Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Senator Bunning's 'finger' and Texas' Governor Perry's backside.....with a COMMENTARY SECTION suddenly needing your input, I promise.

Senator Bunning of Kentucky has raised quite a ruckus. THIS article says "Republican Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., foiled Democratic attempts to enact a short-term extension of unemployment benefits and COBRA subsidies for a million Americans. " Sounds HEARTLESS, right? Not so fast......check this out from the article:

"Bunning doesn't like Democrats' version of a bill to temporarily extend unemployment benefits, subsidies of COBRA insurance and many other things because he wants to pay for it with unused stimulus funds. More than a million Americans long out of work will exhaust their benefits starting Sunday. " What is wrong with paying for it that way?

Have you heard ANYWHERE on TV that he wanted benefits paid by unused stimulus funds? I haven't... I'd started thinking he was a heartless bum when I heard the media treatment about this! We now learn that he just wants stimulus funds, gazillions of them that haven't been spent, to BE USED! What's wrong with that? There's more from the article:

"The bill Bunning objected to also included a temporary extension of the law that allows satellite television providers servicing areas without network affiliates to broadcast network service from different areas. " REALLY? Is THIS where YOU want YOUR hard earned tax dollars going? Isn't this a good place to CUT? GeeeeeeZ!

UPDATE from THIS article that came out late Tuesday night on Yahoo: "Bunning wanted to force Democrats to find ways to finance the bill so that it wouldn't add to the deficit (Z: that's a bad idea?), but his move sparked a political tempest that subjected Republicans to withering media coverage and cost the party politically. Bunning's support among Republicans was dwindling, while Democrats used to being on the defensive over health care and the deficit seemed to relish a battle that could reinforce their argument that Republicans are bent on obstruction of President Barack Obama's agenda at any cost." Who knew an HONEST journalist could come out of Associated Press!? Kinda nice!
It should also be mentioned that the internet is agog with how Bunning supposedly flipped off an ABC interviewer, but every video I see has no such thing...."he did it before the cameras rolled," says the journalist, "when he was getting into the elevator." But, elevator video shows no such thing. Ah well, the ABC journalist has complained and America believes it. UPDATE again: A friend emailed this morning saying she saw coverage of the Bunning situation on the cable news and NOBODY mentioned that he was simple looking for the stimulus dollars to pay for it....nobody, including HIM. Are editors cutting film? Was he warned to play ball with someone? WHO? WHAT is going ON?

GOVERNOR PERRY of TEXAS snatched Kay Bailey Hutchison's run for governor out from under her. Gov Perry won pretty handily....Apparently, he had done a dandy job of painting Hutchison as just another Washington insider, one of the people who's got us in the mess we're in now...hammering that point home for weeks to Texas' voters.



Chuck said...

I heard another take on Fox about the extension of jobless benefits. The question was - should we be talking of cutting off these extensions? Most economists agree that extension of jobless benefits are detrimental to an economy, people on them do not look for work.

There is considerable anecdotal evidence that personnel staff are seeing people come in to interview for open positions and have no interest in the job, they just want their form signed saying they are actively seeking work.

I know the issue is more complicated than this but do we continue to extend the benefits? When do we cut them off?

Anonymous said...

Having had one interview in the last 3 months that "went very well for me" according to the interviewer and has turned out going on three weeks later, that they are "still interviewing"... why am I still without a job in my area of expertise? Because when I am submitted to an employer I am competing with a couple thousand software development people who are out of work and younger than I am! Employers are bargain shopping right now too, which makes it harder for professionals out of work. So from where I'm sitting, I'm not sure where Fox got their information!

I agree, the benefits should be taken from the already allocated stimulus funds. Maybe laid off auto workers play the "show up at an interview not wanting work game", but for those of us who have worked hard to train and develop skills we want to use again to make our living, that does not happen. All I want is for this jobless nightmare to be over.

One doesn't exactly live high on the hog on unemployment either, but I won't go there. I'll just say that going from 75-80K a year to that, well, there will be a lot of bankrupt professionals coming up the pike! Just the perspective from one who is living the nightmare. Oh and no, I didn't hear that he was wanting "stimulus money" used.

