Saturday, March 20, 2010

A very ANGRY Z follows this excellent new addition of Priscilla's Post on the Health Care vote.....

When Franklin D. Roosevelt was President, the Democrats did agree to much of what we're suffering from today, but, I think the left wasn't what it is today. The Congress did stop him from loading the Supreme Court, and they did vote to limit the Presidency to two terms. I think they did that because they saw the power Roosevelt was attempting to wrest from Congress and the people.

Today, the left is a real threat to this country. More powerful, more entrenched and ruthless, and I think during the late 30's and early 40's there were Democrat statesmen who believed in the Constitution and had the influence to call a halt to Roosevelt's power grab.

Yes, the sun will come up, etc. But if this bill passes, America will be changed forever. Furthermore, if Obama and the Democrats successfully use the Slaughter rule, they will use it again unless the planned suit stops them. This would effectively nullify the sixty vote filibuster. We're experiencing what tyranny is at this very moment. Some seem a bit resigned to this, and that is a mistake.

Here is what Dennis Prager said. He said, "If this passes Sunday, regardless of how it passes, it will be the beginning of a second civil war". Not a violent one, but a civil war nonetheless. I agree with him. I've felt it coming as if it's inevitable.

Thirty seven states are set to sue the federal government to opt out of this health care bill. That's a shot across the left's bow. So now, we have to pray hard that the resistance remains and becomes a force they can no longer ignore. My greatest concern is that those now in power may become more militant, and descend into violent suppression. But, we cannot give up. Never. If that should happen, God help us all....By Pris

Thanks SO much for another terrific Priscilla's Post, Pris...well done. I want to add something since I read this and am hearing the television in the other room:

I don't know if any of you are watching the Democrat pep rally right now, but Harry Reid just referred to Pelosi as "The greatest leader of the House in America's history". This is the kind of mentality we're dealing be 'great' the Democrats apparently believe you must be excellent at deals behind closed doors, lying to the public, and excluding the other party and telling the media to tell Americans the other party wouldn't get involved, not could not. Also, IS IT CONSTITUTIONAL TO HAVE AN EARMARK SAYING THAT ONLY THE GOVERNMENT CAN GIVE STUDENT LOANS NOW? IS IT CONSTITUTIONAL TO DEMAND THAT EVERY AMERICAN BUYS HIMSELF HEALTH INSURANCE? Does shredding the constitution really make a GREAT SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE?

I want to also add another thing here; It's going to pass, I can't imagine it NOT passing if Obama's there with Reid and Pelosi now and acting as if it's going to pass; he couldn't risk this, otherwise. BUT, as fearful as I am about what this bill will do, I'm more fearful that we have a president and others who actually think the American government can do a good job running health care and that it actually will save us money!! Amazing that they can't figure out that 30,000,000 more on the dole and many fewer doctors will work. I can't say much more right now, I'm hearing Obama and he's been so utterly INSULTING to this country that I have no comment....except to add that he is TRULY the first American president to disrespect us so much that I hear him now actually suggesting we will be able to keep our health insurance. After Blue Shield has to close because of what he's done and mandated, I'll be out of insurance. Will you? Is he this uninformed or only this dishonest and desperate? And, he's bashing cable television know that's not CNN cable viewers, don't you. He's bashing for their supposed "fear mongering" and "misinformation", saying the Right's afraid that this whole program might work and the Dems will be a huge success. I'm done. Some president, huh? I hear him now saying "If you think the status quo is better, you shouldn't vote for this bill." It's either this bill or we're doomed?? Some thinking going on there, huh? Tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

I pray every day FOR violence.

VIOLENCE is the ONLY way this group of USURPERS could POSSIBLY be UNSEATED.

DYING for FREEDOM is better than LIVING as a a SLAVE of the STATE.

I live comfortably and beautifully. I am privileged, and have sense enough to know it.

I'm also pretty OLD, so at this point I think it would be MUCH better to LOSE EVERYTHING I HAVE fighting to try to KEEP it, than just to sit and WAIT for these BASTARDS -- and that is exactly what they are in the truest sense of the word -- BASTARDS -- to come and TAKE it from me.

Too bad I'm nearly blind and never learned to handle a gun.

