Thursday, December 1, 2011

Interracial marriage ban? Yahoo finds the decision of 10 creeps headline-worthy? :-)

THIS might be the most dishonest, exaggerated, unfair article I've seen in a long time (which is saying a lot with our media).  The title is this:


"Wow," the average American would think..."..this is really horrid.  A CHURCH, a bunch of Christians, did THAT?"    Why wouldn't someone think that?  And the average American should think that, right?   But, don't look looks like ten people in the whole country voted that way :)  Is that worth an article on Yahoo's homepage or anywhere else?  Here's a bit from my link:

TOMAHAWK, Ky (Reuters) - A vote to bar interracial couples from a small church in eastern Kentucky has triggered hand-wringing and embarrassment.
Nine members of Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church backed their former pastor, with six opposed, in Sunday's vote to bar interracial couples from church membership and worship activities. Funerals were excluded.
The vote was taken after most of the 40 people who attended Sunday services had left the church in Pike County, near the border with West Virginia. Many members left to avoid the vote.
Most members of the church "didn't want anything to do with this," said longtime church official Dean Harville, whose daughter and her black fiance had drawn pastor Melvin Thompson's ire.

Terrible, isn't it.    BY the way, here's the end of the story:   "This kind of thing brands all of us so easily," said Randy Johnson, president of the Pike County Ministerial Association. "That's not who we are. From all the churches I've talked to so far, it's really not anger so much as it is shock."

of course not



Ducky's here said...



Isn't that exactly what the church did?

The story reported that many in the congregation didn't agree with the ban. What's your beef?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like that church's congregation is from here on out going to consist of only the pastor and the nine members that backed him. Everyone else voted with their feet.

Silverfiddle said...

Davestuff makes a good point. Only racists will stay in that church. No government intervention necessary

DaBlade said...

I think the beef is that this is another thinly veiled attempt by what's left of the mainstream "news" gatherers to portray Christians as backward hick racists. All you have to do is read the comments to see how this red meat plays to their secular leftist audience.

Z said...

davestuff...exactly; which is the point, isn't it.'t intervention? Gad, I didn't even think of that.

ALL: Imagine Yahoo's headline and its implications?...On their Yahoo news page with headlines of quite some importance like the economy, etc.?
So typical. 10 people are disgusting..BIG HEADLINES (if they're CHRISTIANS :-)

DaBlade said...

But I don't mean to put words in your mouth Z. Obviously this is not Christian behavior on this handful of folk.

Z said...'re so right.

sue hanes said...

Z - I think the best why for the
members of the Gulnare Free Will Baptist to deal with this problem is to embrace the interracial couple and show anyone who doesn't like - the door.

i have a feeling Jesus isn't going to like this when He hears about it


Kid said...

All meant to incite the natives.
And misdirect.

sue hanes said...

Isn't a chain only as strong as its
weakest link?

If anyone belongs to that Church that is not a Christian - then they don't really belong.

And if anyone in that Church is doing something unChristlike - then they aren't a Christian.

sue hanes said...

I can't imagine that the government would have anything to do with this.

This is a matter of the Heart.

Of whether or not something is going on that is not Christian - and it puts a Stain on Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Muslims vote to kill Gays!

Muslims vote to kill Christians!

Muslims vote to kill Jews!

Muslims vote to burn churches!

Muslims vote to kill Hindus!

Muslims vote to honor...honor killings!

Muslims pledge to kill Americans!

Muslims vote that women are slaves, chattel, without rights and can be beaten by their husbands!

Need some more? When the media has the sense and the balls to brand Muslims as the terrorists that they are ( Yea....I know....I know....spare me the usual trite bromides. Which should be the same for these folks that Yahoo craps on..)

It might appear as legitimate when it condemns all extremism. I'll bet there's a hell of a lot more Muslim radical screwball, nuts than Jews or Christains! many stories has this crap rag done on the murders in the name of Allah?

Oh...I have to mention Louie Farrakan and Jerimiah Wright....and the pimp racists ( real, real racists ) Big Al and Jesse the hustler.

I'll wait for duckwimp to blame the Jews as to why the Muslims want to kill them. Your turn duck.

Anonymous said...