The MainScreamMedia is loaded with globalist commies from my perspective. For all the truth that gets spun and glossed over, it's hard telling what other "piggybacks" are attached to the bills that are written behind closed doors!

Kudos to Texas for doing the right thing for themselves and Congratulations to Governor Perry!


Name: Soapboxgod said...

I'd defend the guy even if he wasn't suggesting unused stimulus dollars.

The fact of the matter is that in an economic downturn, people habitually do more for less. Given that the poor and downtrodden are not fully self sustaining (having to depend on the financial benefit of those who are not) it should logically be accepted that they too can expect to have to do more with less.

Heartless? No just a fact of reality for which one is apparently not to consider.

Z said...

Chuck, I don't know how that's 'anecdotal', it was the case around California for years and might still be...all you had to do was show up and get a signature showing you were looking and your got benefits, is that not a national situation? Or do you mean something else?
Your question is valid; when do we cut them off? And should we? And are there other ways to help?

HAM, that's an important perspective and one I wish you weren't in the position to offer.
You're right, companies are seeking younger, more newly trained help which asks for a smaller salary that experienced, mature workers..This is a big problem

It all boils down, in the leftist minds, to REVENUE to PAY THESE PEOPLE and they are going to do all they can to GET IT...FROM US.
But the stimulus money IS THERE to help.......what else IS it there for?

Z said...

Soapbox, you make a good point.
But so many people have legitimately been looking for work for a year or two, or more, and their savings are depleted, if they had any, and they really can't live on the assistance check.

Chuck said...

HAM, let me be clear that I was not saying everybody that is unemployed does not look for work (I could have said it better). Undoubtedly there are people who want to work. I do believe the theory is correct though, that extension of benefits prevents a lot of people from looking for work. Remember, most people do not make this kind of money. For a lot of people unemployment is not a bad deal, especially if they are not inclined to work anyways. I do agree that some would have a hard time living off of unemployment, my family could not make it if we replaced my salary with unemployment benefits.

Chuck said...

Z, I agree. I used the word anecdotal because they did not offer proof of their assertion. Also, as I said in my follow up comment to HAM, it is not fair to make a general statement because there people who it does not apply to.

Anonymous said...

Perry may have won, but it's a loss for Texas.

I realize that your point is that voters are fed up with Washington insiders.

Rick Perry isn't exactly out for the common man.
He has spent his entire Governorship trying to build the Trans-TExas Corridor, a massive super-highway from Mexico to Canada which would shuttle even more drugs and illegals into the US.

He's a nightmare, and we're stupid for re-electing him.


The power of advertising.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, my comment was putting out my perspective and a condemnation of the MSM for simply not putting out all sides of the issue. That's why I mentioned laid off auto workers. I was one about 30 years ago, but rather than living off sub funds and unemployment forever, I went to school. I would say I was one out of 500 who chose to do that. I know very well the games that are played when people who depend on a system to provide their living during a poor economy. Unfortunately, there are many trained professionals with skills who can't find work right now too.
I know there is credence in what you said, I simply wanted to put forth another angle my friend. :-)


Ducky's here said...

The Bunning case is interesting. Be aware that Federal flood insurance coverage also runs out with this bill. Hope the rain stays down.

The Senate wanted a unanimous declaration which would have accelerated the passage of the bill and avoided these expirations. So Bunning holds out.

No we go through the normal process which will take awhile and still certainly pass. So I leave it to my far right brethren to explain exactly what Bunning has accomplished.

Just more posturing. Nothing to see here, move along and hope we don't have a lot of coastal flooding from possible late storms. Nice move Bunning, you certainly personify why we are in an irreversible downward spiral.

Ducky's here said...

You may find this interesting, z

... Armenian community in Boston isn't letting go of this.

Z said...

Jenn, Perry also promoted that female vaccine for just in case little 13 year olds caught an STD, if you'll remember. I was surprised that he'd take control out of their mothers' hands like that.

Ducky, I think both sides should be taught but it's almost ludicrous; even with the silly assertion that Armenians provoked their massacre, nobody kills that many innocent women and children and retains any semblance of decency in the future.

Brooke said...

I agree with Chuck. Where is the incentive to start finding work, except perhaps in the last 4-8 weeks of bennies?

