Sunday, March 21, 2010

War Posters and Health Care

Who'd have thought we'd someday have to add WASHINGTON, DC to that list?


Faith said...

Good point.

Some of the Founders suspected we might have to add Washington D.C., but we got too complacent over the years.

Tom's Place said...

Seems as though the Congresscritters have forgotten how this country was founded...

Linda said...

But, what are we going to do? It looks like the bill will be passed. How will it ever be fixed? Will it ever be fixed?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love that one along with your witty commentary. Too bad it isn't just a joke!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I suspect it will pass at this point. However, there is much wrangling and strategy ahead to include suits on a state level. This may ultimately become a "states' rights" issue in SCOTUS.

Which is why I've always said, if you control education and you control SCOTUS you ultimately control this nation.

The lady hasn't quite sung the final aria yet. . .


Z said...

But, BZ, they DO control education right now and have made it bigger than EVER, even controlling school loans now (via this bill) where only THE GOV'T can GIVE loans! Nobody's talking much about that!

And they will control the SCOTUS over a missed heart beat or two...Obama has 3 more years to tilt the direction.

I feel no comfort from any of this. I wish I did.
I am so so sad to see Americans not understand what this will do to our country, people who actually believe this will save money, make us stronger...And that's the people some of us voted for!
it's incredible.

All they'd had to do, the leftwing, was invite Republicans in and really talk. And, of course, if we had an honest mainstream media, they'd have got the information out that Republicans DID have very good ideas...ideas that didn't cost much but could have really helped a lot of people without them feeling like they're on the dole.
But, our EDUCATION has taught about 2 generations now that THE DOLE IS GOOD (anything BUT BOB, of course)

Anonymous said...

What I think we do now is let the Republicans in Congress know we're in support of their effort, and encourage them to fight the good fight. In some cases we thank them.

Also, we keep our eye on the prize in November. Most important. We support and donate to conservatives. We support and donate to whoever the people choose in the Republican primaries as best we can.

I would suggest in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Minnesota (Bachmann needs our help), even San Franciso(hey, miracles do happen), California (Senate race, Please!) etc. You pick.

No matter how little money or how much do something! Always remember, if you and I are doing it, others are too. We are not unique nor are we alone.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I suspect this is the final hiatus before The Fall. Not enough people "get it." I have hope but it dwindles daily. I think we'll have to have our own 1929 in order to create an entire new generation that will "get it." In the meantime, we'll be the USA back in 1930 -- struggling and isolationist.

What happens historically with that? Why, of course: another nation will try to "take" us.


Anonymous said...

We have experienced CHANGE, and now THERE IS NO HOPE.

If anyone saw Michael Steele on C-Span, they should be ASHAMED to be a Republican.

Michael Steele is the enemy within, BELIEVE me.

What an ASSHOLE!

Republicans have been COMPLICIT in this. Their show of resistance was a SHAM. If Republicans had REALLY wanted to avoid this tragedy, they would have acted more boldly, more ruthlessly and more decisively when they HAD power.

BOTH parties have conspired against our nation's best interests. If they HADN'T, we wouldn't bee where we are today.

What we've witnessed in congress is a BURLESQUE SHOW nothing more.

We did this to OURSELVES by letting things go too long. This has been LONGED FOR and SCHEMED FOR for over SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS.

The only words for it have four letters. Why bother to say them? It's FUTILE.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

You know FT, go preach no hope to others. Being defeatist is surrender.

This is not the war, this is a battle within the war.

You do whatever you think is right. You want to give up? Go ahead. However some of us don't accept giving up.

If our founders thought that way, it would have been lost long ago. In fact it never would have begun.

If you're on a team you don't attempt to bring the team down. If you do, you're not a team player. You either play to win, or you settle for being a loser.

What I ask of a teammate is, if you are for giving up, keep it to yourself and cheer for your teammates, and do the best you can. Nothing is futile unless you accept losing.

I have children, a grandchild, and a country to fight for, and whatever I can do in my small way I will do.

A setback isn't the end, it's a setback, and I don't give a damn about what Steele said, or what anyone says, I will argue with you my friend, that in the end, winning is what counts, and no one remembers the setbacks.

The other side will come at us with everything they have. Are we to shrink and cower, and say sorry? No thanks.


Anonymous said...

Bon soir Madame. Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been around Z. I'm praying to God this horrible bill doesn't go through. If it does, then we will remember in November! Johnnymac.

Anonymous said...

Hi J'Mac, we've missed you. I've missed you. So good to see you. For crying out loud, don't be a stranger.

PS. Yep. We will remember in November. Big time.

G-Man said...

