Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glenn Beck "FELLED" on his show yesterday? REALLY?

THIS article from TIME MAGAZINE is entitled "Glenn Beck FELLED by Eric Massa's Performance"....did any of you see Massa on his show, the fellow whom some of us on the right admittedly wrongly got excited about because he'd voted against the health care bill? The one who implies Rahm Emanuel, as Obama's right hand man, is 100 times worse than the media will imply?....that same media which portrayed Bush's Karl Rove as pure evil but won't condemn Emanuel in the multitude of times and ways they did Rove? But I digress...

Here's a tidbit from the fascinatingly-written article:

In the course of his remarkable rise from cable sideshow to Fox News superstar, Glenn Beck has never really faced a serious challenge. To a man and woman, his opponents only made him stronger, strengthening his every-guy-against-the-world image and putting some meat on the bones of his near paranoid ravings about dark forces aligning against liberty, and himself. When cornered, he only became more vulnerable, more tearful and, at least to his fervent followers, more likable.

"Paranoid ravings"? Could it be that he's actually passionate and RIGHT on what he feels are "Dark forces aligning against liberty..."? "his fervent followers?" Really? Here's more from the article:

And to make things worse, when Massa turned from discussing his own woes to the machinations of Washington, he offered ideas that have no place in Fox News's tightly regulated framework. Massa suggested that Beck and other Americans demand "campaign finance reform" to curb the corruption on Capitol Hill.

"....ideas that have no place in Fox New's tightly regulated framework"? As if they don't discuss both sides of campaign finance reform or any other viewpoint every single day on Fox? If they were only spouting conservative viewpoints, who'd watch, how interesting would that be? What would Beckel and Powers and Williams and Hill and all the other liberal FOX regulars and guests SAY if their viewpoints weren't welcomed??!! And, of course, Beck isn't NEWS, he's OPINION, like msnbc's Olbermann or Maddow, why suggest he's part of Fox's NEWS's "tightly regulated framework"? !! (Beck, tightly regulated? Have they watched his show before?!)

The Glenn Beck show was uncomfortable yesterday, no doubt about it. But, I don't think it was so uncomfortable for anything having to do with BECK, I myself felt highly uncomfortable that we have such a whining, back-pedaling, probably lying weasel of a man in the American government. THAT was highly uncomfortable to me. As much as I personally find Beck difficult to watch sometimes (mostly because his passion and his facts and figures remind me of what terrible shape our dear country is in these days), I thought he was less ego-driven than just purely disgusted, for the same reasons I was, in his interviewee yesterday. As Beck himself said to his audience after the show:

"I think this is the first time I have wasted an hour of your time."

Massa was a waste of time, a real disgrace and a real whiner. And, if the title of this story doesn't show TIME MAGAZINE's constant disdain for the Right in slamming Beck like it did, I hate to think what will. Did you see the show? What did you think?

(now that you're riled up, you'll LOVE that rap video below if you've got another second after you comment on this post :-) (thanks!) xx


Brooke said...

Time Magazine wouldn't know reality if it bit them squarely in the ass.

The real paranoid ravings usually come from them on global warming, ect.

I find Beck difficult to watch at times, too, because I've been a long time listener of his radio show and of late the there's more doom than comedy... But he's right.

Brooke said...

Forgot to click the follow up button...

Beverly said...

I did see part of the show. It was a waste of our time, but as he said this morning, maybe it will put the issue to bed and we won't hear more of it.

What a scumbag...and I don't mean Glenn.

John Rudolph said...

Go visit Debbie Schlussel's blog. She's all against Glenn Beck, feels he's anti-semitic for some reason, and generally hates the man.

Ducky's here said...

I think it is becoming obvious that Eric Massa is a very sick man, mentally and quite possibly also physically.

Of course it's appropriate that he be interviewed by a pathetic demented puke like Beck. That has a certain symmetry.

That you pay attention to a bottom feeder like Beck requires your own introspection.

Eric Mass should be left to find what help he can and the matter should be reported responsibly.

Brooke said...

Really? If Massa had a R instead of a D after his name, the MSM would be apoplectic and Ducky would be foaming at the mouth, not saying that this poor, poor man is sick and needs help.


Ducky's here said...

It remains, Brooke that I can think of no recent example of a Republican going through what is quite possibly a serious breakdown and being exploited by a demented
f--- like Glenn Beck.

If you have an example of something similar being done to a Rethug please point it out.

