Monday, December 19, 2011

Didn't plan to blog this, but.......

.. I'm just hearing that approximately sixty energy plants are probably going to be closed due to the EPA.   Experts are saying that this is probably going to cause rolling blackouts, lose people their jobs, and raise electrical costs.   Why NOW?
The reason I'm quickly blogging this before leaving for a few hours is that it dawned on me that it's like these agencies don't have a grip on our economy, what America's going through, the BIG PICTURE.   There is a time to rehab plants, fix infrastructure, etc., but to lose jobs and raise costs NOW?  

Is it true Obama doesn't stay in touch and could these agencies really have no grasp on the problems in America?   Or is it an attempt to really bring our economy down even more, which some people think's going on?  Or is this the case of a bunch of people doing anything to boost their agency's power and protect their own jobs by keeping busy doing SOMETHING....while Americans are hurting?
What do you think about all of this?



Ducky's here said...

Yeah, Salem Harbor is one of them. A real belcher.

I'll give Romney credit, he tried hard to get National Grid to upgrade it while he was governor. But they evidently had something better to do with the money. Don't know what.

My guess is they keep flipping EPA the digit.

Anonymous said...

The goal is to progressively look like this

Brooke said...

One of the power plants due to shut down is pretty close to me. A lot of jobs are due to be lost; the last thing we need in Obama's endless depression.

Lisa said...

In Venezuela Chavez closed down a company because he said they were using too much energy. Remember he also told people not to take more than a 10 minute shower. Next thing you know we will be told when to S--- and flush as we all maintain synchronized clapping for the dear leader.
Sounds like Obama's role model.
This is how to control people through health care and energy.
Looks like he's trying to grab all the power he can before the election. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Meanwhile Ducky and Libdud will continue their focus on how nuts the rest of us are for daring to question yet another crazy policy of this admin. You know because it's us who are the crazy ones..

Opus #6 said...

Obama is working as quickly as possible to fulfill his vision of America as a wrecked has-been.

Z said...

Ducky, I hope you're right. I"m not saying the state of these plants is to be ignored, but the timing is not only troubling, it's suspect.

FB....VERY well said with that video...thanks. Absolutely true. does seem endless, doesn't it.

Lisa...Chavez, Obama's big buddy?

Opus, I think he really does feel that America's had her day and others should get the glory now. I don't understand people like this; they're SO naive and, when in charge, FRIGHTENING!

Anonymous said...

Oh Opus, don't be an ass. Yeah, it's Obama;s grand plan to bring down America. Stop getting your parrot points from Rush Limbaugh. As far as I'm concerned Obama is restoring American to the greatness and respect we had in the world before Bush.

Lisa said...

it's Obama;s grand plan to bring down America.

Of course not because his big plan is to raise us up. See how well that's working out?

Anonymous said...

" Why NOW?"

Since Kim Il Jong is dead...Obummer is going to replace him and deny us our comforts and productivity as Kim did to his minions and slaves.

So...we'll have "clean air"...and no jobs, AC, lights or factories when this scumbag is through.

Z said...

Libdude.. You're WRONG, but thanks for coming by :-)

Lisa...right! things are going really well since he took over, huh?!
I think of liberal CHris Matthews video and know we're right

Anonymous said...

"Obama is restoring American to the greatness and respect we had in the world before Bush."

Not one country on the planet respects, admires or better yet...fears us. Look at your Arab Spring..... Russia....South America. fisty get your head out of your'll find your gerbil elsewhere.

Z said...

Imp, Your points are good but I'm not really sure comparing Obama to Kim Jung Il here is really helpful.

Z said...

Imp, the 'fear thing' is something liberals will NEVER understand.
Even Ron Paul thinks that islamists hit us because we were in the Middle East!!!
They hit us because they figured out HOW, that's all. And they look at it as their right to fight for Allah. What was it the hijackers yelled as they died, right?

