Friday, March 26, 2010

Celebrating these people...? WHY?

The "gate crashers" at the White House Indian dinner have a TV deal....HERE's the scoop.
Octamom is famous for having had 8 children without a dad and losing a home and making a fool of herself.
Kate Gosselin is famous for..............I give up...WHY? (I honestly don't know....)

Is this what America admires now? These are people who get tons of attention for doing things that don't really seem to merit such renown. And there are more like them but I don't keep up on this type of person (I mean I really do NOT KNOW what made Gosselin a household name). What's this a symptom OF?

It scares the heck out of me, I'll tell you.



The Born Again American said...

And then there's the millions of Tea Party Patriots who aren't even acknowledged in Time magazine's year in pictures... Go figure...

Do you think George Washington would have his own reality show?

Opus #6 said...

This is a symptom of American's needs to feel better about themselves. By reading gossip mags, we see how messed up other people are, and feel better by comparison. Laughing at and putting down others for their failings is a lowbrow way of propping up ones self esteem.

Beth said...

Good point, Opus, spot on!

The Merry Widow said...

It also is a sign of a lack of education and a lack of good character.

A coarsening of society...


Always On Watch said...

What's this a symptom OF?

Bread and circuses.

Linda said...

This is the symptoms of the 'dumbing down of America'. If these people are put before the American people, and our minds are taken off the things that are really important, many things get passed with out an awareness of our country.

Thanks to all the bloggers, such as yourself, who keep us informed. I am so glad Fox news is still on the air.

JINGOIST said...

It's a symptom of societal rot and decay. So is electing a ghetto commie to the highest office in the land.

Ducky's here said...

Just the "free market" giving the peeps what they want.

Ducky's here said...

I am so glad Fox news is still on the air.


Q. E. D.

Ducky's here said...

And let's not forget Sarah Palin. Now that's mediocrity.

MK said...

That's the way society is going Z, it's moral decay all over the place. From government downwards, it's not the hard-working and decent people who get the rewards and attention.

It's the sluts, the crack-heads, the lazy, the parasites and the useless leeches that get money and attention thrown at them.

Chuck said...

Z, I thin this whole reality TV bit is driving people to do ignorant stunts. As examples look at the WH gate crashers, balloon boy, etc.

Duckhead, you have quite an obsession with Sarah Palin there. Don't be embarrassed, she is very attractive.

Ducky's here said...

Nah Chcuk, way too short.

I'm 6' 4".

And remember Rule 1: Sooner or later you have to talk to them.

Chuck said...

Give yourself credit Duck, your intelligent enough to carry on a conversation with Sarah. She can talk slow and use small words for you, she is used to talking to her kids.

Ducky's here said...

What ever happened to Farmer John?

Anonymous said...

As dumb as it is, ‘reality’ programming attracts people because this is what their parents watch on television (poor modeling), and it is what they learn in school. Do you remember how stupid televised wrestling was? Reality TV appeals to the same kind of person, it is just a modified format. It is part of the grand conspiracy among the leftist educationalists and Hollywood crowd to destroy America from the inside out. Mustang isn’t paranoid; there is nothing imaginary about this.

Mustang out

FrogBurger said...

It's because the left has a mental disorder.

6'4" Ducky? That explains it. Not enough blood is coming to the brain because of gravity.

Leslie said...

It is a combination of things.

People are naturally curious and want to know about everyone else's business --the more scandalous the better. This idea branches off into many psychological reasons for why scandal is so appealing too. Who is satisfied with their lives? The dissatisfaction with life can be a heavy draw to the reality shows, viewing people who have it worse off or have continual drama makes another's life look much better.

Naturally, not wanting to miss an opportunity to continue the destruction of the American society, leftist take advantage (per usual) of the less intelligent, the lazy, and the people trapped within destructive cycles, by promoting such garbage on the ol' boob tube.

The big difference here is character. Those with character and fortitude who find themselves in a dissatisfactory life get off their butts and do something productive to change that status. Others who have no motivation and who ultimately like to soak in their own refuse, sit on their butts watching mind numbing television shows and idolize the 'real life' characters.

Anyway, I could go on, but most of your readers know the rest of the cycle --those living in reality that is. :)

What Was I Thinking? said...

It scares the hell out of me as well.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Do you think George Washington would have his own reality show?..good sick Z!

Z said...

Woman...only if he were gay and living with a German Shepherd.

You know, he might have been both those things but we didn't have to KNOW ABOUT IT...we respected the person for what they WERE, for their CHARACTER but now...not so much.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand reality shows. What a waste of time. I watched the first Survivor show to see what it was all about, and that was enough for me.