Z said...

Ducky, have you never watched msnbc? An example? ARE YOU KIDDING?
Watch your language here and please know that it's you who look like a nut when you ignore the 'ravings' of Beck.

I don't need introspection...most Republicans DO watch both sides, it would behoove you to do the same, it's important we know everything before we decide and, in your case, trash our country.

Brooke said...

Thank you, Z.

You can always tell when Ducky's losing it. He starts throwing around the insults.

Rethuglican? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw it and where Massa is a Navy veteran, as a Congressman he has soiled and dishonored a service he gave prior to the House of Representatives by not answering questions honestly. I've never seen anyone dodge questions he himself brought to the surface with such fervor.

Glenn Beck is passionate about preserving the founding fathers government and the liberties we have had because of it. Is he over the top sometimes... yes, but not as much as the leftwing MSM is when promoting lies about the Tea Party movement.

Ducky, once again, I find you to be the most hypocritical liberal I have ever seen. Aren't you supposed to feel empathy for all those downtrodden souls, regardless of their party affiliation???? Aren't you just supposed to be better because you just care more???


The Born Again American said...

I saw the show and came away with even more distain than usual for the leftwing nutjobs... The last time I got in a tickle fight, I was still in elementary school and it was also the last time four guys piled on anybody... BTW it was called "smear the queer" and that is exactly what I think Eric Massa is... This tickle fight was on his 50th birthday... I was born at night, but it wasn't last night...

There is something much more evil than homosexuality running rampant in Washington... It's called corruption and knows no boundries, left, right, straight or gay...

Brooke said...


I got into a tickle fight a couple of nights ago... Of course, it was with my four year old daughter and six year old son.

And I ain't 50...

Ducky's here said...

Born Again American, you ride with Fred Phelps?

Anonymous said...

Eric Massa is almost as pathetic as Ducky. As an elected official, he is so bad that even the DNC distanced them selves from him—and this is really something, considering that democrats rallied around Barney Frank and his male prostitution ring disclosure a few years back, and have stood solidly beside that crook, Charlie Rangel. Perhaps Massa’s greatest sin is that he never made it past his first term in office.

Massa’s appearance on Glenn Beck (who, by the way, is 10 times more intelligent than Ducky) resulted from Massa’s claims that he was ‘being forced to resign’. Beck wondered about the kind of corruption prevalent in the House of Representatives … such as might come from the office of the Speaker of the House, the various whips … and gave Massa the opportunity to tell all. I think Beck was hoping for a major revelation. It didn’t happen. The show was a waste of my time. It proves that birds of a feather flock together.

As to the article in Time, how is that rag relevant to anything? First, only leftists who can read actually read that trash.

I think we should draft Brooke to run for Congress.

Mustang Sends

Ducky's here said...

mustang, I'm making book with my posse on whether you or z is the first to post the latest far right wing rumor that Obama is going to ban all sport fishing.

Don't let me down. There's a six of really expensive Belgian wheat beer riding on it.

Z said...

Ducky, the fact neither of us has, I guess, goes to show you're not quite as righteous as you love to think you are, doesn't it?

I'll wait till you start commenting how Christians want a theocratic America...then, maybe, I'll start with ridiculous blog start first.

Anonymous said...

Beck shouldn't apologize for wasting our time. How many hours of wasted time did the Oscars take?

I didn't waste my time watching that. I emailed someone and asked if Jeff Bridges won. That took about two minutes.

I'll bet Ducky watched it though. I'm sure when Sean Penn speaks he hangs on every word.

The MSM does Beck a big favor. In order to know who the President's czars are we have to watch Beck.

In order to know who the card carrying communist or radical left advisors to the President are, we have to watch Beck.

The proof is on the videos Beck shows.

No one yet has refuted his information.

And Ducky, wasted time is in the eye of the beholder. In fact I'm wasting my time responding to you right now.


Ducky's here said...

Actually Pris, I didn't watch much of it. I am glad that a very talented Katherine Bigelow tossed the digit to that no talent hack Cameron.

Hollywood galls me. They spend time on movie personalities who passed last year and spend no time on Eric Rohmer, one of the all time great directors and a Christian I might add. Great chronicler of moral values.

... And Sean Penn can act. If you don't understand that you should go see Avatar or whatever.

Z said...

I was very impressed that Bigelow didn't bemoan the war...just talked about supporting the troops. Too bad she didn't support the one who she apparently got the idea for the story from. Of course, that story's not played out yet....

