Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another year's over

2012 is as nearly here as it could be.   "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride."  Don't you think?


net observer said...

I just wanted to be first since I'm awake =)

But man, we are in for a crazy political year, to say the least. If you're a junkie, like all of us, this is gonna be like sex, drugs and rock-n-roll all put together and placed on steroids.

Always On Watch said...

Bette Davis in All About Eve! Perfect!

I do believe that his coming year is going to be the most contentious ever -- on the political front and in the blogosphere.

Happy New Year, Z. Don't let what's coming down the pike get you down.

Ducky's here said...

Nah, the economy will slowly improve, Obummer will eke out a win over Romney and we'll all look for the next asset bubble as excess capital accumulates.

Brooke said...

Happy New Year, Z!

Are you staying up to ring in the new year?

Looks like it's going to come in like a lion! Already we have a simpering left refusing to lead in the face of the Iranians screwing with oil in the Hormuz Straight.

And it looks like Ducky is still off his meds... ;)

Joe said...

Like a CAT 5 hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic and we're in a row boat!

Z said...

net....on steroids, for SURE. Get the prozac :-) They'll have to DRUG ME on election night.! with AMBIEN, a truckload. Wake me when it's over. is perfect, isn't it. I LOVE that film. How can we not get down when we see what's happening to our country?

Ducky,...let's just hope for some excess capital...that should hit in about 3 generations, now that we're in debt so badly thanks to the left.

Brooke, thanks, and same to you!
Ya, Hormuz AND did you hear we're giving a terrorist back IF he promises to be nice? the stipulations almost made me cry in their naivite and stupidity. Our gov't STILL doesn't understand a Middle Eastern mind. That's so dangerous. The guy's name is Faisal or something...I haven't read it anywhere yet, only heard about it on the news. Odd that the print media's not got it yet.
It's huge and it's scary.

Anybody, please link it to me if you see it,thanks.

Joe, weird you'd use that expression; Kenneth Timmerman spoke a few years ago and told his audience, which I was in, that Iran could launch a nuke from a boat small enough to go unseen on radar, right off the Atlantic Coast. He's an expert in the field and that quieted the crowd, I can assure you.

Silverfiddle said...

I think it will all get worse. And worst of all, we have enough mush-heads in this country to fall for the dem scare tactics and the ol' tried and true "we need four more years to finish the job!"

Rita said...

Happy New Year Z and all your wonderful online friends. It's a great group here and glad I can spend the New Year celebrating with you all.

Be safe tonight!

I'll leave you with Z's signature sign-off.


Z said...

Silverfiddle; PERISH the thought...Four More Years to get our children into such debt that THEIR great grandchildren will still be paying!?

Rita, I'm not, and never have been, a fan of getting excited about the New Year! Mr Z liked any party, so we always had a big party or just a couple of friends over, depending on the year.......
This year, trust me, it's an extremely small party :-)

Bob said...

Is this the time for our New Year predictions? As I am usually correct, pay heed as it will come to pass.

1. The economy will get better.

2. Unemployment will not get much better.

3. The Presidential elections will be too close to call. Recounts will ensue.

4. My wife will finally agree to letting me get a pickup truck, a necessity a good old boy from Georgia should not be without.

5. Z will leave when she realizes how much better WordPress is. When it comes to blogging software, WordPress rules.

There, I said it.

Love your blog, Z.

Z said...

Bob "Love your blog, Z."

You can't imagine how good that makes me feel. Thanks.

As for WOrdPress; I'm considering it but I have to have someone else set it up. If I tried, I'd lose EVERYTHING on my blog in an instant of wrong-button pressing, TRUST me! :-)
Am thinking about it...I just like the look of Blogger better and have become so used to it these last almost 4 years.

Impertinent said...

"a good old boy from Georgia should not be without."

A good ole boy from Georgia shouldn't have to ask. Pickups are a mans destiny and a birthright....just like NASCAR and Budweiser.

Impertinent said...

"this is gonna be like sex, drugs and rock-n-roll all put together and placed on steroids."

And just look at what that's led us to...


So much for all that "fun" have to pay up and grow up sometime. Even Tom Hayden figured that out. And Abbie's dead.

Impertinent said...

Happy New Year Ms. z....over here on the east coast we're warming up for the revelry.

I'll let you know how 2012 feels since we get it first.


Anonymous said...

The Immortal Bette Davis!

All About Eve (1951) was the last film in which Ms. Davis looked glamorous. After that she quickly became a frump and finally a harridan. I prefer to remember her the way she was in The Big Lie, Now Voyager, the The Man Who Came to Dinner -- and All About Eve too, of course.

But, I hope this picture of Bette on the eve of the permanent loss of her allure doesn't wind up standing as a symbol of what is about to happen to our beautiful country.

That aside I second AOW's sage advice (in my own fashion):

"Don't let the bastards get you down" -- or anyone else for that matter. Of course it helps greatly to know who 'the bastards' are, and who they aren't, doesn't it? ;-)

There are worse things than going broke.

Losing faith would be Number One on that list.

As Max Ehrmann famously said (in Desiderata), "For all its heartaches and broken dreams, it's still a beautiful world."

If the New Year doesn't turn out to be particularly "happy," I hope it will at least become a worthwhile learning experience.

All the best, Z!

And, as Tiny Tim would say, "God bless us every one."

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Imp, I got a call from Munich at their midnight so I got the new year over the phone :-) You should have heard the fireworks in Ms Z's neighborhood; I could barely hear her talking.

SO, broke through; realized I got rid of the ban on Anonymous Bloggers, huh? Well, let's give it another round, shall we? It's a new year. Let's hope for the best.

I adore Tiny Tim...have a little ornament of his sweet face with a knit cap and scarf around it...

happy new year

Always On Watch said...

I've always liked Bette Davis. Some members of my family did not -- maybe because she was a tough ol' broad.

Z said...

AOW, i've never seen a film I didn't love her in. She wasn't a beauty and she had unusual mannerisms in walk, etc., but she was mesmerizing on the screen; she had something one can't learn.

The wonderful Celeste Holmes plays Karen in All About Eve, the playwright's wife, and I've always adored her, too, and she WAS a beauty, in my opinion.

Well, one night about 25 years ago, I came out of a restaurant in the evening and saw her walking across the street by herself. There were few people around and I couldn't resist..I called out "Are you Celeste Holmes?" And she looked at me and I knew, and she said "Yes!" And I said "I just LOVE you!" And what a smile I got and a huge THANK YOU! I"ll never forget that moment and am SO glad I did it.