Friday, December 30, 2011

Jan's and others' do we go about these excellent suggestions?

The other day, I asked my readers  for the one thing they hope for .... on a personal level or for our country.  Jan's answer was so compelling I asked her if I could use it for a post.  She agreed, and I've shamelessly quoted other of my commenters here, too, without their persmission; I hope they don't mind.
Please read these and tell me if you think any of this is possible........and HOW CAN WE MANAGE ACCOMPLISHING THESE HOPES AND DREAMS?   Thanks...Z


Z..your question is thought provoking, and as I think about it, many things come to mind.
I, of course, want to see good health, and happiness, for the people I love, and I would like for them to have everything they need...but there's something else I'd like to see happen, and it's something that I never thought I would have to wish for.
I would like for our country to be sane, again. I really mean that. It is as though we, many of us, have gone completely insane.

Just look at the behavior of many of the Christmas shoppers. And the utterly chaotic, uncivilized, behavior of those trying to buy the latest sport shoe, endorsed by a sports star, was beyond the pale.

Getting what you want, any way you can get it, even if it means through violence, seems to be the norm, now. Common courtesy, and the regard for human life, have fallen by the wayside.

And what about having to watch every single word out of your mouth, for fear that it could be taken the wrong way, and having to kiss your job, or career, goodbye? That's happened more than once, just in the past year.
To become a serious, political contender, now, is like offering yourself up for public humiliation, and having your reputation shredded, and your dignity put through a meat grinder.
Of course, that is ESPECIALLY so in certain circumstances, and we all know what those are.
I wonder when the present leader will ever be vetted as much as the others, and the ghosts in his closet exposed, and dragged through the mud, the way they tried to do with Mr. Cain?
Nobody knows for sure whether, or not, all those charges were exactly true about him, and it didn't matter...which is the point I'm trying to make, I guess.
I want us to be really equal, in every way, and especially when it comes to the welfare of our entire nation.
When I say, "equal in every way" I mean equal in having the same opportunity to succeed, through our own efforts, and abilities, and not having it taken from one, to give to another...or to be made ashamed if we have succeeded, and someone else hasn't.
I want everyone to be able to worship as they see fit, to believe in God, or not, if that is their choice. I don't want my rights taken away, for no other reason than to appease another's, if that makes any sense.
I am sick of having the name of the God that I believe in, and serve, trampled underfoot, while being told that I must respect the beliefs of others, and say nothing they might find offensive.
I could go on, and on, Z, but I will just say that I hope the coming year will bring some kind of stability to our country, and that no more damage is done, than what it has already suffered.

LISA: what I would like to see is the public school system and our universities stop trying to use their platform to spew their liberal beliefs on our kids

LETICIA:  See Obama gone, immigration laws enforced, and making English the national language. No more hand-outs and no more political correctness. No more acquiescing to radical demands and bring God back into our schools and government.

SILVERFIDDLE:  I would hope that every American could reacquaint himself/herself with our constitution and the founding principles, and judge politicians by them. It would disqualify over 95% of them.

I wish the more small government libertarian types would take over RNC headquarters, rout the country clubbers and put their heads on pike poles (figuratively speaking, of course) out in front, while simultaneously building a wall of cannon balls and hoisting the Gadsden flag.

CHAKAM:  We deserve better than politics being the ruling mindset of this Nation. I am hoping for a return to Constitutional governance.

You can see why I wanted to post on this .... so, tell do we accomplish these worthwhile dreams?

thanks, Z


Always On Watch said...

I would like for our country to be sane, again.

A lot of forces have lined up to prevent the return to sanity.

These forces are not new. Oh, no! They are an accumulation of movements and events -- all of which have led to the breakdown of American society.

How does one go about achieving a return to sanity on a national level? For one thing, having an economy that allows businesses to thrive and individuals to feel that America is a land of opportunity. Instead of a country that "owes me."

The sense of entitlement pervades all generations now, perhaps that 20 somethings more than others. But certainly it's not only the 20 somethings with the attitude of entitlement.