It's living vicariously, like someone peeping through a keyhole.

Why anyone would suffer humiliation
and exposure of their weaknesses for a few minutes of fleeting "fame" is beyond me.

Here we are in 2010, and we are mired in gossip, tabloidism, and exhibitionism. Lovely huh? Progress? I don't think so.

To me it's all so meaningless and shallow, and it reflects what passes for hollywood entertainment these days.

It's cheaper to produce, and is basically pablum geared to young people who should be learning something of substance.

I agree with Linda and Jingo. Dumbing down is exactly what it is. Rot and decay. There's more to life than being a spectator. What a waste!


Beth said...

The one reality show I like is Extreme Makeover:Home Edition, because it shows what people coming together for a good cause can do.

heidianne jackson said...

aside from extreme makeover: home edition, i have never watched a reality show. never had any inclination to do so. aside from news, lakers and a couple of goofy shows i watch with fred each week i'm not a t.v. sort of person.

bread and circuses is exactly right, aow. it's hollywood standing up and shouting "let them eat cake" and throwing more crap at us. for each person watching that filth instead of being an involved, politically active person, the leftards further their agenda just a little bit more.

Ducky's here said...

DOOCY: So, are you ready to join the tea party people?

VICTORIA JACKSON: I am the tea party people. We're beginners at this political activism and it's all new to us and it's kind of cute 'cause we're shy, we hold up our signs like this, you know, despite what they say about us, I have never done anything like this, but we have to because the president is a Communist.


Anyone remember when she did that "I Am Not a Bimbo" act on SNL?

Z said...

Ducky, she was at the one Tea party I went to....and, sadly, she's right...bimbo? ABSOLUTELY. Definitely not a favorite of mine and she sure doesn't represent me.

Do those guys who trash buildings and threaten voters on your side represent you?

Did it take you a while to research someone you hoped might draw a broad brush over all of us here..Victoria Jackson? You must be kidding!

As for Reality Shows, I've only watched maybe 2 of the Home Makeover ones and agree that those are really uplifting.

Z said...

Ducky, does Jerry Springer the liberal with that TV show America should be so proud of represent you, too?

They show his show on French TV at 4:00 every day...and the left, which produces that crap, wonders so pitifully why EUROPE HATES US!
You can't make this stuff up

Always On Watch said...

I cannot abide "reality" TV. Boring, boring, boring.

Anonymous said...

Just more of the moral and cultural degeneration and disintegration that's been overtaking us ever since the rise of Marxist Professors, Hollywood and the Pop Music Industry.

We've been on our down into the sewers all our lives, but are just beginning to realize it.

It's like that famous frog in the pot who remains unaware he is being boiled to death until a second or two before his life ends.


~ FreeThinke

Faith said...

I've got to admit I'm a sucker for SOME reality TV which is why I no longer have a TV. Well, I never hooked up the digital box so I can't watch it even if it is still sitting there. Yeah, I could get all wrapped up in Survivor, the Amazing Race and even for a short period, God help me, Big Brother. Yikes. Once you get into the characters you want to know what they're going to do next and who will win the next competition for king of the mountain and and and ... it's terrible. The level of thought on these programs is mind-deadening. It's UGLY. This is confession, folks. Please forgive me, please absolve me. But I've been clean for about three years now. Do I get a badge or something?

BB-Idaho said...

'Reality' shows seem popular. Don't know why (I cannot stand them, personally..'Ice Road Truckers, Alaska Fishermen' even intruding into channels supposedly devoted to history/discovery). But,
in discussing "why" on another blog, it was observed that they are considerably cheaper to produce than the standard fair which involves writers, producers, actors. So, I guess if it costs less to make them, it costs me nothing to turn them off....

MK said...

Whatever happened to Martha Coakley, how come she isn't at the top of the list, she's a democrat who lost in a democrat state to a republican. You don't get much more mediocre and l-o-s-e-r than that, so no surprises that hussein backed her. Perhaps it's too much for the left to bear.

cube said...

I admit I watch some cooking reality shows, but so what? What do I care what anybody thinks of what I watch on TV.

cube said...

I admit I watch some cooking reality shows, but so what? What do I care what anybody thinks of what I watch on TV.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone remember when she did that "I Am Not a Bimbo" act on SNL?"

Ducky, I remember. Yes she's a character. But, somehow, she has her priorities straight, which is more than we can say for you.

I'll bet you didn't know she's a devout Christian did you?

So, while you, a "tolerant" lefty, calls a certain kind of woman a "bimbo", she has it all over you.


Leticia said...

Glad I am not one of those reality tv fans. It's downright annoying. Give me Star Trek anytime or any tv show that has a plot.

