Monday, March 22, 2010

VIDEO RELIEF after a politically rotten Sunday.....I promise

UPDATE: “One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. Most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.” — Ronald Reagan
And see Big Bubba's blog for a terrific Reagan your heart out.

Time to GET BUSY and do what we can to save our great country. I hope you're inspired by the video. GOD BLESS AMERICA


Faith said...
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Faith said...

i wish it could inspire me but I'm just feeling sick. I just drewthis.

RightKlik said...

That was nice Z. We need to encourage each other. These are tough times.

Always On Watch said...

I didn't watch or read any news yesterday because of a printer crisis (bought a new one, which was defective, and had to exchange it after hours of trying to get the damn thing to work). By the time I finally got the printer up and running, I decided not to check the news as I wanted to get some sleep.

Of course, I had to wake up this morning, when I heard the media gloating over the House vote in favor of ObamaKare.

We're getting ObamaKare whether we want it or not.

If ObamaKare isn't overturned, succeeding generations will have hell to pay. My generation will likely benefit -- to a point, at least.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Z. That is inspiring.
It's ok to feel down today, but not out. This was a battle in the war, not the end of the war but the beginning.

We have had victories too. There were the victories in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachssetts.

So, let's lick our wounds, pull ourselves up, and get to the next battle. There are eight months left until November.

There no doubt will be more legislation to fight, and more importantly, there's the election in November.

The left won't stop and neither can we. If we do, then Faith's drawing might be warranted, but as of now, no disrespect Faith, it is not.

Economic times coud get tougher so we have to toughen up as well. Freedom is in our DNA. It's what gives us hope, and purpose.

We all have to pull together. There are millions of Americans tonight who are feeling just as we do. If each of us realizes we're not alone it helps. That's why the tea parties came into being in the first place.

There is strength in numbers and in determination. So, my friends let's keep our eyes on the prize, and that is waiting for us in November. We can make a difference. We're Americans after all, so, Let's do it!


JINGOIST said...

We literally have two elections left to save America.

Hopefully the next Congress will include enough conservative Republicans to stymie EVERYTHING the ghetto commie tries to do.

THE single most important thing they can do is STARVE every single bill which includes funding for this Frankenstein monster of a bill!

We all have our favorite legislative agendas; until now, mine was the FairTax. Now that's on the backburner. If you're a conservative who cares for this country, your focus needs to change ASAP!

There's something we need to do en masse, right now!

Contact your Reps and Senators and tell them in NO uncertain terms that any bill that includes funding for ObamaCare needs to be opposed.

It doesn't even matter if it's a military appropriations bill, this monster called ObamaCare must be starved if we are toi survive as a free people.

These leftists in DC are a FAR more sinister threat to America than Al-Qaida ever could be!

Anonymous said...

If this was the big boot that kicked in the door I'm thinking there may well be more "progressive" legislation to follow. But on the subject of health care I liked this article written by Conrad Black comparing the health care systems of Canada and America. He's the former media baron and billionaire who was "Fitzpatricked" during the Bush administration and is now doing hard time at the Coleman facility in Florida. He's one of the more erudite writers around and there's nothing in it that I disagree with and think it explains the problems very well.


Ducky's here said...

Who edited that junk?

Damn, if you are going to try a Kuleshov montage then do it properly.

I recommend studying Eisenstein's "Strike". The clip is really weak.

Anonymous said...

A slap in the face, a knee in the groin, a kick in the shin, and an axe in the neck.

What's next -- a splash of sulfuric acid in the eyes?

Before this is over the government will poison the air, then issue VERY EXPENSIVE gas masks to those who wish to go on living.

Your gas mask will be confiscated, and you will be left to strangle to death in agony from inhalation of toxic fumes, if government monitors catch you even IMAGINING a rebellion against Big Enword.

THAT is where we're at. FACE it, then try to go on from there.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I can wade grief,
Whole pools of it, --
I’m used to that.
But the least push of joy
Breaks up my feet,
And I tip drunken.
Let no pebble smile,
’Twas the new liquor, --
That was all!

Power is only pain
Stranded, through discipline,
Till weights will hang.
Give balm to giants,
And they’ll wilt, like men.
Give Himmaleh, --
They’ll carry him!