What REALLY irked me was that they played I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR instrumentally as she walked off stage after her acceptance speech..will liberals EVER get over LABELS? She's a PERSON who is an apparently good DIRECTOR....why can't they leave it alone?

It's like when that idiot Pelosi became Speaker of the House and took the gavel and held her arms up like Popeye...or when male politicians of BOTH ilks KISS the Sec of State because she's a woman. Would Ted Kennedy ever have kissed Biden in greeting?

Why can't we just be PEOPLE?

You may not play I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR FOR MY COMMENT :) (don't you DARE!) Plus, I HATE the song!

DUCKY..they didn't mention Eric Rohmer and I am SO with you on this ....that's idiotic.

Someone mentioned they didn't mention Farrah Fawcett to me recently and I reminded them that I"m quite sure she never made any films for big screen..did she?

beamish said...

C'mon people. Ducky has informed us many times that he's a leftist. There is absolutely no reason to believe he will or even can offer a rational thought, and it's fairly cruel to expect him to.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

I watched the interview, and was fascinated. I'm curious as to how much of what Massa said was reality, how much was "his reality" (that is, was HE pressured to spend all day raising money, but that's not something MOST Congressmen do?), how much was exaggeration, and how much was out and out pooie.

Beck seemed himself. He, of course, led Massa on. it was clear that Beck wasn't sure how much to believe, either.

I suspect that Massa was exposing some very real truths about government, Congress and Rahm Emmanuel, although I also suspect he may be exaggerating the truth just a tad.

Always On Watch said...

Speaking of idiocy at Time Magazine:

Almost everyone seems to think that these mounting debts are a severe threat to American prosperity. But what if the real problem isn't too much debt but too much anxiety about debt?

LASunsett said...

//If you have an example of something similar being done to a Rethug please point it out.//

How about a tea partier?

Will anxiously await your usual weak reasoning to explain that one there Ducky. I know you'll do your best to not disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Foster said it best long long ago:

"Down in de cornfield
Hear dat mournful sound
All de Darmie de am weepin'
Massa's in de col' col' ground."

Poor Massa! He just happens to be a desperately unattractive, rather stupid fellow. That's enough to kill you right there on American TV.

It's a shame about Beck! He tells the truth (usually by showing clips of our enemies in action), but he spoils his presentation with his almost obscene mugging and tiresome penchant for gross shrieking, roaring overstatement.

I can't stand to watch him anymore. Same with O'Reilly. Friggin OB-NOX-I-OUS both of 'em.

~ FreeThinke

FrogBurger said...

Watched it and it was a waste of time 80% of it.

But I like when 2 rep. are coming out to say how much Washington is corrupt.

It's time to get the guillotine out.

Masa has some issues and the Chicago folks are a bunch of thugs. I'll take the cookoo instead of the thugs.

Z said...

FrogBurger..THE GUILLOTINE? Leave it to our French commenter :-)

FrogBurger said...

Obviously it was an image.

I'm just super desillusioned and am pretty much giving up on any politician at this point.

JINGOIST said...

I think that Glen was had by a bs artist. Massa changed his story AGAIN because Rhambo has the goods on him. Maybe Poloroids?

Either way, Massa was probably telling the truth about Rhambo when he blew his top the other day.

JINGOIST said...

Roger I'm with you about O'Reilly anyways. What a pompous schmuck!
"I'm just doing this for the people. I'm looking out for the average Joe out there."

Anytime you hear that crap, RUN!

Beck's tv show has been amazing with the exception of Eric Massa's appearence.

Maggie Thornton said...

Spot-on commentary on the TIME piece, geeeeeZ. I saw the show, and was struck how he kept saying he owned everything he did. Both hubby and I looked at each other and said, well the Ethics Committee are letting him off the hook for just going away. Today, that was the announcement.

He was everything you said and more: very irritating, and somewhat greasy. Don't you wonder what was in the book he brought along?

He talked about the code of Ethics he wrote for his staff and how he broke them. Unbelievable for a mature man.

You have to wonder how a man like this gets elected. Having said all that, I think it's possible Democrats did everything he said they did.

Anonymous said...

Born Again American, you ride with Fred Phelps?

Fred Phelps is a nut-case, con artist phony, bogus, faker! There is nothing Christian about the psycho and his family of parasites. There is nothing in what Born Again said that is anything like Fred Phelps!