What do I care what those people do? I have my own life to live. Good grief!

Z said... are absolved of all your sins, my child!! :-) heh heh!

Cube, if cooking shows are REALITY TV, I'm a reality show watcher, but I don't consider them that....they're contests and the best person wins! LOVE most of those! I think of Reality TV as looking into private lives, cameras in the house, bedroom, everywhere, people spilling their guts out, asking people to marry them whom they've known for 3 days, showing people in hot tubs kissing when you know it's REAL, not DRAMA makes my stomach hurt...yuck!
I absolve you of YOUR sin, too (and me, too!) :-)]

BB, that's a great point about their not costing so much. Thanks for the input. I'll just bet you'll be the first watching Sarah Palin's new Alaska Travel show, right? (yes, I'm kidding...I couldn't even watch THAT....that also makes my stomach turn)!! (believe it or not)

Leticia, I like your new avatar picture!

FT, it IS dismal.

Pris, I have to admit, that Tea Party Mr Z and I went to (I almost typed his name!!!) had Victoria Jackson there and I found myself just CRINGING, thinking "This is the best we've got?" But, of course, she's a good person with very good opinions and I do support her..but..............
I guess you had to be there!

Anonymous said...

I know Z, she's very different. Like I said, a character. But, what the heck, she put's herself out to be there like all the others, and she's sincere.


Anonymous said...

Well, she was certainly right about one thing: the president is a communist. There is no denying this, and anyone who attempts to tell me otherwise is a nitwit. And Fox News people showed their repugnant ignorance when they attempted to shut Ms. Jackson down.


Anonymous said...

Faith, you surprise me. I thought I knew you better than that. However, as you've said so many times, we are all sinners and vastly incapable of reaching perfection. I just thought you had much better taste than that, but then I used to love daytime soap operas when I was a kid in school. It was SO bad for while that I used to try to play sick, so I could see how the custody battle, the divorce or the agonies of terminal will were progressing.

I DID get over it, however, by the time I was fourteen.

For some reason -- I think of it as Grace -- I passed through the Sick-sties without ever having accepted one jot or tittle of the garbage that was force fed to the nation by the raging, out-of-control spoiled brats who'd been egged on by crafty Marxists to being the "deconstruction" of America.

Anyway, I'm glad you never feel prey to alcoholism, drug abuse, self-mutilation and the feeling that crime was AOK.

I looked at two or three episodes of the first "reality" show -- I think it was called Survivor -- and was so repulsed by the attitudes it exhibited and promoted, I felt as though the oxygen were being pumped out of my house.

I just HAD to get OUT of the ROOM.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Given a clear choice between watching an endless succession of new "reality" TV shows and the same black and white movie from the forties all day every day for a week at a time, I'll give you three guesses as to what I would choose?

There HAS to be alternative to CRAP TV, just as there HAS to be alternative to Obamacare.

Wouldn't you rather just DIE than knuckle under to tyranny?

I honestly believe I would.

Better a short life as a free person than a long one in the prison of a communist state.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Pris and Mustang, she sure was right about that.
But, ever since McCarthy days, you're a raving idiot to suggest anybody's a if it can't happen here and, of course, today our kids think "and why SHOULDN'T IT? What's WRONG with it?"

Thanks, Lib Teachers.

Faith said...

Alas, my reputation is shot forever now.

Survivor is indeed disgusting, I agree FT. Sometimes I watch things from a sociological perspective. Boy is THAT a prissy excuse! But I do. I'll watch despite being offended by everything they say and do. The whole show for instance is a multiculturalist propaganda piece. So is the Amazing Race.

But I do have to admit that it's the action that kept drawing me back, the intrigues and the physical and problem-solving competitions and the like. Your lowest common denominator attractions.

So I'm very glad I no longer have TV.

Anonymous said...

Dear, Faith,

Though we so often disagree on fundamental levels, I have always maintained a lot of respect for you.

In the system of values I believe in -- of which you've often disapproved -- I want to evaluate people by the BEST they exhibit, and I try not to find flaws so I have a good excuse to carp and insult, etc.

Not that I'm not critical -- as well you know -- I regard myself as an implacable enemy of Critical, Theory and all the tremendous evils it has spawned And, people who ALWAYS appear flippant, sarcastic, rude, unduly challenging, belligerent and furious repel me.

Never in my wildest fantasies or most irrational moments would I ever associate YOU with any of THAT.

We all have base instincts. We all succumb to them at times. I doubt if it's possible even to know what a "saint" migih BE, if one hasn't been a sinner first.

~ FreeThinke aka The Pompous Snot