Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas....the day after

Okay...what was the one thing that was THE BEST part of your Christmas?   
(Food may play a big part in this answer if you would know we love to hear about food!)
Was your church service particularly fabulous (Mine was, on Christmas Eve!), did you see a favorite old Christmas movie, did you beat a liberal cousin in a political argument?!!, did your child thank you as only a child can do?  Did your honey surprise you with a gift you didn't expect?
We'd love to hear!

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and that you find the time to read my posts below, listen to me sing, listen to me on Always On Watch's radio show, or whatever else you find below that interests you!

So, tell us about your Christmas!  Thanks!


Brooke said...

I would have a very hard time nailing down just one thing that was the best this Christmas; the whole season was just great.

I suppose I'm the most thankful that family was all together. My grandma has become frail, I'm thankful that we have had another year with her.

Always On Watch said...

Hearing people say that Mr. AOW looks great! He is completely himself now as far as social skills (table manners, conversation) and mental alertness go. The best Christmas we've had since 2008!

Joe said...

Dinner with the family and an aquaintance of my in-laws who had no family to Christmas with.

It was nice.

Silverfiddle said...

My rumbustious kids actually behaved themselves...

Spending a few days with mom and dad...

Watching all the Christmas movies...

Singing all the Christmas songs...

Sitting in church feeling profoundly grateful that God loves us so much...

Ticker said...

Being alive this year and knowing that I have no fear of dying because of the gift that was sent to earth over 2000 years ago and that the fact is He is coming again.

Lisa said...

We have a 2- family home with my mom. So I got my 2 trays of lasagna and my Prime Rib in the oven and was just about to hop in the shower to head to my brother' house when....Mom calls and says there is a flood in her bathroom.
So no shower but my husband and I headed downstairs to mop up and clear out the bathroom. Mr Lisa couldn't fix this one because he was sure it was the main pipe which it was. So with an expensive emergency visit from roto rooter our Christmas began at 4:00.
Anyway not to make this comment too long I will start a new comment to tell you about my political argument with my brother.

Lisa said...

Part II
every year my Obama loving brother and I try to avoid politics.
But I was determined to bait him and I didn't have to work that hard because my capitalist cousin who owns an advertising agency makes great cards each year and sends it to my mom for all of us so I got to see it before I rubbed my brother's nose in it.
A brief overview of the card:
His 2 dogs on the front of the card saying "News Flash" a movement titled "Occupy Law Street" sweeping the Space Coast has taken an ugly turn focusing on loathed advertising tycoon MM.(my cousin)
Open the card and inside he has his 2 daughters and wife holding protest signs angrily as he walks past them in his his top hat and cane looking down his nose at them.
His one daughter KM yells" I want that MM's' head on a platter. I want his money,cars and other cool stuff served on a gold platter"
His other daughter states" I am the 99% but I can be bought" says his daughter LM who thought it was 99% off sale.
Then he has his wife saying " "Those Wall St fat cats thought they could hide from me",a woman who would stop at nothing to trap herself a rich man,"now let me pick one to take home"

Then at the end he has them getting hauled away in a police van and he ends it with "Let them occupy jail for a while. Perhaps they will find sympathy there as they get passed around like a fresh pack of menthols"

Isn't that hysterical?
Anyway when my brother saw it he said his friend's son was protesting there and told him if he gets arrested he isn't bailing him out and my brother tells him then I will bail him out. Of course we all went "oh yeah right". Then I said to my brother(G), His father should also refuse to pay his tuition too.. I knew my brother would support this and I said to him this is being funded by rich people's money and more than likely tax payer money and people like you sit there and think how wonderful this is. Meanwhile you are being used because where they should be is in DC not in the lap of Obama's billionaire puppet master.
It ended right there. I think he was dumbfounded being many like him are clueless as to the reality of it instead of the supposed feel goodness of it.