It's COMING. The SECOND American Revolution is coming. It MUST, or all the sacrifices our ancestors made in building and maintaining this nation will have been in vain.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

It may seem hopeless but now is NO time to give up. CALL these numbers. TELL them. It's hard to get through, but I've had at least a FIVE-PERCENT success rate. Better than nothing. TRY! TRY! TRY! TRY! TRY!

FORGET emailing these creeps. They WILL NOT ACCEPT any emails from out side their district. PERIOD!

House Democrats on the fence:

Brian Baird (WA-03)

Jason Altmire (PA-4)
202-225- 2565

Lincoln Davis (TN-04)

Glenn Nye (VA-02)

John Tanner (TN-08)

Harry Teague (NM-02)

John Boccieri (OH-16)

Suzanne Kosmas (FL-24)

Scott Murphy (NY-20)

Joseph Cao (R-LA)

Harry Mitchell
(202) 225-2190
(480) 946-2411

Gabrielle Giffords
(202) 225-2542
(520) 881-3588

Ann Kirkpatrick
(202) 225-2315
(928) 226-6914

Jerry McNerney
(202) 225-1947

John Salazar

Jim Himes
(202) 225-5541
(866) 453-0028

Alan Grayson
(202) 225-2176
(407) 841-1757

Bill Foster
(202) 225-2976

Baron Hill
202 225 5315
812 288 3999

Mark Schauer
(202) 225-6276
(517) 780-9075

Gary Peters
(202) 225-5802
(248) 273-4227

Dina Titus
(202) 225-3252
702-256-DINA (3462)

Carol Shea-Porter
(202) 225-5456
(603) 743-4813

Tim Bishop
(202) 225-3826
(631) 696-6500

John Hall
(202) 225-5441
(845) 225-3641 x49371

Bill Owens
(202) 225-4611
(315) 782-3150

Mike Arcuri

Dan Maffei
(202) 225-3701
(315) 423-5657

Earl Pomneroy
(202) 225-2611
(701) 224-0355

Steven Driehaus
(202) 225-2216
(513) 684-2723

Mary Jo Kilroy
(202) 225-2015
(614) 294-2196

Zach Space
(202) 225-6265
(330) 364-4300

Kathy Dahlkemper
(202) 225-5406
(814) 456-2038

Patrick Murphy
(202) 225-4276
(215) 826-1963

Christopher Carney
(202) 225-3731
(570) 585-9988

Paul Kanjorski
(202) 225-6511
(570) 825-2200

John Spratt
(202) 225-5501
(803) 327-1114

Tom Perriello
(202) 225-4711
(276) 656-2291

Alan Mollohan
(202) 225-4172
(304) 623-4422

Nick Rahall
(202) 225-3452
(304) 252-5000

Steve Kagen
(202) 225-5665
(920) 437-1954

~ FreeThinke

KEEP TRYING. It's NOT a waste of time. It' sour ONLY hope. Remember the words of John Paul Jones right after his ship was shot out from under him:


~ FreeThinke

Z said... are a FORCE and I salute you, sir! :-)

It's very scary and I'm going to go watch a movie to get AWAY from the television coverage......I quite literally can't stand it.

be well..x

Anonymous said...


House Dems drop 'deem and pass'...

PELOSI FLASHBACK: We Don't Have The Votes To Pass The Senate Bill...

SOURCE: They're going to vote for the 'fix it' bill, before voting on Senate-passed bill. They're going to vote against it, before voting for it...

Whoa! Obama actuary CAN'T analyze bill in time...

Boehner asks Pelosi for 'call of the roll'...

President Heads to Hill...

Health Vote and the Constitution...

Obama promises broken in final bill...

House Leaders Work to Defuse 11th-Hour Fight Over Medicare...

Hatch: House Dems 'Nuts' to Think Sunday Vote Settles It...


Rules Committee meeting descends into chaos...

VIDEO: Key House Dem Declares: 'There Ain't No Rules Here ... We Make 'Em Up As We Go Along'...

~ Do NOT give up HOPE that this rotten thing CAN be defeated. We have NOTHING to GAIN from ACCEPTING DEFEAT in ADVANCE.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Dear, Z,

I am not watching TV. I couldn't stand it either. I might have a STROKE.

