Sunday, March 21, 2010

I heard stupak is now a "yes" vote....NOPE, still NO!!

Sorry to alarm anybody who saw my previous post ... msnbc reported WRONG about an hour ago...IMAGINE? (as if I use msnbc for my news info, but I DO watch EVERYTHING to see what they're saying and they very assuredly did report that!) Don't you wonder how long Obama's spending whining ("oh, please, pretty pretty please let me appease Stupak!") with NARAL and Planned Parenthood right now? :-)
I just heard Louise Slaughter say "Republicans won't debate, they just don't want REFORM!" (as Paul Ryan was handily debating her...that takes GUTS, eh?)
And they're invoking CIVIL RIGHTS now...MLK, Jr....Joe low can you go?
Now read my Sunday Faith'll help calm us ALL down (I hope!) xxx


Chicago Ray said...

This guy was a fraud too. Looking for a deal and he got one too. His a** is gone too in November

FrogBurger said...

They're all corrupt. "Aux armes, cityoens..."

FrogBurger said...

Check the photo of the egomaniac we have as president

Z said...

WOW, FB, did you see how many agree the plan STINKS? IN THE LA TIMES? WHOA NELLY
Et, oui..."aux armes, cityoens..."

(by the way, j'ai mange soupe de poisson est Moulles et frite hier soir...mon Dieux, c'etiat BON!:-)

FrogBurger said...

I'm jealous. Where did you eat all this?

Z said...

Lily' Venice.
We have to make a date with Mrs FB SOON.

beamish said...

If they had the votes, they'd vote, wouldn't they?

They're steady running out of suspense filler.

Chuck said...

I'm with Chicago, nothing to see here.

Faith said...

Some of us read a little French here. You can't get away with flirting with Mr. FB.

I do keep hoping AND praying this thing is still not going to fly.

FrogBurger said...

Yes we definitely have to go to Lily's then. Moules and frites is awesome. If healthcare passes, I can get as fat as I want. I don't have to worry about my health anymore :)

Z said...

Obama's not off the phone with NARAL and PLANNED PARENTHOOD, yet, Beamish.
They got him elected and they need to be pushed under the bus now so he can get STupak to shut up

Z said...

Faith, if you can read some French, you'd know that's not flirting! Not when I make sure MRS FB (who I ADORE, she's fabulous) is coming, too...:-)
Except, Faith...with ME, FOOD IS FLIRTING!! Maybe you have a point! HA!!

Chuck...? wasn't the best I had (i like cream/pepper better than herbs in fish broth) but it WILL DO VERY NICELY!!!
Their tart tatin looked REALLY fabulous, by the way!

Faith said...
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Faith said...

I was KIDDING, Z. I CAN read that much French. Yes, adoring talk about food can be flirtatious.

SO glad Stupak is still No.

Z said...

I know, Faith!!

Stupak's a NO, but they're working HARD and trying to get something that pleases him. I think they will.
pray HARD

I'm watching CSPAN and it's absolutely unreal...The Reps are saying there's some weird deal by which voting today would implement the SENATE bill and then Louise Slaughter says "well, but then we'll vote to not include it" or something like that.
Man, are there shenanigans going on.

LOVED Kansas' Rep representative. "If this is such a GREAT BILL, why is there so much arm pulling going on?" Ya, WHY?

Anonymous said...

FB, Obama looks for all the world, like the petty little dictator he really is.

"I can get as fat as I want. I don't have to worry about my health anymore :)"

Uh Uh, FB. You would be in the government's cross hairs, not to mention total strangers who think what you do is their business. Just ask a smoker, like me.


RightKlik said...

This bill is shovel-ready. For months, they've been telling us we need to pass it STAT, but here at the "last minute" they're still scrambling to find support for the bill. Even with solid control of the House. What a piece of junk.

FairWitness said...

Good afternoon Z, Stupak has caved along with several others. They fell for that phony Executive Order crap! President Obama can turn right around afterward and rescind the EO. Also it can be reversed by Congressional legislation. This is the most outrageous day in the history of American governance. It's going to pass and I am so angry I can't begin to tell you how much.

Chuck said...

Z, Chicago Ray said

This guy was a fraud too. Looking for a deal and he got one too. His a** is gone too in November

I agree. I have thought all along Stupak was a fraud and would eventually fold. The deal he got was not a deal, it was a chance to save face and say he tried to fight the good fight.

Z said...

Stupak is definitely a YES now........
There are no words.

RK, you know what they're shoveling, don't you.

Fair Witness...I feel the same way. Especially when they play the if we don't care there are problems for some people with their health care; as if the costs of this bill is if most of America WANTS these freebies.

I just heard them say "Those who can afford to pay for insurance must....those who can't will be helped"

Why work? Why struggle? WHY? If the government will help all of those not able...why should those able have to pay?

Does anybody know if ILLEGALS are addressed in this bill?

Can any of you stomach watching the dem celebration at the socialism of America? Oh, I forgot..this isn't socialism...YOUR paying for THOSe who can't pay IS NOT SOCIALISM. GET IT? (ya, right)

Chuck...I think a lot of us mistook Stupak as a good man for having tried to protect the unborn; he's just another liberal weasel who seems to have paid no attention to any part of the bill but HIS PERSONAL interest.
As for the rest of the bill and how badly most of America's taking this? WHAT DOES HE CARE?

Chicago Ray said...

Chuck,Z...Yea, it's too bad because they sign this bill and there's no such thing as a "pro life democrat" anymore if there ever was to begin with. Done.

Imagine though all the nasty a**ed &*(%( that he had to tolerate from just San Fran Freako Nan and Dingy Harry much less the run of the mill Obama jock sniffing loon!!!

We know what they can do trolling around on our side of the net, they're like freakin' flies that can talk buzzing around your head!!

Anonymous said...

The lesson we must take away from this fiasco is this:

There is no such thing as a moderate or principled DemocRAT.

ALSO, there is no such thing as a moderate or principled MUSLIM.

The reason we have lost OUR nation is that we made the grievous error of trusting those who are "not our kind."

Sorry, but all people are NOT equal. That's the only STUPID thing the Founders said. They were DEAD WRONG, and now we're DEAD.

I've lived my life pretty much and I really don't care anymore. All I can say is I am so very glad I never committed the unpardonable sin of bringing new life into THIS disgusting, utterly hopeless world.

I'll bet you any money there won't even be any lawsuits against this ACCURSED monstrosity.

May the Rev. Jeremiah Wright WAS right after all? It sure looks that way.

"... O, Judgment, thou hast fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost theeir reason. Fie on it. O Fie! "Tis an unweeded garden. Things rank and gross possess it merely ..."

It's all over now, but the beheadings -- OURS.

~ FreeThinke

beamish said...

Stupak was always a "yes."

The mythical existence of a pro-life Democrat is just that, a myth.

Z said...

Beamish. WOW, what a find that video is.
Do you see how little integrity that Stupak has anyway? The way he talks...

And, yes...he was a YES all the way anyway...........but conservatives get all excited when a lefty is seemingly joining ranks and look what happened...again.

beamish said...

Not holding the belief that Democrats will do anything to kill as many American citizens as possible while trashing the Constitution has always been a naive gamble, Z.

At least you can measure al Qaeda's priciples. Democrats don't have any.