Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Michele Bachmann

Does ANYBODY think she's got a ghost of a chance to win the Republican nomination let alone the national election?
Just curious.


Silverfiddle said...

No way. I'm not a Michele basher, I just think she is woefully inexperienced. We have an inexperience president now, and it shows. We don't need to follow up one debacle with another.

Also, I think the liberal hod carriers in the press have already successfully demonized her, so that half the country thinks she is crazy and would never vote for her.

Z said...

I agree, eager to hear if anybody disagrees.
She's fighting SO hard in Iowa and seems so sure of her dominance but who's supporting her$$$?

We know she's nothing to demonize and we know she's probably at least as experienced as Obama was(n't)'re right.

I'd never bash her because I admire her for her education, her career, her foster children situation, and her undying belief in herself.........but, I think she's already OUT.

I think it's more than inexperience that's sunken her, by the's something I can't put my finger on because she does debate quite well and has probably a better grasp on some things than the rest do (certainly better on foreign affairs than Ron Paul, but so's my 20 year old niece!)...
She's somehow unappealing..what is it?

Ducky's here said...

HPV inoculations cause mental retardation?

The woman just doesn't have a full deck.

Z said...

Ya, Ducky, and there are 57 states. And Corps is pronounced CORPSE, according to the liberal hero Obama...Everybody's got some whacked out thing, that's for sure.

Bachmann was taking one anecdote and extrapolated it (a woman apparently approached her telling her that her daughter had been fine until the vaccine and suddenly she was suffering mental illness); that's not a good sign of leadership or anything else.

Lisa said...

Liberalism causes mental retardation.

Check out this comment from another blog about Libdud I saw

"911 called to Libdud's residence. Reports indicate Libdud was tying his shoes and his brain became overloaded and he forgot to breathe. Medics say he'll be ok."

Z said...

Lisa, that's FUNNY! That poor guy's only 23 and it SHOWS....also, his smugness as if he's right with his silly liberality is getting actually pretty funny! it's so 'talking points' and he falls for it! :-)

Hey, maybe you're on to something...most parents wouldn't want that vaccine given to their daughter (especially if it was mandatory) but liberals do; maybe it was a liberal mother and so that's why the poor child's suffering from mental retardation?!! (just kidding. sort of!)
Well, I wish that mom the best.

Do you think Bachmann has a ghost of a chance, Lisa?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I really like her. But like SF, give her a few years.

As far as Ducky, everybody has slips, including yourself Ducky. You Ducky have an empty deck.

Rita said...

What is it?

I can tell you what my non-political husband says when she's on TV.

"She's not very bright."

Sure, occasionally she gets a point across, but she just doesn't project well.

I can tell you that if Michele Bachmann was on TV, he'd change the channel in a heartbeat. If Sarah Palin was on, he would sit and listen to her every word.

I consider his point of view when thinking of those who do not care about politics. He starts to pay attention when the election gets closer, but rarely pays much attention to the primaries.

Bachmann can't win.

Leticia said...

No, I don't think she will get passed the primaries. I like her but she lacks experience, and I don't believe she has the fortitude to be a strong world leader.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that if Michele Bachmann was on TV, he'd change the channel in a heartbeat. If Sarah Palin was on, he would sit and listen to her every word.

Must be a preference based on looks ;-)

I'm the opposite. Palin irritates me but I can watch Bachman for some more time, although I get tired of the same spiel pretty quick.

At the end, they all exhaust and bore me. All of them.

Ticker said...

She has about as much chance of getting elected as she does making it out of the primaries which is about as much chance that the cookies I baked tonight have lasting until tomorrow night--ZERO.

What is it that bugs me? Her constant reference to her record and going toe to toe with OBAMA. For one thing it's a lie. Her legislative record is so thin you can read a newspaper through it. She has offered so many Bills you would think that she sits up nights trying to write something that she can throw on the wall and get it to stick. She's kinda like Duck in that respect! Most of her Bills have few to no sponsors and seldom make it out of committee but she continues to submit the same old things time after time. I think she finally got her 'Save the Light Bulb" Bill passed, unfortunately all the real light bulbs are being made in China or soon will be.
She is a NAG for another thing, constantly jawing on the same old line , over and over again until you want to slap her. She is also infantile with her whining about not getting enough questions or time and raising her hand and jumping about like a dang kindergarten kid needing to go pee.
A basher of Bachmann, NO I just think she has what it takes to run much of anything much less this country.

