Thursday, March 4, 2010

PLEASE watch this...a worst example of leftwinger attacks

One wonders if the ludicrousness of being accused of "accepting" Racists and NAZIs at Tea Party events is lost on anyone but msnbc listeners? The interviewee didn't handle himself the best he could but you kind of feel like he really didn't have to respond to accusations quite as outrageous as those, you know? It's like when Olbermann kept saying "why no Blacks at the Tea Parties?" First, there were Blacks at the Tea Party I ATTENDED, and there are some in the planning of the organization, too. Secondly, the Tea Partiers are mostly Conservatives.....Most Blacks are not. Don't they THINK, these leftwingers, or is it just better to attack anything they don't like with as much venom as possible?
Yes, I think RACISTS and NAZIS ought to be asked to leave if they attend an event; who here thinks that, if they're found to be racist or anti-semitic, they wouldn't be? My gosh.
Good TV and a great chance for the host to appear so righteous...but, ludicrous.
Clinton and Carville are geared to take on the Tea Parties, did you know that? WHY?
And, though we know how good and well meaning and important this movement is, we have to understand that many Americans (think Independent voters) are hearing "Clinton is involved in investigating the Tea Partiers....." and, to some unthinking rubes, that's magic. Not stupid, our DNC, TRUST ME.



beamish said...

reality dose

Anonymous said...

Z, great post -
I'm a tea party member. I'm a homemaker. I've attended four rallies and a tea party convention.

Now, since I know of no leader behind this country-wide movement, it will be interesting to see a former President and his right hand man, sending out their investigators and slimy infiltrators to find one. Maybe they'll make one up. What's one more lie, more or less.

Carville's involvement doesn't surprise me, but, a former President?

Bill Clinton is willing to tarnish a hard worked for image as an international statesman, to descend into the underworld of dirty tricks like a common political hack?

I find this utterly amazing. He used to be the one to assign this job to others, and now has become just one more member of this rotten corps. (That's corps pronounced "core, not corpse").

This is amazing because a lot of the people he will be demonizing, voted for President Clinton, more, some of them voted for Obama.

Well, Mr. President, with all due respect, I find your participation in this witch hunt, regretable, and yes, deplorable.

What your effort is doing is taking on the American people. Do you somehow believe we are not what we say we are? If you believe we will run for cover, you would be wrong.

We will have our voices heard, and if you continue this effort of demonization and attempted destruction of people who love our country, our numbers will continue to grow, we will have our rallies, we will support candidates and who knows, perhaps a few of us will emerge someday as leaders.

As of right now, I know not who that might be. I believe this is not without President Obama's knowledge, and it seems to me, he cannot afford to be associated with you for the very reason, that when you throw mud, those closest to you get dirty too. Or should I say dirtier.

Now President Clinton's face will begin showing up on signs, and he will be dragged down along with others who hate all dissent but their own.

This is a sad day for America. But, you know what they say, "Power to the People". There was no doubt a time when you carried such a sign Mr. President. My my, how times have changed.


The Born Again American said...

I've been to a Tea Party Express rally and I'm not advocating killing blacks and Jews or anyone else for that fact, but I'd bust a cap in Mark Williams ass in a heart beat...

Z said...

Beamish, I'd forgotten that; thanks for the reminder....disgusting.

Pris....I think this is part of the WH PR's the leftwinger "doesn't matter if there's any 'there' there, let's just have the admired CLINTON say he's going to investigate the Tea Partiers, people will really wonder why, maybe he knows something we don't know, isn't that important because CLINTON IS DOING IT!" The PR team there in Washington seems to understand that many Americans aren't paying attention and just buy any innuendo they're fed.
Like that line of white coated doctors standing behind Obama yesterday when he talked health Americans really BUY that? "OH!!, DOCTORS are there.... well THEY must approve, so who are WE not to!?" Does the WH PR team really believe we're that stupid?

Born Again: Maybe you ought to really dig down and examine your conscience because leftwingers say you're lying !:-)

RightKlik said...
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RightKlik said...
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RightKlik said...

Looks like the left is coming unhinged. The Tea Parties are driving them crazy. Grassroots conservatives are successfully standing in the way of Obama's hard left agenda and the Tea Parties are an important part of that success.

The Dem party, founded on the liberal left, has created this phenomenon. They control Washington at a time when America urgently needs strong leadership. The Democrats failed to provide that leadership and created a vacuum for the Tea Parties to fill.

I don't know that the GOP would have done any better than the Dems if the Republicans had been in control of Washington all this time; but alas, they're out of power and the Dems get all the credit.

The Dems are kicking themselves for their failures, and for inspiring a whole new wave of conservative leadership. With their tea party paranoia, they are "trying their best to make sense of and mitigate feelings of helplessness and worthlessness"

Ducky's here said...

What's the deal with the fuss over the tea bagger movement.

This is nothing but the same old same old right wing base and the ancillary cadre of mouth breathers it always brings with it.

