Saturday, December 10, 2011

In the TANK for Obama...................'nuff said

thanks, Imp!


Speedy G said...

Like "community activist" Obama SHOULD have been???

Funny how the press finds the sitting governor of the largest state in the union "inexperienced" & borderline "incompetent" but finds a radical local Illinois in-the-Chicago-machine politician "Divine".

Always On Watch said...

That graphic is spot on!

Whoever is leading in the GOP primary is the target. And one of the GOP candidates are flawless. Of course, the media continue to present Obama as flawless. Ugh.

Ducky's here said...

The party of personal responsibility can't let the likes of Bachmann, Cain and Perry take personal responsibility for their own failure?

Anonymous said...

No Sue...there's nothing in Obummer that an objective and honest press would "expose" there? Even missing or turning a blind eye to his long history of incompetency:

"I realize that the compliant leftist press went along with Obama’s opportunistic denials of his own radacalism, and clearly there were enough gullible people in the uncommitted squishy center who bought into the lies and deceit, to the point where hope and change could be believed to be something other than socialistic transformation.

But I say shame on the press for it’s complicity in deceiving the American populace about Obama’s true nature.

And shame on all people who DIDN’T want a more socialist America, but who voted for Barack Obama anyway, believing him to be moderate or centrist; who assumed he was talking about a different kind of transformation.

I hope these folks now know better, and that they’ll not vote for the Obama or Democrats again, as long as socialism, victim group identity politics, and Government unions maintain their primacy within that coalition."

Their disgusting and blatant hypocrisy reveals all thats needed to know about our American versions of "Pravda" ( which ironically means "truth". ) Totally abandoning their duty, shedding their integrity and honor to be a choir for all that "Hope and Change".

When they were chasing GWB around about his Guard service and mocking his Piloting abilities in F102's...digging up dirt on his drinking and any other blemish they could find ( as they're doing to the newest contenders, again ). This same press is unable or unwilling to even determine how Obummer became educated...who paid for his education...what his academic achievements and grades were...where he was born, when and to whom...

The same press that knew in one hour what club Tiger Woods wife used to clobber him with...what car he was driving and they dug up his cell phone records....

is uninterested in pulling off the masks that created this petulant little boy in the WH?

Yesterday he mocks Chanukah and the devout Jews in attendance. While he was doing so...there was laughter from his disciples....yet not one word in the press today? Imagine if Perry, Mitt, or Michele had done this?

Pris said...

Ducky, and the Democrat party is what? The party of irresponsibility regarding their personal and policy failures?

I certainly agree with this assumption!!

Anonymous said...

Where's our vaunted press on this:

Blatant ignorance, stupidity or unadulterated anti Semitism?

Like I said...imagine if someone on the right did this?

Z said...

"Imagine if someone on the right did this?" is the question, Imp.

I post on it practically every day and poor Ducky still doesn't get it. Ideology seems blinder on the left but it's easier when their media protects their own.

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky does have a point. I got pretty tired pretty quickly of Palinistas talking darkly of how the press did her in. Yeah, they all hated her, but beyond being a popular cheerleader for the right, she never went deeper than some catchy talking points.

Had she come out with the intellect and articulation of a Jean Kirkpatrick or Barbara Jordan, she would probably be leading the pack right now.

Z said...

Silverfiddle...I think going through Palin's trash was a LITTLE beyond the decent thing to do, and I also thought her quitting the governorship made perfect sense if the media'd only let her words stand. Oh, no...the media went after her with FAR more determination and condemnation than even she deserved.

My opinion won't be popular here but if I never see her again it'll be too soon. I can't take the whining voice and the wink/winky thing and that ridiculous notion that if SHE doesn't like the other candidates she'll save the day (and the country)and get in the race! I think her stances are mostly right, but she's bought into her own 'fame' and doesn't handle it well. Imagine having Romney speaking at one end of a town and her bus pulls into another part, sucking the air out of every other candidate's event...that was BAD. Then telling the media she couldn't give her itinerary for the bus trip because the price of gas is so high they didn't know how far they could afford to go. WITH THE MONEY SHE'S MAKING? Is she KIDDING?
And then she said the GOP was silly worrying about her because "i'm just another soccer mom" IF??

BUT...having said that....she quit the governorship because she was spending all her days fighting lawsuits (real or not), dealing with the media, fending off attacks on her and her family, and I thought she did the right thing, but she's still maligned for that.

I thought that writer moving next door while doing a book (against)on her was ridiculously portrayed when the media bought the idea "somebody just let him stay there!" (oh, COME ON!) ...I thought suggesting her child wasn't hers was beyond the pale, etc etc..

I think that's a LEEEETLE over the top.

I also believe Bachmann's been treated worse than she's deserved and our mainstream media decided she can't run and that's that and that's how they portrayed HER.

