Friday, December 30, 2011


THIS ARTICLE I posted where Walter Williams said Obama can't be beat in 2012 was wrongly accredited to him.    A friend emailed me this morning that Williams was on talk radio saying that he did NOT say that.  I don't know how somebody could quote someone like that, but the author did and the author got it wrong.
While I think Obama will still win (media, money, fraud like 2008),  I'm glad Williams doesn't feel that way!
Just had to update that.


Ducky's here said...

What fraud in 2008?

Repubs don't have any media coverage?

Z said...

The frauds I've written about that mostly centered on Houston, where Gloria Allred, a huge Hillary fan, and many CHicago Hillary supporters worked Houston precincts and saw Obama people telling elderly voters to leave if they weren't voting for him. I've had the videos on twice. I thought you'd have seen them.
But, the media doesn't cover these things, so you can't know.
There is also a Democrat California woman who saw fraud, her video's here, too...I haven't time to find it.

Your media coverage question makes me laugh in it's naivite and disingenuousness... oh, yes, Republicans get covered the same as Democrats :-) no complaints!

Chuck said...

Duckhead, have you even heard about Indiana? ACORN? Dems going into nursing homes and homes for the Developmentally Disabled and mentally ill and "helping" them vote? You couldn't have really been serious with your response.

Z, we disagree here. I think this election is the GOP's to lose. I agree with all you are saying but Obama is not in a good place. Stop by today and see the post I am putting together.

Z said...

Chuck, I will.
But Obama's got a BILLION BUCKS between now and November, he's got college profs, the media, and every little stinking lie they can come up with about any Republican candidate.
See the post I just wrote above this one, for example! :-)

Ya, Indiana...and the nursing home where my precinct was in 2008. I saw a young black woman wheel in a white woman who couldn't hold her head up in her wheel chair; the black girl was going to vote FOR her :-)
Another dashed in with a cell phone she used from her car into the place (i arrived when she did)..she voted, said she wanted to vote there because she wouldn't have time to vote later on when she got home, she signed a provisional ballot book, and left, cell phone in hand, ready for the next precinct. I've seen a LOT here in L.A...a LOT.
But, don't forget, Ducky doesn't think the black panthers were intimidating anybody in spite of the witnesses because ERIC HOLDER DOESN'T THINK SO :-) heh!

Anonymous said...

While I think Obama will still win (media, money, fraud like 2008),

Are you serious? If this is all we have...then there has to be something else. Guess what?

250,000,000 Americans aren't going to go along with this.

America might be better off with Verizons recent LEAST THEY LISTEN TO THEIR CUSTOMERS....UNLIKE THE POS'S OF SHIT IN DC....WHO NEED TO BE RETIRED....

WHO...has the balls to "unelect" these scum whose only purpose is to enrich themselves?

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

You might find it interesting or meaningless or both, but Rasmussen has a poll saying 47% expect GOP to win, 39% say Obama.

Z said...

Hi, Big Fat Mike...are you kidding?
I find it FABULOUS!

But, "miles to go before we sleep".......miles and miles before november, my friend! Still, it's a start :-) Thanks!

net observer said...

Walter Williams DIDN'T say that? I saw that report all over the place some time ago. It's false?

Who originated that idea? He/She needs to be arrested.

Z said...

net, there's a little about it...
I've never quite seen anything like this before; to attribute to someone things he didn't say? WOW.

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

I had suggested meaningless because that is a poll of what people predict will happen--not a poll of their preference.

For preference, the last numbers I saw had showed gerneric Republican leading Obama by 1%. Generic candidates usually do better than actual candidates since they have no specific baggage attached.

But then...

Today Rasmussen shows Romney leading Obama 45 - 39. (So said the headline. The article is only available to subscribers.) That is the biggest lead I've seen for anyone over Obama.

If you care to take a look, you can visit

fyi-his polls reflect numbers among "likely voters" so his numbers may differ from other polls.