Oh..Muslims kill apostates!

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Anonymous said...

...Those poor, poor misunderstood, much maligned...MUSLIMS! The suffering...the horror of islamophopia!

The's so unfair.

sue hanes said...

Z - I like your little interracial marriage picture.

where did you find that?


Lisa said...

lol Imp kind of beat to a point I was going to make. I was going to write that "I hear the Muslims were so outraged about this that they opened up their Mosques to them so that the Imams can perform the ceremonies,providing the girls are at least over the age of 5 and have had a clitoridectomy"

hmmmm.. kind of makes that church look mainstream.
And the story I take with where it comes from,just another liberal yahoo organization always reporting on the important issues of the day.

Kid said...

Z, Have you heard any Joe Robinson?

Anonymous said...

"lol Imp kind of beat to a point I was going to make."

Well Lisa...I was trying to hold back just a case I OFFENDED a liberal freaking loon like duckfart ( not really )...

But yes..I forgot to add that they LOVE WOMEN so much....they're into Genital MUTILATION of all WOMEN for God's sake!

Does anyone except Brigette Gabriel ( who suffered Genital mutilation herself ) broach this savage, santicfied, approved MUSLIM answer to keeping the women on their regressive, savage, prehistoric insane PLANTATION?

How does the LAME street media..these lying bastards decide to ignore these inhumane staples of....ISLIME?

Anonymous said...


Where the flook is that story Yahoo?

Where's the outrage Yahoo?

Where's the outrage....OBummer?

Where's the UN on religious HATE...Yahoo?

Waiting for an OWS fist to set me straight.

Leticia said...

Exactly who are the people in this church? Possibly extreme racists such as KKK members?

That's definitely a zombie church. I wouldn't last a second there.

Z said...

Sue "Of whether or not something is going on that is not Christian - and it puts a Stain on Christianity."

Which is exactly Yahoo's hope.
I get images by GOogling something like "mixed couple wedding topper" and voila, hundreds of choices.

Imp "I'll wait for duckwimp to blame the Jews as to why the Muslims want to kill them. Your turn duck."

I wouldn't hold my breath!

Leticia, it's all to cast aspersions.......imagine a headline for 10 lousy creeps?

Imp, did Muslims just kill 45 Christians in Nigeria? And yes, according to our media "Who the heck CARES?" They sure don't.

Z said...

Kid! HOLY SMOKE! That guy is FABULOUS and only twenty years OLD?
Black and Gold was great...I listened to a few others and just sent DADDY LONGLEGS to my bro-in-law because he's a guitar player and has to hear that...
this guy is amazing and I very much like his confidence......he's very cool and very assured; terrific in a musician.
thanks SO much.
Is he who they call "Smokin' Joe?"

Z said...

there's more on the story. Gosh, don't you just WONDER why Yahoo now has yet another story giving more details that prove this story is meaningless (Sarcasm here)? AND they've added a PICTURE :-)

Anonymous said...

"Imp, did Muslims just kill 45 Christians in Nigeria?"

Yup...and in Egypt ( the Mudslime Brotherhood will never win in Egypt....said the shit head POW, fart...McPain....running out of cred on his POW stuff.

Enough John...who gives a shit anymore when we know you copped an "arrangement" with the NVC. We didn't let John F'in Kerry get away with his rewriting of his horseshit "combat" story when he shot himself in the ass to pin some unearned medals when the doofus filmed himself..ala PT 109 falling on his fat ass in the mud. ( I loved that shot too btw.)

Meanwhile...during the same brother is sacrificing his ass and life for a dummy like me.

So that two brothers cannot serve in a combat zone simultaneously...while he's serving two tours...doing his duty...following his orders... believing in the GD mission of killing freaking slopes ( sorry & to bad to the sensitive ones...ask your daddy or grandaddy what they called Japs and Germans...) So..he decides that he's going to put his ass on the that I can have a cold beer in Ramstein?

There used to be HONOR & PURPOSE in America. There used to be GOD, COUNTRY, FAMILY & America.

And that AMERICA is done...TOAST. Nevermore. Sad?'s a GD blessing in disguise.

Z said...

How's that a blessing, Imp?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ms. Z...I wax melancholy...for the things I miss most.'s our country.

net observer said...