For generations, Americans have ceded personal responsibility and personal accountability to The Nanny State. Hell, even most conservatives look to the government for solutions. Of course, a lot of us have our backs to the wall, so we have no choice but to avail ourselves of Medicare, Medicaid, government intervention, etc.

A return to sanity cannot happen overnight, just as the sinking into insanity took place over a period of nearly a century.

Silverfiddle said...

The only way is for the federal government to relinquish the power it has usurped and retreat back within its constitutional boundaries.

Privatize all primary and secondary education. Run it like a business. Smart people unencumbered by soulless bureaucrats and self-serving unions will figure out how to educate our most disadvantaged, and we will see vast improvements to our society in just one generation.

Cutting off all entitlement programs is the next step. Old age pensions for the indigent and health care assistance can stay, but handing checks to able-bodied young people just creates a degraded and glowering resentful entitled class that despises the hand that feeds it.

Ducky's here said...

@silverfiddle -- Privatize all primary and secondary education. Run it like a business.

And just what would that solve?

Take a look at the situation with "for profit" colleges which are multiplying and proving to be very expensive rip-offs.

You're ultimately suggesting lots more results based education and the concomitant Michelle Rhee styled fraud and rip-offs.

Run it like a business, make profit the goal of all aspects of our lives? Seems to be the right wing goal.

Leticia said...

We can accomplish them by adhering to the Constitution of the United States, follow in the footsteps of our forefathers, they were on the right track.

Civil servants must be held accountable or they are gone. No more bailouts, hand-outs, etc.

We, the people, need to make a stand.

It's not going to be easy but it can be done.

One more tidbit to add, I do not believe in lifetime positions for judges, and so forth.

Lisa said...

I signed up for Glenn Becks' email's and got this I thought was perfect:

A man decided that he would change the world.
But, he wasn't successful.
So he decided to change the country.
But, he wasn't successful.
So he decided to change his community.
But, he wasn't successful.
So he decided to change his street.
But, be wasn't successful.
So he decided to change his family.
But, he wasn't successful.
So he decided to change himself.

By the way Z I am honored you liked m comment enough to post. Love all those you posted. You have some really smart,insightful and passionate readers,even Ducky because he has a passion to always be the stick in the mud. You bring out the best in people. I have really enjoyed your blog and looking forward to many more of your though provoking posts in 2012

Z said...

AOW...I think ENTITLEMENT is a huge part of this lack of hope in our country anymore; and that's hard to break, particularly when a whole party's goal is making people turn to them for all their problems..."vote for me, I'll give you...."...nobody seems to realize how that's robbed Americans of so very much. Nor do they wonder "where's the money going to come from?"

SF...entitlements again. Excellent point.
And the education situation is vital.

Ducky..."make profit the goal of all aspects of our lives? Seems to be the right wing goal."
Why does profit bother you so very much? A country without profit? A family without profit? You have to hate your own country to deny profit works.
Rhee had a number of excellent ideas........I believe the knocking on her was that the DC teachers couldn't take the anti-union stance, which was correct, of course.

Leticia, I hope it can be done.
You should hear a story a friend told me on the phone yesterday about needing a part at his government-owned company; $3.00 part was needed; they said he couldn't just run to the store for one, it had to be an authorized dealer, it had to be researched, etc...took 19 man hours or so; at $25 an hour. That's our government.


Lisa, that's a really good thing there that you got from Beck.
It does start within; but our kids are being ruined in schools so, they get it taught OUT of them, as they get faith taught out of them, sadly.

Thanks for your kind words. I hope we all have a healthy, happy 2012 with lots of good blogging and developing friendship.
I like your blog,'s quick and pithy and I like that.

thanks for all your

Ducky's here said...

Well, z, my goal for education would be to educate. Might be different on the right, hard to tell.

Leticia said...

Z, that's pathetic! And thanks, I honestly believe judges should not be able to sit at the bench forever.

Jan said...

