Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cain and Gingrich; a friend's take

I just received this email from my friend Jay:
A very classy, well executed and logical exit by Cain.  A potential blessing in disguise, because there definitely is a Plan B.  He will wind down for a few weeks, let the dust settle on the alleged affair and then hit the road delivering his message about all corruption inside the Belt Way, outlining his solutions and the need for very real change, not Obama type changes.  He will blend financial responsibility that he takes from Ron Paul and other positions that are good for the people of this country.  This man is a preacher and he can sell it big time.  Then, at some point, he endorses Gingrich and starts to campaign against Romney and for Newt, and then low and behold guess who ends up with the VP nomination?  A great strategy, it defeats Obama, because Cain can switch a major portion of the 88% black vote that went for Obama in 2010, the black community believes they have a voice,  the religious right will buy into Cain and overlook his alleged affair, he is a great orator, he connects with the average American and people like the hell out of him.  This way, his possible indiscretions are not a topics any more (old news) and they will just go away in time.  His wife is classy and sent a great signal to be by his side.  She makes Michelle look, shall I say...less dignified?  He will make a great VP and bring some business common sense to D.C.  What a great combo, a black representative of the private sector who is a self made man and a seasoned genius politician with years of experience.  People in this country want solutions, they do not care who the hell slept with whom 20 years ago.  Who cares if Newt has been divorced, he has a super wife at this time.   If Obama gets into a debate with Gingrich, Gingrich will smile at Obama and then very methodically  saw his head off, but Obama will be too stupid to know his head was cut off until he turns to the camera with is big cheesy grin and the head just drops off.   I am going to love this one, wait and see, I think the deal has already been made behind the scenes.  You heard it hear first.  I hope I am correct.  It just makes too much common sense.  Gingrich and Cain have mutual respect for each other.   ..Jay
Z: I'm not sure about this, BUT, I think my buddy makes a lot of very good points.   Anybody want to take a side and back it up?  Thanks! (and thanks, Jay)


Anonymous said...

Great speech. He's a fantastic communicator.

Ducky's here said...
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Z said...

FB: he did a great speech, he really did.

Ducky: when you finally start a blog, you can spew your unconscientious stuff there.
I'll miss you.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I agree with what your friend hopes will be the GOP team for 2012. In fact, many Democrats are hoping for this as well.


A serial adulterer and an "alleged" serial womanizer.

Perfect team to represent the GOP in 2012.

Because it's all about family values, isn't it?

Z said...

No worries...the Right will always be chastised and belittled; that's how AMerica's new "free media" works.

We can slam Cain and completely forget Clinton, right?
We can forget Obama's lies, too...

just blame the Right

Ducky, you're gone. No censorship, no big deal; I'm just tired of you.

Anonymous said...

Yep...another troll with flies buzzing around his pie whole.

"A serial adulterer and an "alleged" serial womanizer."

You twerps have a short've managed to single handedly destroy family values, are killing off Christianity and two of your three...are Bill the rapist, Jennifer ( 12 year admitetd affair..accused of rape...monica's stain ) Clinton. And one of your heros.

Then you have John the hump head Edwards screwing an assistant using campaign money ( illegally ) to shut her up and pay for her bastard child that he "fathered" while his wife was dying of terminal cancer.

Then you have the bodacious, outrageous fag...Barney ( never knew my roomie was a whore and a prostitute ) jamming it up the arse of America with his Fannie ( yes his crew love fannies ).

Next we have Jesse Jerkson being sued by his gay boy assistant for wanting him to perform fellatio on the ...errr..."Revvvvvverand?

Your turn dipstick.

I don't mince words. You filthy liars need a can of Raid in your faces...not pepper spray.

Z said...

Imp, there was proof when Jackson and Clinton screwed around...go easy on the manufacturers of their own truth.

Anonymous said...
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Pris said...

Ah, but Imp, we can't forget JFK, and LBJ, who kept other women in the White House!

Of course today, JFK couldn't get the Democrat nomination, he was anti-communist, and pro America, and we all know that wouldn't fly today, in the so-called Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

liberaldude, we have a serial absent voter as a president and a dummy in chief as a vice president.

I'd take a serial adulterer like Clinton over a serial incompetent like Obama.

Anonymous said...

(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
”…\………. _.•´
to the lot of ‘em

Anonymous said...

Even Trump has the commie in chiefs he always has.

Z said...

Imp, it just disappeared.

Pris, well said!

FB...I'm trying not to encourage the trolls anymore...
and, by the way, I agree with you.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"We can slam Cain and completely forget Clinton, right?
We can forget Obama's lies, too..."

No one's forgetting Clinton. He was impeached, remember. He will forever have that shame on his record for all of history. Isn't that enough? Or would you like to give him the lash as well? Your comments here sound pretty vicious.

And Edwards was drummed out of politics, as was Weiner, as they should have been.

But more to the point, the GOP is the FAMILY VALUES party, remember?

We're just pointing out that you conveniently ignore your own values when your pols roll around in the muck.

Pointing fingers at the Dems only makes you look foolish. "You did it too!" is what school children say.