~ Emily Dickinson (1830–86)

Try to find a meaning for Himmaleh. It will provide some temporary relief from the anguish just to make the search. I warn you it won't be easy. It requires insight. - FT

Anonymous said...


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government ..."

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Faith, that's a good drawing but so disturbing.
I think we've all known we've got people in this country who don't understand that not everyone can ever have everything...or understand what the constitution means. Don't forget, we've got people in one of the Carolinas who want the textbooks to START history with the Civil War so they have to time to indoctrinate GREEEEN to our kids...these are people who'd like to block the message of our founding fathers and START with how "Bad Americans were to SLAVES"... With this mentality and a thousand other examples, we had to know that, someday, we would actually have our economy RUINED and the founding fathers' beliefs trampled on. And, it's happened. Finally.

RK's right...we have to encourage each other..RK has a (GORGEOUS) new baby; we have to fight for HER and the other children. But, what scares me is that the left's made our children so SOFT with our teachers now using blue instead of red pens to correct papers so kids don't feel the RED is too where one side plays for 10 minutes and then switches sides so nobody feels badly by LOSING, etc who didn't win an award aren't invited to the award ceremonies so they don't feel BADLY, God forbid (don't leftwingers know that life can FEEL BAD? OUr kids won't be equipped..and then they vote ENTITLEMENTS when they grow can they not?).where do we GO FROM HERE? Yet, if conservatives tried to WARN, we're mocked for not understanding, for not showing KINDNESS :-) There's actually a book out now about how damaging this mentality is to American children...

Always...'benefiting' to most of us will feel like swallowing a watermelon, I think. Yes, it might help...but we'll know we're ruining our country and saddling our kids with a nightmare while we sell ourselves to China. fear is, as I said, the KIDS. How do you get minds who've been so indoctrinated and teach them HARD WORK is better than ENTITLEMENTS? It's a very hard sell to soft kids.

Jingo...I hope you're right and that works.

Waylon..EXCELLENT article.. Actually, the Republicans DID push tax credits for those paying insurance out of pocket, but, alas.......the left won't listen. And the media won't divulge when the Republicans have excellent input.
I highly RECOMMEND READING YOUR LINK TO MY FRIENDS HERE..Thanks so much for taking the time to link it. I appreciate that.

Thanks FT...Google Himmaleh...most critics say she meant the Himalayas.....sounds like what you found or think is more interesting...?

Z said...

By the way..people are REALLY Googling health care this sitemeter shows hits for articles I've done in the past about it...30% of my viewers are reading that information.

Z said...

this is rich; After having touted this health care bill, this morning, CNN's ladies are bemoaning the fact that WE are going to have to PAY FOR IT. "We're ALWAYS having to PAY...!"

Yes, ladies...that was the plan. Who'd you THINK was going to PAY?

Z said...

I was trying to be UP with this video but I have to remind you that the amnesty fans were marching already yesterday.
This is what happens when they see cracks in the walls..."they did this for Americans and US, now we need to push hard to get amnesty!"

Sort of like what Iran and Palestine are doing since Bush is gone.."their new president thinks friendliness and capitulation will work...push hard!"

Z said...

Anonymous said...

I feel totally sick over what has energy yet to begin to fight again. America lost a lot of freedom yesterday.
God help us.

DaBlade said...

It almost worked. I felt the faint stirrings of the latent patriotism I used to exude for this country. But alas, it was fleeting. I think it may be time to vanish from the grid...

Z said...'s a terrible feeling, isn't it. So defeated, so unAmerican...
it did have it's comical points, however..
to see Louise Slaughter, in a heated debate with Republicans yesterday, say "And the Republicans won't debate" was a pretty good indication of these peoples' thinking capacities.
But, soft Americans vote for these people..soft Americans who need help, who have lost touch with their resilience, their confidence, their American heritage. "Grid", you'd better not mean "blogosphere"..boy, would YOU be missed.
But, I SURE do empathize...
I get strength here from knowing others feel the same way I do..I hope you do.

Z said...