Ducky's here said...

Let's see Michele:

You're entire working life has been in government. You can't cut it in the dreaded private sector.

You're "farm" brings in those agricultural subsidies.

Your hubby's "prey 'em straight" clinic rakes in those Medicare dollars.

And you're the one to get us off the government teat?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ducky, life changes and so do people.

I used to like socialist ideas in college and was meant to work for gov.

Plus when you give money to government to pay for programs, there's no reason you can't ask for money back.

That would be stupid.

What we want is to stop paying. We won't then bitch if we don't receive.

You guys want to keep receiving without paying.

Z said...

I can't stand to listen to Palin ...I turn her off even faster than Obama these days. And, lately, I can't believe how her ego's become boundless enough that she'll park her van ("Gee, we can't give our itinerary because gas is so expensive we might not be able to afford to GO there!!!" ???) in the opposite side of a city to a Republican candidate's stop, suck the air out of the candidate's event, and then wonder why the GOP isn't fond of her. That's just a smidgen of the stuff she's done that bugs me.
I think she loves this country but man...

I have a hard time watching Bachmann, too. Maybe I'm just a female chauvinist? !!
She has quite an education but liberals won't buy it because she went to Christian schools :-)

the farm is her parents' and she disclosed she owned it knowing full and well that the media tried to say she was benefiting from it.

Her husband and her clinic, even according to THE NATION, said that anybody saying they were trying to convert gays had been goaded into saying untruths about their clinic.
the medicare dollars went to training employees.

and yes, she wants to wean Americans not depending on it today off Soc Sec and Medicare. Good for her.

Other than that, I wouldn't vote for her. Or Palin.
Unless they got the nomination.
And they won't.

Ticker, she does constantly harp on the same things, doesn't she. That does get tiring, you're right.
Can I have a cookie? :-)

Rita said...

"Must be a preference based on looks ;-)"

Well FB, I cannot deny that he does like looking at Palin. But Bachmann is no slouch in the looks department either. It's more her mannerisms. She just does not come across as having much substance.

I'm not sure I necessarily believe Palin is entirely qualified to be the POTUS, but she's infinitely more qualified than the joke that occupies the office now.

If I look at the GOP field there really are only two people I believe can beat Obama. Newt or Romney.

Z said...

FrogBurger, I had to delete the dope and your comments.
For LIberaldude to say what he did shows such an immaturity and typical liberal nastiness that it got me thinking whether we should ask for ID and have a minimum age to comment :-)


I just looked at my email and I had a MICHELE BACHMANN email....I almost jumped from the coincidence of it!

beamish said...

Does ANYBODY think she's got a ghost of a chance to win the Republican nomination let alone the national election?

If you have to ask...

Hell no.

beamish said...

She is a NAG for another thing, constantly jawing on the same old line , over and over again until you want to slap her.

LOL! My father (who's light-years far more reserved than I am) says, "She's so annoying even Jesus would slap her and tell her to shut up."

Rita said...

I chuckled when I read FB's response to LibKid because it directly followed mine. I had to read it twice before I realized he wasn't referring to me.

David Schantz said...

No I don't feel Michele Bachmann stands a chance. The only reason I can give is after listening to folks on the streets I'm convinced that all the other candidates might as well throw in the towel and declare Newt the winner.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Chuck said...

I think the simple answer is no and no. She just doesn't inspire anyone. At least Palin can fire up a crowd.

As to Duck's usual nonsense. The far left will latch on to one misstep by some one on the right (the idiots still talk about Quayle's potato mistake) yet ignore the gaffe a minute idiots in the WH, Bo and Joe.

Anonymous said...

It's worse. They ignore the millions of people their ideology has killed.

Rita said...

About 20 years ago I worked with a woman who was a Democrat that had interned at the White House when Bush 41 was in office and Quayle was VP.

Someone mentioned something about Quayle being an idiot because that was how the media portrayed him after the potato/potatoe episode.

She told me that Quayle was actually an extremely intelligent man and she hated seeing how the press made it appear as if he was an idiot.

He was smart enough never to run for office again. Can't say that I blame him for that one.

Anonymous said...

Rita, the lefty intellectuals or pseudo-intellectuals equate talking in a simple manner with having a simple mind.

They like convoluted words b/c they can hide behind their bullshit and the lack of foundations for their theories.