And President Obama, whatever you think of his politics, is a clean-living family man. If he weren't, the GOP would have found out something by now.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Impertinent wrote: "I don't mince words. You filthy liars need a can of Raid in your faces...not pepper spray."

Impertinent also wrote: "Why Z..they're filty, serial liars and scum. Just like their bug bed ridden OWS...Decadent, parasitical scum...all of them..."

Impertinent continued: "You little piece of shit...You assholes and your hairy armed lesbian girlfriends...claimed it "wasn't sex". You shits invented the lies. You scum defended a whore, rapist president>"

My goodness, Impertinent. Touched a nerve, did I?

Z, nice company you keep. And you deleted Ducky because he was rude?

Double standard much, Z? You like the offensive language Impertinent writes so long as it's aimed at Dems?

Z said...

I keep very good company here, thanks.
And absolutely...a total double standard.

sue hanes said...

Imp - You really Light Up My Life.

beamish said...

I like Newt, but I would vote for Obama in less than a blink if he put that idiot Herman Cain on the ticket with him.

It won't happen anyway, both candidates are from the same state.

Besides, Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH coalition can't sue enough Republicans to get Herman Cain the VP slot.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"But keep it clean, keep it kind, and keep it informative." --Z's standards for commenting

"I keep very good company here, thanks.
And absolutely...a total double standard." --Z

Of course, hypocrisy is also a GOP family value. You've shown it here quite well.

FairWitness said...

I think it makes a great team. We're already supporting Newt and have contributed to his campaign several times over the last year. The character attacks against Herman Cain are bogus and they came from Barack Obama. His ability to play the race card against opponents will be destroyed with Herman Cain in the mix.

I don't believe one damn word about any of the charges; it's the sordid tactics of Barack Obama and David Axelrod for Obama's entire political career. They didn't simply try to knock Cain out of the race, they had to ruin his reputation in the process, discredit him. It won't work. Truth will win out.

Gingrich and Cain will make a great team!

Z said...

Shaw, thanks for the fascination with me and my blog, but what friends so here is very different than what liars and trolls do. simple! :-)
"hypocrisy!" ? Okay! :-)
OH, gad...I started to explain and thought "What am I DOING?"
You're not the first to point out IMpertinent's transgressions (don't flatter yourself or my intelligence)...and you're not the first I'll tell that this is my place, and you are SO entitled to your opinion.

have a good Sunday! :-)

Z said...

FairWitness, I'm hoping Cain sues at least one of the women. Hopefully, the one Allred represents...I wonder who paid her, huh? :-) Allred's on record saying she takes nothing under a million. Gee, that woman's got financial problems, so........

I'm also wondering what got Allred to drop her accusations against the Obama CHicago thug's actions in at least the Houston primaries against Hillary, whom she supported. I'd posted a video here of Allred shaking mad at the Obama bunch for having threatened people outside precincts. She had at least 8 Chicago Hillary workers on the video telling horror stories ... But, it "went away" as all liberal problems do!
When you've got the big news venues behind you...YOU WIN!
And the country lost.

net observer said...

The Cain era is over for good. And I think it's best for him, his family, his party AND his country.

But he might get a column at WorldNetDaily.

I would forget about Cain getting any black votes with this fresh mess of infidelity accusations and laughable alibis; as well as a total failure to demonstrate any level of intellect with foreign policy; not to mention his prior statement about blacks being brainwashed.

Cain is FAR too easy to shoot down at this point. His campaign spent a lot of time being frank and irreverent. So his opposition will show NO mercy if he's stupid enough to make himself a target again.

I have to say good riddance.

Plus, I'm not sure anybody WANTS his endorsement =)

Anonymous said...

"The Cain era is over for good." the very least...he WAS authentic.

And he wasn't spouting Kwane or 50 cent.

Anonymous said...

"Imp - You really Light Up My Life"

Yea Sue...I suppose an audition for BM's HBO show is in order? I'd give his libbie frauds... a run for...the doors.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Z said...

net "I would forget about Cain getting any black votes with this fresh mess of infidelity accusations and laughable alibis;"

Right, and black folks left Clinton when his transgressions were PROVEN, too, right? :-) (wrong)

beamish said...

Cain's got 999 problems and bitches are 5 of them.

net observer said...

Missed your question, Z.

If Cain were a Dem, I think you would have a point. But he's not a Dem. He is instead a very loyal GOP-er, and a Tea Party favorite, too; and he is also, ostensibly, a big disgusting phony. All those factors combined -- esp. the GOP/conservative affiliation -- make for a devastating blow from the black community.

I recall years ago when renowned black conservative and GOP pundit Armstrong Williams was exposed for some kind of unethical political profiteering. Michelle Malkin, someone who typically makes my skin crawl, voiced an opinion of Armstrong that rang 100% true with me. She commented, and I'm paraphrasing, "Thanks, Armstrong. For making us (i.e., minority conservatives) look like what our enemies say we are."

That's the kind of punch Cain would have to endure constantly if he ever decided to dive into the realm of serious politics. To be blunt, I don't think he has the guts nor the interest. Indeed, he might continue down the path of media wh---dom, but I don't envision much else. Certainly not hardcore policy.

Cain's critics often accused him of conducting a book tour disguised as a presidential campaign. I am now convinced those criticisms were right on point.