Next thing we will see is comprehensive immigration reform featuring an amnesty. That will deliver the democrats all the votes they need to remain in power and complete the transformation of this country into whatever communist nightmare it is that they want to change it into.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

G-Man: that's correct; now that ObakaKare is a done deal, amnesty for illegal invaders will occur in order to shore up the Demorat voter rolls, and CapNTax will occur to decimate the business rolls. This will force more dependency on government which is one more step towards Cloward Piven.


Anonymous said...


I just wrote a biggish response to Pris and managed to erase it all before I could get it posted.

Possibly divine intervention at work? ;-)

Let me just say this: I am not a defeatist. I'm a realist and a fairly astute critic.

We should care a great deal about the image Michael Steele presents to the world, because he is the titular head of the RNC. I WANTED to like him, but I can only judge by his performance, and so far it is abominable.

FYI: He insulted the Tea Party Movement on C-Span this morning to such a degree that I can only say he is a sworn enemy of this grassroots movement.

Like it or not politics is a GAME, and the Democrats are MUCH better than WE at the type of gamesmanship it takes to WIN, HOLD and WIELD power.

If we conservatives can't admit our tactical failings and refuse to recognize the lack of support we get from "mainstream" Republicans (waffling Beltway Insiders like Orrin Hatch, and John McPain, et al.), we're going to remain spinning our wheels in the desert sands, which is precisely where we are right now.

Defending weakness, ineptitude just because they bear a Republican label is not going to advance the cause of conservatism one bit.

I doubt if any one individual tried harder than I to "reach" congress. I've sent 300 letters to all 100 senators, and I have spent countless hours trying to reach about 50 "key" congress people on the phone. I made the rounds -- calling regional offices as well as those in the District -- SEVEN times.

I never expected to be the one to tip the scales in favor of rejecting the obscene act passed today, but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I did what I COULD.

Being angry doesn't cut any ice, as my father used to say, but it's a natural reaction to the absolute frustration caused by the events of this dismal day.

The FUTURE is BLEAK and GRIM because of today's EVUL events.

~ FreeThinke

PS: I've also given the Republicans a considerable amount of money. Unfortunately, I don't have the financial clout of a George Soros or even a Richard Mellon Scaife. It will take TRILLIONS to undo what has been done today. - FT

Anonymous said...

Yes, the march for amnesty has begun already.
The knives are being sharpened.

Well, some days are tough, and some days are not.

I do not like what has happened, but as many have said here, this national health care thing has been planned for over 75 years.

Never ever forget the truth of where this garbage began.

I pray that this whole episode has opened some eyes, and that the Democrats get to reap what they have sown.

I tell you this, that cycle keeps happening, and things will swing in the opposite direction.

We may not live to see it, but it will.

Listen, we are all just passing through this life.
We do the best we can with what we have.

We must absolutely stop encouraging these third parties who drain possible winners in these political races.

No one is ever pure enough to suit some folks but my gosh, the game is what it is.

Everyone needs to get real, pull their socks up and get to work.

I know I will be voting in November and I will always do what I believe my ancestors would want for this country they sacrificed their lives and fortunes for.

The sheer Hubris of the so called opposition shall be their undoing.

I am still an American and nothing some bug eyed old Botoxed crone does in D.C. can change that.
And the old con man in chief is now going on yet another campaign to try and convince us all it won't hurt. Absolutely nuts, I tell you.
America needs us now more than ever.


Anonymous said...

Very good post, WVDottr! Thank you.

My message has never been to support a third party, but instead to REFORM the Republican party. It's too liberal, too wishy-washy, caves in to special interests too easily, makes "deals" too much and needs to CLEAN HOUSE and totally abandon "racial" politics.

We need to recognize and acknowledge that McCain was a TERRIBLE candidate. I dislike and distrust him -- and many other 'career" Republicans. The Democrats merely STINK to high heaven.


Mean while New Hampshire's Republican Woman of the Year (2009) writes:

Despite overwhelming evidence that the majority of the American public did NOT want this bill, a mere 219 people have opened the door to the path to single-payer, government managed health care, which has been their goal all along. Worse yet, this is not about helping people, but about the beginnings of total control.

This of course could not have been done without outrageous backroom deals, strongarming of their own, secretiveness and exclusion of the minority, and flat out LIES about just what this bill will do to an already burgeoning debt and our right to control our own lives.

Rammed through on a Sunday night during lent, this bill will NOT improve the quality of your health care, will NOT save you or your employer money, and will NOT help reduce the deficit.
It may NOT even improve your accessibility to care since so many doctors have threatened to quit, or students have promised not pursue medicine as a career, if passed.

