Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MORE info on this census........

Please see the CENSUS post below.... HERE is more information that you might want to read, an article which goes into how many people aren't going to fill the census report out, etc.

I guess they actually do come to your home if you haven't sent it in. I wonder what they do if you just left a couple answers blank?

The article says American attitudes toward filling out the information are 'improving'....Sure, entitlements are expected these days more than ever, thanks to the leftwingers, and everybody wants what they can get. So, as the census letter warning us it was coming, says...we can get our "FAIR SHARE". As if this country has any money to spend on anybody getting anything extra anymore? As, as if they SHOULD if we DID?

Why must they know if the person who's living in your home "sometimes lives or stays somewhere else?" ugh.



beamish said...

If the government is going to pay people to go door to door to collect this info anyway, why not just wait for them to come around?

It would create more jobs than the Obama administration has.

Z said...

....and save postage, too!

Anonymous said...

Beamish, would you really WANT vermin of this ilk on your threshold?

Not I!

~ FreeThinke

Greywolfe said...

Got mine today. Short form, but I made it a damn site shorter. first page, first block, "how many people were living in your home..." answered it, folded it up, and mailed it. All the rest about race and such, went into the mail unanswered. Oh God I hope they come knocking. I truly do. There was a place on the paper for a phone number, yeah right... I'm gonna give them that info.

They come to my door, all they can expect is to get an education on the constitution and a kick in the ass to send them on their way.

beamish said...


But don't you want the fun of telling the door to door census people that 20 people live in your house, including the 6 in your head?

Especially when you grab the sides of your head and start violently shaking and yelling "Turn down that racket I'm trying to sleep!"

Ducky's here said...

Armed U.N. blue helmets will be at your door if you don't send in the form.

Failure to answer any of the U.N. questions will result in immediate arrest so I recommend co-operation, even in Oklahoma and other third world states.

Z said...

ducky, no.....you lefties haven't sold us to the UN quite yet.

Mona said...

Ducky, now I am certainty not worried about not filling out the census. The boys in the blue helmets are less effective than the keystone cops. I'm pretty sure I could take out a dozen with a garden rake.

Ducky's here said...

Well, I'm sure you understand that it's completely tongue in cheek, z but there is method to my madness.

Think of Conrad's "Heart of Darkness". Really bad things happen when people completely lose their cultural moorings and that is happening to the far right today.
It's a rapidly changing world and I think having a target for their ineffectual rants keeps the right from spiraling into a very aggressive insanity, rather than manifesting themselves as an oppressive movement.

Z said...

OH, gee, Ducky, I thought you were being serious and my comment was dead serious, too (as if).

No, the 'rightwing' is just trying to get this country to remember we're not a bunch of entitlement-seeking scum who wants to live off those who worked hard. Oh, WAIT, it's too late, we HAVE become that...

Anonymous said...

"Think of Conrad's "Heart of Darkness". Really bad things happen when people completely lose their cultural moorings and that is happening to the far right today."

Tell me Ducky, is it far right to believe in smaller government?

Is it far right to believe in freedom?

Is it far right for parents to believe they are the authority over their children?

Is it far right to believe in God?

Is it far right to believe we are the authority over ourselves?

Is it far right to believe we have a duty to fight an aggressor against us?

Is it far right to believe in the US Constitution? The Bill of Rights? Is it?

Our cultural moorings are firm. We know what we believe in and we are on firm ground in the name of freedom.

If it's a changing world, it is so, because people like you are willing to abdicate everything that has given us the ability to excel and prosper, and more importantly, the ability to be our own masters.

Yes Ducky, you are willing to settle for mediocrity and serfdom. That's the road we're now being taken down.

If you believe in anything, please enlighten us and tell us what the far left believes in, and how it compares to what I have spelled out for you here.


Joe said...

If one refuses to answer certain census questions, is that the same things as censoring the census?

Faith said...

About someone living somewhere else at other times, I think in this case it's an innocent question, simply aiming to keep from counting someone twice OR to be sure someone is counted at least once.