Monday, March 29, 2010

Priscilla's Post ..... Every American should read this.....especially our young people

Here's another piece by our Priscilla....I thought this was a great way to start the she goes:

This is a short story about making it in America
It’s about faith in our country, and the opportunities that arise if you’re willing to be patient, take advantage of those open doors, and if you know in your heart it’s possible.

All you have to do is allow yourselves to believe, work hard, and look ahead. For some it’s easier than others, but never doubt you can do it and enjoy the ride. We did it the hard way, not all young people start with nothing. We did. But, we had each other, and that was what mattered most.

Mr. Pris worked two jobs for sixteen years and, at the same time, served 12 years in the National Guard. During his service, he found he could attend Officer’s Candidate School, (OCS) so he did. An open door, and he walked through it and became an officer.

At the same time, he worked for an aerospace company. He had the opportunity to work in an intelligence group and he took it. Another open door, and he walked through that one. Ultimately, he worked his way up to a prestigious career in intelligence.

We bought our first home seven years after we married, with our two little children in tow. I didn't have my very own new car until we were married for 26 years, and happily did without a lot of goodies in order to be home raising our children. All the while, we always moved forward step by step.

We never wanted help. Once when we bought our first house, we borrowed money from a relative and we paid it back with the same interest she was earning in her bank. She told us “no you don’t have to pay me interest“, but we would not have it any other way. Since that time, we bought a second home and here we stayed. We saved our money and now we are comfortable and not even close to rich. But, we have enough.

Married at eighteen, we did it ourselves, and Mr. Pris did more than his share. Today, our President says we’re selfish. Well, I'll never say I'm sorry! We owe no one anything. Now, it seems we're stuck paying for people who can help themselves. If they refuse to do so, tough! They haven't earned or learned a damn thing.

But, you know what? They don’t know what they’re missing, and I’m here to tell them, everyday you are your own master, you win.



The Born Again American said...

The entitlement generation (and that goes for all of them) needs to remember "what the government gives, the government can take away"... This applies to your soul as well... Every time you accept something that you don't rightfully earn, (being an American is something you must earn every day) you lose a piece of your soul... When you lose your soul, "game over", they win...

My story differs greatly, that's why I'm 59 years old and up to my eyeballs in debt... None the less, it's "MY" debt and I'm not expecting the government to "make it all better"... I got myself into it, and I'll damn sure get myself out of it...

Linda said...

Great story, Pris! We could almost be the same. We were 21 and 22 when we got married. My hubs came from a farming background. His dad died the week before he was 16. He was the oldest of 8 children, the youngest 18 months, and she was profoundly retarded. His mother took care of her, and V and his siblings took care of everything else.

The week before we got married, lightening hit 6 of his cattle and killed them. That was his profit for the year, but he just hitched up, and worked harder.

We bought a trailer home to live in. 3 days after we were married, the big flood of '65 came through and washed it down the river. We had to live with other people for 13 weeks before it was repaired. (Not fun for newly weds.) By the way, he was still in college full-time, and working a full-time job.

We've never bought a brand new car, but he did have one brand-new 1 ton truck. It is a 1980, and he is still driving it. His other one is a 1975!

7 years after we married, we moved back to KS. We were expecting our 3rd baby. He hung up a shingle, and has worked hard all his life. He built our home after hours of working all day. It took him 3 years, but when we moved in, it was ours.

We don't owe anyone any $, and we have some for retirement, but we were frugal. Our biggest 'mistake' were the dumb ostrich! That's a tale for another day.

Anyway, I agree, what the gov't gives, the gov't can take away.

Ducky's here said...

Military uh, good thing your husband wasn't gay. That would have closed a few doors.

Took a while to open some for women too and I doubt the far right was in the front of that battle.

Always On Watch said...

Married at eighteen, we did it ourselves, and Mr. Pris did more than his share. Today, our President says we’re selfish.

Maddening that BHO so denigrates the American work ethic. Maybe that's because he never worked a lick in his life.

Brooke said...

Wonderful post.

I see Ducky just HAD to find something negative to say that barely connects to the story.

Z said...

Ducky, Brooke is so right.... I was JUST going to say the same thing...
It can't be easy to try SO HARD to disparage anything good and honest like you do. I've got to hand it to you. But, it shows such a sour kind of disposition that you've kind of got my sympathy.
You read a piece (Did you read it?) about a happily married couple and find a GAY issue.