FEAR is a healthy emotion when it keeps America safe and it did, for YEARS. Now they see our leftists attacking us from within; slamming capitalism!!, insulting Bush for having gone to Iraq and Afghanistan, borrowing so much money we are now in debt FOREVER..etc.

Fear us? they're laughing at us...libs just don't get that somehow.

Anonymous said...

Screw Obama and the TSA...Holder...:

"Alabama’s unemployment rate fell at a record pace in November amid stepped-up efforts by President Barack Obama’s deputies to frustrate enforcement of the state’s popular new immigration reform.

The state’s unemployment rate fell 0.6 percent in November to 8.7 percent, according to new state reports, partly because the state’s employers opened up jobs to Americans after shedding illegal immigrants.

The continued drop is proof that people — American Citizens [and] legal migrants, have suffered at the hands of politicians who choose politics over economics, said Chuck Ellis, a council member in Northern Alabama’s Marshall County.

What’s really amazing is that in Marshall County, a county of 95,000 residents, 30,000 workforce eligible, there are over 600 people who now have jobs that they didn’t have 6 months ago,” he said."

Anonymous said...

"sure comparing Obama to Kim Jung Il here is really helpful."

Have you ever looked at the Obama-bots when he appears? The fawning...the idol worship over his "sibilant esses"...the same look the masses gave some others over their ability to "mesmerize" their dopey followers? That's all he has....the TelePrompTer Prez.

Anonymous said...

"Fear us? they're laughing at us."

And you don't think that the quisling in charge has contributed to their animosity and lack of fear? A man who takes months to decide what to do...and then defers the real decisions to others.

They know he's a hollow fake.

We're due for another "Pearl Harbor"..911.

Kid said...

When thousands of CEO's testify that they aren't hiring because of obamacare, and when the Co-founder of Home Depot testifies that it would be impossible to start a company like that in the obamacare environment, the oblabber is either the dumbest SOB that has walked the Earth and been given a position of authority, or it's intentional.

My personal view is that he's an imbecile and more than willing puppet of a take over scheme by socialist/communist forces. This didn't start in Jan 2009 either. It's been going on in earnest in each of the democrat powered White House and Congresses since LBJ, and some say FDR. I'd say since FDR, but was interrupted by America kicking the rest of the world's a* and in no mood to put up with the anti-patriotism and demoralization that is necessary to perpetrate such things.

There has been no effort to support business hiring by this administration. Not according to the people that do the hiring.

Kid said...

PS - And consider, just 20 years and change after the end of WWII, America was losing a war to a rag tag guerilla group in Vietnam in a war that was run from lbj's white house, with generals openly saying that the White House would no allow the targets that need to be hit targeted.

What catalyst is out there today to make people patriotic to the point of not allowing this to happen? Not much. Not enough, and combine that with people coming out of high school and college with libdude's dust bunnies for brains level of intelligence and it's a dark scenario.

-FJ said...

Power out at Candlestick Park for the 49er game... surprise, surprise.

Chuck said...

Z, your looking at this all wrong. This is a push to create green jobs. Think of all of the jobs created in the candle industry. Or maybe the companies that make those paper fans.

Ducky's here said...

Power out at Candlestick Park for the 49er game... surprise, surprise.


Surprised it didn't go out while the Pats were giving Timmy the smack down.

Z said...

Kid, you said so many amazing things there that I don't know where to start, but this statement really caught my eye and put a lump in my stomach, I have to admit "What catalyst is out there today to make people patriotic to the point of not allowing this to happen?"

What catalyst, indeed? Patriotism; imagine a country whose left actually demeans that? I believe we're the only country like that. French, Germans (tho patriotism was rather drummed out of the next generation after WWII...I should write on what I know about that from first hand experience), Italians (50 gov'ts in 50 years and they're still more united than the USA, etc etc...
Yes, we don't hear Frenchmen and Italians and Germans coming here and slamming their government like Bill Clinton did in 1999 or 2000....or how our celebs do all over EUrope (Trust me).
We're reviled by our own...ideology trumps virtue and American values.
But I digress......
excellent comments, Kid, thanks.