I went through 3 years of college and convoluted reads that said nothing aside from the marxist blahblah in sociology and political science. Only guy I read in political science that was clear as water was actually a French author on the right aisle of the political spectrum. Pretty much the only one I got asked to read in 3 years by the way! You sound smarter, more educated when you're that way. You can justify your paycheck writing complicated stuff nobody wants to read. It's pathetic.

Rita said...

I would never claim to be an intellect, but I have made a nice bit of cash by simply translating between application developers and business operational guys and creating training manuals for non-techy types.

Never been impressed by someone because they like to use big words. I remember a professor I had in Psych 101 that spent 30 minutes talking and when he was done the guy beside me asked what he had just said. I replied, "He said alcohol affects your motor skills." I decided to never take another Psych class.

Anonymous said...

I've done that type of job too Rita. I actually really enjoy taking complicated matters like technology and try to make it simple to understand. It's a lot of fun.

Rita said...

Great nerds think alike, huh FB. :D

I do enjoy it but I have to laugh when I know there are some people that not only have to have detailed instructions on how to hit the power button, but a picture to help them along.

WomanHonorThyself said...

ABO!..anyone but Obama girl!

Kid said...

For President I'd say we need four things.
-Love of Country and Constitution.
-Passion to serve the people as the job is defined.
-Enough experience in DC to know how the wheels turn.
-The ability to surround yourself with people who can get the job done and stay focused on the tasks at hand.

all of the above would dictate that person would get the government out of the way and let capitalism solve the economic problems.

I think Michele has those qualities.

I don't think she has much chance to get the nomination because of a wide enough variety of things that just seem insurmountable at this point.

She has not drawn enough national interest. She's been painted as your crazy Aunt, and from the comments, it would seem a lot of people buy into that. Every time I've heard her talk, she's been focused, intelligent, and on point.
C'est la vie.

Since people are talking about her;
I've heard Sarah Palin best described as a Dream Neighbor. Great person, loves America, Great mother and wife, but I just don't see her in the White House. And she does drive me nuts when she talks too.

But with Sarah and Michele, the media has painted them as people more interested in gay marriage or abortion or all of these other social issue that have Squat to do with the White House.
Damn shame.

An election, billed as a soap opera, voted on by people who don't even understand what the job should entail, or have the slightest clue about what direction to take on today's issues.

And that last point is No Offense, because today's issues are hugely complex.

Bottom Line? Either Anyone can beat obama or No On can beat obama.

Rita said...

Well now that I thing about it, the President is nothing more than a good Project Manager. Well, not this President, but a good President.

Their strongest ability should be the ability to assess the priorities, develop great teams to accomplish the goal and be able to lead the teams to work together.

So, maybe I should run for President.

I think I'm a good project manager, but I would have no desire to be the President.

Let's be honest here, no one runs for the office who doesn't simply want the power and the prestige.

That part of the job description turns me off.

So back to Z's question a couple days ago, I would be telling both the Senate and the House to tuck their tales between their legs and be back in DC NOW. If as a Project Manager I was expecting my team to give me a plan for a year and they slapped a two month plan on my desk, there would be some serious discussions going on and NO ONE would be heading home for the holidays until he had a workable solution.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Do you think Bachmann has a ghost of a chance, Lisa?

You know Z I would think so because she is against Obama on the issues that I and many people are, but I agree with SF that she has successfully been demonized in the court of public opinion,plus the media will make sure the Republicans do not have the first female president or VP. The thing that gets lost though is that Condeleeza Rice was picked by a Republican President.
The Democrats think because they can talk a good game and play the game of politics, they appear smarter but I heard Bush ran a much more organized Administration than Obama plus he has a higher IQ .
I agree that Bachman doesn't help herself, but then again that seems to be the Republicans problem ,how they come across and how the media translates it to ther public.
It's like thos tax cut situation,if it gets passed Obama wins,if it gets voted down,Obama still wins.The economy does well Obama wins,the economy tanks Obama still wins.
Pretty misleading if you ask me.

Z said...

Rita, I'm so sorry :-) THAT is KIND OF funny!

Beamish"LOL! My father (who's light-years far more reserved than I am) says, "She's so annoying even Jesus would slap her and tell her to shut up." HILARIOUS (and probably true:-)

David "SAVE" is right!

Chuck and can people ignore history THAT HARD? But, look, Obama thinks LBJ is one of the best 3 presidents! don't tell ME that isn't because he actually believes Democrats got the Civil RIghts Bills passed..why else would he think that?

