Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas trees, Cuts, and Coincidences

I bought my Christmas tree this morning, the latest I've ever bought a tree, but it's taken a lot for to get myself in the decorating mood this year....
While I was at SHAWN'S CHRISTMAS TREE LOT, I saw across the street a FOX NEWS truck with a dish on top and wondered what it was doing there.
I got the tree home and turned FOX on and, within five minutes, there was the Christmas tree lot I'd been to about an hour earlier. And there was Adam Housley doing a remote on people who are buying trees on line...standing in front of Shawn's Christmas trees, palm trees swaying in the background!
In the WHOLE COUNTRY there are HOW many tree lots open today? But there was FOX at MINE? And I happened to catch the coverage though I only watched for about ten minutes? Weird.

By the way, did you know how sharp a broken Christmas ball is?   I DO!   I may have to get stitches for the top of my right ring finger but the bandaid seems to be containing the blood now! But, I'll bet I can type faster than some even only using my index finger of my right hand!  (Did you know you can type the word "faster" with only the left hand?...good word!) It's times like this, when you cut yourself and are trying to get a bandaid on the same hand you cut that you miss your dear husband.

On the other hand, no, it isn't..... it's Christmas time.

xxx Z


Lisa said...

'It's times like this, when you cut yourself and are trying to get a bandaid on the same hand you cut that you miss your dear husband.'

Oh Z!

Good luck with that finger. Bummer.
Seeing FOX there must be a sign.

AmericanVet said...

I am so sorry you lost your Z man! Love is forever when it is real love. I am sure you will be glad to see him again in the next life! Anyway, I put you on my Radaractive blog links list (well, your blog not you) and thanks for stopping by!

Merry Christmas!

David Schantz said...

Z, I hope your finger heals soon. I know you can type faster than me. The right middle finger is all I ever use.

I want to wish you and all your readers a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Z said...

Thanks, Lisa...it is tough, two years later.

American Vet, thanks, I'll put you on my blog roll now...

David, God Save America.... absolutely

Z said...

AV..by the way, I can't comment at your Indiana site..all went well, then they ask WHO ARE YOU?
WHAT?? :-)

DeanO said...

ouch...good luck with those stitches and Christmas cheer :)

Opus #6 said...

Extra hugs coming your way, Z. I can't begin to imagine how hard this time of year is for you.

Altax said...

Post few more pictures of the tree.

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Bob said...

We've decorated the door and the mailbox, but there is not a tree in the window, yet. If I can get away with it there will not be one this year. You see, we will open presents at our daughter's house with the grandkids, and I see absolutely no reason to bother with the darned thing.

My joy this Christmas is watching our 1 1/2 yr old granddaughter and our 3 1/2 yr old grandson in their excitement. The little boy wants to go directly to Christmas, and somehow there is always a gift under their tree whose wrapping was accidentally ripped a little.

The strawberry blond granddaughter is fascinated with Christmas tree ornaments. Thank goodness that they have those unbreakable balls. She is constantly removing ornaments and throwing them.

I wish you a very nice, and happy Christmas and holiday season. You don't have to have a decorated tree to enjoy the season, but I guess it helps.

Always On Watch said...

I miss having "the big tree" this year and in 2009 and 2010. Room-space issues with Mr. AOW's hospital bed in the living room.

But this year, I did dig out a few beloved Christmas ornaments and hang them elsewhere in the house. I wish that I'd had the energy to get into the box of my favorite ornaments, but that box is buried in the back of a very small closet that is so difficult to get to.

Enjoy your Christmas tree, Z. How do you find the energy to do all that work!

Brooke said...

Did you get stitches? They generally won't do it after 12 hours, even if you did initially need them.

I hope you're doing better, and I hope that finger heals up quickly!

Z said...

Brooke, they won't do stitches after 12 hours? It bled a lot again this morning when I undid the bandage.. maybe I should have gone in. Well, we'll see!!

Bob, make sure those balls can't break! It HURTS! :-)

Yes, it did help me get more in the mood. I wouldn't have had a tree this year if I wasn't having some close friends over just after New Year's...

Brooke said...

If it is still open, make sure you rinse/irrigate it really well to make sure there's no foreign objects (small slivers of glass) in the wound, and then you're going to want some antibiotic cream. You don't want an infection.

Call your doc and see what he has to say about it! He might want to take a look!

Rita said...

I want to post something positive here, want you to not miss Mr. Z this Christmas, but I know even 20 years after my dad passed, Christmas time is just hard. He was born on Christmas day and died only a month after his 60th birthday.

It just makes it hard to celebrate the same way.

But I've learned you can celebrate and enjoy the season differently. But that empty seat is still empty.

Peace to you Z. I hope your visitors make your Christmas merry.

Z said...

Rita, I lost my dad, too, and it was murder.
This is worse than murder.

And, I'm getting through it. And I'm proud of myself. and I believe a lot of my peace is from God. And having a Christmas without my Mr. Z is impossible. And possible, somehow.

But, it's a land mine situation...you think you're doing okay and then you pick up one ornament with a million happy memories, and that's that :-)

Thanks...your words are sweet and reassuring.