Ducky, what's great about smack downs for Christians is we all, as Tebow says, grow more in our faith (if it's a mature faith) from adversity than easy street.

Z said...

Ducky, did I see you suggest somewhere (Joe's blog? that your birthday is January 9?

Anonymous said...

"Power out at Candlestick Park for the 49er game.."

Why not...Guv Moonbeam has taxed everyone by the kilowatt....what's next for California? Taxed by each heartbeat?

Kid said...

Puts a lump in my throat too Z.
And thank you.

Z said...

Kid...I thank you.

Lisa said...

Z I sent you an e-mail

Always On Watch said...

impertinent said:

So...we'll have "clean air"...and no jobs, AC, lights or factories when this scumbag is through.

I say: Yes, that's the road we're on now.

BHO is turning American into a Third World country.

Cutting back consistent power is going to piss off the young. No wireless connections!

Always On Watch said...

Here's a personal take....

If we have rolling blackouts, Mr. AOW, in an electrically-operated hospital bed, will get stuck in the bed and not be able to get to the potty!

And how will I run the washing machine after such an "event" as I mentioned above?

Not to mention what a power outage does during the coldest months of winter. When Mr. AOW gets cold, he has severe muscle spasms (clonus).

This kind of personal take affects millions of people -- both people at home and residents of nursing homes.

Always On Watch said...

Addendum: And how are electric-car owners going to charge their cars during a blackout? Sheesh.

Chakam Conservative said...

Opus #6 said:

"Obama is working as quickly as possible to fulfill his vision of America as a wrecked has-been."

Indeed he is.

He is seeking to re-imagine The Statue of Liberty as a crack whore on the streets, broken and empty, begging for coins while degrading herself to the lowest denominator.

Liberal America. Gotta love it.

Ticker said...

AOW says:
Cutting back consistent power is going to piss off the young. No wireless connections!

Same as in another third world country called N Korea. No Twitter, no lap tops etc which equals NO INFORMATION other than what "dear leader" wants us to have.

Rita said...

"As far as I'm concerned Obama is restoring American to the greatness and respect we had in the world before Bush."

I can only imagine this nonsense coming from a 9/11 truther.

Maybe I'm giving LibChick too much credit here, but ASSUMING he isn't a nun-job truther, how EXACTLY is it that Bush was responsible for the worst attack in American history only 8 months after he took office? And all intell proves that this attack was planned for years.

If that's the case, then Clinton would be responsible for the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.

Nevermind, I already know Lib- is likely a truther, God forbid those crazed loons actually study the overwhelming against the idiocy that Bush masterminded 9/11.

Yeah, we sure had respect from the Middle East.

And someone please tell me that if Obama is reviving the respect for America why are they burning effigies of him?

Obama was in office only 4 months when I watched Tamil demonstrators flood Piazza Navona in Rome carrying signs indicating the Pope, Obama and the Sri Lanka president were guilty of genocide.

Even I thought blaming Obama for something going on in Sri Lanka was assinine.

Pris said...

"As far as I'm concerned Obama is restoring American to the greatness and respect we had in the world before Bush."

Libdud, what does closing down 60 power plants have to do with restoring our greatness?

Or.....not approving the Keystone pipeline?

And how about, not lifting the ban for water to our farms in the inland valley in California.

Or.....overregulating coal plants into closing because they don't have the revenue to abide by the regs?

Or....dumping billions of taxpayer money into so called green projects like Solyndra which failed miserably?

Tell me, how does all this restore our greatness.

Take off your blinders young man and face the truth.

Either Obama is totally incompetent, or all this is purposeful. I happen to think it's the latter.

Either way, we lose, and you who are young, will pay big time.

Z said...

Rita and Pris; don't forget..this is the product of major indoctrination and, sadly, LIbdude's not alone.
Somehow, it feels good to some who were born here and benefited more greatly than they would have in ANY other country, to hate America....guilt? Stupidity? WHY, I don't know.

Rita said...

*nut-job* not nun-job. Now that was funny.