Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No words necessary here............and it'll please our own FT!!!

Think it'll pass?


Greywolfe said...

Of course it'll pass, Z. They haven't let anything really go, once they've started to push things through. And let's say that it doesn't. It's going to happen anyway. Barry will push it through with executive orders if nothing else. He did it with Cap n Trade through the EPA. He did it with internet through the FCC, and there are other items that he's not been able to push through and he gets them done regardless. Check his recess appointments, for instance.

So, unfortunately yes, it will get done. Our nation is on the cusp of a very dark void from whence no liberty is safe. I truly believe that the level of corruption that has permeated and perverted our nation has made secession and restoration our only hope. Washington policies and agendas are designed to destroy the dollar (probably within the next couple of years if not sooner) and if that happens, you will see every single part of the Bill of Rights set aside due to a national declaration of emergency.

Anonymous said...

If only the REPUBLICANS had real GUTS!

But they DON'T, they're a bunch of wusses and sellouts, and that's why we're in this mess.

Yagotta fight fire WITH fire and the Republicans are ALL WET.


Make a CAREER out of it, this week

It's our ONLY chance short of marching on Washington with pitchforks and pickaxes.

They can only shoot just so many of us down. Can you think of a better way to die?

Patrick Henry couldn't. If we REALLY loved Freedom, we'd be willing to FIGHT and DIE for it.

"The coward dies thousand times, the hero only once."

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama's legacy will be summed up thusly:

NYA nya!

Nya NYA nya!


~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...


It's a well-drawn cartoon, but NOTHING is pleasing me right now -- except a few personal things that no one else could possibly care about.

I really do believe that IF Obama gets his way on this thing -- and there is NO LEGITIMATE reason why he SHOULD -- the USA is OVER, and we're TRAPPED here.

I'm not just angry, I am TERRIFIED.

I know you understand that "representative government" is just a WORD with the way these people in power are acting.

We the people are NOT represented at ALL.

The republic will be DEAD if this thing passes. They will NEVER repeal it. It will be just like the income tax and social security and the host of "entitlements" sucking the life's blood out of us -- another DEAD WEIGHT dragging everybody down.

I honestly believe the Republicans WANT it to pass. Yeah, I know what some of them SAY, but look at the way they ACTED when the DID have power. It was PATHETIC.

I've practically made myself SICK trying to register protests with as many congresscreeps as I can reach. I've been writing to them PERSISTENTLY since last SEPTEMBER.

It's like butting one's head against a stone wall.

This is not a game, this is our FUTURE, and it's going up in smoke.

Call me a sore loser, if you want, but EVERYONE is going to lose BIG TIME. because of this illegitimate TYRANT in the White House.

If HE wins, we're DEAD.

~ FreeThinke

Greywolfe said...

Free Thinker, I truly wish I could set your mind at ease, but I can't. I heartily agree with your assessment. This beautiful nation that has provided so much freedom for so many over the last 230 years, is dying.

Actually, it is being murdered. Unfortunately, the only recourse we as patriots have is to find a state that seems to be getting its act together and join a local militia. Mutual self defense and survival is going to become a huge priority if Barry and the Dem leadership get their way.

Anonymous said...

You may have seen this video: "An Open Letter to President Obama" — it sure says it all and well worth watching.



cube said...

It will pass because there are gutless politicians representing us in Washington.

The republicans aren't voting for it, sure, but I don't see enough activism on their side. I'd be screaming from the rooftops.

Enough liberals will be turned to go along or the Red Queen will pull a sneaky end run.

Z said...

Dennis Kucinich just caved...this means it'll probably pass.

Right Is Right said...

We are witnessing the strong arm tactics of the Democratic Leadership and the Obama Administration as they make backroom deals and mount ethics smear campaigns against those in their own party

Anonymous said...

if Kuchinich was our last hope we are screwed! I am still praying (and calling and e-mailing). I know that God has a plan, even in this mess. I just want to be able to look my kids in the eye and say I did everything I could to save the country for them.

Anonymous said...

Phone Numbers of Congress Members on the fence about Healthcare PLEASE CALL THEM and register your protest against this government takeover of our medical care -- or your support, if you feel so inclined.  

Also, please spread this list and this message to as many as possible. DC OFFICES are listed first. LOCAL OFFICE follow.

Harry Mitchell
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(480) 946-2411

Gabrielle Giffords
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(520) 881-3588

Ann Kirkpatrick
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Jerry McNerney
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John Salazar

Jim Himes
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Alan Grayson
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Bill Foster
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Baron Hill
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Mark Schauer
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Gary Peters
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Dina Titus
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Carol Shea-Porter
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Tim Bishop
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John Hall
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Bill Owens
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Mike Arcuri
Dan Maffei
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Earl Pomneroy
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Steven Driehaus
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Mary Jo Kilroy
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Zach Space
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Patrick Murphy
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Paul Kanjorski
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John Spratt
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Tom Perriello
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Alan Mollohan
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Nick Rahall
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Steve Kagen
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