Thursday, March 25, 2010

We'll put OUR nukes down if you put YOUR nukes down...we TRUST you!

Hillary Clinton has brokered some deal whereby the United States and Russia are going to cut the amount of nukes each has. (You think Russia will sign with its fingers crossed behind its back while Obama believes them and feels all good about himself, kumbaya?) This paragraph from the article struck me as troublesome:"Maria Lipman, an expert with the Moscow Carnegie Center think tank, said this week the new treaty could not only reduce the size of both country's nuclear arsenals but also change the psychology of the U.S.-Russia relationship, which has been strained for at least the past six years.

"Gradually the attitude may change to where America is not seen from Russia as a force to be treated with suspicion," she said."

Is this America's goal in dealing with nuclear Russia? How about OUR worries about THEM, do THEY count? Didn't that statement seem odd to you? I'm so tired of our putting the US second to everybody else. We're plenty worried about Russia! Isn't that okay? Can't they do something to dispel OUR concerns?

Here's a tasty little tidbit, the last sentence of the article...."Another 4,200 retired U.S. strategic warheads are awaiting dismantlement." That makes me feel better, does it you? (not)

Congratulations, finally got your way.



The Born Again American said...

I smell a beer summit... (or vodka) Why doesn't this administration just nuke the U.S. and save the Russians all the trouble... This idiot of a president along with the entire congress (with the exception of a few) needs to go...

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Uh-huh, right. Who are the powerhouse nations looking to remove us from power? Why yes, that would still be RUSSIA and China.

Both Russian and China have tons of natural resources, oppressive to semi-oppressive governments and the strong desire to control the planet.

When we are gone, who comes to defend other countries?

My God, people, in the early 90s we have a 500 ship actual Blue Water Navy. Now, we have 234 ships and we will soon be gutted again??


Ducky's here said...

First they get rid of that "magic missile" installation and now arms reduction.

After some progress on the health insurance front I'm beginning to feel the adults are back in charge.

Now if he's just get rid of Larry Summers and Arne Duncan.

Chuck said...

I think Russia and China are juts being patient while we destroy ourselves

Steve Harkonnen said...

I used to groan and moan on my way to general quarters on ships at sea during the Cold War.


Because I always realized that, thanks to our deterrence forces deployed and under the water (boomer subs) that Russia would and will never make that first attack against us - and we wouldn't either.

The paranoia about Russia was old with me by 1985. I knew it - they couldn't even feed themselves from within.

Lisa said...

So the members of Congress are receiving Death Threats, and the Dems are blaming the republicans!
Typical. Blame the victims for the actions of the criminals.
This is what we mean we we say the DemoCRAPS are not only sore losers, they are sore winners, the worst kind of disgusting.
I'm not an advocate of violence, but the Dem's shouldn't act surprised when it happens. I fear that this is going to escalate and get very ugly long before November rolls around. Once people believe that the government is non-responsive and that nothing they say and nobody they elect will change that, they will see few options.
Chris Matthews has fantasized on-air about seeing Rush Limbaugh shot in the head. Sandra Bernhardt says she wants Sarah Palin gang raped. Bill Maher wishes that Glenn Beck had been shot to death.

Anonymous said...

Best thing we could do is blow ourselves off the map before somebody else does it for us.

We're already dead. Nothing to do but dispose of the remains.

Lesbians at the prom was the last straw.

cube said...

What? You don't trust the Russian commies?

Ducky's here said...

Lesbians at the prom was the last straw?

The conservative mind certainly moves in strange ways.

Anonymous said...

What Russia, China, and Ducky all share in common is that they would like nothing better than to see American democracy implode; they are positively giddy that the American people elected a black Marxist to the White House.

Mustang Sends

cube said...

OT: In case you can't follow up at The BLOG, a good source has verified that the Legal Seafood lobster-fest was paid for with a personal credit card. The Legal Seafoood spokesperson mentioned that a republican also made a purchase and paid with a personal credit card. It wasn't a freebie, but I wonder if these charges will be deducted as a legitimate business expense come tax time next year?

Ducky's here said...

Gee Mustang, why do you note that a BLACK Marxist was elected?

I know, but I'm just curious if z's other readers know the real mustang.


What's this Cube? Pelosi springing for Lobsters at Legal's? How did I miss that?