And I thought Gore/Bush fight was the worst thing that ever happened to us. HAH!

A Sunday School Picnic in comparison to this.

Enjoy your movie. Nothing on here worth watching. Saturday TV is always LOUSY.

Perhaps it's time I started pickling my liver? I've ALWAYS avoided that, BUT ... Alcoholism is better than Communism. (:-x

~ FT

Z said...

I don't know, having dinner at a French place with 3 friends tonight...and TRUST ME, a Cosmoplitan or Martini STEW (one with 3 olives...2 is Martini soup!) and at least one glass of red wine will follow with my Moulles et Frite! :-)

Anonymous said...


Rules Committee meeting descends into chaos

Its a legislative game of Twister
and no one can find the spinner

As Time Grows Short, the Search for Ayes Narrows to a Dozen or So Lawmakers

Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

America flooding Congress with telephone calls; Roll Call says double Capitol switchboard's capacity

If you aren't calling you should be on a train, plane or in a car to Washington right now. Rally starts at noon.

Final health bill omits some of Obama's promises

Fast readers are finding pot holes, loop holes and a whole lot of lyin' going on.

Chaos: Stupak proposal riles pro-choice Dems
but shows Pelosi may not have the votes

Hang on, Stupak, hang on.

Acorn on Brink of Bankruptcy,Two Leaders Say

Andrew Breitbart, take a bow. Now take another one.

Fox News Poll: 68% Say Vote Out All Incumbents

Hopefully, house members will read this on their way to vote.

Weekend BlogTruth: What You Get When You Judge a Man by the Color of His Skin

True colors are colorless

~ Reported by FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your evening, Z.

They haven't put us in a Gulag -- YET.


~ FT

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know:

I've called all those congressional numbers again -- most of them for the SEVENTH time.

Got through to ONE.

Is it worth the effort?

It's GOT to be.

Remember this:

You're not dead, until they throw the second shovelful of dirt on your coffin.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

Hi, my name is Ducky. I am the enemy.

Remember, in the coming war I have a .50 Barrett. See ya.

I say that not only don't you get inside the perimeter but neither does your vehicle.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Just the very idea of being able to kick some liberal asses gets me all hot and bothered.

Duck, you would shit your pants if an angry conservative came at you with a baseball bat let alone a gun.

lovelyprism said...

I still don't know what to think about all this, it's so shocking and in your face. It's so obvious it has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with power. Nancy Pelosi is a scary power hungry bitch and we're all going to pay for it.

Janie Lynn said...

This has very little to do with health care. Half of this country doesn't know what they're in for and the other half are so hurt by the destruction of our nation that they can't stand to watch the coverage anymore. Sad.

Z said...

Janie, you have THE best cartoons over there going.........
I tried to comment but he word verification doesn't work...are you open to comments?
I think yours here is absolutely on the money.
WHEN is America going to wake up to how this is SO not about health care?

Lovelyprism..AMEN to that.

FT...I'm calling you my CUB REPORTER from now on!! I told you you need a blog...I didn't know it would be MINE...Your info's been fantastic, thanks!

Brooke said...

If this passes the left will do this again, only next time it will be amnesty.

There's gonna be hell to pay after tomorrow. I only hope that the suit can stop this.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Z,

This is a SPECIAL time. I'm more het up even than usual -- and you know I'm ALWAYS het up about SOMETHING, but this travesty takes the cake.

Sorry if I've been overbearing, but the information is good, and the attempts made to have SOME influence -- however weenie -- make me feel a LITTLE bit better than if I'd just sat it out.

I admit I HAVE tried to influence others to make calls and lobby the congress too. Jingoist contacted me via email earlier today with new names to add to the list, which I saw later he published here. I appreciate his activism on our behalf.

I'm watching Huckabee right now. I still think he's a genuinely good kind man with a warm and friendly personality. He doesn't like this anymore than WE do, I'm sure, but -- unlike me -- he doesn't let his feelings run away with him.

Anyway, I just wanted y'all to know I've done my best to Fight the Good Fight, even though it's only via the computer.

Hope you have a wonderful evening "out."

Out is probably a REAL good place to be right now. Me, I'm stuck at home, so it's gonna be FOX, because the movies tonight are not to my liking.