Remember those producers Obama hired to work IN the White House when he first took control? Here's your tax dollars at work:

"Starting Monday, a coalition of progressive groups — from labor unions to health care advocates — will sink millions of dollars into television advertising and sponsor grassroots events in swing House districts thanking Democrats for passing the law and highlighting its importance for average Americans.

“We’re going to let our friends know we are going to be there for them,” said AFSCME President Gerald McEntee. “We expect in three months, the American people will understand the bill and they will be happy and satisfied with it.” "

Brooke said...

Excellent video.

I still can't believe that Pelosi actually said that they need to pass the bill to see what's in it.

I'll bet that we still don't get to know.

Ducky's here said...

Sort of like what Iran and Palestine are doing since Bush is gone..


Obama is allowing Likud to expand settlements. What's your argument with that. Likud shot four teenagers for no apparent reason this morning. Obama is the best friend the Israeli Apartheid Regime has had for a while. They know he and Clinton are safe bets.

Why is the situation in Iran any different than it was under Chucklenuts?

Z said...

Ducky, if you can't see the world getting tougher only since Bush, you're blind.
The worst thing America could have done was give in to Russia on the missile shields for Poland and the Czech Republic...Big win for Russia and they'll be leading US around by the nose from now on..including with Iran, though I did see Russia's for the sanctions; who knows what game they're playing with us both?

For Biden to have gone to the ME and whined that "Palestinians need a place to live" when they have a territory is laughable...they HAVE a place to live and they and Israel have tons of OUR money. Odd that Israel can make a thriving economy and Palestinians have 'no place to live'.

Ya, Israel supposedly killed 4 kids for no reason...and they retaliated Jenin and hurt those 'innocent people', too, until we found that the PA's had rigged Jenin to make it LOOK like that...and that little kid hiding behind his father against the wall who was shot and killed..>LIVED, too! It's a MIRACLE!!

Don't believe everything you're so pro Palestine you can't see straight.

Brooke, it is good, isn't it...and yes, it's pretty astonishing what Pelosi said. Odd Ducky hasn't addressed that.
Seems like Ducky only goes for the weakest points he can slam on any of our points and ignores those he has to admit are right by not responding

Ducky's here said...

The worst thing America could have done was give in to Russia on the missile shields for Poland and the Czech Republic...


Why? Do you really think Russia is intent on lobbing hot ones?

Why didn't they do it when there was no shield?

I think the right should really look at this pathological need they have to assume they are subject to imminent physical attack.

Ducky's here said...

The fact remains, z, that under President Empty Suit, Likud can do whatever it likes, collect its welfare checks and flip everyone else the digit.

Nothing has changed with Obama.

Anonymous said...

" fear is, as I said, the KIDS. How do you get minds who've been so indoctrinated and teach them HARD WORK is better than ENTITLEMENTS? It's a very hard sell to soft kids."

I know Z. It's their parents who have to be educated in Americanism as far as I can tell. If they were, their influence would overcome what the schools teach.

This thugocracy has plans as we speak, to control curriculum in our schools. What has been done to education thus far has been an ongoing liberal bent, but has been to an extent, in urban, metropolitan areas for the most part.

I think soon, it will be nationally universal. Children need to grow in a home with strong family ties, respecting family above all.

Families who hold love of country, love of God, and hard work, above all, have stronger, independent, loyal children.

Teachers, and educational institutions, are not strong enough to overcome this. They may, for awhile seem to be, but children come back around to
what they learned in their formative years at home with strong loving parents who have traditional values.

The problem has been that, Mom has been working outside the home. This divides the attention and time paid to children out of necessity, by both parents instead of one. Their roles have been skewed.

Combine this with broken homes, and too many young parents who were too indulged, and who rebelled against their own parents, and you have a recipe for a separation of loyalties.

All I can suggest is that parents direct their focus on their children, what direction their education is taking, and provide them at home with the books, learning materials, and discussion which imbues in them a love of country, and when necessary, to oppose what they're learning in school.

Make them think. Make them question, and plant that seed of independent thought outside of the drivel they're being taught in school, and for God's sake, raise them to want to be adults, not perennial children who know only gimme, gimme, gimme.


Anonymous said...