Well, it must keep you busy.

Born Again...somehow, the libs don't get "soul", that thing Pris spoke of at the end...that feeling of being YOUR OWN PERSON...
I think they LIKE being in debt...
I'll be hoping you can get yourself out of it; at least you admit it, which I greatly admire.

AOW....I think there's a LOT BHO hasn't done himself and he just can't quite figure out most Americans. Frankly, I don't think he's yet figured out true patriotism, sacrifice, and self-reliance. They're like a cross to his vampire somehow.

Anonymous said...

This confirms that Ducky is not from this planet.


FrogBurger said...

Great story. The American spirit herein described is noble. This is courage, strength and healthy pride.

Everything that the duckastic left hates because they have such contempt for indidivualism that they'd rather have you miserable and dependent to their collectivist programs and ideologies. They are so miserable in their minds that they want you to be miserable with them. It makes them feel better.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Selfish?? Oh, really??

Seems to be that those "selfish" individuals are those mandatorily TASKED and TAXED to support those NON-PRODUCERS in the nation who still VOTE, yet are naught but PARASITES on the backs of the working class AND the working poor.

I bought my first house in 1981. Both the wife and I worked at the time. We were paying $1,000 per month at 12% -- and had nothing left for anything else, essentially. Yet we worked our asses off, I worked massive amounts of available overtime. We didn't have a new car, no boat, no snowmobile, no diesel dually pickup, no RV, no pool, no time-share.

I haven't carried credit card debt over to another month in almost 30 years. If I couldn't pay for it in one month, I refused to buy it. I saved up for larger purchases when necessary. As a consequence I did "without" a lot of "stuff."

So, because of my more frugal lifestyle, I have to PAY for those free-spending assholes who are my neighbors and free-spending assholes in Washington?

Yes, says my government.


It must get SO tedious, Ducky, having a blazing V on your forehead 24/7. Race, gays, race, gays, race, gays. Damn, what ennui.

Z said...

SAM, that really set me to laughing..well said.

FB...leave it to a Frenchman like you to so appreciate this piece because it really DOES show America at ITS FINEST, the draw which would bring someone like you here...independence, self reliance..opportunity...
it's a gift to have you in AMerica.

BZ...BOY, you're wise....and honorable and careful.
And now, for ALL OF THAT, YOU are paying for all those who haven't been...GRRRR

beamish said...

Ducky's rather bitter about not being able to openly serve as a gay man in the military.

Z said...

I just heard a commercial promising all of us that some gov't company can lower our interest rates...we need this "BECAUSE OF THE DECLINE IN THE AMERICAN ECONOMY"
THAT'S a really positive message for Americans to hear, huh?
THE DECLINE OF THE AMERICAN stopped me dead in my tracks.

Also, are you hearing the Senate is calling in CEO's who had the gall to suggest their huge companies (Caterpillar, 3M, John Deere, etc.) will suffer under the healthcare bill?
They have been called by the WH and asked to stop that in apparently quite some rude terms......the company CEOs are calling it intimidation.DUH
WHAT THE HELL is going ON in this country?

Faith said...

Something is wrong with the comment feature here, Z. Many times I've had them abort a post after I've written it. Now I save it and post it again and it goes through then.

I've got a middle take on this topic of self responsibility. I'm totally against government support of people because it's stealing from others and it discourages resourcefulness and responsibility.

On the other hand I get very annoyed with conservatives who thump their chests about their wonderful work ethic and family values and success, which always seems to go along with their characterization of everybody who has failed to arrive at their level of success or who doesn't have their work ethic for that matter as freeloaders and wilful slobs.

Not that I want to deprive them of their achievements, but the pride and snotty sense of superiority to others is offensive, and I think that is what liberals rightly denounce as selfishness and lack of compassion in conservatives.

Yes you earned it the hard way and you have a right to it and the government has no right to take it from you but stuff the self-congratulatory pride. This is a fallen world and we're all moral failures in one way or another, including you, and as scripoture says, "What do you have that you haven't been given?" (by God) Others didn't have the same wonderful parenting or encouragement or moral education or support system or whatever is the essential difference between you and them, and no doubt some ARE just freeloaders, but THAT attitude I blame on the government welfare system.

