Monday, March 15, 2010

"Julie and Julia"...DNC AD? Did they have to PAY?

I just watched the film "Julie and Julia". It's not a bad film at all. It's also a free ad for the Democrats. I was stunned. Not that I haven't seen constant Republican bashing over the years, but the comments in the film were quite something. As a matter of fact, just before "Julie and Julia", there was that standard long line of trailers before the film which I'd rented on NetFlix and one was a film with Hugh Grant and Jessica Parker, "Did You Hear about the Morgans?"...the preview had a scene where they go to some cowboy town (they're New York elitists who had to very begrudgingly leave town on a witness protection program) and run into a woman about whom Parker very disdainfully says "oh, NO.........Sarah Palin!" Okay, I thought...let's pretend we didn't hear that get down to the one I want to SEE, Netflix...OKAY? And, my film started........

The film's divided into Julia's life in Paris in the early fifties and Julie's life in Queens, NYC in 2002. First, it made me weepy because Julia's part takes place in Paris and Mr Z and I lived there for the exact amount of time the Childs did...four years. Julia says Mr. Child talks about how she would rather shop for food than clothes and, brother, that was ME (still is, by the way). Mr. Z said exactly the same thing about me. Julia mentions her husband says that because she's tall and can't find clothes to fit her in Paris. I'm tall, too, not heavy, but tall, and I had a tough time finding clothes there, too. Practically anyone who's not a size 2 has trouble! And that's really only a slight exaggeration.

Julia Child never loved a bite of French food more than I did. This, I am sure of. Mr Z and I took GREAT pleasure in eating out quite often. We also went to several American or German embassy events, as depicted in the film when the Childs also went to them. I also took classes at the Cordon Bleu, as she did. I have wonderful stories to tell about those days and will...perhaps on my food blog, Mac 'n GeeeeeZ. ANYWAY, because of all the things the Z's and the Childs had in common while in France, the film was full of REALLY wonderful if painful memories for me now (we LOVED living in Paris and it's almost hurt to see certain locations on TV since we returned 7 years ago but it's especially painful since Mr. Z's passed away).... I was enjoying the film and then it started with the Republican bashing........

First, there was talk between the Childs about Joe McCarthy and the "disgusting" associated government of America at the if everyone in that government was Joe McCarthy (and as if he was so bad, but that's not the topic of this post)...... THEN, Julia's sister arrives and they sit and commiserate about why the sister's not married "I'm VERY tall!" They laugh and agree about that and then Julia says "We were supposed to stay in Pasadena! And MARRY REPUBLICANS! Bwaahhhaaaa!!" shuddering as they laugh. Ya. (can't you imagine the GLEE with which lefty Meryl Streep says that?)

Then, we go to Julie Powell in Queens, living with her husband and cooking Julia's recipes every day for a year and blogging on that experience and she stays home sick one day though she's not sick and her boss calls her in the next morning........."Julie, I know you weren't really sick.......A REPUBLICAN WOULD FIRE YOU! I'M not a SHMUCK!"

Nice, huh? And even our lefty trolls here disagree that anybody bashes Republicans in films....the idea of which is ridiculous, silly, and downright FALSE.

So, I'd see the film if you haven't's kind of cute and quite well done, though the ending really went to hell in a handbag somehow..........but, please, people, aren't YOU tired of the constant nasty Republican comments? I AM. (And, really, shouldn't the DNC PAY for 'ads' in films like these?!!!)

Meanwhile, I just saw this in a NY Times article on Liz Cheney....


Anonymous said...

I saw the film and liked it, mainly because I daydream about going to Paris and eating all that good food. :-)

Julie's boss was a complete troll, though. He was a standard non-thinking gas-bag. Irritating, like so many liberals are in reality.

Am I tired of the nasty comments about Republicans from the media?

Nah. It's just reflective of their mentality. I think it's their not-so-subtle tactic to spread fear and loathing among those who can't think for themselves.

Leticia said...

I saw the previews and it's just not my cup of tea. It looked boring to be honest.

Glad I didn't rent it now that you mentioned the Republican bashing. Can they get a little more original?

Z, if you like comedies I have a great one for you. It's called, "Old Dogs" starring John Travolta and Robin Williams with Seth Green. I cannot tell you how hard my friends and I laughed. It was so good we watched it again, hee.... The best part, it is absolutely clean.