Bunning should have stuck to his guns. Even more, he should not have even suggested using stimulus money for extension.

Z said...

Jenn, did ANYBODY talk about that super highway during the campaigning???? I'd have thought Texans would ABHOR that as it's RUINING THIS COUNTRY, or WILL. Most people don't even know it's being built...and some say it's barely been discussed in Congress even during Bush's days..what is UP with that, anyway?

Everyone: There are really good Conservative America-loving people who can't find work. Benefits are keeping some people alive, and their children, too..barely, but there's food even if they're losing their homes.
Not everyone hasbig savings accounts (who DOES?) to hold them over if they lose their jobs and, let's face it, only 2 years back, if you lost your job, you were pretty sure you'd find another one pretty quickly...
Today? NOW WHAT? No jobs...nowhere to GO.

Some people are lazy and on the dole and need to be kicked in the patoot, we all know that...Chuck's right that that signature is all they want, but I think the days of them being the majority are OVER...I think the majority is US.
Our friend TOM, the blogger, had no job for a long time, a good buddy here in our blogging world was getting less hours at her profession and a relative of hers had lost his job...
we all know people like that..

No savings, no what?

And where the heck are the stimulus gazillions being spent, anyway?
Should they be spent tiding over good Americans out of jobs until the economy picks up?
Maybe. Maybe not..ideologically, I hate that, but realistically...?
It's sitting there...maybe it would stimulate, considering those people can then pay their mortgage, buy food, and a few other things?

Will now run out of the way to avoid flying WORDS!!

Just an opinion...

Anonymous said...

Well also, for those like myself who have worked hard on their job search, I can attest to the fact that I wouldn't get very far if I lost my home, didn't have gas to put in my (borrowed) car, and didn't have access to my computer. It would be kind of hard to get ready for a job interview if I were living in my (borrowed) car, as I don't have a shower or a place to plug in my curling iron.

And why do I have to use a (borrowed) car??? There was the situation 6 months after I lost my job where I had a wheel come off of my 05 Focus on the interstate. I had no health insurance because I had no employment. So now I don't have the car (total loss as I had to be cut out of it!) but still owe $1800 on it. I also have about $25K medical bills (I had 3 fractured vertebrae and a severely messed up left arm and shoulder that only now is returning back to movement with no pain) and as soon as I was able, with a back brace still on, I have been looking for work! I have worked hard since I was 16 years old, I have been a single Mom supporting my son for 7 years and have never been a welfare or handout person. I have paid more than my share of taxes and contributed to church and charity for years. Most people in my position would have given up.

Now Brooke, I ask... you want to trade places with me? Not everyone using unemployment benefits right now are entitlement people who don't want work.


Z said...

HAM, you sure put it better than I could. I wish you didn't have a clue about that kind of difficulty..but, you do, all too well.

So, folks..NOW what? The story of a true American patriot Conservative woman in trouble.

beamish said...
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beamish said...

I have mixed feelings on unemployment extensions. Unemployment benefits (at least here in Missouri) are NOT welfare. They're insurance payouts to the unemployed that while they were working were paid in out of their checks as deductions. And no, you don't ever get back in unemployment insurance benefit payouts even a fraction of what you paid in for years while employed. And the federal subsidization to those benefits from Obama? A whopping extra $20 a week. Woo hoo easy street!


Nobody is having an easy time on state unemployment checks, even with an extra $20 from Obama. Especially in states (like Missouri) where YOU are begging the state to give you back money YOU paid into the unemployment insurance system in the first place.

I'd much, much rather have a job and feel slightly less ripped off.

Ducky's here said...
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Z said...

Ducky, sometimes your snideness and officiousness need to be deleted.
This was one of them.

beamish said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, did I mention when I got my taxes done... I get to pay $700 in taxes to the fed and state??? Oh yeah... I just love, love, love goobermint!

Ducky, you miss the point every time don't you? 90% of the stimulus allocation hasn't been spent! Plus, there are TARP dollars that have been repaid... what about that. Oh but let's just add to the outrageous deficit! Go on, be a little cheer block for the idiots that are trying to bankrupt our nation! Bunning's point was and is a good one!


MK said...