Z..I'm honored, too, that you thought my comments were worth repeating, and I thank you. I guess we all are pretty much on the same wavelength, when it comes to wishing something good, and positive for our country.

How we go about accomplishing that, though, I just don't know, because as AOW said, many of the things "wrong" started years ago, and as you said, any good that is learned, is overshadowed, even negated, once our children are in school.

As individuals, all we can do is to take responsibility for ourselves, and for our own actions. We can be the best citizens, that we can be, by learning all we can about the people running for office, and base our decisions on what we have learned, and then vote, intelligently.

Maybe, just maybe, if we could elect someone based on a genuine ability to lead, with the best interests of our country at heart, and not based on good looks, charisma, oratory ability, or race, we could begin to turn things around, and get back on the right path, again.

Other than that, I don't know, but I, for one, will continue to pray for guidance, and direction in my own life.

Z said...

Blogger Ducky's here said...

Well, z, my goal for education would be to educate. Might be different on the right, hard to tell."

Don't be absurd, Ducky. You must not read the blogs you comment on because Conservatives only want teaching, not indoctrination.
We believe kids should be taught to think, not WHAT to think.
Your goal's always against anything that makes a penny. If education did, maybe our kids would get educated again.

Kids did better in the 1800's than they do now; look at any test from them and you couldn't score well. SHowing that all they really need is a book, a teacher who can teach, and parents who care.

Jan, We need someone who reminds America who we were; Who ever thought we'd have AMericans against capitalism? It's unbelievable. And, of course, capitalism needs the goodness of smart people to survive, goodness and honesty which usually comes from faith, which is being mocked .... so now what?

Instead, we have people who hate America, don't believe she's always been highly exceptional (but won't say which country IS exceptional), who believe socialism still works without asking who pays for it....and they call US names?

and we need an honest media.
I just watched THE FIVE/ Greg Gutfeld got it right; Obama will win because the Republicans are fighting him AND the media. Tough stuff. (and he should have mentioned fraud, too)

Pris said...

"The only way is for the federal government to relinquish the power it has usurped and retreat back within its constitutional boundaries."

SF, yes, what we need is for the government to get out of our way. It has become too intrusive, and too dictatorial. There are too many laws, bans, and regulations!
With each one, we lose more and more freedom.

Political correctness and multiculturalism have to go. Both of these are country killers.

PC stifles honest discourse, and multiculturalism denies a common good called unity. We need our melting pot back, when Americans of all stripes, were assimilated into one culture.

The American culture, when each of us was responsible for ourselves and true role models for our children, and merit was sought, rewarded, and admired.

Z said...

Pris, the problem is that those immigrants badly wanted to become Americans, learn the language, become proud of finally living in the country they'd envied all their lives.
I don't know what we do with those who've come here and established barrios where people I have met haven't learned English beyond 10 words in 25 YEARS of living here.

Jan said...

"and we need an honest media.
I just watched THE FIVE/ Greg Gutfeld got it right; Obama will win because the Republicans are fighting him AND the media. Tough stuff. (and he should have mentioned fraud, too)"

Z..I know.

It is not only sickening, it is frightening.

If we don't have an honest, ethical, unabiased media, how can we ever know the truth about anything, good, or bad?

You, and Pris, are so right..we've had our faith stomped on, our rights violated, all in the name of Political Correctness, to the point where our very own culture is being demolished!

I have never, ever, been so afraid for our country, and if things continue on, as they are, I hate to think where it will all end.

When I read what you, and Pris, and some of the others have to say,though, it does give me hope that there are still plenty of good, clear-thinking people around, in spite of how hopeless things look..people who still believe in the goodness of America, and still think that this really is the best country in the world.

Z said...

Jan, I just heard a guy say that the American gov't had kept the dictators in the Middle East because they kept democracy down there.....this guy is a young AMerican. They've been taught the most vile filth and ridiculous notions.

He said far leftwingers are dispirited and it shows in the OWS people but they have to take heart that if what happened in Egypt, etc., can happen there, it can happen here. As if things are fine in the middle east. YOu can't make this stuff up...