I am looking forward to reading about your stay in Paris. I am just sorry that it will cause you emotional pain. Mr. Z was precious.

Anonymous said...

Well, I remember the REAL Julia from her earliest days on TV. I loved her, loved all the knowledge and fun she gave us, and hate to think of her in a political context at all.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the entertainment, and news industries -- along with Gagademia -- take any and every opportunity to slam the Right. It's what they DO.

Take a look at the Home & Garden channel. They're pushing leftist BS so hard it's a wonder they don't all suffer from hernias.

Z is wonderful in the way she keeps track of the bias and keeps bringing it to our attention with SPECIFIC instances.

I've FELT it since the sick-sties, but Z has DOCUMENTED it. As she once said, she should have filed it all and written a book.

But the Goldbergs -- both Bernie and Jonah (unrelated as far as I know) -- have done an excellent job of that, themselves.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Jen, I'd love to take you to Paris :-) We could eat our way through it..and LOOK our way through it. If you brought your camera, I know I'd never see you, you'd be so rapt in snapping! My dining room wall has two rows of nothing but PARIS WINDOWS I took, all framed the same, in two equal lines, one above the other....I wish you could see them.

Leticia, if you like to cook and would like to see Paris, you'd like the film, really!!!

I'll have to check out OLD DOGS, thanks!

FT..good point...those books really do have a lot, don't they. I still wish I'd kept record! :-)

Anonymous said...

If we could just have a campaign finance law to restrict political advocacy groups, we'd be able to get our infomation from unbiased sources like Hollywood and network news.


Faith said...
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Faith said...

I wanted to see that movie. Now I don't know if I can stomach it. Aargh. Maybe if I put it off long enough to forget about the liberal lines in it.

Now I'm thinking of another movie both actresses starred in: Doubt. I got quite engrossed in it. The acting is good, the characters are good, the story is involving. But at the end I hated it and gave it a very low rating at Netflix because the whole thing seemed to add up to a depiction of Christian faith as suspicious and bitter and out to get the innocent victim. Not that such themes haven't occurred in Christian history of course, but I really resented how the film seemed to delight in it as definitional.

Z said...

Faith, you said "but I really resented how the film seemed to delight in it as definitional." Wow, you really captured a feeling I've had; it's one thing to have a differing opinion, but what they DO is definitional, great term. They say it, and there CAN be no other way of looking at something.
Tonight, I was watching O'Reilly and Rove was on...Dana Milbank, of the WA Post, really criticized Rove's new book and O'Reilly finally said "well, everyone else is wrong and Milbank is just right, that's all" (Sarcastically)..that really fits in with what you and I are saying here....
That's other way of looking at ANYTHING.
Like this health care bill from the leftwingers...THAT'S IT....we've DEFINED what YOU NEED.
Not to digress too far here, but did you hear Pelosi say "let's pass this bill so we can tell you what's in it?"
Hubris of the 1000th degree. crack me UP:-)

Faith said...

Right, they aren't content to get us to ponder complex realities and possibilities, remaining open to changing their minds, they've got to PREACH at us and MAKE us accept their view of it.

Doubt could have been a very interesting and human study in suspiciousness but somehow, I'm not even sure how, by the end there was no doubt that this state of mind was intended to represent traditional Christianity.

Ducky's here said...

Not a bad film at all. People underestimate how much influence Childs had on the culture.

Still, I hope a few folks get confused and queue "Jules and Jim" by mistake.

Ducky's here said...

.REALLY? Odd word, isn't it? And, geeeeeZ, I wonder if those same 'critics' get 'outraged' at the kinds of lines in films these days against the Right?


Then the right should make their own.

Why have very overtly right wing films generally been failures? Figure that out and correct the problem. Not my issue.

Anonymous said...

Ducky's a SNOT!

Z said...

Ducky "Why have very overtly right wing films generally been failures? Figure that out and correct the problem. Not my issue."

Like The PASSION OF CHRIST? Or BLIND SIDED? Name us a film that didn't do pretty darned well at the box office!! :-)

cube said...

I love Julia Child and, although she probably was a liberal in real life, I don't like her memory being politicized.

Meryl, just shut up and act.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but had I known of her political bias, even against her father, I never would have watched any of her shows, nor would I have bought any of her books! Too bad if I'm narrow-minded, but I believe in voting with my wallet.