The New Testament exhorts us to make money specifically for the purpose of helping others and not just take care of ourselves, did you know that?

beamish said...

The New Testament exhorts us to make money specifically for the purpose of helping others and not just take care of ourselves, did you know that?

Voluntarily, not forced to do so by a government.

The Bible also says "thou shakt not covet" and "thou shalt not steal" and "When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are safe" - three ideas that pretty much rule out socialism's denial of private property.

The parable of the talents is a very much an endorsement by Jesus of investment capitalism.

FrogBurger said...

I wish they could lower my taxes before lowering interest rates. I work hard, save money, have no debt and all I am doing is paying taxes. Just got my bill. And it's insane, especially in CA. Legalized theft. I'm furious because it all goes to union gov workers and their nice benefits.

beamish said...


See this:

beamish said...

Leticia said...

WOW!! Awesome story. That is definitely living the American dream NOT the Obama dream,

Faith said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone.

I know this story could be told by millions of Americans. Ours is just one example of how living in America, you can be independent, maintain your dignity, and succeed, if that's your dream.

Whether it be a middle class success or an upper class success or whatever class. It doesn't matter what your goal is, it matters that you have one, and understand it's up to you.

Linda - You and your husband had some bad luck, and difficulty not of your making, but your story is great because you both overcame those difficulties and never gave up. To me it's the true American way.

Btw, that first new car of mine? I drove it for 17 years, until it finally gave out for good. So I know where you're coming from.

I'll look forward to your ostrich story, if you've a mind to tell it.

Ducky - In those days gay people didn't have parades, or expect everyone to make exceptions for them. They did what everyone else did, they worked, and lived their private lives how they pleased.

Plus, I have no doubt they practiced "don't ask don't tell" without it being a government policy.

As for women I hate to burst your bubble Ducky, but my two aunts, during the thirties, then young women, both worked. Of course during WWII scores of women worked to contribute to the war effort.

When I applied for a job, it was a woman who interviewed me. I was hired and my immediate boss was a woman and the supervisor was a woman.

Believe it or not Ducky, there was life before the Sixties!

Faith - first of all, I know we were not unique. You surely will allow me though, to laud my husband who I believe did more than he had to do. And I appreciate every day what he did for our family, and I love him for it.

Yes Americans were a proud people, who could bind a contract with a handshake, and keep their word. I'm not saying those people don't exist today, but fewer today than then.

However, One needs enough pride so as to choose not to work the system for advantage he does not need, because he can.

I wrote this post mainly to young people, as hopeful, and to reject a government which would steal their dignity and self respect for what they think is free stuff.
And yes to have some pride in themselves.
Indeed to resist it.

And what makes you think Faith, that we don't give to help others? Or that I haven't volunteered my time to others?

You don't know, and the reason you don't is because I think it would have been self-serving of me to have mentioned it.

Anyway, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I can't relate my story any other way except as it was and is. I choose to have a more positive outlook, and hope for the future. I'm compelled to for my children and my grandson.


Anonymous said...

"Indeed to resist it.
And yes to have some pride in themselves."

Oops, this is how I meant that phrasing.


Mona said...

So many people have bought into the "deserve" mentality. 'I've worked hard so I "deserve" a nice vacation.' 'She's a good wife, so she "deserves" a diamond.' Like it or not, we don't get what we deserve. That isn't how the world works.
For the last few years I have noticed how advertising is increasingly geared toward what we 'deserve'. It gets into our heads and tells us that we need more than we can ever have. What we "deserve" is unsustainable. And now the mentality of 'deserve' is used like a weapon by the government against those who have worked hard to get their piece of the pie. They are American (or at least live here) so they 'deserve' free healthcare. Does it follow that you have worked hard all of your life so you 'deserve' to have the government take away all you have worked for?

Faith said...

I didn't suggest you didn't give, I didn't suggest you shouldn't appreciate what you have earned, and I believe heartily that what you earned is yours to keep and think government should leave you alone.

I was objecting to what I find among conservatives to be an attitude toward others who couldn't get it together as you did, thinking of them as morally deficient to you. It's common among conservatives and it's there in your last paragraphs. No, I don't think you owe them or anybody anything. It's the attitude of moral superiority that bugs me. I also hate the attitude of moral superiority on the leftist side even more.

