Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This coming year..........

What is the ONE THING you most hope will happen, to you or to our country?   I know we all will say "vote Obama out", and I get that (I certainly do), but is there something else you'd like to discuss for the coming year, be it personal or on a bigger scale?



Ducky's here said...

I hope Newt Gingrich gets elected and working class and middle class America get a load of his act for a few years and we move away from this far right insanity.

I hope he fringe right has an epiphany and understands why they have such disgust for a right of center president and move from there to understand how easily they have been manipulated.

Brooke said...

Newt far-right? I hope Ducky gets back on his anti psychotic meds.

My knee-jerk would have been 'vote Obama out', of course!

For the country, I'm really not sure. It's such a ball of yarn I don't know where to start.

On a personal level, I hope that the family remains healthy!

Chakam Conservative said...

Would it be too much to hope that all liberals spontaneously combust? Well, okay. Let's try a different one.

I would then hope that America stops being naive about politics and realizes that there is a bigger picture to be seen far past the amusing soundbite or photo-op. Politics is human folly, performed by glad-handers and baby-kissers, full of smiles and sinful deceit. We deserve better than politics being the ruling mindset of this Nation. I am hoping for a return to Constitutional governance.

Joe said...

For fifty years I got up each morning excited to be able to get ready for the day at a job I loved: first in the ministries of music, youth and education, then in Christian radio.

When the economy disolved my job in Christian radio, I had to go to work at a job I dread, just to make ends meet.

My personal wish would be to be able to get back into the ministry of music and/or education or Christian radio.

I miss both so much.

Sorry, didn't mean to just vent.

God is good, and He will work it all for good.

Always On Watch said...

Along the lines of what Joe just said, I'm wishing for a living wage when homeschoolers sign up for the courses I will be offering for the 2012-2013 school term. After all, does not the Bible say "A workman is worthy of his hire"? I think that I've proven that I am indeed worthy these past 13 years that I've been working with homeschoolers. Most graduate to get huge scholarships with those writing scores of 750 and up on the SAT.

Were it not for the cash gifts I get from parents, we wouldn't be able to make ends meet in this household.

Bob said...

50 negative pounds.

No Whiskey
No Beer
No Burgers
No Cheer

The outlook for the New Year is rather bleak.

Z said...

Ducky, I'm never quite sure why you use "Fringe right"...at all because that fringe left or right don't elect presidents.
Newt "far right"? :-)
Also, the Right clearly understands that we can't just put bandaids and throw more and more borrowed money at our problems. The Left wants to promise largesse that feels good to its voters NOW, the Right realizes we can't leave a mess of debt to our children. We need help waking the left up to that but first we have to help them realize America's worth helping.

Brooke....I hope you all remain healthy, too., And I'm with you about the ball of yarn; it's hard to even find the start of that string by which to unravel.

Chakam....I like your first thought; it's the only way we can fix America. Where Lefties thing we'll continue to get the money to support their philosophy is beyond me. And should be beyond any thinking lefty.

Joe, I so hope that things change for you; you deserve it.

AOW, I've always thought your students are so lucky to have the examples of your intelligence, enthusiasm and patriotism. Thank the Lord your parents get that and can help outside the normal fees!

Z said...

Bob, No burgers. ya, that DOES take some cheer from us!
good luck!

Silverfiddle said...

Chakam said it very well; I would echo that.

I would un-echo what Bob said. No whiskey, no beer, no burgers? Poor guy...

I would hope that every American could reacquaint himself/herself with our constitution and the founding principles, and judge politicians by them. It would disqualify over 95% of them.

I wish the more small government libertarian types would take over RNC headquarters, rout the country clubbers and put their heads on pike poles (figuratively speaking, of course) out in front, while simultaneously building a wall of cannon balls and hoisting the Gadsden flag.

Bob said...


I respect you feelings about jobs and all that. Of course, we all have had those jobs we don't really like, and have dread when we get up in the morning. However, I believe that how you go through life is a function of your attitude.

When I was a young engineer, my employer readily funded educational activities, as in college curricula and self-improvement endeavors. They paid for my Dale Carnegie course.

The Dale Carnegie people use seemingly silly activities to put a person at ease, and the man himself had some great ideas on how to live life.

Some of his wisdom follows
1. Act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiastic. In class they teach you to be doing some sort of physical activity while chanting those words. The activity serves to get you moving.
2. A man's name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language (learn the person's name!).
3. Ask the other person questions about themselves, and they will consider you a great conversationalist.

There are many, many more of those little rules, but the best, to me, is the enthusiasm thing.

Act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiastic. It works. I have used this silly little technique ever since, and taught it to my kids, and used it in my 9th grade Sunday school class I used to teach. Once again, it works.

Please pardon my presumption of an adviser role.

BTW, have you considered a web ministry, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, streaming video, audio, podcasts, etc.? Your local church might have studio equipment you can use to help launch such a ministry.

Z said...