Cain...Perry (what a DOPE)...who cares? They're yesterday's news. They deserve what they get IF Cain is proven to be a liar. We still have absolutely no real proof, though I've never had ANY man gesture about my height, comparing it to his wife's...who believed that? :-) Unless his wife and the woman were both 7'2", which might be remarkable enough to comment on it :-)?

But, Palin, SF? I think we've never seen an attack on anyone as bad as the times she had.

And, again, I can't stand the woman. (and I was her biggest fan for the first six months after she was announced as VP candidate)

Ducky's here said...

Pris, that's a straw man.

Fact is that Bachmann, Perry and Cain have been done in by their own statements, not by the press.

Cain was accurately reported when he flubbed the question on Libya during an interview. He has shown himself to be very limited.

Perry likewise. Fact is the candidates are weak.

Z said...

"Had she come out with the intellect and articulation of a Jean Kirkpatrick or Barbara Jordan, she would probably be leading the pack right now."
I'd add "and dignity"...

Would that ANY candidate could come close...ANY candidate.

Z said...

Right, Ducky...and Obama's saying there are 57 states is normal...

and all the other things he's said get a pass. OH< YES< I KNOW...SOMEBODY mentioned them, but with the ferocity of what the right gets? Get real.

What was hilarious was after Bachmann said something incorrect, they slammed her at snopes, and then Obama's 57 states ridiculous comment got "He was TIRED" in Snopes! You can't make this stuff up.
SHE isn't tired with family, job and candidacy traveling?? :-)

beamish said...

Had she come out with the intellect and articulation of a Jean Kirkpatrick or Barbara Jordan, she would probably be leading the pack right now.

Agreed. I'm surprised Ron Paul and his fellow leftists aren't screeching about Gingrich being a "neocon."

It's early yet.

Brooke said...

The cartoon is too good!

Ducky's here said...

Another straw man, z. Obama is a mediocre corporate stooge. He's no prize and I hope the Democratic convention gets turned into a repeat of Chicago '68 so that this disgusting party gets trashed and we can build something responsible.

Meanwhile, Perry, Cain, Bachmann et. al. are utter loons. Are people supposed to take the 9-9-9 plan seriously?
Are they supposed to believe that HPV inoculations cause mental retardation?
I don't know what "Don't Mess with Texas" has for his latest.

There is nothing being offered there and by their own words and free will they showed who they are. Not the medias fault.

Speedy G said...

Funny how Lenin, Stalin, Castro, and now Obama were never really the "socialists" they all started out as and promised to be, eh, duckmeister...

...but then when you preach a bankrupt economic solution to the non-problem that is capitalism, it's no wonder you can't help but FAIL.

Elmers Brother said...

Sorry OT. Go Navy! Beat Army!

Thersites said...

I was going to guess "Castro," since he was the only non- "European Socialist".

Z said...

Already this afternoon, the media's saying what Republican candidate in tonight's can't say what and survive and who needs to sound like what familiar candidate from the past and what mistakes all the candidates have made in the past and how tonight's debate should turn out.

I must say that with everyone waiting for the media to catch someone's most insignificant trip-up, it's very difficult for serious voters to pay attention to the POINTS people will make.
Tomorrow, will it be about substance or will the news be about foibles?

I'm also wondering here who could debate for one or two hours and not mispronounce a word or forget some detail, knowing millions are watching and pundits and the media are ready to pounce?

I'm thrilled Trump is probably canceling the "debate" he had scheduled for lack of interested from candidates. Odd that candidates wouldn't allow themselves to go up there and constantly be corrected by a man whose ego's probably even bigger than Obama's!! :-)

beamish said...

Count yourself lucky, Ducky. At least you're told when your posts are deleted and why.

Some people don't even get that courtesy.

Z said...

beamish, most bloggers treat friends with respect and honor their wishes.

and no, I don't always tell Ducky when or why I deleted him.....why should I?

beamish said...

Your call, Z.

I guess I missed the indoctrination session where ex-Democrats get to shill for TARP and stimulus spending and higher taxation and become the "leading conservative candidates" for a Tea Party "movement" that started out specifically against all those three things.

My comment about the Tea Party being a far-left comedy troupe of "former Democrats against flip-flopping" is no where near as offensive as the fact that it's thoroughly accurate.

beamish said...

Even Dana Loesch, who along with around six other people is the St. Louis Tea Party "movement," was a shill for Mitt Romney in 2008 before he became her anti-Christ-du-jour.

I'd respect the integrity of the Tea Party "movement" if they had any to present.

Z said...

cute, beamish, just keep pushing.

beamish said...

I'm not pushing anything. One of the benefits of being a conservative is that you can be one without hoisting Donald Trump on your shoulders and parading him around as a makeshift relevant voice in American politics.

