Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Live from the Straits of Gibraltar!! (see the land to the left and right)

My stepdaughter has been sailing on the Mediterranean for four weeks and has another week to go till they reach the Canary Islands.  This has been a real sailing trip, not a luxury ride!  She and another sailor have shifted four hours sleep/four hours sailing...in glorious weather and really tough weather.  They've had great times at ports and three more crew members got on board their 49' Alita for their final week.  They are literally passing through the Straits NOW and she emailed me this photo from her cell phone.   Africa on the Left, Spain on the Right.......LIVE TIME..  How often do we get to see that!?  ENJOY!  Compliments of Ms. Z



sue hanes said...

Z -

Ms. Z.

What a Woman.

you go girl

sue hanes said...

z - 'How often do we get to see that?'

I'm thinking - How often do we get to DO that?

sue hanes said...

Z - Having never had any connection to Mr. Z - these pictures given to us by his daughter -

and reading about her Sailing Adventure -

I feel I have some idea now just what a great person he must have been.

Chakam said...

So jealous.

I admit it.

Yes, yes, jealousy is inappropriate, but still...I mean, look at that photo.

So jealous. (In a good way!) :)

Kid said...


Elmers Brother said...


Lisa said...

So nice to see people actual "Living". Your stepdaughter sounds like she is really enjoying life.
Absolutely amazing picture. Thanks for sharing Z.

Bob said...

Isn't Ulysses supposed to be straddling the channel, holding up something or other?

Z said...

Lisa, she works really hard and plays really hard :-)

Bob, I don't know.....but I will say I thought it was pretty cool to see that picture so soon after it was shot and to know so many of us may never see the sight of two continents at the same time ....what a fun thing to be able to post it here for all of us!