FB, could you come explain to me how a television works? :-) (seriously!)

Kid, brilliant...I agree on everything you said (which makes you even MORE brilliant :-)!!!\

Rita, Obama saved himself a LOT OF DOUGH (and us, by the way$$) by not taking the famed 2 week Christmas (oops.."HOLIDAY") vacation in Hawaii, leaving on 12/17. Think his NOT going isn't political:-) Frankly, it's only politics which prevented him from leaving town, especially when we know from Obama-lover Chris Matthews that this man NEVER gets involved with Congress on ANYTHING. WHy stick around?

LIsa...facts get REAL "lost" when it's a Republican, don't they. But, they sure do remember anything NEGATIVE!! :-)

Kid said...

Z, You Are a genius.

What do you think of this picture for the Average Young American Voter in 2012 ?

Album cover of Frank Zappa's Overnight Sensation. The title even fits eh? haha

Kid said...

PS - Thank you.
PPS - Everyone hated the idea of Reagan as president leading up to the election I'm told.

Z said...

Kid, I'M a GENIUS? Hardly! :-)

I think that picture's just plain weird but I LOVE the Bob's Big Boy wrapper (my favorite burger!)
And yes, it's the perfect typical idiot young American voter's MIND!! Is there a BONG in there somewhere!?
One big CONFUSED MESS!! (darn!)

It's still now as bad as Zappa Crappa, though :-)

Z said...

Kid, I guess that's true about Reagan, but a LOT of people sure did vote for him! And sure did fall in love with the guy.
Man, the mortuary they used happens to be the same I used for Mr.'s very close to me, and there were THOUSANDS outside the night he died lighting candles and leaving flowers..I wasn't there but the piles of stuff was amazing,..and then the cortege drove by to the Library a day or two later and Hundreds of thousands lined the whole route...for a Republican in CALIFORNIA! Go figure :-)

Did you hear that Ron Paul walked off a CNN interview today because they asked about racist materials he supposedly contributed to 20 years ago? Yikes.

Kid said...

Z, you're one of the smartest people I see blogging and you do it with style and taste.

The bong is in the drawer, next to where the acid Used to be. heh

Kid said...

Ron Paul, Yea they've been pounding on him for a comment made in his newsletter from back then. Something about the riots stopping in LA because the welfare checks were being delivered. Maybe not an exact quote and he may not have said it. Others contributed to the content.

Kind of like Jimmy the Greek getting fired because he pointed out black NFL players had more stamina and could take more abuse.

True that. Simple observation if you ask me.

I hadn't heard of the CNN thing. I don't watch the news on TV, and don't even get as much as usual from the net, since I'm on vaca and not in front of the thing all day as I usually am on the job.

I've been intentionally ignoring the whole process to see what filters through to me and because I have but one vote in my six-gun that I'll deploy or not next November. To the rest, I am a part time observer.

Kid said...

Sorry to hear about Mr Z. Best Wishes and I hope you have a great Christmas and holiday.

Z said...

Kid, "Z, you're one of the smartest people I see blogging and you do it with style and taste."
That means a LOT to me, thanks VERY much.

As for Paul, the story isn't good...but there is redemption and there are probably better ways for him to have handled this but we're all human. I think the stuff was more racist than that LA Riots thing.
Interesting to see what filters to you without TV, etc...good way to go.
You're an excellent observer, by the way.
Happy Vacation! And thanks again.xx

(am relieved the bong's there :-)

Z said...

Kid, thanks re Mr. Z.........

Here's his label link(Mr Z's Opinions from my home page....he was from Germany, a good writer, loved America, and I think you might enjoy some of his, there are a few stories about what he died of.......I hope you find the time to check a little of it out. thanks.

net observer said...

Bachmann could finesse her way to the second name on the ticket, next to Romney, to give him conservative credentials, a la McCain-Palin.

She wouldn't have nearly as much trouble as Palin because she's light years smarter than Palin. But it wouldn't matter because a Romney-Bachmann ticket would lose by a landslide in the general.

It's funny to see all the drama unfold in the GOP presidential campaign just to see it end up in Romney's lap anyway. He's the GOP's only chance and he's not much of a chance.

Politics is a trip.

I got a feeling Obama's re-election will be like Bush's: Close, but a victory nonetheless, with an extremely emotional, absolutely devastated, despondent opposition blaming the loss on something else besides themselves.