Your mileage may vary.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of people expecting candidates to know everything. They can't. A great president is like a great CEO. They have to surround themselves with a great team. And Obama's team is mediocre at best. Obviously it reflects on him, like it would reflect on a CEO.

This country needs that: a man smart enough to know he doesn't know everything.

People who think they know so much usually know very little.

We have a daily reminder of that on this blog with Ducky.

Anonymous said...

Guess what wingnuts? Your candidates don't need much help regarding their credibility-they're all either stupid, liars, nuts, or sex offenders! Lol!

All they have to do is open their mouths to prove it.

Ducky's here said...

Not today Froggy, I've been banned for quoting Sesame Street.

Z said...

guess what, Liberaldude...we could give you a mile long list of dems with situations like that, too.
But, you keep on your dumb remarks :-)

FB...imagine any one person have a grasp of every country's capital, every monetary unit's name, every historical figure, every statistic there is to have?
Why is it Republicans are the only ones who are supposed to? :-)

Z said...

Ducky, I'm sick of your smug sarcasm and ridiculous grandstanding.
When you socialists are perfect, come back and I'll bow to your superiority.
Until then stop whining, stop complaining to AOW about my censoring you, and stop giving me lessons...NONE of us needs them here.


Anonymous said...

"All they have to do is open their mouths to prove it."

And it looks l like you're a pro at that've been on the pipe...yea that since barney...and monica made it fashionable.

Anonymous said...

At least you have a better grasp of Sesame Street than economics, Ducky. That's good b/c you can debate children. Bachman can't.

beamish said...

Guess what wingnuts? Your candidates don't need much help regarding their credibility-they're all either stupid, liars, nuts, or sex offenders! Lol!

And that's just the ex-Democrats among them.

sue hanes said...

Z - I've said it before and I'll say it again -

you go girl

queenish said...

Remember the queenish "Fusion Conservative" motto:

"Romney in 2012, Huntsman in 2016, because it's their turn, damnit!"

-FJ said...
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beakerkin said...

I want to point out that Mr B was ahead of the curve. In time we are going to find out the real truth about Obama. He has been the worst President in history and his allies in the media have kept the record off many things we should know.

When the smoke clears we will find that Obam's henchmen in the media were behind the Cain mess. We are also going to find Obama has been as genuine as a three dollar bill.

queenish said...

Ahead of the curve in ensuring the nomination of Romney for President in 2012, you must mean.

...because Gingrich just isn't "conservative" enough!

beamish said...

I see FJ has taken his homosexual obsession with me to new lows...

-FJ said...

...I'm not the one who has trouble counting all the male sex organ's he see's in every Dali painting he see's, beamish. :)

-FJ said...

btw - How's the project to collect data on me and turn it over to the government going, beamish? Or are you still in the "evidence collection" mode?

Z said...

Blogger beakerkin said...
I want to point out that Mr B was ahead of the curve. In time we are going to find out the real truth about Obama."

Are you suggesting that we were big Obama fans and Beamish saw through him? :)

FJ and're not really going to the GAY THING, are you? Man, if that's not a leftist ploy, I don't know WHAT is.
Go play at your places or something...this is embarrassing.

beakerkin said...


No Beamish was ahead of the curve on the Newt thing.

There are some interesting developments in the Obama story that the media has been quiet about. Funny we met plenty of people who went to school with Clinton, Bush and so forth. In the end we are going to find much burried dirt that is far more ominous than the Cain hatchet job and I am not talking about birth certificates.

Mr. B rejected the lesser candidates and though I still like Herman I am on board with Newt for better or worse. Anyone other than Ron Paul is a vast improvement.

Gingrich and Jindal with Mr B running the Pentagon

Z said...

Beak, i don't care HOW qualified Newt is, there is NO WAY he can win a national election and I don't understand how anybody thinks he can.

beamish said...
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beamish said...

i don't care HOW qualified Newt is, there is NO WAY he can win a national election and I don't understand how anybody thinks he can.

Newt Gingrich is the only candidate consistently beating Obama in national opinion polling for the last few weeks.

Something all of the Tea Party "movement's" preferred leftists have failed to EVER do.

Even Glenn Beck has been reduced to calling the Tea Party "racists" for abandoning the Paul / Bachmann / Perry / Cain / Trump circus and starting to back the only candidate in the race that can beat Obama. Welfare reform and stopping socialized medicine from becoming law for 16 years really has the left hating Newt Gingrich.

I suspect Glenn Beck will soon endorse Romney, as Tea Party cheerleader Dana Loesch and Tea Party darling Herman Cain did in 2008.

beakerkin said...


I would not be so certain that Obama even with media henchmen is a done deal. Newt starts out with the basic are you better off now than you were four years ago.

The media can sling all type of dirt but we know Obama and his aloofness and bed buddies at OWS and big education are a serious liability.

With the economy this bad anything is far from certain. Do note how quickly the OWS thugs have disappeared before the election gets closer.