I heard the astonishing Norm Finkelstein on TV earlier (I think it was taped in 2007 when he and Dershowitz were going at each other) say that Dershowitz is wrong in his support for Israel because in a book he wrote, he quoted the same quote Joan Peters used in her pro Israel book and because he quoted the same quote that means he plagiarized!!: this Finkelstein was actually scary in his spinning eyes and guffawing laugh over that, like he was literally a little insane. It was UNREAL to think people of academia can be that dishonest and misleading. THese are the american college heroes!?

We have to get to the kids before we fall apart; that's my biggest concern. Is there time to reteach a generation or two who actually think like the far left dopes teaching them?

Jan said...

Z..yeah, as if what's happening in Egypt, and other places, is something to stive for!

I was just looking at some photos from the OWS idiocy, of plaquards displaying one of their heroe, Chavez.

Some were carried by younger protesters, but one was carried by a woman who looks like she might be somebody's grandmother!

Her sign read: "Imperialism NO!" and "The People United Will Never Be Defeated!"

She doesn't look as if she has been very deprived, either.

Not only that, but it looks as if she has some military medals pinned to her vest.

No wonder the younger generation is going off the deep end.

Z said...

Jan, if we don't get a grip, and soon, we'll be done.
What you saw is typical from what I hear..amazing, isn't it.

Hey, did you hear that Chavez is now blaming AMerica for giving world leaders cancer? I guess we made Kim Jung Il sick, and Castro and Chavez is sick etc (except the Venezuelan ones who DESPISE him) believe this guy!

Jan said... you said before, "You can't make this stuff up!"

Ironically, they do make their stuff up, and the brainwashed believe it!

Pris said...

"Pris, the problem is that those immigrants badly wanted to become Americans, learn the language, become proud of finally living in the country they'd envied all their lives."

Yes that's true. But, there were the Italian, Chinese, Irish, ghettos, etc.

However the children were encouraged to speak english, and to fit into America. They had to learn to speak english in school, and they were taught American history.

There were no ballots with foreign languages, nor signs, nor any other pampering of immigrants, like there is today.

Back then, they had no choice, nor should they now. That's the difference.

Unfortunately those who are in power, have pandered to separate groups in order to get votes, and manipulated them into dependence on government, stressing differences between cultures, instead of common values and American culture.

Parents have to teach their children. It's not responsible to leave that to schools, because today public schools have no respect for parental authority, in fact they undermine it.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I'll say it again. Parents have to wake up and pay attention to what their children are being taught. They have to become active in demanding academics, and not the latest politically correct nonsense.

They also have to see to it, that their children are most loyal to their family, IMO.

net observer said...


At the risk of being hated by everybody (including Ducky =)):

I hope Barack Obama is re-elected president.

Why? Because an Obama loss would more than likely be accompanied by a GOP majority in the Senate and House and I don't want either party, esp. the GOP, with that kind of power.

A clean sweep would embolden the GOP exponentially. I absolutely don't want to see that, particularly at a time 45% of them are apparently convinced that a non-citizen is occupying Oval Office.

Or when charlatans like Herman Cain and Sarah Palin are viewed as heroes and serious contenders. Or when a man like Ron Paul, someone I personally admire, can be directly connected to a newsletter with racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic overtones and still remain in top contention for the nomination.

No, I do not want to embolden a movement like this unless it's absolutely necessary.

The collective conservative pundits' theme for 2012 appears to be "This is the most important election of our lifetime. This could mean the end of America as we know it".

Really? Even if there's a GOP majority in the House and the Senate?

I'm sure that there are honest intelligent people who believe that our nation is on the precipice because of Obama. But if these people really want independents (like me) to follow their lead, they need to explain their concerns in a way that makes sense to others, not just themselves.

If they don't, they will continue to look like doctrinaire partisans who value their philosophy over the country. (Which, interestingly, is how THEY often view those outside THEIR circle =))

I had a similar attitude when Bush II was re-elected. I was rather giddy, not because I liked Bush (I generally don't carry much love or hate for ANY politician). But because I enjoyed watching the Democrats get a hardcore reality check.

net observer said...