Z, some news media outlets care more about feeding their audiences and advertisers. It's not like I can seriously blame any of them since they wouldn't exist otherwise.

I don't think Yahoo! is any way "anti-Christian" for posting this story. The Web is replete with news links with titles that "bleed", "sex" and/or "shock" far beyond the actual story. It's called "a tease", and it serves no other purpose than to get people to stay tuned -- or "mouse-click" -- to ensure their advertisers get what they pay for.

Frankly, this IS an interesting story. 20% of this congregation is willing to state publicly that they think interracial marriages should be BANNED? In 2011? That's much worse than saying they're "ambivalent about it."

If 20% feel that way, I gotta believe 30% aren't exactly crazy about the idea.

Maybe it's not as bad as it sounds. Fair enough. But maybe if they dug deeper, they find out something worse. Who knows?

The idea that some Christians, or non-Christians, feel this way (esp. if they're over 40) is certainly not difficult for ME to believe.

More importantly, Yahoo! never called this church "RIGHT-WING"; they just said "church". I think that's important. There's nothing inherently "politically conservative" about religion. Not as far as I can tell.

In any event, did this deserve "headline" status? Probably not. But the oddest, "most intriguing" stories usually don't, but they occasionally receive top billing anyway because they ARE odd and "intriguing".

To be honest, the way some conservative "news" sources portray atheists is typically no better and arguably worse than this -- especially if we're concerned about objectivity perspective. If you listened to THOSE outlets, atheists are basically people who actively campaign against religion. But the reality is the vast majority of atheists couldn't care less about how religious people behave.

Even so, I don't complain about such skewed news "reporting". I just accept it for what it is and remain thankful for alternative means of obtaining information.

Anonymous said...

"How's that a blessing, Imp?"

Well my mind...I truly believe it's an awakening...a call out to America...who miss America...the America not just from December 7th, 1941 to 1945.

But from January 1980 to 1988. Know what I mean?

I think Americans...80% of them are sick and tired of all the carp shoved down their throats.

Tragically & unfortunately Ms. Z...there's not a man or WOMAN ( God..I so wish there'd be a WOMAN...other than that pantsuit fat ass commie Clinton. Or BIG SIS...Nappy the moronic shithead.

A woman like Thatcher...a woman like Palin....a woman like Whitman.

I want to see the Joint Chiefs put down...the McCrystals and the other 4 star sissies..PUT DOWN by a woman with biallis.

So far...sadly...women have NOT lived up to my expectations. Being elected or assigned to positions...does not make a leader.

Anonymous said...


Thanks. Reserved and well thought out.

What's your take on the Cain "mutiny" these days?

You in St. Pete yet? OK for you....I'm not...LOL. It's a good long drive from down "south" Florida.

Always On Watch said...

It's up to the members of the church to overturn the ban.

Freewill Baptists can be volatile folk. Disputes among church members occur all the time, and the dissenters splinter off to establish their own church.

Z said...

HI, net...I disagree and appreciate your input. I'd like to see some Yahoo titles mentioning negative innuendo pieces about atheists....

AOW..."volatile"? I think this is disgusting racism.
I think intermarriage is the only way we'll finally kick the last vestiges of racism.

Joe said...

(Personal Opinion): A man should be able to marry the girl he loves, regardless of color, and be accepted by the church.

The failure of net observer to recognize why this article and its headline is incendiary and sorry reporting is just what is wrong with the country today.

Too many people uneducated by government schools and unable to separate truth from implication.

Or to understand the importance of implication, for that matter.

Z said...

On Joe's excellent blog, he remarks about the media's lack of observation that the OWS stunts are woefully lacking in Black participation; but the TP (some of whose events are led by Black Americans) is frequently slammed for not having Black participation when they do have it. I'd say 20% of the one TP event I attended in Los ANgeles was Black......easily.

Leticia said...

Z, that's the truth.

Z said...

For the record:

Saturday morning, Yahoo's carrying a story about how the church is rethinking this stance and probably overturning the ridiculous ban by tomorrow.

net observer said...

btw, Imp. I never made it down there either, so we're okay =)

But I know I'm headed to Miami in February.