Leslie said...

Jesus told us to help others and to love our neighbor, but he never said to freeload off of others. The bible also says if a man doesn't work he doesn't eat --which points to the fact that it is man's responsibility to work for his living.

What Faith fails to realize is that not every "freeloader" or person who gains from Government welfare is from a broken home and life --some are just lazy. And not every 'conservative' who has success was born with a silver spoon in their mouths --many have struggled through very traumatic and crappy lives. The difference here is those who over come and those who do not. It is not a superiority complex.

So the prideful one is this commenter, who berates others for using generalities yet her comments are filled with generalities and assumptions. She has no idea where everyone comes from. To assume that every conservative's success is because of great parents or great homes and such is misconstrued.

I note how reference is made to the bible saying "this and that," yet no solid reference is made to where such things are stated in the Bible. Concepts have been taken from the Bible out of context in her comment. Nowhere does Jesus tell us specifically to make money in order to give to others, just as it does not tell people to sit in the mire of their past and their failures and soak up the resources of others. Nor does it tell us to give the government control of charity. The Bible clearly teaches the Church body to care for the needy --not government subsidies.


Anonymous said...

And the "disadvantaged" and illegals....keep movin to the head of the line.

Law and Order Teacher said...

This is a great story. It sounds familiar to me as we have conducted ourselves similarly in our over 35 years of marriage. You can succeed and survive in this country if you are willing to work hard and work smart.

I learned by delivering papers at 4AM, cutting grass, shoveling snow and caddying at the golf course. All hard work, but it taught me the value of money and that if I wanted it I had to work for it.

Novel concept today that's for sure. Entitled? We are entitled to an equal chance. As George Will said, Conservatives expect equality of opportunity, liberals expect equality of outcome.

Beth said...

I posted something yesterday about how Hollywood never seems to make movies about people receiving their welfare check and then doing something amazing, no, their stories are always about people like Pris or any number of ingenious and hard working (and yes sometimes lucky but mostly just doing the right thing) people. Why is that? Maybe because it is meaningful and inspiring and simply beautiful.

God bless those who live the American dream because they make it happen!

Z said...

Faith, you say "I was objecting to what I find among conservatives to be an attitude toward others who couldn't get it together as you did, thinking of them as morally deficient to you. It's common among conservatives and it's there in your last paragraphs. No, I don't think you owe them or anybody anything. It's the attitude of moral superiority that bugs me. I also hate the attitude of moral superiority on the leftist side even more."

I think we go too far with our words to make a point and that most of us here understand there are plenty of people who have tried and have worked hard and have had very bad luck and just can't get it going financially...I believe we ALL have sympathy, even empathy, for them. I don't feel superior to them, I don't think anybody else does, either.

I do feel that people like Pris and Law and Order and the others here who've talked of their own lives deserve to be applauded...
And deserve to feel some pride in their accomplishments.

I also believe that those here who remind us that giving shouldn't be forced are correct in that thinking....
Especially as Christians, we can't look at those with less and not help somehow...whether it's time OR talent.

If Americans honored God again and churches were flourishing, so many wouldn't have to go to BIG GOV'T for handouts. If the left hadn't made it normal and acceptable for people to get welfare, Americans would still be ashamed to take it, whether that's deserved or not.

The churches used to help so much, and they can't anymore, really....was this intentional on the part of the Left, to weaken the morals and faith of Americans so they'd stop attending, stop supporting faith-based places which HELPED and GAVe.....? Sometimes I think so.

christian soldier said...

Hi Z- I answered your question to the post below this one--don't know if you got it so I'll re-comment part of it here:
Z-I didn't say -stay home--
If there is a token (lesser of two evils) Republican that is foisted upon us by the GOP-I say-no vote!!!
Go to the polls and vote for the other candidates or the issues...

I don't like to break thread --did want to clarify though....
Have a wonderful Maunday Thursday--wish I could be there to hear you :-)

Z said...

thanks for your good wishes for Thursday..I wish you could come, too.
No problem breaking thread...
I still see that 'no vote' as a vote for the left, not voting, they win!
We have to try to get the Republicans to nominate only really good conservatives and, if they don't, vote for their people then rally to bring them around to true see what I mean?

Anonymous said...

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