Isn't it clear to Americans, the democrats want to drag you further into debt so they can forever tie you to government of some sort.

Leticia said...

I agree Z, Perry's win is just another warning to Democrats that the people are not blind to what they are doing in Washington. And for some apparent reason they still don't get it or see it.

Anonymous said...

Z, The Trans-Texas Corridor was HUGE news in Texas for a few years, then died down, like all sensational news does.

It's being called 'dead', but now that Perry is re-elected, I have no doubt that he'll just bust it up into smaller projects and rename it.

The Texas Dept. Of Transportation has been very shady, and so has Perry, hiring attorneys to protect him for over a year while he secured contracts with foreign contractors.

The TTC would invoke eminent domain over thousands of acres of private property, and it's simply not a good idea.

Here's a good link.:

beamish said...

Sounds like a road to nowhere. What happens when the TTC hits the Oklahoma border? Does it pare down to a two lane road with potholes, concrete dividers, stoplights, 35 mph zones, and toll booths every 100 miles?

Eh. Oklahoma flashbacks.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I thought that super highway was a federally mandated project, which will run from the Mexican/USA border to the Canadian/USA border. Doesn't it use federal funds?

Btw, I am adamantly opposed to it.


Anonymous said...

The fact is, we don't have the money to support the unemployed in perpetuity. The question is how long is long enough?

The stimulus money is borrowed money, isn't it? How much do we owe China and how much do we print that we can't back up?

How much in new taxes and fees do we, the people, have to pay?

We have to look at the big picture, and how these programs affect our economy. The administration is talking of banning foreclosures. Who pays for the bad paper the banking sector is stuck with?

How can our economy recover if we have unsustainable debt?
It can't.

But, the WH thugs aren't finished. If the healthcare bill passes, new taxes kick in, and some of those taxes will be directed at the insurance industry, driving up their costs, thereby driving up our costs.
Premiums will have to go up.

If those with pre-existing conditions are guaranteed private coverage, the cost rises more. New regs. will increase insurance costs as well and will be passed on to the consumer.

Thus, the government will step in and say, "we're here to help"!

It's all planned, IMO, whether "public option" is mentioned or not.

Next, cap and trade. They're talking $7.00 a gal. of gas, which will drive up the cost of everything from the gas to the marketplace. There's alot more to this, but you get the idea.

These people are creating economic crisis. They are destroying this country, and they know it. Power is their drug of choice.

There will be terrible, heartbreaking situations, but we have to see the real danger to the country. Our freedom, and everything we've worked and sacrificed for is in the balance.

We are paying for our own demise as free people, and I, for one, cry for my children and my grandson.


JINGOIST said...

G-d bless Jim Bunning!!! What a guy! The louder the lefties scream, the better I feel about the target of the assault. :-)

Jim Bunning for President 2012.

Rick Perry's okay too.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I thought that super highway was a federally mandated project, which will run from the Mexican/USA border to the Canadian/USA border. Doesn't it use federal funds?

Perry has campaigned on it as being his brainchild. I don't know if it uses federal funds, but it's partially funded by private investors and toll roads (we have TONS of toll roads...).

Anyway, just seems like things in this state have gone downhill since Perry's been Governor.

We miss W., too!

Ducky's here said...

Ah, the NAFTA highway conspiracy theory.

Usually you need to visit a Lyndon LaRouche site to run into that one.

You folks should all move to Kentucky. You get Jim Bunning and you don't have to worry, like Jen, about having your property taken for the NAFTA highway.

Anonymous said...

It's just the same old DOUBLE-STANDARD malarkey all over again.

If criticism between the two parties was ever HONEST and based on REALITY, I'd probably drop dead of shock.


Many people who are wealthy enough not to have to work feel inappropriately GUILTY about their privileged status, and so feel obliged to toe the Socialist line. When rich socialists like George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Howard Dean and the Kennedys -- or what's LEFT of them -- voluntarily GIVE UP their MONEY and PROPERTY and go live in a 1,200-square-foot bungalow, drive a Honda Civic, and make do with 18K per annum after taxes, THEN I might start to believe in their sincerity.

The pious pratings of the rich socialists are HORSEE MANURE.

~ FreeThinke