Same old agenda, same old white base. And if they start complaining about the lack of minorities, just drag out Alan Keyes.

Chuck said...

I don't know, he looked like every other idiot on MSNBC. This is what the network has become, make a bunch of false statements loudly and not allow anyone to dispute them. MSNBC has become an absolute joke. The amazing thing is I used to watch them, many many years ago, and they were not this insane.

Do notice he never answered the question about the NBC anchor?

beamish said...

Yeah, something to tell the grandkids, if I can ever figure out how to breed...

The violence against Tea Partisans by Obama-loyal SEIU thugs started in St. Louis, not all that far from where I used to live.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Obozo is interested in investigating regular citizens making their voices heard, but gives a free pass to ACORN and the Black Panthers creating intimidation for voters on election day in Philly???? Hands in the cookie jar mean nothing to the far lefturds. Ignore and vilify regular people is their mantra!


beamish said...
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beamish said...

Bill Clinton?

six words for Senator Fulbright's racist apt pupil:

2008 South Carolina Democratic Party primary.

BB-Idaho said...

I saw that interview, couldn't believe it, turned it off. Everybody wants to be Glenn Beck these days!!

Faith said...

It IS a "worst example" and I really can't stand listening to him so had to abort the video. This kind of thing is like we're living in a Communist state where lying and ranting about your opponents and trying to drown them out (in lieu of executing them, which isn't possible here YET) is standard operating procedure.

Faith said...

Off topic and too far past your post on the subject to post there:

>>>>WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is urging a House panel not to offend Turkey by declaring that the Ottoman-era killing of Armenians was genocide. But the committee chairman pressed ahead Thursday.<<<<

Gee we wouldn't want to offend a pack of Nazi style murderers, would we?

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing but the same old same old right wing base and the ancillary cadre of mouth breathers it always brings with it."

And the current left is reminiscent of the 30s with increasing antisemitism, collectivist ideas, corruption and an utter lack of respect for free speech.

The Skepdick said...

Today we hear that President Obama, in trying to persuade ten Democrats (who seem to care more about silly things like the Constitution, their constituents’ wishes, and the solvency of the United States than they do about the president’s socialist agenda) who voted against the Stalinization plan for the US health care industry last fall to change their sides, will be hosting them at the White House tonight. Well that makes sense. Heck, even for the Super Bowl, he hosted a whole one Republican at the White House. Anyway, though…..But failing to understand the beauty and pure goodness behind the President’s agenda. But after Sean reported me to the Ministry of Love, a few chats with Mr. O’Brien and a trip to Room 101 cured me of my insanity and taught me to love Big Barack.

beamish said...

So true. The only real difference between the "old left" and the "new left" is that the "new left" no longer print swastikas (the symbol of socialism) on their pamphlets.

Who falls for this kind of idiocy on MSNBC? The gasbag host's question was the equivalent of "do you still beat your wife?" and demanding a yes or no as if his allegation had merit. The leftist playbook should be handed out in Logic 101 classes as examples of fallacies in argumentation.

Don't peg me as someone deluded enough to believe leftists are even capable of rational thought. Let Democrats remain the stupid party.

These antics only drive people capable of rational thought away from the left, leaving the collective Ducky's of our nation to prance in ever shrinking crowds on the street corner with pink feather boas and bullhorns shrieking like banshees until they can throw Molotov cocktails at police officers when they're not burning down conservative black churches.

Anonymous said...

Ironic how the left loves to say that our efforts to fight islamic terrorism just creates more terrorists. If they actually believed that, why would they demonize and fight Tea Party participants without feeling like it is just going to create more "Tea Baggers." Of course hypocrisy is the mother's milk of politics (it used to be just money, but hypocrisy obviously pays better: see Al Gore) and Obama is by far, far, far, and far again, the most hypocritical, dishonest, deceitful liar I have ever had the displeasure of wasting my time with by listening to his complete and total prevarications. The biggest mistake Joe Wilson ever made was apologizing for telling the truth about Obama.

MGM in Indiana

Ducky's here said...

Early Wednesday morning, State Sen. Roy Ashburn (R-Calif.) was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. Sources report that Ashburn -- a fierce opponent of gay rights -- was driving drunk after leaving a gay nightclub; when the officer stopped the state-issued vehicle, there was an unidentified man in the passenger seat of the car.


This your Rep. z. Thought you should know.

Z said...

BB..remind us when Beck's ever treated ANY GUEST like that, okay? hint: never happened

RK, they couldn't kick themselves hard enough for most of America's taste. I think you're so right; they know their outrageous actions have spawned a whole new wave of patriotism and conservatism..and it's really amazing because the only media the Right has, really, is FOX and radio.
Then they don't even take their lumps when Air America folded! I guess they figure not enough SMART Americans listen to radio, huh? :-)

Chuck, he sure didn't answer that...he barely let the Tea Party guy speak loudly enough for us to hear that story, did he about the NBC anchorwoman.