Anyway I am glad it ended with my last words. I really wanted it to ontiune just a tad more but I didn't want to ruin anyone else's day. SO I am glad it ended. Just for a note we were in the kitchen with not Alot of people around .

Z said...

Brooke, I'm so glad you did get another year with your grandmother. And that your whole season was so great!

AOW, that is like a Christmas gift to all of us who know and care about you and Mr AOW. Music to our ears! I'm SO glad for you! :-)

Joe, makes us feel good to invite those who'd be alone, doesn't it. I'm happy you had such a nice Christmas.

SF...sounds great! And yes, God SURE does!

Ticker; I don't know how or why anybody'd want to live without faith.....

Lisa! SOrry about the plumbing,
but REALLY happy for what you said to your bro! And that card is terrific!
I want some lasagna :-)

Z said...

Ticker (and everyone), I thought this quote from Billy Graham, which I found in the magnificent book UNBROKEN, was really worth mentioning here:


seems that FAITH can only depend on something that we get from Him; that if we saw God, we'd need no faith.......that this is part of His grand plan for believers.

Ticker said...

Lisa, I had lasagna too, a very untypical Christmas dinner for the folks at my house.

Z, Love the quote from Billy Grahams book. Indeed it is all about faith, not of things seen but unseen.

Z said...

Ticker, actually it's a quote of Graham's mentioned in UNBROKEN, the TERRIFIC book by Laura Hillenbrand, who wrote Seabiscuit.
I HIGHLY recommend this book.

Pris said...

We're kicking back today. Doing basically, nothing. Our son's birthday is today, and we'll celebrate it in few days.

We've always tried to separate it from Christmas, especially when he was little, so he could have a day all his own.

Yesterday morning we were all together at our house opening gifts, having some laughs and enjoying a big breakfast.

For Mr. Pris and I, there's no better gift than having our kids and grandson around us. That's the best gift of all.

I hope all of you had a wonderful day yesterday, and now I hope that the year ahead holds a positive result and a promising future for all.

Z said...

I forgot to mention a gag gift I got (which isn't really THAT much a gag!)...a timer! "countdown to Obama's last day in 2013!" :-)
Cracked me up.

By the way, I have some moderately liberal relatives among the conservatives and I was surprised that the libs, when they asked me if they could see what everybody was laughing about (the timer..and I gulped in having to show it!) really laughed themselves! I think a LOT of people are counting the days to Obama's last in office.

Leticia said...

Just talking with the in-laws.

Rita said...

A few years ago we sent our ex-son-in-law (we don't consider him an ex) an Obama Chia Pet. Of course we sent it anonymously. He and his wife thought it had been delivered to them by accident.

It was hilarious as we finally had to confess to sending it.

Obviously, they are NOT O fans. That's what made it so fun.

Z said...

Leticia, sounds very nice.

Rita, I'd love it even more were he an Obama fan :-)

Bob said...

As my wife finished tearing the wrapping paper from the three foot tall antique mirror we gave her, my little 20 month old granddaughter, GG, got involved. GG has never seen a mirror she did not like.

GG stepped up to the full length (for her) mirror, and started hugging and kissing the pretty little girl she saw there. This proved so delightful that GG decided that she wanted to play, and tried to step into the mirror to be with her pretty guest.

It was truly an Alice-In-Wonderland moment, and one that grandparents treasure.

Bob said...


I really enjoyed the story about your brother. Good thing you are his sis.

Rita said...

Bob: Love the stories of your grandkids. We know how wonderful those moments are with them.

Hoping to get ours for New Years Eve. They are what we live for now. Thousands of pictures, hours of videos, nothing beats having grandkids.

Lisa said...

Lisa, I had lasagna too, a very untypical Christmas dinner for the folks at my house.

Really Ticker? But be a regional thing yes?

I really enjoyed the story about your brother. Good thing you are his sis.
Thanks Bob someone needs to uncloud Obama out of his head.