But if Obama crushes them decisively, it might cause the GOP to slightly change their course so they can pick up all those ex-GOP-ers they lost over the last decade -- like me =)

Kid said...

Z, What a beautiful tribute....

I'll have to come back and read the links and look forward to it.

"glad the bong is there" LOL!

Z said...

net, I have a hard time seeing any 'conservative' in you lately;

what do you think caused what you say's your distancing yourself from the GOP?

Do you think we need to go so much farther left to be acceptable to the country..or you?

Z said...

Kid, I think you'll fall in love with my guy's thinking! Though German, he was more AMerican than most Americans I know..and SO utterly devastated by the Left's trend toward the Socialism and COmmunism he saw in East Germany and deplored for what it did to those people.

That wasn't actually a tribute, it's just a label for all his posts (see my blog page)...I sure do love having them, more now than ever.

net observer said...

"Did you hear that Ron Paul walked off a CNN interview today because they asked about racist materials he supposedly contributed to 20 years ago?"

Wow, I didn't hear about that. I heard about this former Carson City councilman candidate (or something like that, "Jules Manson") putting out an extremely racist tweet about assassinating Obama. Apparently this guy was a big Ron Paul fan and self-described libertarian. Not the best timing for Paul, just days before the Iowa primary.

That being the case, this CNN interview may have been a mild-but-timed pile-on of sorts. Regardless, Paul had better get used to it. If he ever became the GOP's nominee, or a legitimate threat of any kind, there's no telling HOW many racist and racialist associations would come out of the woodwork, not because Ron Paul is one of them, but because libertarianism per se is so steeped in the idea of individual liberty, which appeals to ALL kinds; from racialist right-wingers to anti-American left-wingers and all in between, including me.

Heck, there are probably self-described communists who find Paul's foreign policy views attractive.

Kid said...

Z, I was reading the blog of a Russian-American that sounds like what you're talking about with Mr Z, though I haven't read yet.

The people the live it understand it.
It's that thing we all say to the anti-American punks - Go live in another country for a year and do it on your own dime, then come back and tell us how bad the USA is.

As stated though, looking forward to reading and hope I didn't minimize what he said in advance kinda thing.

net observer said...

Okay, I'll take a shot at this:


As I've said before, I don't call myself a conservative. And let me be even MORE clear. I don't WANT to be thought of as "conservative" by today's definition.

That word doesn't mean what it meant 15 years ago when I was more than HAPPY to use that term to describe myself.

"Conservative" USED to include "socially liberal/economically conservative" types, like me. That is no longer the case. Also, I think it's important to draw a distinction between the GOP and conservatism. The GOP is a political party. Conservatism is a political philosophy and/or a movement.

I have been an economic conservative since you've known me, and I challenge you to point to anything I have EVER said that would indicate otherwise.

Political parties, I think, are a lot more malleable than philosophies. And over the last 15 years or so, we have seen the GOP morph into something that many decent, logical, non-liberals, like me, aren't comfortable with.

People like Andrew Sullivan and Smerconish were once proud GOP-ers. People like Pat Buchanan and Bob Barr were once proud GOP-ers. People like ME, my FRIENDS and even a couple of family members were once proud GOP-ers.

OUR thinking didn't change all that much, if at all. But the GOP definitely changed -- and it was a turn-off.

For example, I remember the first GOP rally/meeting my friend and I attended back in the mid-90s. Religion wasn't a big deal. No one was against it, of course. But the vast majority of folks seemed to view it as a personal thing. Not exactly what we have today.

Also, back then, intellect was a virtue to be admired and emulated. Wild-eyed conspiracy theories reflexive emotional responses were something that LIBERALS did.

But now? Almost half the GOP according to poll data seriously thinks our president is not a real citizen. Hucksters like Sarah Palin and Herman Cain posing as serious contenders for the presidency is considered normal.

If these instances were at the fringes of the GOP, it wouldn't be a problem for me. But that is not the case. There's a lot more tolerance for this kind of stuff now than before.

People like John and Ken (KFI Radio) are very conservative in terms of their views on immigration and economics, but their views on today's GOP are similar to mine.

So it's not about moving farther right or farther left. Being more religious and more conspiracy-driven isn't a matter of moving farther left or right.

In the end, I honestly don't CARE what direction the GOP goes. I would LIKE to see the party return to the days I recall as a younger man, but I don't hold out any hope for that.