Whether they wanted it or not, the Dems needed cogent proof that they weren't resonating with most Americans. I think it was for their own good.

I would argue that the right, despite 2008, remains in need of a similar reality check. When I hear conservative pundits discuss the harrowing pitfalls of an Obama re-election, it's like they are presupposing a much better America under John McCain.

But is that the case? The financial crisis and TARP began under Bush, and McCain was always considered a "RINO" by many conservatives. What are the chances that McCain would have suddenly transformed into a free market purist?

Regardless, nowadays, when a guy like Eric Bolling of "The Five" admits, albeit begrudgingly, that the economy is starting to recover, I think fair to say it's probably recovering.

But more importantly, our economic problems are much deeper than "Who is Commander-in-Chief". We as a country were (and probably still are) addicted to credit, which made us quite vulnerable to bubbles -- and now we're being forced to deal with it.

Yes, I would personally prefer more draconian, libertarian solutions to these issues. But candidly, the majority of Americans are still loath to admit that we ARE a bunch of credit/bubble addicts. That needs to happen first.

Even an issue that conservatives continually rag on, like Obamacare, might suddenly become a non-issue if it's overturned by the SCOTUS. So what irreversible dangers are we really talking about if Obama is re-elected?

With respect to foreign policy, Bin Laden is dead. Ghadafi is dead. Al Qeada is weaker.

Sure, the move out of Iraq is risky, but unless you're in favor of a perpetual occupation, I don't know of any other practical options.

And no, the idea of Ahmadinejad toying with nuclear weapons doesn't turn me on. But is Israel going to allow that just because Obama is president?

I don't know a lot about a lot of things. I admit that. But like many independents, I am not convinced that Barack Obama is Godzilla. If the GOP is "hoping" for its version of "change", they need a more compelling presentation.

Z said...

net, how you can have such disdain for the GOP when Obama's done this much harm to America is stunning to me.
We've borrowed ourselves seventeen trillion, which the next few generations will never be able to pay back, and Obama wants to borrow more.
He's started a terrible class warfare thing which we also may not survive from.
He'll pick very liberal nonconstructionist judges for the Supreme Court and THAT should worry any thinking AMerican.
Eric Holder is a trainwreck and still there.
etc etc.
Our healthcare system might be ruined forever and, as many experts say, much worse for us all, and very expensive.

It's like a veil comes over your eyes whenever Obama's discussed here....
Don't worry about the birth certificate which, after 2 1/2 years had to get Trump angry enough to demand it for them to SUDDENLY come up with something. Many experts say even that last one has enough on it that doesn't ring true, but we can't SAY anything because now there's a silly BIRTHERS moniker someone clever in the White House came up with and everyone's rather embarrassed to pursue it anymore; after all, it must be real since DONALD TRUMP was the only person to weedle it out of their hands? :) REALLY? Suddenly Hawaii, which had had it locked up that weekend Obama went to see his dying grandmother for the last time, coughed it up. Donald Trump's a miracle man! :-) Ya, anybody could see something was up, but we've been herded into the STUPID BIRTHER CORNER and we've quieted down; even Democratic activist Phil Bergman, a lawyer who sued because HE felt Obama's B.C. was wrong finally gave up his court quests. OBAMA WON!

I hope you saw Eric on THE FIVE say how long JOBS will take to recover; not a good thing for this country OR Obama's election.

He truly do have disdain for the party you tend to say here that you associate with, the Republicans, and I'm always curious about it.

It shows a lot more that you're more left than you like to say. I know it can't be Obama's color, you assured us of that, but it sure does feel like it sometime; knowing you're not stupid and knowing you see the class warfare he started and all the other things he's done (today he's probably releasing a terrorist back to the taliban thinking they might see it as a good will gesture; that shows an inability to grasp the Arab mind that scares the @$U#@ out of me......but, apparently this is going to work fine because the WH is saying the stipulations are, basically, "he has to be a good boy from now on!" As if we can keep track or they'll give him back if he doesn't?" We can't survive that naivitee.

