinions but not so much now. Celebrities are different than old time movie stars, anybody can be a celebrity. Doesn't mean anybody listens to what they have to say. So Boxer may get campaign money but I'm doubtful it will help her much. And from what I hear having Obama come to your aid is the kiss of death these days. One can HOPE, right?

Z said...

Well, lovely, but she'll have higher name recognition with tons of Obama-raised dough. Thing is, I think her name around here is MUD with LOTS of Californians and, as you can imagine, I'm thinking that it's going to be more THROW THE BUMS ALREADY THERE OUT, WE NEED REAL CHANGE this year (Please, God :-)

Please don't say HOPE (heh heh!)

Anonymous said...

My son was just a little boy when we all saw Funny Girl. He just loved her. A little boy, smitten by the Funny Girl star, Barbara Streisand. We were too.

Today that little boy is now 49 years old, and would not like to be reminded of his early heart throb.

Too bad Babs, you were not smart enough to only open your mouth to sing, because we would not have known what simpleton you are.

My son? He moved on to a more mature, intelligent, lovely woman than Babs could ever hope to be.

As for the other Babs, Boxer, that is. Too bad she can't sing, because she too is a simpleton.

Unfortunately, we've been stuck with this idiot longer than any sane person should have to be.

Campbell is not the best candidate in the Republican primary. Chuck DeVore is, IMO. I'm donating to DeVore during the primary, and will support whoever the Republican candidate turns out to be.

Btw, folks you don't have to live here in California to donate to a candidate here. So I ask you please, HELP!!!!


Z said...

Right, Pris, WE helped Massachusetts and some of us helped Nevada already, too.
We know we're all suffering from this economy, but even $10 bucks helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Z. Yessirreee! And, I remind every congressman/woman's office I call, of that very thing. When I can get through, that is.

If we could give for Scott Brown across the country we can do the same for any candidate anywhere in the country, and the politicians need to be reminded of that!


lovelyprism said...

Whoops! Sorry won't happen again!

Faith said...

I enjoyed the little aside on voice training, interesting.

I'm impressed with Streisand's voice but I don't really like listening to her for some reason (quite apart from her politics). Don't really like the songs maybe, or don't like the way she acts them? Or maybe that nasal quality, which is apparent.

Anonymous said...

Streisand is a SONG STYLIST more than she is a singer. Sometimes she is bloody marvelous -- when she sings gently as she did in The Way We Were and Yentl -- but other times she's unbearably crass -- to me.

Despite her bizarre looks, which never to me could pass for beauty, I think her talent for ACTING is very great.

She could also be very funny. But that was years ago.

No one should ever say she is not smart. No one could get where she has been without great intelligence. But then many REALLY smart people are incredibly naive and stupid about POLITICS.

And Z from what I've heard you are a better singer than Streisand, but who has the sheer unmitigated GALL she does? THAT'S what it takes -- more than beauty, brains and talent -- to be successful in a place like Hollywood. Sheer, unmitigated GALL -- brazen EFFRONTERY -- shamelessness and utter ruthlessness in pursuit of self-advancement.

~ FreeThinke

Faith said...

Oh I agree she's very talented -- as actress and comedienne as well as singer. I enjoyed her early movies -- and did very much enjoy her ability to make the most of her "bizarre" looks too. Her later movies got awfully self-indulgent, embarrassingly and boringly so I thought. I'm probably just not able to judge her singing really --all I can say is that I don't like listening to her very much, though at the same time I'm convinced she's very good if you like her style and her songs. She has one powerful voice.

Faith said...

Yes, song stylist. Meant to agree, that describes her better than singer really.

Anonymous said...

"Her actions just reflect the ignorant biased opinions of her other politically clueless comrades. typical of so many self hating Jews like Weinstein, Speilberg and all the Hollywood moguls from Mayer to Goldwyn.
They've forgotten who they are...where they came from...and have abandoned Judaism and Israel as well. They know it...and feel no shame. There is a place for hell.

Z said...


Anonymous said...


"Hitler and the Nazi party demonstrated that the left really beileves that the Jews are another race entirely, that they can be identified easily, and that not even conversion to Christianity or Islam is allowed to render them non-Jewish.
There were many very shocked Jewish veterans of the WWI German Army who were murdered by the Nazis; they thought of themselves as Germans first, then Jews. The Nazis did not agree, and acted like Nazis.

What I see here in the US is another generation of Jews attempting to hide in plain sight from the next far left pogrom. They wear their progressive left politics like ghillie suits, hoping the camoflage will protect them.

It won’t work. It didn’t work for Trotsky either.

Mazel Tov

Anonymous said...

BS has never been one of my favorites, but I like to give the Devil his due, as it were, and always rise to her defense as a TALENT when she's attacked for her POLITICS.

There's no real controversy here.

Hollywood has given us MANY wonderfully funny, touching, rivetingly dramatic, thought-provoking things. They started to go off the tracks with the depressing influence of Elia Kazan, and then went completely haywire when actors and actresses started to appear NAKED, starting using four-letter words indiscriminately and then became NAKEDLY political.

Joe McCarthy was right, of course, Dalton Trumbo and most of the others he targeted really WERE Communists, and really WERE trying to subvert our youth. McCarthy, however, was the WRONG MAN giving us the RIGHT message.

I feel much the same about GLENN BECK. The ham-fisted, manically over-stated approach to truth-telling does the Truth a great disservice.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Well, THERE we go again!

Sorry, but it's NOT my fault.

~ FT

Anonymous said...

There's absolutely nothing 'Self-hating" about Hollywood Jews. "Self-aggrandizing," Self-important, "Self-serving," "Self-made" and Super-Successful," are terms that would far better apply.

A majority of the Israelis do not identify with Judaism. They are atheists and have disavowed any connection whatsoever to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but not to their Jewishness.

There are religious Jews and non-religious Jews, but make no mistake about this. All of them are still Jews.

Jewishness is three things - a religion, an ethnicity and a culture.

Jews cannot stop being Jews anymore than blacks can stop being blacks or whites can stop being whites.

So what?

MK said...

If it's any consolation, the last fool obama helped got her ass handed to her.

Maybe boxer will get the same, then again it's stupid leftards voting, so who else are they going to vote for. On the plus side, if the fund-raising goes well, it'll only be liberals coughing up cos i don't see anyone with brains giving money to the dems.

It'll be like paying someone to rob you.

Z said...

mk, "like paying someone to rob you"..excellent. YOU'VE ALWAYS been a great thinker but I think your blog just keeps getting sharper and sharper with SUCh good information and SUCH right's a pleasure.
I appreciate your coming by..