If it doesn't, c'est la vie.

Kid said...

FWIW, I consider myself a Conservative. Meaning simply For the constitution.

To the point that I believe the federal government should only concern itself with national defense.

All else handled by the states to live or die by their management of mismanagement of same.

Net - Stick a fork in it. There is no getting back.

Z said...

net, I agree with you...could be piling on. WHat timing :-)
"Heck, there are probably self-described communists who find Paul's foreign policy views attractive."
Ya, why not? There are plenty who voted for Obama!

KEN AND JOHN? KFI? YOu get them in Maryland??HOW? And, of course, they're almost 80% California politics, so that surprised me.

I don't remember when Republicans were 'socially liberal' but many have had to push back against the secularism that's happening from so many on the left so that's problematic for non religious conservatives, I'm sure.
Who'd have cared had we not begun to see America's faith so badly maligned? Really.

Kid, Mr. Z was from Western Germany and didn't have much sympathy for the East Germans after reunification who said they liked it better in EAST Germany, believe me!

Always On Watch said...

I say no to both questions in the post.

net observer said...


if i'm not mistaken, jerry falwell once said in an interview, "in 1980, 'moral majority' (his political group) was 2: 1, dem: gop. clearly, a political migration of sorts occured between 1980 and 2000. a lot of christians(specifically, white christians) left the dems and settled in the gop. i suppose it was a part of the reagan dem phenomemon.

i didn't mean to suggest that gop-ers themselves behaved socially liberal. i only meant to say that the gop was more "live and let live" libertarian-esque.

i think even barry goldwater was more "accepting" of gays than your rank and file gop-er today. but i might be confusing him with someone else.

anyhow, today's gop is different for sure.

btw, i download a lot of free, kfi podcasts. handel, john-ken, lisa ann w, bill carroll.

beamish said...

Net Observer,

You are exactly right re: "social conservatism." We're probably not that far apart politically, except that I have never voted for a Democrat for anything, and see no rational, logical reason for anyone to have ever done so.

To me, "social conservatism" (I'm not one) is more an oxymoron than a political position. It's the idea, or ideology, rather, that big government interference, intrusion, and intervention in people's lives is not wrong on its face, but rather "okay" if it comes from a certain direction.

If stores were closed on Sundays, if abortion were illegal, if schools taught creationism next to evolution (or exclusively), if rock and rap music lyrics had to meet the approval of censors, etc. etc. -

...we'd still be facing insurmountable debts from social / entitlement spending and imminent economic collapse.

In fact, there's plenty of evidence that church communities abdicated their social / charitible functions to the government and actively campaigned for FDR's New Deal socialism programs, in effect THEY MADE GOVERNMENT GOD.

I recognize the toes under my heels, but it is what it is.

Bob said...

"Does ANYBODY think she's got a ghost of a chance to win "

I hope not. Michelle is one of the few candidates to whom I have given money, although not very much. I did it during the 2010 election runup, and the game was for Bachmann to keep her seat and piss off Pelosi. Now, they won't leave me alone with the emails and phone calls soliciting for more money.

Of course, I get the emails from the Obama campaign, too, although I never gave them anything. It seems that some ardent fan named Betty (something-or-other) has mistakenly used my email address when donating to the Monster's campaign. Betty apparently has the same last name as yours, truly, making it easy

But I digress...

Michelle has one of the worst female voices I have ever heard, and Palin is not far behind Bachmann with irritable vocal qualities.

I simply cannot stand to listen to Bachmann, or Palin, because of the shrillness of their voices.

Now, I imagine that Z would be a much better candidate. Everybody knows that a lusty voiced, jazz torch singer like Z has a great speaking voice, too. With her "take no lip from anybody" attitude, Z would be a winner.

We can only hope.

beamish said...

Michelle has one of the worst female voices I have ever heard, and Palin is not far behind Bachmann with irritable vocal qualities.

That seems to be consensus with everyone I ask, Bob.

My Dad (of "even Jesus would slap her" infamy) cites her irritable voice, but also the "11th Commandment" - thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.

Criticize, yes. But Bachmann-style screeching up some whole cloth made-up, wild-eyed BS - "Rick Perry made Texas children retarded" and "Newt Gingrich is paying Tea Party activists to support him" - no. Hell no.

Bachmann needs to go back to cheering for Jimmy Carter to become President. Her one and only political success.

beamish said...

