Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Irish Blessing on St Patrick's Day........

Please know that I wish all the blessings in this gorgeous video to you and yours...........
Happy St. Patrick's Day........................Love, Z


Anonymous said...

Not that I'm Irish, but I've always liked St. Patrick's Day because it sort of marks the end of winter and the thought that spring is in the air. Another reason for me is that it's my wedding anniversary. A date that one can never forget if it comes on a recognized day like St. Patrick's Day.

That was an inspiring video, Z.


cube said...

We're all at least part Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

I've always loved the day, but especially since St. Paddy's Day became my youngest daughter's birthday eve. She will be 16 tomorrow.

BTW there is an Irish toast for you at my blog.

Brooke said...

A happy St. Patrick's day to you, Z! :)

Faith said...

Sweet video. And I too like St. Patrick's day, particularly since reading a good book about him a couple years ago. He's nothing like the legends -- and those pictures of him with the pointy hat are ridiculously inappropriate.

He was a truly God-inspired man called from England to take the gospel to the Irish after having been enslaved by the Irish for six years. He lived in the roughest conditions imaginable, he was no bishop in fancy robes.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Top 'o the mornin to ya Z..blessings to you this fine St Pattys!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Those pictures are beyond beautiful -- they seem to connect you with Eternity and instill a sense of inner peace. The music -- Down by the Sally Gardens -- is haunting, yet further instills a sense of peace.

The message is perfect -- exactly what we need to hear -- and to feel -- especially at this crossroads in our history.

Finding and posting this item was a true inspiration.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I hope Faith and others enjoy this:

To Saint Patrick

Teacher of the Christian faith of old,
Once a boy in Britain, then a priest,
Stuff of myth and legend you were sold
As chattel into Ireland where you ceased
In slavery your native pagan ways.
Needing help you found, while tending sheep,
The Master Shepherd, who then filled your days
Plenteously with zeal that spoiled your sleep.
A fierce determination to convert
The Irish to the way of Christ, the King
Resolved the old religion to subvert
Instilling awe which steeple bells still ring.
Christian rites set Gaelic hearts ablaze
Kindled by a man of English ways.

~ FreeThinke (1996)

Faith said...

It's nice, FT. Not QUITE accurate according to what I've read. I didn't know anything about him until I read that book so I'm glad to see you knew of him and could write a poem about him.

Z said...

Faith, I think a lot of old church 'God inspired' men do still wear the pointed hats and robes, especially in the Orthodox honor of those priests in Hebrews that mention this...pointing to the heavens with the head dress, covering their own clothing in humility..donning the robes of a Priest while remembering they are annointed by the church to give communion, etc., not that THEY are so important but are doing the church appointed work of GOd.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Z, for this beautiful blessing.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you
and all who come here.


beamish said...

I'm only a quarter-Irish so I'm only going to drink 6 shots of whiskey and fight three people tonight.

Always On Watch said...

What a beautiful video, Z!

I needed that.

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patty's Day Z!

The Hill Chronicles

Z said...

Layla, I wish you'd help me get into your blog. At least I was able to see some ways to subscribe even if I couldn't figure it OUT!
Now I see nothing.
Thanks for coming by.

Leticia said...

Beautiful video. This just gives me more incentive to visit Ireland.

Anonymous said...

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