Bob, ENTHUSIASM is something I miss so much especially in young people. I know some with it, but most seem quite jaded and even disdainful of adults with enthusiasm and excitement. I hear "I'm so tired" murmured by so many teens. Man, they don't know what tired is yet! Without heroes, without hope, with hearing such bad news and watching such debauched TV shows, etc., how can they be enthusiastic about anything? Every time something great happens, it falls flat or the media kills it or the hero makes an ass of himself.......
our poor kids.

I think Joe just wanted to vent but your advice sure can't hurt!

Ticker said...

Joe from one who understands where you are coming from (the wife does as well) we often allow our circumstances to overshadow or block out what God has in store for us. Remember Peter when he was walking on the water to Jesus? He was doing fine until what? He took note of the circumstances around him, the storm, and we know what happened at that point. He began to falter. Once he put his focus back where it belonged and called out for help he was just fine.

There is another little tidbit that might give you some joy and be of help as well. It's an article called Check Your Filters. You can read it at this link:

In the meantime Joe have faith and exercise that faith that God will open the doors and he will in His time.

Oh, and what to I hope for this coming year? Helping people more would pretty much define my goal.

Leticia said...

On a personal level, win the lottery, lol! Then I would pay off all of my bills, buy a new home with new appliances and a SUV.

See Obama gone, immigration laws enforced, and making English the national language. No more hand-outs and no more political correctness. No more acquiescing to radical demands and bring God back into our schools and government.

beamish said...

I hope watching Ducky shill for Obama against whoever the Republican nominee is will be as fun to laugh at in October as it is right now.

I hope people understand Obama won't have to be magnanimous in victory, and remember he wasn't the first time.

To criticize and oppose Obama in the coming year will have real consequences if he is re-elected.

Fight time's here.

Jan said...

Z..your question is thought provoking, and as I think about it, many things come to mind.

I, of course, want to see good health, and happiness, for the people I love, and I would like for them to have everything they need...but there's something else I'd like to see happen, and it's something that I never thought I would have to wish for.

I would like for our country to be sane, again. I really mean that. It is as though we, many of us, have gone completely insane.

Just look at the behavior of many of the Christmas shoppers. And the utterly chaotic, uncivilized, behavior of those trying to buy the latest sport shoe, endorsed by a sports star, was beyond the pale.

Getting what you want, any way you can get it, even if it means through violence, seems to be the norm, now. Common courtesy, and the regard for human life, have fallen by the wayside.

And what about having to watch every single word out of your mouth, for fear that it could be taken the wrong way, and having to kiss your job, or career, goodbye? That's happened more than once, just in the past year.

To become a serious, political contender, now, is like offering yourself up for public humiliation, and having your reputation shredded, and your dignity put through a meat grinder.

Of course, that is ESPECIALLY so in certain circumstances, and we all know what those are.

I wonder when the present leader will ever be vetted as much as the others, and the ghosts in his closet exposed, and dragged through the mud, the way they tried to do with Mr. Cain?

Nobody knows for sure whether, or not, all those charges were exactly true about him, and it didn't matter...which is the point I'm trying to make, I guess.

I want us to be really equal, in every way, and especially when it comes to the welfare of our entire nation.

When I say, "equal in every way" I mean equal in having the same opportunity to succeed, through our own efforts, and abilities, and not having it taken from one, to give to another...or to be made ashamed if we have succeeded, and someone else hasn't.

I want everyone to be able to worship as they see fit, to believe in God, or not, if that is their choice. I don't want my rights taken away, for no other reason than to appease another's, if that makes any sense.

I am sick of having the name of the God that I believe in, and serve, trampled underfoot, while being told that I must respect the beliefs of others, and say nothing they might find offensive.

I could go on, and on, Z, but I will just say that I hope the coming year will bring some kind of stability to our country, and that no more damage is done, than what it has already suffered.

Z said...

Jan, so well put. I'd actually considering using that as a post and might ask if I may.

SO much of what you write has to do with my frequent theme here; that Capitalism and this country just don't run right without GOD, without something informing our fellow Americans that this is good and that's bad. When there were more church goers, we saw more politeness, putting others first, more surety about what IS wrong and what's absolutely wrong.
Today, we have leftists asking "Who are you to say that's wrong?"

We've got a LONG way from Scripture and I believe that's a problem for all, not just CHristians and Jews.

I think the left's constant striving for more and more political correctness is a way of keeping us divided; I just can't figure out why they want that so badly.

Jan said...

"I think the left's constant striving for more and more political correctness is a way of keeping us divided; I just can't figure out why they want that so badly."

Because a house divided cannot stand, Z, so I don't understand that, either...unless that is exactly their intention..which is, as I said, insane.

Of course..use anything, and I'm sure there is much you can add to it.

Lisa said...

what I would like to see is the public school system and our universities stop trying to use their platform to spew their liberal beliefs on our kids.
The only place politics should be discussed is in a Political Science class and the professor has to be a moderate,not a zany left wing fringe nut job who has their students singing songs about a presidential candidate , particularly one that nobody has a clue about who he is.