Love to you,

~ FT

Z said...

thanks, FT...I think all 4 of us are Conservative, do it'll be a dirge for a while and then we'll get over the politics and have a great time!

I was just watching Huckabee, too...did you hear Gov Rendell reassure Americans that insurance companies can't raise our costs?, Obama took that part OUT of the bill. They CAN now...what kind of deal did he work with THEM?
I just wish some Dems knew what WAS in the bill. Thankfully, he's not voting. But, America hears it and the left doesn't care as long as it makes Obama look good.

Janie Lynn said...

Thank you Z - didn't know I wasn't open for comments on my cartoon side! :)

Susannah said...

Slave of the State is right, FreeThinker. God in Heaven, help us! Though, Z, I will only believe it passes WHEN it passes. Until then, I'm praying for a miracle, that God will give someone the courage to stand up. I'm also praying that others will pray along beside me. Anyone in?

FreeThinker, you are a LION, my friend.

Ducky you are, indeed, the enemy.

Susannah said...

It is NOT about Healthcare. It's about the dismantling of our Republic, which Hussein told us - even on election night - that he was going to do.

Remember the "rebuild our country, brick by brick" garbage? That phrase sent a chill down my spine when I heard it...THIS is what he meant...

It's not about Healthcare, it's about subjugating people to the State. Next thing coming down the pike from Hussein's desk?

Sharia Law.

Mark my word & GOD HELP US!!! God in heaven, hear our prayer.

Anonymous said...

" Not a violent one, but a civil war nonetheless. I agree with him.

I disagree. It's almost like our per civil war history. With so many states now opting out or threatening to....with so many states rewriting their gun laws...with protests...Tea parties....seeing the renaissance of absolute defiance of this burdensome government...with the audacity of La Raza racist bastards...the treasonous ACLU...the CBC...the SPLC... and illegal scumbags defying our laws...with state after state going bankrupt...with the middle class being totally screwed and being forced to accept all these government mandated, odious laws....America is near the breaking point. Tell me I'm wrong.

Oh...and "vote the bums out?" Bullshit...cause there's fully 50% that don't pay any taxes any all. Why would they..peacefully" vote out the POS's that have given them the free ride?

And I haven't even mentioned the curse of America...have I?

FrogBurger said...

I am angry too and what we need is some serious uprising. Because growing the IRS to track citizens down if they don't have health insurance is reminiscent of the former East Germany. We need to start the 2nd revolution like FreeThinke said. This is the time.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky will pee his pants as soon as we show p

FrogBurger said...

I'm reading a book about Washington and Lafayette and when I see what they endured to get to this, it's very sad. Soldiers in the snow without clothes, eating their shoes b/c they had no food, and they won against the oppression. I guess we'll have to do the same.

Z said...

Susannah..."Until then, I'm praying for a miracle, that God will give someone the courage to stand up"

Ya, but, when the Republicans finally do find good people, suddenly some third party conservative nut rears his ugly head, probably supported by Soros like the JERK in NV who's looking like he's going to give the election to Reid again because he broke up the Republican stronghold between Tarkanian and a woman whose name escapes me right now.

Z said...

I pray you're wrong, FB....God forbid.
But, did you hear Obama today talk about HOW MUCH he BELIEVES in America? You could PUKE. He believes in it SO much that we won't recognize it in 2 years.

Anonymous said...

"But, did you hear Obama today talk about HOW MUCH he BELIEVES in America? You could PUKE. He believes in it SO much that we won't recognize it in 2 years."

Obama believes in America? That's funny, he just gave America the finger.

The American people are America. He loves us so much he's going to use the IRS to enforce his healthcare.

25,000 people were out there yelling "kill the bill". What are they to Obama? Nothing, that's what they are to him. An enemy to be crushed because they don't want his snake oil.

I had a nice day with my family. I don't watch Obama much anymore. What for? He's all smoke and mirrors. Lies and double talk. It's not what he says that matters, it's what he does and plans to do.


beamish said...

I do not pray for violence. But I know that it will come.

To Duckyt and his .50 Barrett I can only say there is nothing special about the Palestinians that renders them the only people on earth that can build artillery rockets from hardware store parts.