Unless you have dealt with these nasty people first hand Ducky, you need to refrain from making comparisons.

Once again, you are the worst liberal on earth, as you don't take the time to separate honest people of faith from hucksters like Fred Phelps and his Westboro fake criminal organization. I thought liberals were supposed to embrace digging for the truth? Obviously you enjoy the hot-tubbing in the cesspool with those who would rather fling insults, than to seek the truth and defend the rights of others! Really not very "righteous liberal" of you


Z said...

FT....O'Reilly's right on lots of things but he seems FAR FAR more pompous than Beck does. I suspect Beck would stick to conservative guns waaaay before O'Reilly did, who's too busy trying to prove how INDEPENDENT he is. What a jerk.

Z said...

this article's AGAIN on Yahoo's homepage TONIGHT, WEdnesday night! IMagine how the media's CRAZED to make Beck look as absolutely horrid as they can?
You've just got to laugh at this..the story's OVER, folks...Massa is a WEASEL, he was too much for Beck because Beck didn't expect SUCH a weasel, that's all.
WOW.........the leftwinger media is CRAZED, aren't they? Discrediting as much as they can.
We must be polling better than we'd thought even WITH the Dems paying people to run under the Tea Party umbrella...real tea party or not!

beamish said...

It should be pointed out whenever Fred Phelps is mentioned that the douche ran as a Democrat candidate for governor of Kansas. He's far too left-wing for the Republican tent.

Z said...

beamish, you're right..that man is a NUT, why the hell would any Republican want anything to do with him?
he supported AL Gore, too......then turned on him.
Ran 5 times as a Dem nominee...
what a piece of work.

beamish said...

He doesn't meet the IQ level required of Republicans, as I like to often point out. Ducky may be as embarrassed of Fred Phelps as he is of his fellow leftist Adolf Hitler, but it doesn't make either them less leftist or more intelligent.

Anonymous said...

I did watch most of Beck's interview with Eric Massa and don't think he offered much that most people didn't know already. I thought it was interesting when Beck asked him about the state of the country's finances and Massa responded it was much worse than anybody imagined. Beck didn't draw anything specific out of him — other than the power politics of the steamy congressional shower stalls. That's likely the site of the throne of Barney Frank and where he gets his authority in the steam and the fog. Now damn wonder Joe Scarborough said he got his ass out of there when he understood what was going on in there.


Ducky's here said...

Someone mentioned they didn't mention Farrah Fawcett to me recently and I reminded them that I"m quite sure she never made any films for big screen..did she?


She was strictly a TV personality. I don't know of any leading screen rolls she may have had.

A real shame about Rohmer, all but the Six Moral Tales are out of print. Action movies have killed the market for dialog driven films like Rohmer's.

Mark said...

Well, Zee, I guess I'm going to have to search for the video of Becks show on Youtube. I confess I didn't see it or hear anything about it before I posted my opinion about Massa over at my place.

I did, however read Michelle Malkin's columns (plural)wherein she attempts to discredit everything Massa said simply because he's a whining lying Liberal pandering Democrat.

And, I believe Ms Malkin failed to consider a couple of salient points:

1. Because Massa IS a Liberal Democrat, his credibility before resigning is suspect. As nearly 100% of Democrats do, he would say and do anything to appease his base.

2. He is no longer a Congressman. Therefore, he has nothing to lose by finally speaking the truth about Obama Chicago thug style politics, which is something we all have suspected all along. Indeed, Michelle Malkin herself has been writing about the corruption in the Obama administration for a couple of years now. So, what Massa did was confirm what she has been suggesting for two years.

And, think about this:

When was the last time any Democrat resigned or was forced to resign simply because of a scandal?

My opinion: there HAS to be an ulterior motive for pushing him out. Perhaps it is because he announced he will not be voting for Obamacare? Hmmmm?

Z said...

Mark, that's what we're all saying! Absolutely...he left because he wouldn't vote for Obama care and Rahm Emanuel set him up....
We're in total agreement.
My point was that Beck wasn't FELLED, he just couldn't believe that Massa seemed as sleazy as he apparently is. I'll go to your blog and see what's happening there...thanks for coming by

MK said...

Pay them no heed, that's the left for you, when in doubt or out of ammo, smear away.

Anonymous said...

This entire episode wasn't worth the price of admission to a pay toilet.

Z said...

Anonymous..that's probably true.
Waste of time, exactly what Beck called it.