Brooke said...

C'mon, Ducky. "Black Marxist"?

That' not nearly as disgusting as your "dumb cooze" comment over at Steve's site.

Z said...

Ducky, as to your "I know, but I'm just curious if z's other readers know the real mustang."

I hate to disappoint you, but his remark is absolutely spot on and the black conservatives who blog and visit here would agree. America voted for someone BECAUSE he was black and look what it's got us now....and a Marxist to top it all off.
Conservatives vote for the PERSON, not the COLOR. And, we never ever vote for Marxists.

Brooke..what IS a 'cooze?', if you don't mind my asking..and my naivite..

Born Again..VODKA SUMMIT..good one!

Chuck. I hate to admit I couldn't agree with you's too scary to admit, you know? We're doing such a FINE JOB.

Cube...very interesting, thanks.."Let the rest of America EAT CAKE"
Well, I'd like to tell Congress what they can EAT, TRUST ME! !!! xxx

Brooke said...

Z: It is a little used and vulgar reference to the vagina, and is used as a pejorative term when referring to a woman, such as (sorry for the profanity here) calling a woman a 'cunt' or 'bitch.'

But then, that's our Ducky. Just brimmingwith class.

Z said...

Brooke..thanks, (I think!!)
what a word to use on the blogs...
Ducky...what are you thinking? Then you try to demean Mustang for a statement not nearly as disgusting as your own?

tsk tsk tsk

Ducky's here said...

Well z, it's like this. Mustang is a bigot and should be called one.

My comment was specifically toward Schussel, a real piece of work he has done so much to earn epithets.

Mine is specific where mustangs attitudes are more general and something he tries to finesse.

DaBlade said...

I'm with Chuck once again... I think Obama has turned the U.S. into a more unstable nuclear regime than that of Packistan.

Z said...

DaBlade, I'm afraid that's true...good to see you back!

Ducky, honestly...Mustang might be the least racist person you know.
When people aren't afraid to identify a person's color, they're probably NOT racist.
It's you libs who dance around and can't SAY THE WORD...yet, you use them and condescend to minorities like they're stupid children.

BIG difference...

Brooke said...

LOL! Oh, Margaret!

Mustang is the bigot? He didn't call the president by a pejorative. YOU are the one calling women vulgar names. YOU are the bigot.

But I guess it's ok to be a misogynist as long as you're on the left, huh?

Leslie said...

Did the American people who voted for Obama, the news media and the President himself not celebrate the historical election of the first Black president of the United States? Is it a secret that he is black, Ducky? Did we not listen to months and months of everyone pointing out the fact that Obama is the first Black President? No, the secret was that he is a Marxist. So they just left that part out in his title.

The fact is, you do not know the real Mustang, else you would have sense enough to know he is the farthest from being a bigot. But then, this would mean we give you too much credit for having any sense at all or any motive other than being insulting to an honarable man.

Jealousy does spark the most nasty comments now doesn't it?

MK said...

The left were always angry that their beloved soviet union fell. Now they're reduced to screwing over America down to their commie masters level. But they'll do what they can for their commie pimps, every little bit helps you know.

Z said...


leslie...good are SO right and I hadn't thought of it....Obama rode to the heights on the FIRST BLACK.......
Suddenly, if we use BLACK, we're racist.
go figure.

Pickles said...

Too right Ducky, the ultimate goal should be complete dismantling of nuclear weapons, the only way America can move beyond its racist and imperialistic past is to let go of such hateful and deadly weapons. How President Obama can preside over America with such weapons shows the power and influence the jewish lobby still has.

"After some progress on the health insurance front I'm beginning to feel the adults are back in charge."

Exactly right Ducky, finally Americans won't be denied healthcare in their own country, a basic right that they've had to suffer without or go to Cuba for. Now if Obama could just make carrying of guns illegal, that would be great. Those rightwing racists need to be put in their place, only we should be allowed to resist against them.

"Now if he's just get rid of Larry Summers and Arne Duncan."

Don't forget Rush Limbaugh and that Ann Coulter, can you believe that vile woman is even allowed to speak! They should have banned her from the country altogether.

Brooke said...

Leftists love to quote the first amendment... Until someone says something they don't like.


Z: "Margaret" is from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Bugs would say it while mocking something absurd.

Z said...