Ugh...I could write forever; I think you have to realize that if you want Obama for four more years you're not even quite the fiscal conservative you like to say you are, pal. Maybe you need to think about it? Four more years? WOW>

net observer said...


Well, I wasn't expecting any love letters after my posting.

Z, these labels have become so meaningless of late, I'm caring less and less about what people call me or you or the next person.

Wanna know the truth? If Chris Christie were running, he'd have my vote. Had John McCain picked a running mate who didn't come across like a total ditz, he would've had my vote, too.

Heck, I JUST said that I ADMIRED Ron Paul, DESPITE the newsletter brouhaha. I don't hold "disdain" for the GOP. Nor am I in ANY way racially motivated. To be quite blunt, the mere suggestion that I "sound like" I'm influenced by Obama's skin color is not only preposterous but infuriating.

Let's examine this: How am I disdainful of the GOP? How do I "sound" racially motivated? Because I'm black and I think the birth certificate issue is nonsense? Well, I am certainly not the only rational person who thinks very little of the so-called birth certificate issue. Even a third of the GOP itself thinks it's a non-issue. Are they self-haters?

Even FoxNews wasn't willing to chase that story. If that's not proof Obama's a citizen, I don't know what is.

Why did it take so long for Obama to reveal his birth records? Well, first of all, I'm not even sure that's the case, but let's assume that it is.

My guess? It's called politics, Z. It's called giving your enemy enough rope to hang himself. I think Obama and his strategists probably thought, "I can't believe these people are seriously pushing this. We might as well make political hey out of it. Why don't we pull it out of our back pocket while we're killing Bin Laden and making fun of Donald Trump at the black tie dinner?"

Politically, in my opinion, it worked like a charm. My apologies if that makes me sound like a racist.

net observer said...

Other issues: No, I don't believe McCain would have fared much better. Yes, I recognize that Congress also plays a role with regard to our spending. And for the record, I never said there weren't any reasons to complain about Obama. Much like what Mr. Steyn said about me, I just describe what I see and hear, Z. I'm not INTERESTED in being on anybody's "team".

Who knows? Over the next 10 months, I may change my mind completely. As you know, I was excited about Herman Cain just a few months ago until he proved himself a colossal joke and miscreant.

Z, I only said that the GOP needs to explain their gripes in ways that don't alienate independents. I think that's good advice. I am not talking about actual liberals or Democrats who consistently and regularly spit on Conservatives and Republicans. I'm talking about right-leaning independents -- like moi.

I hasten to bring up "John and Ken" of KFI again; two men who are rabidly anti-immigration and anti-wasteful-government. Even THEY will not hesitate to say things like, "Just because we think Obama has been an ineffective president doesn't mean we wanna vote for a moron."

That was a paraphrase. Their actual quotes are a tad more over-the-top. I'm just trying to be respectful.

When John and Ken ran off those stats about 45% of the GOP doubting Obama's origins, they concluded that the base of the GOP was "nuts". Even I don't believe THAT.

The moral of my story: One doesn't have to be "liberal" or "racially prejudiced" to support Barack Obama. In my case, it's a simple matter of the lesser of two evils.

The right today unfortunately sometimes reminds me of the black left of the 80s and 90s. They didn't care how they looked to everybody else. In their minds, they held the correct the positions and nothing else mattered. Even if you were one of them, don't you dare criticize their positions or methods. Don't tell them it's ridiculous to accuse the government of creating AIDS. Don't tell them spreading false hysteria about genocide on young black boys is nonsense.

If you dared to take a stand, or merely expressed an honest, civil opinion, you had better get prepared for their suspicious eyes.

Ironically, this kinda reminds me of what Rush used to say about "The Liberal Plantation". Apparently, conservatives built one, too. But I can't point that out or I'll be called a "racist". Sound familiar?