One of the MOST frightening aspects of this is that the IRS, a division of the US Treasury Department, will now be in charge of overseeing your health insurance purchase or be able to have direct access to your bank account if you do not comply with the government's wishes.

Let us strengthen our resolve and ramp up the fight, for as in Pelosi's words, now that she has 'kicked down the door' there is going to be MUCH more unconstitutional, socialistic legislation to come...

We will need to keep up the fight against further infringement and deconstruction of the Constitution as we look to November to take back our House, Senate, our State Legislatures, and try to salvage what is left of our Constitutional Republic.

Carry on for the fight continues.

~ FreeThinke

Greywolfe said...

Z, As a soldier, I'm near to losing control of my rage. As a patriot, I am forcing back tears of remorse for the death of our republic.

It ceased to be a representative republic and became a tyrannical monster today. I too believe that illegal amnesty is the next stop for the socialist train, just as others do, and for the same reasons. However, I'll add into the equation this little tidbit, America is losing its AAA credit rating, and that means the interest payments on our national debt is going to go up, drastically. Further nails in the coffin when you look at our dismal financial outlook.

I hate to say this, I really feal like puking saying this, but its time and past for us to pressure our states for nullification and then if needs be secession votes. Let D.C. end up a country unto itself. Or by God let us at least go out the same way we were, as a nation, born. Under cannon fire and lead.

I'd personally rather be dead than see this nation go out like this.

Faith said...

I haven't felt this sad in a long time.

Anonymous said...

FT, this is not about defending Republicans this is about ridding ourselves of far left extremists and weaklings who go along with them, on whom we have no influence.

We don't have the luxury to be purists, we have to play the hand we're dealt. And that hand is to choose from what's available at the ballot box.

We can attempt to affect those choices in primaries. After that, we must support the Republican, whomever it is. If we don't, the game remains the same.

I know as well as you who the rinos are. So, for those rinos who are up for re-election, contribute to their primary opponents as you see fit.

Whichever wins I plan to contribute to in certain races. But, I will encourage people, be a cheerleader for our side. I can't take the position all is lost and I won't. It's not how I think, and it's not the way to win.

We're up against a ruthless foe. Now is not the time to be choosey, nor is a third party a viable option. It is not the time to throw up our hands and say enough. Whatever we've done up to now, is not enough.

We have to see it through, or we have only ourselves to blame.


Z said...

You know, everyone, I feel SO SAD now, too....and quite ANGRY...

Something I'm remembering is all the Republicans who didn't vote last election "I'm staying home to show the Republicans they weren't Conservative enough"...and now look what we've got.

I swear, this made a difference...and now people are doing it AGAIN in NEVADA! Republicans are going for a Tea Party candidate who's got NO experience, a $200K lien on his business and who SAYS he's with the TEA PARTY NEVADA group, a group no other Nevadans in the movement have HEARD OF..but he's managed to pull 22% off of the legitimate Republicans effectively running in the primary against Reid, which means REID WILL WIN! Until this guy Ashjian showed up Reid was neck and neck with the two Republicans in the polls!!

THINK, PEOPLE! ENOUGH OF THIS "they're not conservative enough"..we don't have TIME FOR THAT LUXURY ANYMORE. Vote the Conservatives IN and then smack them into conservative submission! :-)

The Democrats have a VERY small tent.... liberals who want big government, bleeding heart give-aways and amnesty...
Republicans are divided by people like Ron Paul and issues like abortion, how to handle immigration, wars on foreign soil, etc.

VOTE REPUBLICAN and THEN let's get them MORE CONSERVATIVE once they're elected...DO NOT STAY HOME NEXT ELECTION and 'show anybody'...all you who did that DID was SHOW YOURSELF how silly that was...and now we have this horrid health 'bill.'

Even if we take back the House or the Senate this November and they try to repeal this awful bill, Obama will VETO IT, so we're stuck for a while....

Anyway...hang in there....we'll get through this somehow and I tell you, if the way the Left handled pushing this bill down America's throat didn't wake a LOT of people up, I don't know what will....I think people are SO ANGRY now not only at the bill but the process, that we need to keep that momentum going..

Z said...

Pris, you posted at the same time I DID and said pretty much the same thing! Is that funny, or what!?

Anonymous said...

Hi Z, yes I see that. Well, I guess that means we're right huh? Ha, Ha!

You're right about the last election too. I didn't like McCain, but I voted for him. Anyone think what we have now is preferable?

I don't think so!


christian soldier said...

the slow slippery slide of the last 60-80 years - perpetrated by Rs an Ds has ceased --and we in the US are experiencing a avalanche of overt communist - socialism ...---
the citizenry has finally awakened...!!!
the election of a lesser of two evils R would not have done us in the US any good...