BTW, if Z ran for President, I'd donate the first dollar to her campaign ;)

Chakam Conservative said...


Z said...

net, but Ken and John are SO California news....!! That's what surprised me...that you'd listen to them. Plus, that Ken is rabid :-)

You know, what we have to think about is the chicken or the egg. There has been a fairly strong anti-Christian tone in the last 30 years...get rid of the 10 Commandments, push abortion and let us pay for it...and it's getting worse. I have always wondered at the more outspoken Christians in the GOP and feel they've become stronger in reaction to it.
Let's not forget they represent a huge part of the population, too. No political party chooses such an unpopular stance!!
And, of course, there are a LOT of very CHristian Democrats, Catholics, etc.......

I don't think you'll find a lot of non Christian Blacks voting GOP but you'll find a lot more CHristian Blacks voting that way.

Bob and Beamish; I hate to say it but Bachmann's accent grates on me, too. I can't listen to her very long and her eyes seem not to blink...or they squint (since I myself suffered migraines for years, I know that squint, by the way...before it was announced that she suffers from them I wondered about that)

Z for President? With MY mouth?
by the way, I really told Liberaldude off, was it yesterday? Man, that felt good. I am SO not a confronter, or at least not a screamer, in real life, that I was laughing my head off after typing it and thought "He loosed a sleeping giant! and that felt GOOD!"
I guess I AM a confronter, but I am almost NEVER mean, and it feels mean to me to tell LIberaldude what a crushing idiot he IS :-)
I like TRUTH, am big on exposing TRUTH.

Chakam, I hope that 'no' isn't to my nomination! :-)

(just kidding!)

Chakam Conservative said...


LOL! No, my "no' was to Bachmann.

You'd have my vote if you ran! :)

BTW, nice work on LiberalDude. People forget that we blog to our own and any dissenters do so at their own peril, unless they actually bring something to the table.

My blog is not a democracy. It's a dictatorship, and I establish what is free speech and what is nonsense. My blog, my rules.

You never, ever, have to justify your decisions to flame liberal miscreants as far as I am concerned. Your blog. Your rules. Free speech has never been a license for jackassery, and free speech does not mean any of us have to accept jackassery, either.

Z said...

I really enjoyed the work on Libdude!

By the way, when I comment at your place, the comment doesn't show on the second post for a while...I see it finally did, but ?? what's up?

Rita said...

Z: As I've told you before, I think you allow a fair amount of discussion, but you draw the line when someone gets out of hand. I've seen too many blogs that get overtaken and ruined by overly nasty dissenters.

I've seen these same commenters here and it seems they are like little children. When you have made it clear that certain behavior is not tolerated in your house, they eventually learn to behave.

Makes for great entertainment.

I love your house Z! You make everyone (who behaves) feel welcome. All others you show to the door.

tha malcontent said...

Anyone other than Gingrich or Romney would give the election to Obama..and that goes double for Ron Paul

Z said...

thanks, Rita.......for your support.

Mal..I could not agree with you more.

Rita said...

Can I respond to that one for you Z? LibA**, go stick that fist where the sun doesn't shine.

Fredd said...

Michele Bachmann's a shoe-in in Iowa.

Slam dunk. A lead pipe cinch to win it.

Despite the Michele bashers among us, we still are forgeting one thing that is critically crucial: Iowans are a clanish folk, a rural folk and an agrarian folk. All of whom tend to stick with their own, through thick or thin.

Michele Bachmann is a daughter of Iowa, and is taking the time to personally shake every Iowan's hand in every Iowan town. Iowans will support their own, and Michele is the only one in the race that has this cred. The only one.

A lead pipe cinch, I say. Take that to the bank.

Z said...

Wow, Fredd, that's amazing!

Well, i wish her luck. As I said before, she's smart, she's very hard working...and I don't think she has a ghost of a change in the nationals but I'd like to see her get some great feeedback because she has worked so hard.

thanks for the input

are you in IOWA? By the way?

Fredd said...

Nope, I currently reside in their eastern neighbor, Illinois (four of the last seven governors went to prison, a US record).

From Oregon, tho'.

In my time in the midwest, however, I have seen this clan mindset over and over again.

I think it will have an impact. Nobody that has ever run for the GOP has been born in Iowa. I think that will matter.

BB-Idaho said...

"Nobody that has ever run for the GOP has been born in Iowa.", Herbert Hoover.