Pickles, your whole comment was so silly and odd I honestly thought you were being sarcastic with Ducky!


Racist? Which country was the first to abolish it? Oh, ya...THIS country. :-) again.

the rest isn't worth, no wonder we're in such crap in this country!

heidianne jackson said...

perhaps the most frightening element of the nuclear reduction agreement is that we have no ability to verify russia's compliance but they hve for
ours. WTF? in keeping with brooke's bugs bunny theme, I'll simply remark that this administration and congress are nothing but a bunch of maroons. ugh!

Anonymous said...

No, Heidianne, they are not stupid. Instead they are extremely clever devout Marxists who have been dedicated to the destruction of Western Civilization, as we've known it, for well over a century,

They are hard to beat, because they attract a host of mentally opaque, morally-blind, but mostly well-meaning followers who have been duped into committing a long, slow SUICIDE in the guise of doing GOOD.

At least the followers of Jim Jones died FAST.

Marxists and Islamists, the craftiest, sneakiest, most ruthless, most belligerent forces that threaten freedom and decency everywhere on earth.

The Romans in the ancient world were as aggressive and as cruel, but at least they built good roads, aquaducts and beautiful temples based on classical Greek motifs

But not since the days of the Huns, Visigoths and the Mongol Hordes led by Genghis Khan have we seen anything as destructive and dispiriting as Marxism. Hitler's Third Reich and The Axis Powers frankly pale in comparison. (Notice they didn't LAST very long.)

It's the INSIDIOUS nature of Marxism that makes so much more deadly than the kind of naked aggression practiced by the Nazis.

Of course the barbarism of the Japanese and the Chinese too runs close in the race for deadliest force on the planet.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Sometimes assertions that seem so far out there when first heard can become more realistic when considered in the context of observed actions. I'd categorize this as one of those items. An American engineer was intent on starting a joint venture with engineers in 1992. On a subsequent visit to Moscow to visit his partners in the venture he became involved in a discussion with the drunken wife of this engineer. This woman asserted that America would be taken over by a committed communist—a black man who was at that time being prepared and groomed for the role of President.

Fast forward to the present and look at the real world today. How prescient was that? Does it make sense that his appointee Hillary Clinton would be currently disarmament with Russia. Was the collapse of the Soviet Union a hoax perpetrated to set this charade up for an ugly conclusion?

Who can know if the earlier professed meeting is accurately described, but only in retrospect can this issue be seen as credible.

Here's a link to an article which discusses this and the specifics are discussed further down in the article.


Z said...

Waylon, It may take me a while to decide, but I am contemplating posting that. Frankly, I"m sorry it's a WorldNetDaily piece because they're No 2 to FreeRepublic for VERy nutty reporting and I can hardly blame the left for jumping on the bandwagon and insulting the venue instead of addressing Fife's apparent Facts.

The only reason I'd consider publishing that here is because I've felt that Obama has been being groomed for years...I also feel his marriage was a's odd that nobody remembers him from Columbia, it's more than odd he won't release any records and it's beyond bizarre who paid for his Harvard education...which, also, they ignore and the media helps.

Something I've said for ten years is "We thought we won the Cold War but the Russians sent people into our schools and now we're rotten for COmmunism from within"..people like Ducky, I hate to say it...people who've swallowed the whole line that AMerica's really not too great and we don't deserve to have our standing and individuals don't count as much as THE STATE.

I have much to think about here..thanks.

Anonymous said...

I recently read an interesting piece discussing something I didn't know—that both Barack and Michelle Obama have voluntarily surrendered their license to practice law. The Clinton's are both also lawyers and Bill did surrender his for lying to a grand jury about "not having sex with that woman". Mr. Obama apparently surrendered his because he lied when he was sworn into the Illinois government and saying he had never been known by another name when he actually was known as Barry Soetoro while being schooled in Indonesia. Can we conclude that if an individual can't legally practice a profession such as law that you are then fit to be President? Apparently so...

I did find other links for that above story, but anybody making those assertions will be denigrated as "conspiracy theory" kooks by those running interference for Obama—especially at the American Pravda—MSNBC.

Another interesting item that I found is that a new Bush may be preparing for the Presidency. John Ellis Bush (Jeb) has converted to Catholicism. He'd likely be embraced by somebody like Ducky, unlike his big bro George.