Ducky, since your first post here, after yesterday's event, was about editing of the video, do you really think your opinion is worth anything?

Get lost Bud!


David Wyatt said...


After yesterday I appreciate you & blogs like yours even more! Though it was like a punch in the stomach, it is just a reminder that I am so thankful that this world is not my final home. But that doesn't mean I'm throwing in the towel & going to some hill & just wait til Christ returns, which by the way is our Blessed Hope! Nope, I want to be found faithful by Him, doing that which would please Him which is first of all telling as many about Him as possible, & then working for the freedom of as many as possible. God is still on the throne & Christ is still my Savior & He is the same yesterday, today & forever. So, though I am about as sick of pols as I've ever been, I plan to get back up & keep going til it's too dark to work! I believe it's gettin' close! Our Savior said, "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

Ducky's here said...

Pris, there is never an excuse to skimp on quality.

Ducky's here said...

... besides, when do you start shooting.

You folks need to find a release or you're going to pop a vessel.

Z said...

Ducky, your ridiculous comment of "I think the right should really look at this pathological need they have to assume they are subject to imminent physical attack." can only be come back with

"I think the left should really look at this pathological need they have to assume those who have been their enemies forever will never attack"

It's always a good idea to be on the defensive...has been for thousands of years and still is...
Your misunderstanding this, however, isn't something you should blame yourself for; you've just been a lefty for far too long.

No, something HAS changed, Ducky. Perhaps now Israel can stand up as they should to the Iranian threats because this empty suit can't be respected, trusted, or believed to understand the situation there sufficiently enough. NOr does his clown, Biden.\
"pop a vessel"? we're upset, Conservatives REALLY REALLY love America and this bill is a nightmare and we will not roll over and die for the empty suit freak you elected.

Pris, you're so right about the children...odd, isn't it....and, we all know some moms must work to survive, but it can't NOT hurt the children. It's impossible.
And, in turn, it hurts US.
The Left, with Steinem, Friedan, etc., were SO EXCITED about LIBERATING WOMEN...and look where it's got us.


Z said...

re; the missile shield, I just wanted to add that we promised those countries cover.
They probably promised us something in return.
That's gone.

Anonymous said...

Remember that insipid little tune "We Shall Overcome?"

The words changed yesterday to


The Big Enword is now in a position to grind the heels of his hobnail boots into our necks.


Free at last! Free at last -- to DESTROY White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Society -- once and for all.


For NOW, but just wait till you all find out you've just been USED as PAWNS by the Communist Internationalist Takeover crowd.

You'll be back in chains -- bit so will all the rest of us.


~ FreeThinke

beamish said...


I'm suprised. You usually save your anti-Semitic remarks for blogs written by Jews.

What's the matter? Did you think someone forgot you're a leftist?

Anonymous said...

"Pris, there is never an excuse to skimp on quality."

Well you do come here to surround yourself with quality people, I'll give you that.


Anonymous said...

"Pris, you're so right about the children...odd, isn't it....and, we all know some moms must work to survive, but it can't NOT hurt the children. It's impossible.
And, in turn, it hurts US.
The Left, with Steinem, Friedan, etc., were SO EXCITED about LIBERATING WOMEN...and look where it's got us."

I helped to raise my grandson. I know some Moms have to work as my daughter did. She had no choice. But, it killed her that she couldn't be with her boy. I took care of him, helped to raise him, and my daughter was and is a terrific mother.

In my family, when one of us is in need we circle the wagons and are there for each other. This is the attitude my grandson grew up with along with traditional American values. Today, he's doing great, with a year to go in college. He worked part time until he got laid off as so many have.

As a grandmother, I recommend it highly if you have the privilege of being so involved with a grandchild or grandchildren.

Better for them to be cared for by someone who loves them, than for them to share one caretaker with fifteen or twenty other children in daycare.

Steinem and Friedan were bitter man-hating women. They weren't for women they were against men. Too bad what they were selling was bought into by so many.


Z said...

isn't it Friedan who's finally admitted she was grossly wrong in this "Women can have it all" stupidity?

Sure, they CAN, but somebody's going to suffer.

Janie Lynn said...

Best thing I've seen all day. Thanks.