Anonymous said...

CS - I disagree. I don't believe for a minute that McCain would've nationalized healthcare.

He wouldn't have been great but he wouldn't have done what is now being done.


Always On Watch said...

From the day that the Admiral of Chappaquiddick died, I knew that the feds were going to pass some kind of health-care bill.

Pre-existing conditions are supposed to be covered under this bill. But what will those premiums be? Mr. AOW and I know that hard way through HIPAA that pre-existing conditions shoot premiums through the roof.

Anonymous said...

AOW, I heard that as of now only children's pre-existing conditions will kick in this year, not all.

You're right about the cost of premiums. The government will tax, and regulate private insurance companies, and medical device manufacturers through this bill to drive up private costs until those costs become so prohibitive as to force us into submisson.

At least that's how it looks to me. We also can't forget that the Bush tax cuts will be allowed to expire, raising taxes even more.

If we make enough gains in November we can hope some of this can be changed.


Anonymous said...

McCain is a LIBERAL -- just as George W. Bush was a liberal. Of COURSE he has supported socialized medicine, amnesty for illegals, and everything else that increases centralized power and diminishes individual freedom.

The biggest OPEN SECRET is that BOTH parties have been pushing essentially the SAME AGENDA for a very long time. The difference between them is largely rhetorical.

I too voted for McCain, but it was with a heavy heart and a feeling of impending doom. I KNEW he would loose, and I knew "the system" had DESIGNED it that way.

The system has been CORRUPTED. It's ILLEGITIMATE. It's a SHAM. If that were not so, we wouldn't be where we are today.

For things to be THIS bad there HAS to be a tremendous amount of cooperation between the two elements who are SUPPOSED to be in opposition.

Both the Bushes and the Clintons are committed INTERNATIONALISTS. Everyone who's been in power during most of our lifetimes was a committed STATIST. Obama is the FRUIT of the seeds we've allowed to be SOWN.

We HAVE to do a LOT more than merely support just any old Republican who comes down the pike. We need to REFORM the Republican party from within -- fundamentally TRANSFORM it -- or all we are EVER going to get is the same old CRAP.

A third party is NOT the solution, but neither is acceptance of whatever pap the party bosses dish out.

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. I will NEVER vote for a Democrat, but the Republican party -- as it stands today -- gives us only a choice between Cloward and Piven.

Our truest enemies are Internationalism, centralized power, and our own complacency.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

When do you folks start shooting?

christian soldier said...

pris-I'm not talking-JUST mccain- I'm talking the R slow slide to communist socialism and the D slow slide to communist socialism over 80-100 years...starting w the wresting of our education system!

Z said...

CS, if we don't change our education, we're totally toast.
As I said in another comment on another post, we are the only country whose past presidents slam sitting presidents while the past pres is in a foreign country....whose celebs and other prominent people insult America so readily, especially when they're safely abroad and feel SO TOUGH.....

Remember, one state still wants to start teaching American history AT the Civil they'll have more time to teach about the environment. Sure, skip the founding fathers and start with our treatment of slaves.......
This is why we're struggling...our left hates our country too much to give our kids a good understanding of its greatness.

Ducky's here said...

This is why we're struggling...our left hates our country too much to give our kids a good understanding of its greatness.


When did it become the left's responsibility to warp history to conform to your warped idea of biblical American exceptionalism?

You confuse truth with dogma, z.

Ducky's here said...

Pretty nice pop in health insurance and drug stocks today. Wonder why investors aren't upset about the bill.

Z said...

"Biblical American exceptionalism?"

Pardon me, Ducky? that is hysterical! BIBLICAL American exceptionalism? America's exceptional in a million ways and our kids are being indoctrinated by your leftwing hate-America-first teachers...
Won't it be a wonderful day when our kids can claim pride again in their country?

As for stocks? They've been up...who knows what deals the obama thugs made with them?
NO PUBLIC OPTION..yet, Ducky....we'll soon be mandated to BUY INSURANCE....people will be buying. Then, when the plan goes into effect and people realize they can't afford their premiums and must go to the gov't (which is probably obama's socialist plan, anyway, of course), I'd be dumping health care stock like a rock.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not talking-JUST mccain- I'm talking the R slow slide to communist socialism and the D slow slide to communist socialism over 80-100 years...starting w the wresting of our education system!"

The wresting of our education system is the responsibility of parents, and local communities.

Parents allowed this to happen, with nary a peep. They all went to work, and paid little attention to what their children were learning. For many, only their children's report cards mattered.

It might feel more comfortable to blame politicians for everything, but, if parents are responsible for their children, and what they're taught, they failed in the most important area of all.