Faith, even as an Armenian who lost ancestors in the genocide, I DREAD THE DAY Turkey admits their guilt..Europe will be over swarmed by the worst of islam..with their hands out for welfare like they're already done to Germany for YEARS.

ANONYMOUS...GOOD COMMENT, you are so right.

Skepdick, glad to have you hear...Don't you think it would start grating on AMericans to hear the bullying Obama's doing to SCREW US?

MGM..good point about "YOU LIE!"

Ducky..I have never heard his name but who cares whose representative he is? If he's in the running for the EDWARDS/CLINTON/PATERSON/ etc etc and all the other Republican SCUM, he needs to be taken down.
You can't really have stooped low enough to infer anything from one creepy Republican doing something like this, can you? You running out of valid arguments against the Right? :-)

Beamish...your last paragraph is bliss.

Ducky's here said...

the running for the EDWARDS/CLINTON/PATERSON/ etc etc


Nah, those guys are Dems. They're straight.

Anonymous said...

Wow... good comments to which I will add nothing.

Ducky seems to be resorting to lame propaganda and vulgar name calling these days! What's wrong Ducky?... Is the evaporation to the Progressive Demonrat Party getting to ya???? I don't know if you can hear it in Boston, but I'm laughing my butt off every time you and one of your ilk calls concerned American citizens "tea baggers"!!!


Z said...

And my favorite: I FINALLY found a gay Republican in the M's....

Maybe Republicans just have the dignity to keep their sexuality, whatever it might be, to themselves?
Except for the 3 nuts who've been in the news SO big time BECAUSE THEY'RE REPUBLICAN (imagine our media even mentioning a Dem who allegedly did anything GAAAAY? would MADDOW cover that?:-)

Ducky...Republicans don't find people "less-than" and always try to incriminate because they're gay...why do YOU always come here with any happy gay-Republican screw-up you can find?

Argue ideology, argue facts..come on, you can do better than this trolling

Z said...

By the way, Ducky, when straight Republicans screw up their marriages, etc.,, we condemn, too.

BB-Idaho said...

"BB..remind us when Beck's ever treated ANY GUEST like that, okay? hint: never happened" Sure...
here's an example: example

Z said...

BB..finally, you found one!?

I've heard that's a one-off...but, you're right, he got upset. Still, he let her speak and addressed everything she said, didn't he.

Chuck said...

Z, I am thoroughly confused

You running out of valid arguments against the Right?

When has Duck put forth a valid argument

FrogBurger said...

I thought it was astroturf. If it were the crazy would be weeded out. So they just contradicted themselves.

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing but the same old same old right wing base and the ancillary cadre of mouth breathers it always brings with it."

My my Ducky, but of course you're not bigoted or elitist in any way, right? Yeah, you love the common man right?

You, sitting on that pile of cash, and as you have said "living large", as if money can buy you class. Sorry guy, it can't. You make that obvious.

Anyone is welcome to join us in the tea party movement Ducky. The difference is, we don't send out buses dragging people to rallies.

We don't pay or bribe people to show up or do our bidding unlike the left.

You can pretend the grassroots effort doesn't matter, but you don't get a Carville, or a former President to lend his name to take us on, if we didn't matter.

In fact, our effort has been more legitimized, and spotlighted because of this latest development. Thanks, we need all the help we can get!


beamish said...

Gotta give credit to Ducky for working so had to make homosexuals in government a "Democrat thing."

Anonymous said...

I've GOT it! by Jove, I've GOT it!


They take turns posting as "Ducky" so they can giggle to each other and dig each other in the ribs while they dump ess-aitch-eye-tea all over conservative blogs.

So reminiscent of rotten little kids making anonymous phone calls to try out their newly acquired four-letter vocabulary in the days before caller ID.

Victim's Phone: Riiiing! Riiiiing! Riiiiing!

Victim: Hello!

Rotten Kid: Are you the lady that washes?

Victim: No.

Rotten Kid: You filthy pig! You smell like shit!

DOWN goes the receiver.

Rotten Kid: Giggle giggle giggle!

Leftist media and the Obama Out House is just about at THAT level!

Frankly, it look to me as though the left is engaged in a DESPERATION DERBY.

DIrty rats that they are they KNOW they're sinking, and they're DETERMINED to take as MANY DECENT, INNOCENT, HELPLESS PEOPLE WITH THEM as POSSIBLE before they DROWN.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I'd GO to a "Tea Party," but I've never been invited, nor have I ever been "solicited" in any way for funds from the movement.

How does one FIND these people?


~ FreeRthinke

Anonymous said...

FT, Here you are. You should be able to find a tea party in your area here:


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pris.

~ FT

Anonymous said...

You're welcome FT.

I hope you'll join in. We can't have too many good Americans!


Z said...

Amen to that, Pris!

Anonymous said...

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